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😷 | 33 new infected people in Miyagi prefecture N501Y type 12 people


33 new infected people in Miyagi prefecture N501Y type 12 people

If you write the contents roughly
The mutant virus N12Y, which is said to be highly infectious, was detected in 501 patients in Sendai City.

On the 11th, it was found that 33 new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Miyagi prefecture.Infection was confirmed ... → Continue reading

 KHB East Japan Broadcasting

This is a news account of "Higashinippon Broadcasting" (TV Asahi series) in Miyagi prefecture.
Under the theme of "Getting to know Miyagi's" I want to know "as soon as possible!", We will deliver the events of Miyagi and the interests of the citizens of the prefecture in an easy-to-understand manner.
KHB Higashinippon Broadcasting is looking for incidents, accidents, happening videos, etc. as "everyone is a photographer".

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Sendai city

Sendai city(Sendai)MiyagiLocated in the middleCity. Miyagi PrefecturePrefectural office locationAndTohoku regionthe onlyGovernment-designated city. With a population of approximately 109.7 million, the largest in the Tohoku regioncityBut also[1].


Sendai city centerAroundHirose River,AobayamaSuch asNATUREThere is also in the city centerRoadside treeSince there are many greens such asCity of Forest”. The city isGakuto Sendai""Rakuto SendaiSuch ascatch copyIs also used. Representing TohokuPortandSurf spotIsSendai Port(Sendai Shiogama Port) Is in the northeastern part of Miyagi prefecture.(I.e.Boasts the highest number of guests among allAkiu hot springBoasts the number one user in Miyagi prefecture in the southwestSpring Valley Izumikogen Ski ResortIs in the northwest.ChugokuThen,Lu Xun Study abroadKnown as the city.

East JapanEtc. and overseas (reference)ofShopping districtEstablished as an eventTanabataFestival (Sendai Tanabata), oldSendai DomainIn the areaSendai first saleLarge scale without relying on public resources, which is difficult in rural areasilluminationof the eventSENDAI Light Pageant, "Street corner free music festival"Jozenji Street Jazz Festival, And thatBarrier-freeTurned intoA special music festivalIt is also a cultural city that produces a number of urban events created by the citizens and exports its management know-how and formats to the outside of the city/prefecture.

Of current Sendai cityEstimated populationIt is,Tohoku regionThe largest number of people in Japan is about 109 million, and 47.8% of Miyagi residents live in it.Akita,YamagataMore populated than. That Sendai cityPrefecture gross productAccount for 55.5% of total income and 58.3% of prefectural income (FY2013)[2], Sometimes called "Sendai monopolistic"[3][4][5]. Also,Sendai metropolitan area(Wide administrative areaThe population is about 153 million, and 67.2% of Miyagi residents live in it. Due to this level of concentration and the ability to be a base in Tohoku, it will reach neighboring prefectures in terms of product sales.Sendai Economic AreaIs formed.

Our city was onceMiyagi-gunWith the southNatori-gunThe city area spreads to the north, but spreads to the east of both counties.Sendai Plain(Narrow sense) means west and northRikuzen Hills[Note 1], EastThe Pacific Ocean OfSendai Taiwan, SouthAbukuma RiverSurrounded by Also, the northern part of the plain isNagamachi-Rifu Line Fault Zone[6] The northwest side isDiluvial plateau, The southeast sideAlluvial plainDivided into[7]. Here isKinaiOriginated inMountain path(laterHigashisendoReorganization)Kaido(laterTokaidoThe only place where[Note 2] And the united highway wasOku DaidoThe fault zone and its subsequent ones, despite changing their names[Note 1]It continued to exist as an important road running north-south along the eastern edge of.Date MasamuneIn the area prior to the opening of Sendai by Fuchu, it is located in the alluvial plain east of the fault zone and hills, mainly along this highway.Natural embankmentThe town hall was formed only in the highlands such as[8]. In the "East Microlands",4st centuryTohoku's largest at the endRaijin Mountain Tumulus(CurrentNatori City,Map) And the second place in the prefectureTomitsuka Tumulus(North Latitude 38 Degrees 14 Minutes 17.5 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 54 min 52 sec /38.238194 degrees north latitude 140.91444 degrees east longitude / 38.238194; 140.91444 (Tomizuka Kofun (total length 110m: 5th in Tohoku))) Was built,7st centuryMidMutsuAfter installationKokufuIt is assumedKoriyama ruins(North Latitude 38 Degrees 13 Minutes 24.5 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 53 min 34 sec /38.223472 degrees north latitude 140.89278 degrees east longitude / 38.223472; 140.89278 (Koriyama Ruins, Phase II Government Site (estimated to be Mutsu Kokufu before Tagajo. There was one of the largest settlements in Tohoku at that time), and the estimated site of Kitame Castle Town))[9][Note 3],Taga Castle(CurrentTagajo City,Map)[10],furtherMutsu Kokubunji Temple(North Latitude 38 Degrees 15 Minutes 3.3 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 54 min 10 sec /38.250917 degrees north latitude 140.90278 degrees east longitude / 38.250917; 140.90278 (Mutsu-Kokubunji / Kondo Ruins ("Kokubun Himachi" was later formed around this area))) AndMutsu Kokubun Nunnery(North Latitude 38 Degrees 15 Minutes 6.3 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 54 min 34 sec /38.251750 degrees north latitude 140.90944 degrees east longitude / 38.251750; 140.90944 (Mutsu Kokubunnji Temple / Kondo Ruins)The important facilities of the country were also placed.

Taga Castle11st centuryfirst half[Note 4] When it loses its function as a national government,Mutsu FuchuPresent in the southwestern part ofJRIwakiri Station(North Latitude 38 Degrees 18 Minutes 3.3 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 57 min 15.6 sec /38.300917 degrees north latitude 140.954333 degrees east longitude / 38.300917; 140.954333 (JR Iwakiri Station (It is estimated that Mutsu Kokufu after Tagajo existed near the station. The surrounding area is estimated to be "Taga Kokufu Town"))) AroundSeven Kitada RiverMoved along the "East Microlands",Northern and Northern DynastiesContinued until[11].12st centuryMutsu Kokufu became known as Taga Kokufu, and around Kofu there was a town called Taga Kokufu Town, which is the political and economic center of Mutsu Province.Sengoku periodContinued until[11][12][13]. In other towns of the time,Haramachi OfPost[Note 5], Of Mutsu KokubunjiMonzen-choIs,Mr. Kokubun Of[14],of(North Latitude 38 Degrees 13 Minutes 19.2 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 53 min 52.5 sec /38.222000 degrees north latitude 140.897917 degrees east longitude / 38.222000; 140.897917 (Kitame Castle (Around Kitame Castle Town)))[15] There was such a thing, and all were in "eastern highlands"[8][16].

Keicho5May 12(1601May 1), Masamune is not the traditional center of the region, the “eastern highlands”, but the HiroseRiver terraceaboveSendai Castle(Aoba Castle,Map)and(North Latitude 38 Degrees 15 Minutes 36.9 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 52 min 14.5 sec /38.260250 degrees north latitude 140.870694 degrees east longitude / 38.260250; 140.870694 ("Basho no Tsuji", the commercial center of Sendai castle town))Sendai Domain62 millionstoneThe center of[17]. The castle is on the north-south roadOshu KaidoAnd the Tozai Expressway connecting from Otemon, Sendai Castle to ()OmachiIntersects withBasho TsujiKokubunichi Town has moved toKokubun Town[Note 6][Note 7], Kitame Castle Town has moved[Note 8][Note 7]AndDateHave moved according toMifudai Town6townSuch asTradesmanPlaced the town along the highway under the castle[13][16]. In "Touhou Microland," Koizumi Castle and Koizumi Castle Town were reorganized by Masamune.Wakabayashi Castle(North Latitude 38 Degrees 14 Minutes 12.2 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 54 min 7.8 sec /38.236722 degrees north latitude 140.902167 degrees east longitude / 38.236722; 140.902167 (Wakabayashi Castle (Around Wakabayashi Castle Town)))andWakabayashi Castle TownHowever, after its death, it was absorbed and merged into abandoned castle and Sendai castle town.[13]. In addition, the post in Haramachi is the first down the Ishinomaki highway (Shiogama highway).Yado Stationof(North Latitude 38 Degrees 15 Minutes 52.1 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 54 min 1.8 sec /38.264472 degrees north latitude 140.900500 degrees east longitude / 38.264472; 140.900500 (Haranomachi inn (Ishimaki Kaido downhill No. 1 inn station. Miyagino Ward office in front of Rikuzen-Haranomachi in Shinshigai)))[Note 5]Relocated to the west side of the old Kitame castle townOshu KaidoOf the first uphill station ((North Latitude 38 Degrees 13 Minutes 50.8 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 53 min 7.9 sec /38.230778 degrees north latitude 140.885528 degrees east longitude / 38.230778; 140.885528 (Nagamachi inn (Oshu Kaido uphill No. 1 inn station. Taihaku Ward office in the surrounding Nagamachi subcenter)))[Note 3]Have been set up, and in Sendai Castle Town andConservationdid. As a result, Sendai took on the appearance of "2 castles and 2 post towns connected". Also after this,Ou(Tohoku region) became the largest city (reference). In the old Mutsu Fuchu,Shiogama(CurrentShiogama,Map) Is the castle town of SendaiOuter portDeveloped as, built between Shiogama and SendaicanalGamo (Gamo), which became a relay point for logistics due to the systemNorth Latitude 38 Degrees 15 Minutes 33.5 Seconds East longitude 141 degree 0 min 28.8 sec /38.259306 degrees north latitude 141.008000 degrees east longitude / 38.259306; 141.008000 (Gamo Mikura (Transshipment site of the canal system that connects the castle town of Sendai and the Shiogama of its outer port))) And Haramachi also developed.

MeijiTo become and,TokyoとAomoriAlmost in the middle (about 350 from both sides)km),Tohoku Zhendai(→ Sendai Township →2th Division) Is installedarmyFacilities gathered, "Military capitalBegan to have an aspect of.1878(Meiji 11)Sendai WardAnd,1882(Meiji 15)KidoshaIs the first in JapanPedestrian orbit(Later second in Japan[18] OfHorse-drawn carriage track(Converted to) in Sendai-Opened in Gamo.1887(Meiji 20)Old system second highWas foundedJapan Railway(Currently JRTohoku Main Line)Sendai StationWas also installed. With the establishment of this station, Kidosha was closed and Gamo lost its position as a relay point and developed during the Edo period, which was centered on shipping.Ishinomaki,ShiogamaFromTrainTransferred commercial rights to Sendai, where[19], Until now "Commercial cityI got the side of.

1889(22th year of Meiji)May 4ToMunicipal systemEnforcement.Russo-Japanese WarAs an opportunity1907(Meiji 40) Tohoku Imperial University (currentlyTohoku University) Was founded, "GakutoEstablished a position as. Also from the same yearTaisho,ShowaIn the early days, "Five major businesses[Note 9]”Promoted to become a modern city,Forest City"And" City of Trees "came to be called. The central commercial areaIchibanchoMove to (reference), Miyagi-gun government office was once located in the suburbsHaramachi, Natori-gun government office was placedNagamachiBy merging with neighboring towns and villages, a factory district was formed in these new city areas. Also,Akiu Electric Railway,Japan's first passenger subwayOpenedMiyagi Electric RailwayA resort area was developed along the railway lines.

