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😷 | XNUMX people infected in Hokkaido, of which XNUMX people were infected in Sapporo and XNUMX people died

Photo Outbreak of outbreak at dinner after coming-of-age ceremony

XNUMX people infected in Hokkaido Of these, XNUMX people were infected in Sapporo and XNUMX people died.

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According to the Hokkaido Board of Education, the grades were closed at Asukaze High School and the classes were closed at three high schools including Sapporo Minami High School.

In Hokkaido, four people died from the new coronavirus today and XNUMX people were found to be infected.The infected person was yesterday's XNUMX ... → Continue reading

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Hokkaido Sapporo Minami High School

Location of Hokkaido Sapporo Minami High School (in Hokkaido)
Hokkaido Sapporo Minami High School

Hokkaido Sapporo Minami High School(Hokkaido Sapporo Minami Kotougakko)HokkaidoSapporoChuo-kuPrefectural located inhigh school..Known as "Fudanan" and "Nanko"


1895(MeijiOpened in 28 as Sapporo Normal Junior High School (later the old system Sapporo Ichichu).The school spirit is unrelenting and self-reliant.You are allowed to go to school in plain clothes.

school song
In the old junior high school eraschool song The1905It was established on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the founding of (Meiji XNUMX).The lyricistKenki Owada, The composerSakunosuke KoyamaHowever, according to "XNUMX Years of History" etc., Owada asked Owada to show the copywriting of the lyrics, and Kazuo Ishimori[Note 1]There is a description that Koyama added a song to the lyrics that he put his hands on and completed.[1][2][3][4].
The current school song is1951(Showa26) It was enacted on March 3st.Both lyrics and composition by a teacher at Sapporo Minami High School[5].
School emblem
CurrentSchool emblemIs the 5th generation from the time of its founding (first generation). The second generation1901Established in (Meiji 34), same as the presentSnow flower patternThe gold letters inside are placed in the center of the box, and it was used throughout the old junior high school days.
The third generation was enacted with the transition to a new high school, and there was a hexagonal core in the center of the snow flower pattern.
The 4th generation1950Established in 25, snowflakesペ ンacaciaIt was decorated with patterns,1955In (30), it changed to the 5th generation (current) with high letters in the center of the snow flower pattern.[6].
School forest
1911(Meiji 44), at that timeCrown princewasEmperor TaishoTaking advantage of the afforestation that was carried out in commemoration of the memorial serviceSchool forestWas established and is currently operated by the Hokkaido Sapporo Minami High School Forest.White flag mountainIt covers about 121ha at the foot of the mountain, and first graders go to pruning work every year, and walks such as picking edible wild plants and picking mushrooms are also held.[7].
National butterflyIsOmurasakiIt is also used as a breeding plan for the school and as a field for the school's science department.Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award) Was awarded.


Although the development of secondary education institutions in Hokkaido was relatively slow,[Note 2]With the progress of development, the momentum for establishing a secondary education institution was booming.

Sapporo Normal Junior High School was established on April 1895, 28 (Meiji 4), and the opening office workHokkaido Normal SchoolThe first entrance ceremony was held at the Normal School Auditorium on July 1st, and classes began the next day. On July 7, the new school building (at that time, Kita 1 Jonishi 7-chome,1900After (Meiji 33), the relocation to Kita 10 Jonishi 4-chome was completed, and the opening ceremony was held on October 10.

The first junior high school in Hokkaido1891(Meiji 24)Hori MotoiEstablished by Hokumei School (private) And the vice-principalNitobe Inazowas.Although there is no direct succession relationship with Sapporo Normal Junior High School, there are some relationships such as the opening of Sapporo Normal Junior High School at the site of the Kita Naru School building and the transfer of some students, books and equipment of Kita Naru School.[9].