1941(Showa 16),Mining industryDevelopsFukushima-AkitaFollowed byTohoku regionThird inBank of JapanBranch office, etc.Pacific WarBack and forthCentral government agency OfOffice"AdministrationI got the side as a "city"[20].Controlled economyUnderneath the needy commerce and industryManchuriaAcrossSendai VillageTo open upSendai air raidAfter the war, when the center was abandoned due to the war, a large scale was set up in front of Sendai Station.Black marketWas born, and railroad goods were also distributed to and from the Tohoku region (reference).Post-war occupationToWar disaster reconstruction projectAs a result, a wide road was constructed vertically and horizontally in the city area, and became the foundation of the present city center. Also, instead of the black marketOfficial priceOn the market or on the streetA stallWhile supporting the lives of citizens, about 1 people stationed in Miyagi PrefectureGIFor X bridge (on the north side of Sendai station)Miyagino Bridge) A red light district is born around. X bridge is Japanhard boiledIt became the stage of the novel's arrowhead[21].

High economic growthA lot of company branchesTertiary industryGrows,Hirofuku”Branch economy cityBecame. Also,1964(Showa 39)New industrial cityWith designation,City planning areaAdjacent to Izumi-cho, Miyagi-gun (1971ThanIzumi City,Map)・Miyagi Town(North Latitude 38 Degrees 16 Minutes 7.2 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 45 min 50.3 sec /38.268667 degrees north latitude 140.763972 degrees east longitude / 38.268667; 140.763972 (Former Miyagi Town Hall (located in the new town of Ayashi-shuku, the first post station down the Sakunami Highway))), Natori-gunAkiu Town(North Latitude 38 Degrees 15 Minutes 30.1 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 40 min 16.9 sec /38.258361 degrees north latitude 140.671361 degrees east longitude / 38.258361; 140.671361 (Former Akiu Town Hall (located at Nagabukuro-juku, No. 3 inn station down the Futakukaido)))[22],further1970(Showa 45) by 12 municipalities "SenshioWide-area city planning area" was designated[23]. ThenConcentrated area With the rapid expansion of (DID)motorizationIs promoted and the need to solve traffic congestion in central TokyoNational Route 4Sendai bypassA new industrial and distribution area was established along the way, and the vacant Kokubuncho area after the relocation of the company was converted into an entertainment district. AlsoSendai SubwayThe plan of1976(Showa 51)Sendai tramWas abolished. The abolition of streetcars was at the edge of the city in the "2 castles, 2 post towns connected" period, and was a terminal for streetcars and railways.Kita Sendai・The result of depriving the commercial centers of three bases in Haramachi and Nagamachi[22].

1962Degree (Showa 37)[24],1980(55)CensusFrom the population (reference), Miyagi Prefecture became the largest prefecture in Tohoku, surpassing Fukushima Prefecture. Then, Sendai City merged and merged 1 city and 2 towns of Izumi, Miyagi, and Akiu, and transferred authority from the prefecture to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the city system.1989(HeiseiFirst year) April 4th will be the 1th in JapanGovernment-designated cityTransition to (reference). During this time,1982(Showa 57)Tohoku ShinkansenAlong with the opening of business, Sendai station rebuilding and large-scalePedestrian deckThe station front maintenance with1987(Showa 62)Masamune boom,Subway Namboku LineStarts openingBubble economyWith private investmentBox administration(reference) Started building high-rise buildings in the city center (reference).

On the other hand, the city is in the suburbs, northIzumi Chuo Fukutoshin[Note 10], SouthNagamachi Fukutoshin[Note 3], East Sendai Port Fukutoshin (currentlyMinato Sendai Youme Town),WestAiko Fukutoshin4 sub-centers were set up. However, both subcenters of Izumichuo and Nagamachi along the subway lineRoadside storeAnd product salesSuburbanizationThe city has become moreBubble burstFrom the latter half of the 1990sCompact cityI started to aim for "30 minutes access to the city center"[25]"We are promoting(reference).

2000 eraWhen you enterExpress Bus OfSendai-Fukushima Line,Sendai-Yamagata LineWith price cuts, increased competition for flights, and the opening of new flights to and from Sendai, the ability to attract customers from outside the prefecture increased at once. Also, the area around the East Exit of JR Sendai Station[Note 11] InLand readjustment projectAlong withMiyagino StreetIs opened and JR is undergroundSengoku Line OfUnderground new lineWas relocated and the east exit station square was completed. there2004(16),Miyagi Stadium(North Latitude 38 Degrees 15 Minutes 23.7 Seconds East longitude 140 degree 54 min 9.5 sec /38.256583 degrees north latitude 140.902639 degrees east longitude / 38.256583; 140.902639 (Miyagi Stadium → Full Cast Stadium Miyagi → Nippon Paper Clinex Stadium Miyagi → Rakuten Kobo Stadium Miyagi)) Is based inTohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles(Team color isCrimsonRed) When a new entry,Land use planningZoningでRed colorArea painted on (red:Commercial area,orange:Neighborhood commercial area) Investment in foreign capital and overseas capital was promoted and was called the "red bubble"[Note 12].2006(18)Sendai/Miyagi Destination Campaign(2008May 10 - May 12) Was decided to be held, investment accelerated, including in the suburbs, and was booming called "mini bubble" and "petit bubble" (reference). But,Lehman shockIn addition to the subsequent recession,Great East Japan EarthquakeWas seriously damaged. While it will be a base for reconstruction after the earthquake,2015(27)Subway Tozai LineSince the opening of the business has overlapped, various developments have been activated.

Place name

Origin of city name

The etymology of the place name has various theories,

  1. Mr. KokubunBut"Chiyo CastleThe theory that comes from the name. This is because there were thousands of Buddhas at the position of the castle, and the thousands turned to become "Chiyo." One of the reasons for the change is that the castle was named for the wish to prosper in Chiyo. afterwards,Date MasamuneIs "Senpai" (New font"Sendai").
  2. AinuThe "Sep Nai (broad, river)" became "Sendai",Hirose RiverIs the origin of the name Sendai.
  3. The theory is that the Ainu word "Sen Nai (river entrance)" has changed to Sendai.
  4. It is said that it originated from the fact that the Kawauchi district where Sendai Castle is located was read aloud as "Sendai." In addition, there was Sendai City in Kagoshima Prefecture. (CurrentSatsumasendai)

, Etc. are the main ones, but the theory derived from 1. Kokubun is generally believed.

The expression "Senpai" revised by Masamune isChugoku OfFormer HanTeenagerStoriesAnd made it the subject唐TeenagerChinese poetryDerived from.

Former HanWendi TheLaoziI like the way ofYellow RiverI heard that there is a person who is familiar with Lao Tzu in the tributary, but I went to see him, but the man stayed in the hermitage and did not come out. When the Emperor threatened, "There is no royal land under the sky, and no one who is not a royal servant to the end of the earth", the man climbed into the air and said, "Up to heaven, inside is a person. I won't bother you and I won't live below." The Emperor got off the vehicle knowing he was a godmanThanks,roadI asked. Emperorcapital-Chang'anIn Nishiyama of (Palace) Built[26].

Tang dynastyHan HongSeven words of (Kankou)Poetry"The same title, Senyukan," is a legendKunlun MountainIt is likened to the palace of Goroju nirou in (Konron-san).

"The same title Senyu Tour"

Sen 臺Hatsumi Gojoro
Awesome inn
Yamairo Haruka Ren Qin Evening
Kinki news report Hangu autumn
Soramatsu shadow cast
Haruka Hosakusa, Yuu Kodo
What to use

"Similar to Senyukan"

Sendai See for the first time Gojoro(Gyorou)
Feature Terrible(Blame)As Rain(Shukyu)Fit
Mountain color(Sanshou) Much more Qin tree(Shinju) Ofnight(Give me)
Kinuta voice(Chinese) No news Hangu(Kankyu)Autumn
Sparse pine(Sosho) Falling shadow Empty platform(Kudan)Purification(Follow)Ku
Hosokusa(Looks good) Haruka Small cave(How about)Ghost(Lend)Quite
No matter what you useOutside(Wagai)Ask and leave
A human(Jikan) also(Or)It wasfrom(Nozuka)Et al. Tankyu(Tankyu)There
— ((Tetsumi MurakamiBy "Three body poems Up"
New Chinese Classic Selection Asahi ShimbunCompany)[27]

"Tanka" in the above sentence is the residence of the gods. It is said that the notation of "Senpai" is directly derived from this "same title Senyukan"[27] However, there is also a view that it was named after the fact of "Senyukan".[28].. The fact is that the hermit is the monarchpowerTo indicate that theKeicho5May 9(1600May 10)ofBattle of SekigaharaByTokugawa Ieyasu People of the worldApproximately 3 months later, Keicho 5 years when the construction of Sendai Castle startedMay 12(1601May 1), Masamune is said to have transcended the power of Ieyasu under the name of "Senpai".After the war"Senpai" isNew fontIt came to be written as "Sendai" using.


In addition to "Sendai", the following examples can be found in the kanji notation for this item "Sendai".

  • Chiyo (notation before the opening of the office by Date Masamune)
  • Senpai (From the opening of the city by Date MasamuneKanji(Notation until introduction)
  • Predecessor (Example: "Kara Predecessor Hagi])
  • 僊臺 (eg: "僊臺區and neighborhood village 圖圖[29]")

Of these, “Chiyo” and “Senpai” are often used as trade names for Sendai souvenirs.

Since "僊" is a variant of "Sen" and "Tai" is an orthographic form of "Tai", there are three types of "Sendai, Chiyo, and predecessor" excluding the difference in font.



The city limits to the eastThe Pacific Ocean, NorthMatsushima Hills, WestOu Mountains, SouthNatori RiverAnd the boundary. It runs through Miyagi prefecture in the east-west direction, and when traveling a long distance on the Oshu Kaido route, it is impossible to move north-south without going through the city. Geologically new from coast to Nagamachi-Rifu fault zoneAlluvial plain, Its west is a little older than the Alluvial PlainSedimentary rockIt is a kind of plateau and erupted in the Cenozoic near the ridge of the Ou Mountains.Volcanic rockMade of Mt. Funagata, Mt. Daito, Mt. Kamuro are all volcanoes that erupted between 50 and 150 million years ago.

Sendai City across the Ou MountainsYamagataYamagataIs in contact with.Prefectural office locationOther examples includeKyoto CityとOtsu City,Fukuoka CityとSaga CityThere is also a deep financial connection. Also, the city is wildJapanese macaqueIt is estimated that about 550 of them live.


Main mountain


Main river


Main swamp


Urban areaThe Pacific OceanOpened in平野Located in the sectionPacific climateare categorized.Köppen climate classificationThen.Warm and humid climateIt is classified as (Cfa).

Because it is close to the sea and there are many sunny days in winter,Tohoku regionAs it is warm.Hachioji City,Utsunomiya City such asKanto regionThe lowest temperature is higher than真 冬日Is rare. The amount of snowfall is the lowest among the prefectural capitals in the Tohoku region, and snow is rarely left for more than a week. In summer, the temperature does not rise much due to the sea breeze from the Pacific Ocean,SummerBut真 夏日-Tropical nightLess is[30]. Also,(I.e.The number of occurrences ofGovernment-designated cityThis is by far the most common, but this is mainly due to the "advection fog" from the sea.[31].rainy seasonFrom early summer,Autumn equinoxBefore and after, it may become cloudy and cool due to the cold sea breeze from the northeast.

Average annual temperature: 12.4 ℃,Precipitation amount: 1254.1mm, sunshine time: 1796.1 hours.真 夏日と真 冬日The total (of which 1.7 is a midwinter day) is 19.6 daysPrefectural office locationThe least of all. The second isMitoIn about 33 days,Tokyo(Chiyoda Ward) Very little compared to about 49 days. From spring to summer, the easterly wind is dominant.Okhotsk Kaiki GroupThe cool breeze of the sea breeze enters,Ou MountainsThis is because it is less susceptible to the Fern phenomenon. It can be said that there is little difference in temperature from the cold oceanic climate.

Sendai city(Sendai District Meteorological Observatory, Altitude 38.9m) climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)17.9
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)5.6
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)2.0
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−1.3
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−11.7
Precipitation amount mm (inch)42.3
Snowfall cm (inch)21
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5mm)
Average number of snowfall days (≥0 cm)20.617.
Average monthlyDaylight hours149.0154.7178.6193.7191.9143.7126.3144.5128.0147.0143.4136.31,836.9
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1927-present)[32][33]

Administrative district

 CodesWard nameAdministrative locationEstimated populationareaThe population densityWard office nearest stationMain facilities
104101-7 Aoba-kuAdministrative region location map 04101.svg311,427302.24km21,030 people / km2Sendai Subway Namboku Line
Kotodai Park Station
Sendai Station, Miyagi Prefectural Office, Sendai City Hall, Tohoku University Hospital, Miyagi Children's Hospital, Miyagi Museum of Art
Sendai Mediatheque, Sendai International Center, Sendai City Museum, XNUMXM Sendai City Science Museum
Sendai Observatory, Sendai Literature Museum, Sendai City War Reconstruction Memorial Hall, Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi
Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai, Sendai High Court, Sendai District Court, Miizawa Power Station, Sendai CastleTrace
Osaki Hachiman Shrine, Aoba Shrine, Sendai Toshogu, Zuihoden, Kokubuncho red light district, Kotodai Park, West Park, Sakunami Onsen
204102-5 Miyagino WardAdministrative region location map 04102.svg196,98158.19km23,385 people / km2JR logo (east) .svgSengoku Line
Rikuzen Haranomachi Station
Sendai Port, National Hospital Organization Sendai Medical Center, Rakuten Life Park Miyagi, Koshin Rubber Athlete Park Sendai
Sendai Municipal Baseball Stadium, Sendai City Museum of History and Folklore, Yume Messe Miyagi, Japan Ground Self-Defense ForceSendai Garrison
Himeoka Tenmangu Shrine, Heraoka Park, Takamoriyama Park (Iwagiri CastleTrace), Takasago Central Park (Sendai Uminomori Aquarium)
304103-3 Wakabayashi WardAdministrative region location map 04103.svg139,27050.86km22,738 people / km2Sendai Subway 東西 線
Yakushido Station
Sendai Agricultural Horticulture CenterSendai City Central Wholesale Market, Sendai Theater Studio 10-BOX, Miyagi Prison
Japan Ground Self-Defense ForceKasumime Garrison(Kasume Airfield), Fukanuma Beach, Tomitsuka Tumulus, Mutsu Kokubunji Temple
404104-1 Taihaku WardAdministrative region location map 04104.svg232,895228.39km21,020 people / km2Sendai Subway Namboku Line
Nagamachi Minami Station
Sendai City Hospital, Kamei Arena Sendai, Zebio Arena Sendai, Sendai Wildflower Garden, Sendai Tram Museum
Taikaku, Underground Forest Museum(Tomizawa Ruins), Jomon Forest Square in Sendai (Yamada Kaminodai Ruins),Atago Shrine
Sendai City Yagiyama Zoological Park, Mikamimine Park, Tae Hakusan, Niguchi Gorge(Akiu Falls), Leirai Gorge, Akiu hot spring
504105-0 Izumi kuAdministrative region location map 04105.svg211,859146.61km21,445 people / km2Sendai Subway Namboku Line
Izumichuo Station
Yourtec Stadium Sendai, Shellcom Sendai, Sports Park Matsumori, Miyagi Prefectural Library
Sendai Bank Hall Izumiti 21, Miyagi driver's license center, Kamo Shrine, Shichikitada ParkTsuruga castle park (Matsumori CastleTrace)
Mt. Izumigatake(Spring Valley Izumikogen Ski Resort, Mt. Izumigatake Ski Resort, Owens Izumitake Nature Fureaikan)

Sendai city has changed to a government-designated city1989Five administrative districts were established in (5). At that time,Izumi City TheIzumi kuIn addition to dividing the former Sendai city area into four, the former population was too small to be a single ward.Miyagi TownTheAoba-kuAlso oldAkiu TownTheTaihaku WardIt was considered as a ward to be merged into. Aoba-ku and Miyagi are still in the old Miyagi townGeneral branchIn the former Akiu Town, there are offices in charge of each area, the Taihaku Ward and Akiu General Branch. Aoba Ward has a plan to divide the former Miyagi Town area (Miyagi district) (Aoba Ward problem). In addition, when selecting a ward namedirection,Center such asAbstract nounWas given a name that does not use as much as possible.

2015(27)CensusDay and night population by[34]
Ward name範 囲Nighttime populationDaytime populationDay / night ratio
Sendai cityAll city areas1,082,159 people1,148,389 people106.1%
Aoba-kuInner city-Uesugi-Gotsubashi-Kita Sendai・ Nakayama / Taihara / Ori
Miyagi areaFormer Miyagi Town (Aiko-Sakunami-Minamiyoshinari-Kuzuoka)
310,183 people412,812 people133.1%
Miyagino WardHaramachi・ Miyagino ・ Tsurugaya ・Iwakiri・ Kozuru / Gamo194,825 people216,325 people111.0%
Wakabayashi WardOroshimachi, old castle, Arahama, Shintera133,498 people136,302 people102.1%
Taihaku WardNagamachi-Minami Sendai・ Nishitaga ・ Kagitori ・ Yagiyama ・Moiwa・ Birth
Akiu districtFormer Akiu Town (Akiu-Two mouths)
226,855 people187,712 people82.7%
Izumi kuOld Izumi City (Izumi Chuo・ Nanakita, Nenoshiroishi, Shoryo ・Nankodai)216,798 people195,238 people90.1%

Central business district,distribution-IndustrialThe district is in the ward,Rikudo TsujiThe three wards of Aoba Ward, Miyagino Ward, and Wakabayashi Ward, which border each other,Daytime population(The total number of people in the three wards increased by 3 from day and night). On the other hand, Taihaku Ward and Izumi Ward have their own cities.Nagamachi FukutoshinandIzumi Chuo FukutoshinAlthough the daytime population is small (the total of the two wards has decreased by 2 from day and night), both wards haveBed townThe appearance of is dark.

Changes in the census population of each ward (unit: people)[35][36][37]
  Miyagino Ward
  Wakabayashi Ward
  Taihaku Ward
  Izumi ku


Miyagi Prefecture has the smallest area in the Tohoku region and has few natural barriers.Sendai PlainSince most of the citizens of the prefecture live in Sendai, it is concentrated in Sendai, the center of the city.[38]。平成17年国勢調査での県内人口占有率は43.43%、22年調査では44.55%、宮城県市町村別推計人口の平成23年7月1日付で45%を突破した。また、同24年1月1日付で県内人口2位のIshinomakiIt exceeded 7 times. The population of the city is increasing for people aged 65 and over, but universities and various typesVocational schoolBecause there are many (→ "Gakuto Sendai”), The proportion of the youth population is large.

Branch economy citySendai City is said to bePersonnel changeStatistically to match年度At the end, about 2 people will flow out, and almost the same number will flow in at the beginning of the year. In recent years, the total population has decreased by about 3 in March and April, and will recover in May and June. Similarly, the population will decrease in September and October from the end of the second quarter to the beginning of the third quarter, and will recover in November.

In the 2000s, the social increase in population (excessive migration) became minimal,2004(16) From the degree, it began to decline in society (excessive transfer). The top of the destinationTokyoBut adjacentTomiya City-Rifu Town-Natori CityThe progress of housing development in areas such as the above is also behind the increase in the number of people moving out. The population increased by several thousand people/year in a way that compensated for the social decline by natural increase, but as a result of the demographic changes caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, the social increase is on a recovery trend. In 2012, the number of people in Sendai exceeded the second largest number in Japan after Tokyo's 23 wards.[39].

Looking at the population change from the previous survey from the 27 national census, it was 3.46%, 1,082,159 people, the rate of change was 35th among 6 municipalities in prefecture and 40th among 7 administrative districts.

Population distribution of Sendai, Miyagi, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Sendai and Japan (2005)Population distribution of Sendai city by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Sendai City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of (the area equivalent to) Sendai
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan
CensusPopulation (Unit: XNUMX)
   Sendai metropolitan area(Regional administration promotion area)
   Current Sendai population
   Flag of Sendai, Miyagi.svg Sendai city

Land use planning

Sendai City as a cityDate family62 stonescastle townIt has evolved fromCity centerThe roads in the section have a grid pattern,Hirose River OfRiver terraceThe point located above,War Disaster Reconstruction Urban Planning#Sendai War Disaster Reconstruction PlanIt is rather anomalous as it is not a perfect grid due to the wide and wide road running through it.Date MasamuneThe city planning of Sendai laterCity of ForestHowever, many of the “Mori” that existed before the war were lost due to the modernization of the city. However, due to the efforts of the city authorities and citizens, roadside trees have been planted on many roads, not just in the city center, and greening has progressed. In addition, we will regulate the development of hilly areas and rice fields surrounding the city center,Concentric circlesIn the city centerGreen belt・It is called residential areaGreater London PlanI made a city plan that imitated.