1897(Meiji 30) is the biggest event for the students of this school during the old junior high school era[10]The "Snow Battle" has begun. The "Snow Battle" was to attack and defend the castles of both armies made of snow, but as the years went by, the game became hotter and some people were injured. "Snow Battle"1945Suspended after continuing until (20),1973(48), revived under the name of "Snow Sports Day" at the initiative of the student council president at that time.1991Continued until (3)[11].

1908(Meiji 41), by 4th gradeAlliance school closure caseHappened, and the principal at that time left[12]..In response to that trace, Kotaro Yamada was appointed as the 7th principal and was involved in the renewal of the school spirit.Yamada's efforts have shown results, and the principal is in office1937It lasted for about 12 years until (Showa 30).1933In (Showa 8), a bust (the second generation that was offered during the war and was rebuilt in 25 (Showa 1950)) was erected in the school to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the principal's tenure. Yamada's life is detailed in one chapter[13].

1922(Taisho 11), the old school building was relocated from the original school building to the new school building that was completed at the current school site.[14].Second World WarIn that case, Sapporo Ichichu was also incorporated under the wartime system, and the term was shortened to a 4-year system.Labor mobilization[Note 3]Is being done[15].

1947(Showa 22),School reformAlong with this, a new junior high school was established.As a result, the recruitment of Sapporo Ichichu as an old junior high school was stopped, and1946The last Sapporo Ichi Junior High School student who enrolled in (Showa 21) will spend four years as a junior high school student.[16].. In 1948 (Showa 23), Sapporo Ichichu was converted to a new high school and renamed Sapporo Ichiko.At this point, there was no big change because the students from all over Sapporo continued to be enrolled, but in the middle of the year 1948 (Showa 23).NagasakiArrived fromWinfield NibloThe coeducation and elementary school district system will be promoted under the initiative of the director of the CIE (Civil Information and Educational Section, Ministry of Military Affairs).Although protests took place, the high school was reorganized in 1950 (Showa 25), and the second and third graders of public high schools in Sapporo were also subject to high school affiliation based on their place of residence.As a result, 2 students from Sapporo Daiichi High School have moved to other schools, and 3 students have been transferred to Sapporo Minami High School, which has been renamed.[17].

戦後、高校進学率の上昇と共に札幌南高も定員の拡大を続け、1953年(昭和28年)度には1学級50名、1学年10クラスとなり1650名の生徒を擁する学校となった。教室の増設にも限界が生じ、この年の1年生は週5日授業、内1日は2部制となり、毎時間ごとに教室を移動する事態となった。教室の増築がなったのは半年後のことである[18]..This tendency isHigh economic growthIt continues even in the period,1963As a result of the increase in the number of students for 38 classes in (Showa 10), the number of new students in this year reached XNUMX.The Sapporo Minami High School building cannot accommodate this many new students, so only this yearSapporo Municipal Chuo Sosei Elementary SchoolThe 3rd floor of the school building was rented to accommodate some new students and was called the North School Building.[19][20]..In this year, construction of a new school building that will replace the school building from the old junior high school era began, and each building was completed in sequence.1965We are seeing the completion of the whole in (35).The old school building was newly builtHokkaido Sapporo Keisei High SchoolAs a school building1966It has been demolished after being used for two years from (Showa 41).[21].