Industrial location and urban structure

"Senshio Wide Area" consisting of 5 cities, 4 towns and 1 village including MotoichiCity planning area[40]"(Sendai metropolitan area[41])Land use planningHas been done. Also,Inner cityCentered onAoba-ku TohokuLargest super wide areaTrade areaTo formIzumi Chuo FukutoshinCentered onIzumi ku,and,Nagamachi FukutoshinCentered onTaihaku WardForm a wide area[42].. Formerly as a sub-center of the cityOshu Kaido(CurrentNational Route 4) Downhill firstYado Station・Izumi-Chuo Fukutoshin, which was developed from the former Oshu Kaido (current National Route 4) going up Daiichijuku Station ・Nagamachi Fukutoshin, which was developed from the oldSakunami Kaido(CurrentNational Route 48) Downhill Daiichijuku Station・Aiko lodgingDeveloped fromAiko FukutoshinAndSendai PortFukutoshin (Minato Sendai Youme Town4) were specified. However, the city is no longer using the name "Fukutoshin" in city planning, and the city is taking the lead in developing it, and Izumichuo and Nagamachi, which also have a wide-area commercial area, are "wide-area bases", and Aiko is "western part of the city (oldMiyagi Town) Regional center base”, and Minato Sendai Youme Town, which is being led by the prefecture, is classified by function as “international economic exchange base”.[43].. As another base,Tohoku UniversityとMiyagi University of EducationThere isAobayamaThe districts are said to be "international academic research and exchange bases", and in Miyagino Ward and Wakabayashi Ward, which do not have wide-area commercial areas, the neighborhoods of the ward offices of each ward are "living bases for the ward." By the way, there is Miyagino Ward Office.HaramachiIs the old (currentNational Route 45) Wakabayashi Ward OfficeDate familyIt is on the site of a nursery. Other,Akiu hot springとSakunami OnsenToHot spring townAre formed.

Infrastructure development status

  • Sewerage penetration rate -99.3% (end of 23)[44]

New residential area

City axis

Changes in the urban axis of Sendai after the war

High economic growthThe city axis up to the period followed the old Oshu Kaido, where railroads run in parallel.National Route 4Along (the area south of the city center) and northeastTaga Castle-Shiogama-MatsushimaHead toNational Route 45It was formed around the area. In the early 1960s, mainly in Sendai cityMatsushima TownからIwanuma CityMerged overGovernment-designated cityI aimed for a transition, but it ended in failure. It is said that the cause was that the conservative chiefs of the surrounding cities and towns hated the innovative city administration of Sendai at that time. At this time, the day before the signing of the merger, the mayor of Tagajo Town (currently Tagajo City) suddenly criticized the merger and withdrew from the merger, so the Sen-en merger collapsed overnight. The transition of Sendai City to an ordinance-designated city was also postponed, resulting in a significant delay in the development of the city.

After that, against the background of population growth, surround the city center in the hills from the north to the southwest of the city.New residential areaWas created. Along the old national highway No. 4 (the area north of the city center) that connects these residential areas and the centerNational Route 286Along the city has been newly added. Old, the northern center of the new city axisIzumi CityAnd the old on the west sideMiyagi Town・OldAkiu Town,1989It becomes a government-designated city.

On the new city axis1987ToSendai City Subway Namboku LineWith the opening ofPlanned cityIs northIzumi Chuo(Izumi ku) ・ SouthNagamachi Minami(Taihaku Ward) Has become a sub-center, and large commercial facilities and condominiums have been established.

In addition,Sendai Loop Line (North Ring),Sendai West RoadWith the completion of, a city axis facing west from the center was also formed. On this axisTohoku Expressway OfSendai Miyagi ICWide-area industry has entered the marketoutlet mall,Miyagi Children's Hospital, Higher education institutions were located.

The city of Sendai divided into east and west

Sendai Station West Exit Side

The city of SendaiSendai Station,andTohoku Shinkansen-Tohoku Main LineIt is roughly divided into east and west. The west exit side of Sendai Station was the center of Sendai, a castle town from the Edo period, and it has been the center until now, but the Hirose River in the south and the west in the west.Aobayama, The north is Kitayama-the hills of Dainohara, and the east is the Tohoku Shinkansen, which is surrounded on all sides, and it is not easy to expand the city center. for that reason,Bubble periodBeyond the economic power of local companies in SendaiLand priceThere was concern that a surge would occur, but it had been developed before the bubble era.Subway Namboku LineAmong other thingsIzumi Chuo FukutoshinandNagamachi FukutoshinDue to the existence of the land price, the upward pressure on land prices promoted the dispersion of urban functions in Izumi Chuo and Nagamachi, and the surge was avoided. On the other hand, in the deflationary period, the decline in land prices in the city center, which became sparse with respect to the city scale, did not stop, and low-rise office buildings and low-rise housing on the land where the collateral value decreased were replaced by high-rise condominiums, etc. It is promoting the return to the city center.

Sendai Station East Exit Side

on the other hand,Sendai StationThe east exit side of the area was a district where the old townscape remained. Especially on the southeast sideWakabayashi WardHas the taste of downtown, and the place names that have been around since the Edo period remain. In the paddy field that was adjacent to the east side of this downtown area, in the 1960sSendai bypassAt the same time, a vast distribution / industrial park such as a wholesaler / distributor / car-related business establishment and an industrial park for the printing industry was built in wholesale town, Rokuchome, Ogimachi, etc. Since the designation of commercial land and industrial land was not specified, and the designation of surrounding paddy fields was not canceled by the national and municipal governments, the background population did not increase and the commercial agglomeration of the east exit was hindered. In the 90s, when "hollow distribution" that did not pass through wholesale became mainstream, the significance of the existence of wholesale towns diminished, and the movement to lift regulations and convert to residential areas began.Subway Tozai LineWas promoted by the construction of.

In addition,Sengoku LineLand readjustment and redevelopment due to undergrounding ofList of land readjustment projects in Sendai,List of redevelopment in Japan #Miyagi Prefecture), The shape of the city at the east exit has changed significantly. Extend from the east exit stationMiyagino StreetAfter completion, Sendai IT companies began to concentrate along the street,2005From (17)Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles Miyagi StadiumThe development has gained further momentum when it became the base.

subway東西 線Opening

2015(27)May 12, Sendai Subway Tozai Line:Yagiyama Zoological Park Station-Arai StationHas been opened, and the west side and the east side of Sendai Station will be integrated. Tozai lineSendai StationIs on the west side, but about 150m from the east exit of Sendai StationMiyaginodori StationIs installed for convenience.

Kitashinbancho Ohira Line

Since the late 1990sTohoku University HospitalThe widening of Kimachi-dori, which runs north-south along the eastern edge of the road, was done, and this road, which opened in 2012, is facing north.Rinnoji TempleTheKitayama tunnelPass by,Sakuragaoka-Izumi Park TownThroughYamato TownLeading toMiyagi Prefectural Road 264 Ohira Sendai LineIt is (Urban Planning Road Kitashinbancho Ohira Line). This road is not only on the side of the main road connecting the residential area in the northwest and the center, but also on the Tohoku University HospitalTohoku UniversityFaculty of medicine-Finnish Health and Welfare Center-Miyagi Gakuin Women's University-Miyagi University-Miyagi Prefectural Library・It is also expected to function as the "Spirit Corridor" that connects the numerous research facilities within Izumi Park Town.Gakuto SendaiIt is a strategic road.

Also, it will be newly installed on the 1st floor of Shinto ward of Tohoku University Hospital.Advanced Critical Care CenterIt also has a role as a transportation route toTohoku ExpresswayNear the intersection ofIzumi PA/Smart ICIs installed.

On the other hand, although it was pointed out before the opening of the Kitayama Tunnel, the traffic volume around the Kitayama Tunnel increased more than before, and the traffic congestion worsened mainly during the morning and evening rush hours.[45].


Sendai and other towns and villages in the Sendai city area

The history of Sendai as a city isKeicho5May 12(1601May 1)ofDate MasamunebySendai CastleConstruction begins. The range of Sendai in the Edo period, which was called Sendai Wannouchi or Sendai Wanchu,AobayamaSendai Castle and Kawauchi at the foot of the river,Hirose RiverIt is 5 km north-south and 4 km east-west, consisting of a castle town built on the plateau on the opposite bank, which is a small part of the present city area. In the Middle Ages, there were several temples on Mt. Aoba, and there was the appearance of a local sacred place, but the place that later became a castle town was a wilderness with rare houses from the ancient times to the Middle Ages.

However, if you look at the history of the city of Sendai today, you can see the rise and change of many villages and towns. It is a rice paddy site from the Yayoi periodTomizawa RuinsThe area around and was the center of the area where many burial mounds were built during the Kofun period. From the end of the 7th century to the beginning of the 8th centuryKoriyama ruinsToMutsuKokufu was set up. In the 8th century, on the north side of Minami Koizumi SiteMutsu Kokubunji TempleとMutsu Kokubun NunneryWas built. In the Middle AgesTaga CastleFrom Kokuto moved to Iwakiri in the northeastern part of the city, and a town was formed. During the Warring States Period, there was a town called Kokubun Himachi from Kokubunji Temple to Minami Koizumi Ruins. In the middle ages, villages and samurai houses were built in various places from the plain to the mountain basin.              

In the following description, even Sendai until the Middle Ages refers to the range of Sendai in the Edo period, and when referring to the current range of Sendai, it is particularly referred to as Sendai City Area. After the Edo period, Sendai of each period is called Sendai to distinguish it from the current city area.


In Sendai city area,Tomizawa RuinsでPaleolithic OfBonfireTraces have been found.

Jomon PeriodThere are villages in the area, and remains and traces are left in various parts of the city. People at that time settled in the hills avoiding the low-humidity plains, so the hills continued to the sea.Matsushima BayArchaeological sites are concentrated along the area, and there are few in the Sendai city area.

Yayoi PeriodPeople went into the plains in search of suitable rice cultivation,Natori RiverとHirose RiverSandwichedTomizawa RuinsA paddy field was run in the north of the Hirose River and in the east of Sendai.

Kofun periodWhen you enter, around the Tomizawa ruinsIchizuka Tomb,Futatsuka Tomb,Helmet moundSmall and medium-sized burial mounds were made. Small and medium-sized burial mounds were also built around the Minami Koizumi site, and at the end of the 4th centuryWakabayashi WardToTomitsuka TumulusThe largest (third) tumulus in the Tohoku region was built. No. 3Raijin Mountain TumulusIs south of the Natori River, nowNatori CityInside, many small and medium-sized burial mounds were scattered between the two huge burial mounds.

When the country and county are confirmed, most of the Sendai city areaMiyagi-gunTo nowTaihaku WardWith the wholeWakabayashi WardThe southern part belonged to Natori-gun.Wakabayashi WardThe boundary between the two counties extends north from the Hirose and Natori rivers, which are likely to be natural boundaries, and winds, which is considered to be a trace of the old Hirose river channel.

For some time from the end of the 7th century, in the southern part of the cityKoriyama ruinsToMutsu OfKokufuWas placed. Higashi-Taga Shrine and Nishi-Taga Shrine were built on the east and west sides of the Koriyama Site, and the surrounding area is one of the largest in the Tohoku region.Ring moatThere was also[46].. KokufuTurtleNew Year (724)Taga CastleIn the 740s or 750s, in the land of Kinoshita, east of Sendai and north of the Minami Koizumi site.Mutsu Kokubunji TempleとMutsu Kokubun NunneryWas built. At Mutsu-Kokubunji, there was a huge "seven-storied pagoda". The area around KokubunjiMiyagino・ In the wilderness called MiyaginoharaHeian periodToHagiFamous forSong pillowBecame.