1966In (Showa 41), the capacity was returned to 500 before mammothing.From this year to the public high school entrance examination in HokkaidoUniversity DistrictThe system was introduced.Up to 1% of the capacity is limited to the entire area of ​​Hokkaido, so far awaySoya-NemuroSome people enrolled from the jurisdiction[22].1969When entering (Showa 44)Todai conflict-Japan-Japan disputeSuch asSecurity struggleThe influence of is spreading to Sapporo Minami High School.With Sapporo Minami High SchoolHokkaido Sapporo Nishi High SchoolIn the negotiations for the exchange event with the Student Organization, the dispute began when it was claimed that the initiative of the Student Organization Inside School was not on the school side but on the Student Organization side.[23][24].. May of the same yearLeather martialA student of Sapporo Minami High School, who belongs to the school, was arrested for a demonstration against university legislation, and the school imposed a disposition on this student at home. Request.The school said in October that it would respect the freedom of political activity.[25].1970 OfGraduation ceremonyThen activists are screaming for graduation crushing and occupying the stage[26]..On June 6 of this year, against securitystrikeResolution passed at student convention[27]..Negotiations with the school did not proceed even after the strike was passed, and on July 7thSummer VacationAnd the activist students responded at the school demonstration[28].. On August 8, the school disposed of 8 students who participated in the demonstration, but based on the principal's words, "If you get lost, choose the lighter one."Drop outDid not give out[29].. Classes resumed on August 8, but as the grades went up, there were many absentees, and the total attendance rate for all grades was about 11%.In addition, students who were being punished broke into the classroom during class, and there were acts such as self-criticism of teachers and requests to stop the class and switch to the debate. On August 5, 8 activists such as the Fudanan Zentoren occupied the administration building and placed the principal under house arrest, but were taken out by a doctor's diagnosis that the principal's health had deteriorated and were admitted to the hospital. ..Activists who became unable to unite fled and obstructed the chasing riot police by throwing stones[30]..The school was closed again and classes resumed on August 8, but during classIncense stick,InsecticideThe atmosphere in the school was devastated by various obstructive acts such as being beaten, throwing raw eggs at the teacher, flooding the corridor due to water discharge, and burning the trash can with the automatic ignition device.[31]..Even if the conflict itself is settled, the tendency to prefer the challenge of order does not diminish, and he is late or leaves halfway through what he calls a "voluntary cut."[23], Graduation clothes[32], The pitching on the stage at various events has become normal, especially the pitching1970 eraEscalated through[33][34].

1972(Showa 47), the liberalization of clothes was carried out,1973In (48), the high school entrance examination changed from the university district system to the junior high school district system.Common first-stage examWith the help of various external factors such as, the type of students who are individualistic and obedient to school guidance gradually became mainstream.[35].1995The current school building was completed in 7, celebrating the XNUMXth anniversary of its founding.Currently, the graduation ceremonies and other costumes remain as a free school spirit, and the situation is not as devastated as described above.

Chronological Table

Old system junior high school era
  • 1895(28th year of Meiji)
    • August 4- SapporoOrdinary junior high schoolInstallation.For the time being, the office work related to our schoolHokkaido Normal SchoolProcessed at (Minami 1 Jonishi 15-chome)[36].
    • June 6-Sapporo Normal Junior High School opens[36].
    • July 7-Admission Ceremony (at Hokkaido Normal School Auditorium)[36].
    • July 7-Start of class by temporarily using the former private Kita Naru school building (Kita 2-jo Nishi 8-chome)[36].
    • August 8-Completion of new construction of our school building (Kita 31 Jonishi 8-chome)[Note 4][37].
    • May 10 --Opening ceremony[37].
  • 1899(Meiji 32) April 4- Junior high school ordinance revisionAlong with,Sapporo Junior High SchoolRenamed[38].
  • 1901(Meiji 34) April 6- Hokkaido GovernmentRitsu Sapporo Junior High SchoolRenamed[39].
  • 1905(Meiji 38) October 10-School flag and school song established[40].
  • 1911(Meiji 44) -The Crown Prince (later Emperor Taisho) visited the school[41]..Set up a school forest[42].
  • 1915(Taisho4 years) June 4- Hokkaido Government Sapporo Daiichi Junior High SchoolRenamed[43][Note 5].
  • 1922(Taisho 11) July-Moved to Sapporo-ku Minami 7 West 18-chome (current location)[44][Note 6].
  • 1947(Showa 22) July 11- Hokkaido Prefectural Sapporo Daiichi Junior High SchoolRenamed (excluding "agency")[45].
New high school

Club activities, clubs, foreign bureaus

As of 2016, there are 39 club activities, clubs, and foreign bureaus, and the club activity participation rate exceeds 100% including those who also participate in club activities.The basketball club won the 2nd national polity in the former 3st high school, and the baseball club won the XNUMXnd national polity, including the old XNUMXst and middle schoolKoshien in the summerParticipated in (13th, 25th, 82nd).There is also a quiz study group as a volunteer group,National High School Quiz Championship19th victory, 31st best 4 and 32nd best 8 results.