When Taga Castle lost its function as a national government office in the middle of the 10th century, the national government office was located at the northeastern end of the Sendai city area.Seven Kitada RiverIt is estimated that it moved to the north bank. Until the Kamakura and Nanbokucho periods, it was called Taga Kokufu. Towns were formed on both sides of the Nanakita River, and now on the north bankTagajo CityIt had spread to a part of.

Medieval to Warring States period

Tohoku region (Ou) Dominated the whole areaOshu Fujiwara Yoritomo GengenWhen destroyed byKamakura PeriodYoritomo's aide to the Tohoku region ofIzawa family view-Kiyoshige KasaiBoth namesOshu SogoIt became a double-headed system of Mr. Kasai and Mr. Izawa. After this, the Izawa family viewTaga CastleBecame the "secretary of the absence office". The Izawa family view is nowRifu TownSettled in Rifu and died after spending 26 years in Rifu. From the childhood of the Izawa family, Mr. IzawaMr. AbsenceWas called. The descendants of the Izawa family have also been appointed to the Mutsu absence position for generations. In this way, Sendai (Tohoku region) during the Kamakura period was placed under the control of Mr. Rusu.

Muromachi PeriodTo become and,Muromachi Shogunate OfJurisdictionHouse·Mr. SanamiIs a clanMr. Osaki Oshu searchThe land of Sendai was also under the control of Mr. Osaki. Mr. Osaki is based in Miyagi prefectureOsakiFurukawa district. It is only during the Muromachi period that Sendai has moved away from the "political center of the Tohoku region" since the Yayoi period.

中 世, Most of the current Sendai city areaMr. KokubunWas under the control of. Mr. Kokubun is based in the current Tagajo City and Iwakiri City, Sendai City.Mr. AbsenceConflict violently. HoweverSengoku periodWhen entering, both of themSengoku DaimyoHas emerged asDateHe often adopted children and made efforts to gain an advantage over the other party, but he was gradually incorporated into the enslavement of the Date clan.

Ohnaga2 years(1522),Date MasamuneGreat-grandfatherDate SectIt is,Muromachi ShogunateShogunYoshiharu AshikagaWas appointed to. The great name of Tanemune had already permeated all over the Tohoku region. Tanemune, who has a lot of children, repeatedly married a leading daimyo in the Tohoku region and built a blood relationship network in Ou. However, due to the political marriage,astronomical11 years(1542)),Legitimate man-Date HarumuneBetweenAstronomy RebellionHas broke out." This turmoil spread throughout the Tohoku region, and became a tumult that divided the Sengoku Daimyo in Tohoku. Astronomy 17 years (1548), "Astronomical Rebellion"Yoshiteru AshikagaIn response to the Japanese recommendation, the day ended with the victory of Harumune Date.

Harumune Date was appointed by the shogun to explore Oshu. Harumune was one of the sons of the Sengoku Daimyo who ruled the area around Rifu Town.Mr. AbsenceThe adopted child of (Absence). Similarly, Harumune made one of his sons the son of Kokubun, the Sengoku Daimyo who ruled the eastern part of Sendai City (Kokubu).

Father of Date MasamuneTeremune DateOriginally, it was where I was originally assigned to Oshu research,Oda NobunagaWas destroyed by the Muromachi Shogunate, so that Teru Shu could not become the Oshu question.Date MasamuneWhen his uncle, Morishige Kokubun, diverted the power from under Masamune, the current Sendai city, which was Mr. Kokubun's territory, was incorporated into the territory of Masamune. In addition, it is the present that Kokubun draws the genealogy of the castle town at the time of the castle ownerKokubun Town.

Date MasamuneHitachi countrySengoku DaimyoYoshitake Satake,andAizuLocal Sengoku DaimyoMr. NanaWin the conflict with them and conquer the southern half of the Tohoku regionOuBecame the champion.Hojo UjimasaMasamune Date, who had an alliance with his parents, was about to conquer the northern Kanto region, but became the successor to Nobunaga Oda.Hideyoshi ToyotomiSubmitted to, Hideyoshi destroys Hojo and others to achieve unity in Japan. Hideyoshi established the territory of Masamune as the origin of his ancestors.FukushimaAnd presentYamagataSouthern and presentMiyagiFrom the southMiyagiWhole and presentIwateI drove to the south and north. Masamune who responded to this was the Ou Sengoku DaimyoKasai-Mr. OsakiInstigateKasai OsakiCause However, this IjiroGamo UjisatoAfter being exposed, Masamune will have to put down Ichimo. Masamune quells Kasai Osaki Ikki and leaves the castle at the order of Hideyoshi.Iwadeyama CastleMoved to. From this time MasamuneTokugawa IeyasuAfter Hideyoshi's death, he cooperated with Ieyasu to take over the world.Battle of SekigaharaAfter Keicho 5 yearsMay 12(January 1601, 1) Masamune is a new residenceSendai CastleWhen the construction of a castle started, a castle town with a population of about 5 was built in Sendai. After that, Masamune 181613),Spanish EmpireToKeicho Eurasian EmbassyWas dispatched as a renowned prince.

Edo Period

TenshoUntil now, the current location of Sendai is "ChiyoWas called. 5th year of KeichoMay 12(September 1601, 1))Date Masamune AobayamaToSendai Castle (Sendai Castle)Started the territory, opened the castle town and named itSen 臺(Sendai)”, the history of Sendai as a city began. Table height 62stone OfSendai DomainIt is,Kaga Domain(102.5 stones),Satsuma DomainNext to (77 stones),Owari DomainIt is a large clan alongside (about 62 stones), and Sendai as a castle town has also developed. Until the Date Masamune came, Sengoku Daimyo,Mr. KokubunThere was a castle.

Visited Sendai on November 1611, 11 (October 8, 16)Sebastian VizcainoReports that the castle town as seen from Sendai Castle is "about the same size as Edo, but the building is more magnificent." After the opening of the city, the castle town repeatedly expanded, and before and after the completion of Wakabayashi Castle, the residence of Masamune Retirement, the town expanded significantly in the southeast direction during the Kanei period. furtherMasaho-KanbunIn the year, in the northeast direction where Toshogu was built,EnpoDuring the year, the town expanded further to the east and north.

Sōmon BetsukaiDue to the introduction of the government system, some population of the towns and temples of Sendai in the Edo era remains as a record, and is summarized in the table below. The population of the samurai who lived in the castle was added to this, but the actual total population of Sendai was the population of the samurai living in the castle is unknown. However, the samurai population of the Sendai clan, including the townspeople, accounts for 22% to 26% of the total population of the Sendai clan (for example, for the total population of Sendai/Ichinoseki clan of 1695 in 8). The number of scholars, groups and craftsmen was 81), and the percentage of samurai was very high. Of these, the total number of Sendai clan vassals, excluding women and children, is approximately 9749, with visa vassals directly reporting to the Date family accounting for approximately 20 to 5916, and the remaining 3 is a vassal of the vassals. Is.

Population of Sendai towns and temples during the Edo period
Kanbun 8 years166827,70218,4939,209Documents owned by the Endo family? (History of Iwate Prefecture)
Enpo 2 years167429,29720,0739,224
3 years168625,05522,5012,554
Genroku 8 years169525,59022,7062,8846312,253Documents from the former collection of Satoru Nakame (History of Miyagi Prefecture)
2 years of Kanpo174226,62320,3746,2498635,386Imaizumi Takasu Bunko
9th year of Meiwa177220,4792,619Sealed climate
Tenmei 6 years178615,61711,6104,0075943,413Imaizumi Takasu Bunko
Kyowa 2 years180217,79813,3024,4966523,840Okuyo concrete number
Bunsei 8 years182518,44413,7494,6957103,985Imaizumi Takasu Bunko
Kaei 5 years185215,408Miscellaneous matters before the Sendai Town Restoration (History of Sendai City)
Meiji 2 Year186922,411Version registration (History of Sendai City)
6th year of Meiji (total number)187351,998Japanese Chorographic Proposal

Described in "Sendai Shimei Genroku"KanbunNew Year (1661The number of vassals under the direct control of the Date clan is 8952, but assuming an average of 1 per household, the samurai population of the vassals under the direct control of the Date clan is 5, and the total population of Sendai at its peak is over 4. Naru (Hiroshi Ogura theory)[47].. This number is cited in many books, but in reality not all of the direct vassals lived in the castle, so it is considered to be a little overestimated.

Kanbun 10 years (1670)の『御知行帳』と寛文年中の仙台城下絵図を比較すると、絵図に氏名が記入されている組士以上の侍の数は3746人中2522人、また城下在住とみられる卒・職人の数は4670人中3359人であり、合計5880人に1戸平均5人を仮定すると、城下在住の武家人口は2万9400人、総人口5万7000人と推定される。城下町の膨張がほぼ終結するEnpoIn the Sendai castle map during the year (around 1680), the number of samurai who are above the group has increased to 3288. It is estimated that the population of samurai living in the castle was close to 4 during the peak period of Enpo, Genroku, and Kyoho, and the total population of Sendai exceeded 6. The samurai population exceeded 6% of the total population of the town, and the area of ​​the samurai land exceeded 7% of the total area of ​​the town, making it the "city of samurai."

From the middle of the 18th century, the population of the Sendai domain began to decline.Meiwa9 years(1772)'S "Kainai Fudoki" mentions the abandoned samurai mansion, andErnst & YoungAccording to the Sendai map during the year (around 1780), the number of mansions of Kumishi and above decreased to 3042, and it seems that the population of the castle was gradually decreasing by the middle of the 18th century.Great Famine of TenmeiThe population declined significantly after that, and it seems that the town of Sendai also temporarily dropped to the 4 level even if the samurai population was added.cultureThroughout the year (around 1810)AnseiAccording to the Seonbu picture map during the year (around 1856), the number of mansions of Kumishi and above was 2325 and 2382, respectively, and it is estimated that the population remained around 19 from the 5th century to the end of the Edo period.

The urban population of Sendai during the Edo period was a prominent metropolis.Sandu(Edo-Osaka-Kyoto) And had a population of 10Nagoya-KanazawaAlthough it is less than the castle town of other large feudal clan (Kagoshima-Hiroshima-和 歌 山-Tokushima) And importantPort town(Sakai-Nagasaki), It was crowded as one of the top ten cities in Japan. However, its population is other castle towns in the Tohoku region (Akita,Hirosaki,Tsuruoka,Yonezawa,Morioka,WakamatsuIt was not an extremely prominent city compared to the scale of 2 to 4 people.

The total area of ​​the castle and castle town is 10.37 km during the Shoho year.2And Nagoya (9.20 km)2) And Kanazawa (7.46 km)2), And was the second largest city in terms of size after the three cities.[48].

From the end of the Edo period to the Meiji Restoration

Sendai DomainFrom the shogunate at the end of the Edo periodEzoEntrusted with the mission of guarding, it has many territories and guards in Hokkaido, and its area occupies almost one-third of Hokkaido.

First year of the Meiji era1868)ofBoshin WarIn the Sendai domainOuetsu Reihan AllianceHe became the leader of the shogunate and supported the former shogunate side (since the shogunate had already been destroyed, a force separate from the former shogunate side). The government agency of the Retsuhan Alliance, "Retsuhan Alliance Public Service"ShiroishiI was struck. Sendai feudal lordKeikuni Date TheEmperor TakaakiRin-no-ji Shrine (later)Kitashirakawanomiya) Was added to the lord of the Confederate Clan Alliance. At this time, the Retsuhan Alliance (alliance government) had a plan to make the Rinnoji Shrine the throne as the "Emperor Tobu" and create the "Sendai Imperial Court". Date YoshikuniConqueror GeneralWas supposed to be. However, due to the defeat, this plan disappeared as a phantom.

When the stone height was reduced to less than half due to the defeat, the lords of the Sendai domain, including Date Ichimon, sent a large number of poor vassals.Ezo(Hokkaido) Decided to move to a group. As a result, a large amount of intellectual class (samurai class) leaked to Hokkaido. Sendai Domain jointly with the new Meiji governmentSapporoIn addition to pioneeringDate CityAnd so on. In this way, the Sendai Domain left a great achievement in the history of pioneering Hokkaido.

Meiji4 years(1871)ofAbandoned DomainIn the Sendai domainSendai prefecture,Kakuda,Tome Prefecture,IsawaDivided into 4 prefectures, nowSendai metropolitan areaSendai prefecture was set up in a similar range. After that, the boundary was changed several times, and in 5, when it became the current scale.MiyagiThe name was changed to Sendai Ward at the same time. Sendai Ward at that time was as large as the current center. In addition, it was the first prefectural ordinance (counselor) who submitted an escalation to change the name of the prefecture to "Miyagi prefecture" derived from the county name instead of "Sendai prefecture" derived from the location of the former Daihan / prefectural office.Ryohashi ShiotaniIt is intended to renew the human mind. Regarding the prefecture name change,The theory that the Meiji government punished the name of the prefecture derived from the feudal clan on the morning enemy side to the name of the county.There is, but this isMiyatake Outer BoneProposed in the Showa era[49],Ryotaro ShibaIs a theory spread by[50]Actually, even on the government and military side, there are cases where the county name is adopted as the prefecture name, so it is beyond the scope of myth. On the other hand, among the original drafts of the Ministry of Finance, which converted the name of the former Daihan to the prefecture name, Miyagi Prefecture andAichiThe names of 18 prefectures have been changed to county names later, and there is an opinion that the Meiji government intends to eliminate the influence of the former feudal clan as much as possible regardless of the government or thief army.[51].

From the Meiji era to the prewar period

By the Meiji governmentCentralizationUnder the system, the establishment of a national branch office was promoted in Sendai as a base city in the Tohoku region. Also,1887(Meiji 20)Old system second high,1907(Meiji 40)Tohoku Imperial UniversityHigher education institutions such as were established.

oldSendai DomainFacilities were requisitioned and diverted by the Meiji government.Sendai CastleIn NinomaruarmySecond divisionWith headquartersinfantrythirdbrigadeHeadquarters, nowSendai International CenterToEngineersecondregimentHeadquarters, nowHeraoka ParkToXNUMXth Infantry RegimentHeadquarters is located,SergeantSecond Regiment(Currently Kameoka Housing),Second Cavalry RegimentSecond Regiment(CurrentToka Junior High School)Besides, the assault course(Sendai Castle Sannomaru), Miyaginohara training ground(CurrentMiyajinohara Park General Sports GroundandSendai Freight Terminal StationYard)And airfield(CurrentNational Hospital Organization Sendai Medical Center),Rifle range(OldPolice school~ Current Dainohara Elementary School), Engineer workshop(CurrentTohoku UniversityAobayama Campus),Tokosha(CurrentWest Park), Invited company(Sendai Castle Honmaru presentMiyagi Sogokoku Shrine)Was placed.

Second divisionIs placed "Military capital", And(Old system) Second Higher SchoolIs placed "GakutoSendai becameAquaculture industryIn the age ofIndustrialInstead, these "seconds" are attachedarmyIt was called the "second city" because the urban economy depended on the consumption activities of schools and schools.[52][Note 13].

1887(Meiji 20) June,Japan RailwayUeno- ShiogamaThe distance (currently the JR Tohoku Main Line) was opened, and the travel between Sendai and Tokyo, which used to take several days before that, was shortened to about half a day.

1889The city system was enforced in (Meiji 22), and Sendai Ward became Sendai City. At that time, the population was 90,231, making it the eighth largest in the country.1923(Taisho 12), the merger with the surrounding towns and villages was carried out for the first time,Nagamachi,Haramachi, Minamikoizumi district was incorporated. Since then, Sendai City has repeatedly merged with neighboring municipalities (→Change of city limits).

The goal of Sendai municipal administration at the beginning of the 20th century is the five major projects[Note 9]It was a city planning project with the contents of, and a conversion from a commercial / military / administrative city to an industrial city.[53].1926(Taisho 15nd year)Sendai tramOpened.

World War II and Sendai Air Raid

Second World WarTerminal1945(20)May 7Mimei, Sendai cityU.S. ForcesbyStrategic bombingReceived.B-29Bomber123 machinesIncendiaryCarpet bombingThe city center was abandoned by this.Zuihoden,Sendai CastleOtemonNational treasure(At that time), and the mansion forest that had been known since the Edo period, which was said to be the “City of Forest”, was destroyed by fire. According to "Sendai is Phoenix" (1995) compiled by Sendai citizens about post-war Sendai air raids, 1,064 people were killed by the air raids. There were 335 people[54][55][56]

Postwar reconstruction and high economic growth

In September after the end of the war, in SendaiShiogamaThe US Army landed there and set up a headquarters in the postal savings building (replaced in December). And isAtsugi AirfieldFrom the headquartersSendai Army ArsenalInstalled in.GHQThe Ninth Corps ceased to use military affairs in July 9 and began to use civil affairs in July 1949, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs was abolished in December. After that, civil affairs were conducted by the Civil Affairs Bureau of GHQ until 7. The Army in Sendai was dismantled and the site of the military facility became a park. Also,Higashi Nibanchodori,Hirose Dori,Aoba-dori,Jozenji DoriThrough the wide roads such as the vertical and horizontal, the foundation as a modern city was built. Many trees were planted on these avenues in hopes of revival of the City of Forest. These trees will later grow into large trees and become a tree-lined road that will become a symbol of the "New City of Forest".

1966 with increasing demand for truck distributionSendai bypassStarted to be used and the wholesale and distribution estates were improved. In 1975Tohoku ExpresswayHas become one of the centers of the Tohoku region for truck distribution and wholesale, and the baseness of the Tohoku region as an economic city has further increased.High economic growthDue to the development of (tertiary industry type) and branch economy, the population will exceed 1967 in 50. On the other hand, traffic congestion became serious, and in 1976Sendai tramWas abolished.

Miyagiken-oki Earthquake

1978(53)May 6In the evening, off the coast of Miyagi prefecture(I.e.A large-scale earthquake occurred in Sendai City(I.e.5 was recorded. CollapsedBlock fence28 people were killed due to being laid underneath, and 4,385 homes were completely destroyed in Sendai City (equivalent to the current city area),Electrical,gas,WaterAlso stopped for up to a week.

The Miyagiken-oki Earthquake completely revised the building standards throughout Japan. This building standard is 17 years laterGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeWill continue until.

Development of high-speed transportation network

1980(Showa 55),Tohoku Expressway Saitama OfUrawa interchangeStretched to.1982(Showa 57)Tohoku Shinkansen Omiya Station - Morioka StationOpened in between. With these, with Sendai cityCapital AreaAnd moving to and from the Tohoku region has become dramatically easier. Around this timeSendai StationWas born at the west exit of Sendai StationPedestrian deckWas also born.

Bubble economy and transition to ordinance-designated cities

1984 years,MaintenanceSystemToru IshiiBecame the new mayor,Sendai Aoba FestivalWas reopened in 1985. Also,"SENDAI Light PageantAlso started in the same year.

1987 years,NHK taiga drama"Solitary Dragon MasamuneWill be broadcast. This work recorded "the highest viewer rating in the history of NHK Taiga drama", and a large number of tourists rushed to Sendai,Sendai TanabataExisting festivals and events, such as, will also record the highest number of visitors. This year'87 Future Tohoku ExpoIs also held,Subway Namboku LineIn Sendai the night before the transition to a government-designated cityBubble economyHas begun.

In 1988, Sendai City became Izumi City, andMiyagi Town,Akiu TownAnd the 1989th in 11Government-designated cityBecame.Bubble economyThere is also a boost ofNational Mayors' AssociationUnder the leadership of Chairman Ishii, he began building large-scale events by constructing numerous cultural facilities. In 1989, "Green Fair Sendai"Izumi Chuo Fukutoshin OfShichikitada ParkIt was held in. However, in 1993, Ishii was the governor of Miyagi prefecture.Shuntaro Hommaと と も にGeneral contract corruption caseArrested in Sendai, the bubble in Sendai has come to an end.

Rise of citizens

While the development administration during the bubble period, in 1985, "SENDAI Light Pageant, In 1991Jozenji Street Jazz Festival in SendaiBegan with the hands of citizen volunteers. In 1994, the professional soccer club "Blamel Sendai" (laterVegalta Sendai) Is born. In 1997, it was a home stadium in Izumi-ku, Sendai.Sendai StadiumWas built.

"Michinoku YOSAKOI Festival" from 1998, "Date Rock" from 2000, "Jazz Promenade" and "Special Music Festival" from 2001, etc. It has transformed into a city where many "free outdoor events" are held.

Expansion of Sendai Economic Zone

Sendai is in the midst of the reorganization of land transportation in the Tohoku region that began around 2000.retailAs a center, it has changed to attract shoppers from all over the Tohoku region.

In 2004, the professional baseball team "Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesIs born. While exchanges began with cities with other professional baseball teams, the ability to attract customers from the entire Tohoku region also increased. In 2005, the professional basketball "Sendai 89ERSWas also established.

Great East Japan Earthquake

1978 years after the 33 Miyagiken-oki earthquake,2011May 3Occurred at 14:46Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) Caused great damage from the earthquake and tsunami.

The city of Sendai was hit by strong shaking with a seismic intensity of 6 lower and 6 higher.Government-designated cityIt was in 6 that we observed shaking with a seismic intensity of 2005 lower or higher.West off Fukuoka earthquakeでFukuoka CityThis is the first time since we observed a seismic intensity of 6 lower.

In addition, a big tsunami rushed inMiyagino Ward-Wakabayashi WardMany houses collapsed and were washed away, and more than 50 of the 10 houses in the city were completely destroyed. The death toll in Sendai has reached about 850.[57].. In addition, the hinterland of Sendai Port, which was being developed as a new base for logistics and commerce during this period, was also severely damaged.

Earthquake reconstruction plan

In areas affected by the tsunami after the earthquake, the city is taking the initiative in adopting the Reconstruction Special Zones system, and there are plans to cultivate new regional industries for the next 10 years for reconstruction, as well as by private companies. Multiple plans are made.