Physical education
  • Ekiden
  • karate
  • Archery
  • kendo
  • Men's tennis
  • Women's tennis
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • サ ッ カ ー
  • Mountain
  • Soft tennis
  • soft ball
  • Table tennis
  • Men's basketball
  • Women's basketball
  • badminton
  • Men's volleyball
  • Women's volleyball
  • handball
  • rugby
  • Athletics
Cultural system
  • Go shogi
  • ESS
  • 科学
  • chorus
  • flower arrangement
  • light music
  • tea ceremony
  • calligraphy
  • Brass band
  • ダンス
  • Art
  • Home science
  • Manga animation research
External stations, etc.
  • Minami Newspaper Office
  • Books
  • broadcast
  • General store club
  • Quiz study group
  • Student Organization Inside School Executive Committee

High school person list

Alumni AssociationThe name is "Rokuka Alumni Association".


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注 釈

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Temporary closure (school)

school'stemporary closed(Rinjikyugyo),Closed schoolWhat is (Kyukou)?School Health and Safety ActBased on (Showa 33 Law No. 56, former name: School Health Law)School installer InfectionWhen it is necessary for the prevention ofDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularAll or part ofLessonTo cancel (Article 20 of the School Health and Safety Act, Article 13 of the Old School Health Act).


Depending on the scope of temporary closures, "School closure"Or"School year closed","Class closure"And so on. This temporary closure is one of the measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in schools, along with the suspension of attendance (Article 19 of the School Health and Safety Act, Article 12 of the former School Health Act). In compliance, students will be absent at the instruction of the school/teacher, so unlike normal absences, students will not be treated as absent.

  • School closure -For all students enrolled in that school.
  • School year closed -Only for certain grades in the school where the scale of infection is significantly higher.
  • Class closure -Only the specific classes in the school where the scale of the infection is concentrated.

The scale of the content is "School > Grade > ClassTherefore, it is inevitably the smallest scale.Class closureIs the most common. However, the next largest number is for the entire school.School closure, And only for a specific gradeSchool year closedThere are very few examples.

School closure

School closure(Back homeWhat is School education lawAccording to Article XNUMX, closing a school means closing it, and it is not proper to call temporary closure as "school closing". Correctly it should be called the whole class closure.

Article XNUMX When a school listed in each item of Article XNUMX, paragraph XNUMX falls under any of the following items, the person specified in each item of the same paragraph may order the closure of the school. (XNUMX) Intentionally violating the provisions of laws and regulations (ii) When violating the order made by the person pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations When failing to teach for more than XNUMX months

In addition, it was decided about temporary closure of the schoolSchool Health LawHas April 2009, 21 (Heisei 4)School Health and Safety ActThe provisions of the Article are slightly different between the old and new (see the School Health and Safety Act for details).[1] [2].

Temporary closure decision

Regarding individual suspension of attendance to prevent infectious diseaseshead teacherIt is supposed to be decided (Article 19 of the School Health and Safety Act, Article 12 of the former School Health Act), but the decision of temporary closure of the school is supposed to be made by the school installer (School Health Safety Law Article 20, Old School Health Law Article 13).

School installerIf you take a temporary leaveHealth center(School Health and Safety Law, Article 18, School Health and Safety Law Enforcement Ordinance, Article 5, Item 2).

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  1. ^ Outline of the bill to revise a part of the School Health Law, etc. - Ministry of education
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