Chronological Table

Chronology of the municipal era

History of administrative districts

North side including the current central part of Sendai (north side of the upper and middle reaches of the Hirose River,Seven Kitada RiverThe basin, etc.) originally belonged to Miyagi-gun, and the south side (south side of the middle Hirose River basin and the Natori River basin, etc.) originally belonged to Natori-gun.[58].




yuanTohoku BroadcastingAnnouncer, exMember of the House of Representatives.Democratic Party-Social Democratic PartySupport,Communist party-Liberal partyI was elected with the support of.
  • vice-mayor
    • Shinetsu Takahashi (April 2018, 4-, Former Water Supply Business Manager)
    • Akira Fujimoto (April 2012, 4-, Former Director of General Affairs Planning Bureau)
    • 1 vacancy
Successive mayors

In 1946Public electionBefore the election of the mayor by the government was started, as an expert in metropolis administration orCentral government agencyGovernor and secretary-level big names to secure a voice forOfficialIt was customary to have a graduate as the mayor[59].After the warOf the seven mayors of, two of themSendai City HallOne fromLawyerThat is, a person who does not have a work history in the center.

periodNameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
1-2 Endo Yoji1889(22th year of Meiji)May 51898(31th year of Meiji)May 3
3Yoshiaki Satomi1898(31th year of Meiji)May 41903(36th year of Meiji)May 3
4Tomohiro Hayakawa1903(36th year of Meiji)May 41907(40th year of Meiji)May 7
5Tadayoshi Wada1907(40th year of Meiji)May 71910(43th year of Meiji)May 7
6Endo Yoji1910(43th year of Meiji)May 121914(Taisho 3)May 11
7Reiichi Yamada1915(Taisho 4)May 51919(Taisho 8)May 5
8-9 Takesaburo Kamata1919(Taisho 8)May 71927(Showa 2)May 7
10Ryunosuke Yamaguchi1927(Showa 2)May 81930(Showa 5)May 6
11-13 Tokusaburo Shibuya1930(Showa 5)May 81942(17)May 8
14Takeshi Imamura1942(17)May 91946(21)May 5
15-18 Eimatsu Okazaki1946(21)May 61957(32)May 12
19-25 Takeshi Shimano1958(33)May 21984(59)May 11△
26-28 Toru Ishii1984(59)May 121993(5)May 7
29-31 Reira Fujii1993(5)May 82005(17)May 8
32Umehara Katsuhiko2005(17)May 82009(21)May 8
33-34 Emiko Okuyama2009(21)May 82017(29)May 8
35Kazuko Gun2017(29)May 8(Current position)

△ died during employment


  • Initial budget scale (FY2017)
    General account: Approximately 5476 billion yen
    Special account: Approximately 3213 billion yen
    Corporate accounting: Approximately 2420 billion yen
    Total: Approximately 1 billion yen

Major municipal businesses

BothTreasurer handling financial institution TheXNUMX Bank.

As a "public business" in Sendai City,gas-Water(Water supply)・Sewer-bus-subway-hospitalIt is composed of 6Public enterpriseAs for, the above-mentioned 3 businesses are engaged in 4 businesses, and the hospital business (Sendai City Hospital) And the sewerage business (Sendai City Construction Bureau Sewerage Management Department) are not in the form of public enterprises.


  • Administrative Appeal LawViolation Case-August 2013, 8,WelfareFor the citizens who submitted the examination request documents, the staff refused to receive the documents for 2 hours, contrary to the provisions of the "Administrative Appeal Act".LawyerPersuaded by, an illegal incident occurred due to a reluctantly received border prevention operation. laterMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareAs a result, a notification was issued to each local government so that similar cases would not occur.[60].
Citizen surveillance

1991In October 3, the "Sendai City Information Disclosure Ordinance" was enforced, which is based on the disclosure of official documents and the provision of municipal administration information.

1993(5)General contract corruption caseThen, Mayor Ishii at that timeBriberyWas convicted by. With this as a starting point, Sendai City was the first to be born nationwide. But,2004(16)Tohoku Bunka Gakuen UniversityUnauthorized receipt of subsidies事件The deputy mayor resigned.


City council

  • Constant number: 55 people
  • Term: May 2019th, 8 (Reiwa 28st year) to May 2023 (5th year of Reiwa) May 8th
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsFactionMember name (◎ is representative)
LDP22LDP◎ Norio Saito, Keiichi Hashimoto, Kaoru Atobe, Kazuhiko Kato, Takayoshi Kikuchi, Yoshio Matsumoto, Masakazu Sugawara, Shin Sasaki, Takusei Takahashi, Hiroshi Watanabe, Tsuguhiko Akama, Masaaki Sato, Yuji Suzuki, Hirofumi Nishizawa, Yuzuru Noda, Tomoharu Shoji, Tsuneji Okabe, Takako Muraoka, Shuhei Chiba, Ryosuke Naito, Masaru Tamura, Takahiro Inomata
Komeito Sendai City Council9Komeito◎ Takashi Shimanaka, Hiroyasu Suzuki, Shiroyuki Kamada, Toshihiro Onodera, Kumiko Odashima, Kazuko Sato, Mayumi Sasaki, Yukio Sato, Eio Takenaka
Democratic Forum Sendai9Constitutional Democratic Party-National Democratic Party◎ Kazuhiko Murakami, Wakako Sato, Takanobu Watanabe, Shinya Numazawa, Takashi Hosono, Sumie Suzuki, Shotaro Goko, Kenji Sadamune, Jun Yamashita
Japanese Communist Party Sendai City Council6Japan Communist Party◎ Sadako Saga, Kazuko Furukubo, Naoko Sedge, Akari Shoji, Noriko Takami, Naoya Takamura
Social Democratic Party Sendai City Council5Social Democrats◎ Ryuichi Tsuji, Kenji Ishikawa, Noriko Higuchi, Yumi Inomata, Yuro Koyama
Aoun no Kai5Independent◎ Masahiro Yasuko, Takeshi Onodera, Kenichi Kato
For the citizens and the future1Independent◎ Yuta Ito

* As of September 2019, 9. 2 vacancies

Miyagi Prefectural Assembly

  • Constant number: 24 people
  • Term: May 2019th, 11 (Reiwa 13st year) to May 2023 (5th year of Reiwa) May 11th
ConstituencyNameParliamentary nameRemarks
Aoba-ku (7)Yuki YusamiVoices of Miyagi residentsBelonging partyConstitutional Democratic Party
Nobuyuki EndoKomeitoPrefectural assembly
Takamasa FukuiLDP・Citizens' meeting
Susumu SugamaIndependent societyIndependentMember
Hiroyasu Yoshikawa21st century clubIndependent member
Motoi KanedaJapan Communist PartyMiyagi Prefectural Assembly
Yukio NakazawaLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly
Miyagino Ward (4)Kojiro IshikawaLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly
Kenichi ShokoKomeito Prefectural Assembly
Mari OuchiJapanese Communist Party Miyagi Prefectural Assembly
Yasuko SakashitaVoices of Miyagi residentsAffiliation is independent
Wakabayashi Ward (3)Katsuyuki WatanabeLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly
Nanami MiuraVoices of Miyagi residentsMembership is a constitutional Democratic Party
Fukushima KazueJapanese Communist Party Miyagi Prefectural Assembly
Taihaku Ward (5)Koji SasakiLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly
Kiyomi KishidaSocial Democratic PartyPrefectural assembly
Taku WatanabeLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly
Noboru YokoyamaKomeito Prefectural Assembly
Kazuya IshidaVoices of Miyagi residentsAffiliation is independent
Izumi ku (5)Kimiko ObataVoices of Miyagi residentsMembership is a constitutional Democratic Party
Hayato EndoLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly
Hiroko TonozakiLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly
Kazuhiro ItoKomeito Prefectural Assembly
Keisuke ShodaLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly

*As of October 2017, 11.

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Miyagi 1rd district(Aoba-ku,Akiu General Branch Officeexcept forTaihaku Ward)Toi DoiLDP4Constituency
Akiko OkamotoConstitutional Democratic Party1Proportional revival
Miyagi 2rd district(Miyagino Ward,Wakabayashi Ward,Izumi ku)Kenya AkibaLDP6Constituency
Miyagi 3rd district
(Akiu General Branch Office in Taihaku Ward,Natori City-Kawasaki Town(Miyagi prefecture area city and town south)
Akihiro NishimuraLDP5Constituency

Statistical data

Current market
  • Total Population-1,089,331 (July 2019, 7)
  • Number of households --- 519,331 households (July 2019, 7)
  • Young (under 15) population rate -13.7% (2005)
  • Elderly (65 years old and over) population rate -15.8% (2005)
  • Daytime population -1,090,162 (2000)
  • Labor force population -509,211 (2000)
  • Primary industryNumber of employees-5,612 (2000)
  • Secondary industryNumber of employees-82,744 (2000)
  • Tertiary industryNumber of employees-471,273 (2000)
  • Agricultural output-97,40 million yen (2004)
  • Shipment value of manufactured products, etc. --771,325 million yen (2004)
  • Commercial annual product sales ―― 7,836,820 million yen (2003)
  1. Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Municipalities in Statistics 2007" 2007

National agency

Cabinet Office
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Ministry of Agriculture
  • Tohoku Agricultural Administration Bureau
    • Planning and Coordination Office General Affairs Department Consumption / Safety Department Production Department Management / Business Support Department Rural Planning Department Maintenance Department --1-1-XNUMX, Honcho, Aoba-ku
    • General Affairs Department (Inspection Section) Consumption and Safety Department (Business Section) Production Department (Business Management Section) Statistics Department --22-1-XNUMX, Shinden, Miyagino-ku Miyagino Government Building
    • Land Improvement Technology Office --14-1-XNUMX Saiwaicho, Miyagino-ku
    • Sendai Higashi Land Improvement Construction Office ―― 3-20-2 Gorin, Miyagino-ku Sendai 4nd Legal Joint Government Building XNUMXth floor
  • Forestry AgencyTohoku Forest Management Bureau Sendai Forestry Agency --1-15-1 Toshogu, Aoba-ku
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
  • Tohoku Health and Welfare Bureau --1-20-XNUMX Kakyoin, Aoba-ku
  • Miyagi Labor Bureau --1 Teppomachi, Miyagino-ku
    • SendaiLabor Standards Inspection Office --Sendai 1th Joint Government Building, 4 Teppomachi, Miyagino-ku
    • SendaiPublic Employment Security Office --4-2-3 Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku Sendai MT Building 3-5F
    • Mothers Hello Work Aoba --2-11-1 Central, Aoba-ku Ortas Sendai Building 4F
    • Hello Work Plaza Aoba --2-11-1 Central, Aoba-ku Ortas Sendai Building 4F
    • Hello Work Plaza Izumi- Izumi kuIzumichuo 1-7-1 Subway Izumichuo Station Building 4F
    • Miyagi Career Up Hello Work --Excellent Square Sendai 1F, 6-30-2 Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku
    • Manufacturing Work Plaza Miyagi --Excellent Square Sendai 1F, 6-30-2 Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku
    • Sendai New Graduate Support Hello Work --Sendai Mark One 1F, 2-3-12 Central, Aoba-ku
Ministry of Defense

裁判 所

Authorized corporation

Special corporation

  • Japan Pension Service
    • Sendai Wide Area Office Center --4-6-1 Central, Aoba Ward
    • Sendai Pension Office --4-3-21 Miyamachi, Aoba-ku
    • Sendai Higashi Pension Office --3-4-1 Miyagino, Miyagino-ku
    • Sendai Minami Pension Office ―― 1-3-1, Nagamachi Minami, Taihaku-ku

Independent administrative agency


public facility

In addition to those set up and operated by the city, some cultural institutions and public facilities in Sendai are established and operated by the city's affiliated organizations and the private sector (electric power halls, etc.).

Sendai City Museum,Sendai ObservatorySuch asSocial educationInstitutions have been charged to maintain their social education activities and facilities, but since 2002Sendai metropolitan area"" Issued for elementary and junior high school studentsPassport everywhereIf you use, only elementary and junior high school students can use it free of charge. (Some facilitiesSaturday,Sunday,Days Off,spring vacation,Summer Vacation,Fall break,Winter vacationThere are facilities that can only be used)

Public hall"Citizen's Center" is set up in each ward as a facility with the function of.


Emergency designated hospital-Disaster base hospitalOnly listed.

Miyagino Ward
Wakabayashi Ward
Taihaku Ward
Izumi ku

Foreign relations

Sister city/affiliated city

Sister cities in Japan and outside Japan are listed in the order of conclusion. Sendai City will introduce each city in partnership with sister cities outside JapanWrapping busIs operating.

Urban diplomacy

As for urban diplomacyTokyoWorld metropolis diplomacy and "Asian Network of Major Cities 21Is famous, but in the case of Sendai City, the population is about 1000 million.Tohoku region, With a population of about 570 millionSouth TohokuAs a base city of, the population is closeNordic countriesPromoting urban diplomacy with the Nordic countries:スウェーデン900 people,デンマーク540 people,フィンランド520 people,ノルウェー469 million people, etc.). Especially with Finland, through the mediation of Sendai CityTohoku Fukushi UniversitySendai welfare facilitiesFinnish Health and Welfare CenterIt was opened within the company and has produced results. However, since it is an urban diplomacy limited to the R & D and industrial fields, its impact on the economy as a whole is weak, and it is expected to have a small economic effect, far from the example of Tokyo, which has realized active exchange of people in terms of tourism. Not done. In addition, except in ScandinaviaHasekuraRelated to Miyagi prefectureRome,Seville, Soccer in SendaiイタリアAs the representative opened a camp, with Sendai CityイタリアThere is a deep exchange between them.

Facilities in an international sister city named "Sendai"
Countrysister cityName of facilityYear of installation
cityYear of tie-upLocal language (LatinTranscription)JapaneseFree translation
French flag FranceRennesCity1967Buddha: Square de Sendaï[62]SendaiBlock1978
Belarusian flag ãƒ™ ラ ル ー シMinskCity1973white: Сэндай ск max[63]
(Sendajski skver)
Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuChangchun1980中: Sendai Main Street[63]
(xiān tái dà jiē)
Sendai Boulevard2000
Republic of Korea flag  South KoreaGwangju2002Morning: 센다 이로[63]
Sendai Street2004


International sister city
International Friendship City
City with Industrial Promotion Agreement
City that has signed an exchange promotion agreement


sister city

International organization

The ranking of the number of registered foreigners in Japan by nationality is 1st: South Korea(30.8%), 2nd place:Chugoku(24.7%), 3nd place:Brazil(14.5%), 4nd place:フィリピン(10.1%), 5nd place:ペルー(2.8%), 6nd place:米 国The order is (2.5%).

Sendai CityEast JapanAs with other big cities, there are more Chinese (West JapanMost of the big cities are of Korean descent), and because of the lack of industry, they are from South America.NikkeiThere are few. However, it is adjacentYamato TownBecause there is an industrial park in Taiwa TownTomiya CityToNikkeiThere are a few. In addition, Sendai cityロシアThe ratio of peopleSapporoNext to the largest number, there are also many real numbers. Generally facing the Sea of ​​JapanFishing port-There are many Russians in Hokkaido and cities in the Hokuriku region where there are trading ports, but it is characteristic that there are many Russians in Sendai, which has only a fishing port for coastal fishing.

Miyagi Prefecture(Kitakami RiverIn the basin)Orthodox churchIs one of the organizationsJapanese Orthodox Church Of(I.e.It is one of the three major bases in Japan (Sendai, Tokyo, Kyoto).

In addition,Tohoku Universityだ け でStudy abroadIt accepts more than 1200 students (not including the families of international students) and accounts for more than 10% of the number of registered foreigners in Sendai (2005). Tohoku University is mainlyAsiaWe are focusing on accepting international students fromLu XunWas studying abroad at the university in 1998President of the People's Republic of ChinaMetJiang peopleThe more you visitChugokuBecause it is famous in the country, the number of international students from China is particularly large (466), followed by South KoreaThere are many international students from (190 students). Also oldImperial UniversityFrom the connection ofTaiwanThere are also many international students from (45 students).WesternInternational students fromThe United States of America(24 people)スウェーデン(13 people) is ranked 1st and 2nd, but it is the world's number one research institute for metal materials.Institute for Materials ResearchAndInstitute of Fluid ScienceInter-university exchanges are active because there are leading research institutes and courses.

Number of registered foreigners

: Total 10,284 people (end of December 15) Breakdown: (Unit: people)


Consulate General
Honorary Consulate-General
Honorary Consulate
Foreign government affiliated organizations, foreign private organizations, etc.
  • Italian flag イタリアTrade Promotion Association Sendai Office
  • French flag Sendai Japan-France Association Alliance Francaise
  • Republic of China flag MiyagiOverseasGeneral Assembly (Miyagi Overseas Chinese Hall)


2007The city's gross domestic product is 4 billion yen, accounting for 2784% of Miyagi prefecture.[64].GDPCompared to (GDP), Sendai is ranked in the top 80 in the world, and its economy is larger than the majority of the world.

Edo PeriodIt was the largest city in the Tohoku region and had one of the top ten populations in Japan.DateIt is based on the clan's economy of 62 stones, and considering the economic exchange with the outside of the clan,SakataIt is believed that there was capital accumulation in the port cities such as.

Meiji EraThen, Sendai developed as a base city in the Tohoku region under the centralized system of the Meiji government. After the war, especially in 1982Tohoku ShinkansenDevelopment after opening and in 1989 (Heisei XNUMX)Government-designated cityThere was something remarkable before and after the conversion.

The main industry is "the entire Tohoku region is a commercial area.WholesaleKarma ",Sendai metropolitan areaAroundSouth TohokuExpanding the trade area as a wholeretail"Industry" and "service industry" are the core. Among them, "wholesale / retail" accounts for nearly 40% of the annual sales of the six prefectures of Tohoku in Sendai alone. In addition, since it also plays a role as an information distribution center in the Tohoku region, many information-related industries such as "publishing / printing industry" and "IT-related industry" are located.

Sendai City is strongly supported by the existence of branches of large companies, and the industry is not developing, so among the economic people, "Branch economy cityIt is called "branch city". For this reason, fostering local industries has become an issue.

Primary industry

As in other big cities, both total production and employees account for all industriesPrimary industryThe ratio is small (the number of farmers in the city is about 5000). But,RiceIs Sendai's main agricultural product, andSasanishiki,HitomeboreRice farms in the plains, which produce branded rice such as, have been protected from urbanization pressure. Land improvement projects are being carried out in the plains and flatlands along rivers in the eastern part of the city, large rectangular fields have been developed, and large-scale rice cultivation is being carried out using large agricultural machines. Since these large-scale fields are maintained with some taxes, the conversion to commercial or residential areas is regulated by ordinance.

  • Google Maps If you look at the satellite image of, you can see that the development of farmland in the eastern part of Sendai City and especially along the Nanakita River is regulated, and you can see the difference in agricultural policy from other big cities. That is, while other large cities are concentric if they are on flat land, and most of the flat land is urbanized if they are in valleys, the Sendai metropolitan area is subject to agricultural land development restrictions except along main roads and conventional lines. There is.

In this way, the flat land along the river and the vast plains in the eastern part cannot be used for commercial areas or residential areas unless the designation of farmland is canceled. Therefore, housing supply to cope with population growth is exclusively in the central part of Sendai city. It was made by creating a residential area in the surrounding hills. Residential land development proceeded mainly in the northwestern part near the city center, but due to the shortage of supply, it encouraged Sendai citizens to move to neighboring cities and towns.Natori City-Tomiya City-Rifu TownContributed to population growth.

Sendai city officials have politically protected farmland in the plains. Due to the political judgment, paddy fields remain in the plains and along the river, and in the summer it becomes a path for the wind.Heat island phenomenonIt also contributes to the maintenance of the landscape as a green belt that surrounds the city center along with the western mountains.

On the other hand, Sendai City's farmland policy promoted the urban structure of "agricultural land on flat land and residential area on hills, except in the city center." Therefore, each residential area is a hilly area.Island-like distributionHowever, because there are many slopes between the city center and residential areas, the car society has been accelerated, and the population density is low, forming an inefficient metropolitan area where work and residence are separated for the population. Currently, the inefficiency has not disappeared, but the de-designation of farmland is gradually progressing, and the flat land between "islands" is becoming commercial and residential areas.

Secondary industry

The industrial area is mainly distributed in the eastern part of Sendai city. The main industries are "petrochemical industry", followed by "printing / publishing industry", "electric machinery / equipment industry", "food processing industry", etc.Second World WarInfuelFor shortages, at Mt. Yagi, Mt. Dainenji, etc. near the center of the cityligniteExcavation was actively carried out.

Tertiary industry

Of the industries in Sendai, 8% of the total production value and 7% of the number of employees. By industry, the growth of the "service industry" is remarkable.

Sendai CitySouth TohokuIt is the center of the product sales and service industries in Japan.IchibanchoとSendai StationGreat ability to attract customers in the two central commercial areas around and the suburbsRoadside shopDue to the crowded area of ​​SendairetailThe commercial area goes beyond the areas of cities, towns and villages around Sendai City.YamagataMurayama region,FukushimaNakadoriNorthernHamadoriNorthern andIwateKitakami RiverIt extends to the southern part of the basin.

Outside the central commercial areaSendai StationFrom the east exitRakuten Life Park MiyagiLeading toMiyagino StreetAroundSendai Station East ExitAndIzumi Chuo-NagamachiAccumulation is also seen in the subcenter of.

Major companies

Companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

Jasdaq listed company

Other companies headquartered in Sendai

DelistedIncluding companies that became

Financial institution

CurrentAoba-doriAt the eastern end ofSendai StationWas installed (1887),Basho Tsuji(The central commercial area of ​​Sendai during the Edo period.Kokubuncho=Oshu Kaido,andOmachi=Sendai CastleOda GateThe intersection of the road that continues from the front)Bank of JapanWith the establishment of the Sendai branch (1941), financial institutions were concentrated in the area between these two points. The current financial district of Sendai City is from the west exit of Sendai Station along Aoba-dori.Evening MidoriIt is also located along Kokubuncho-dori (north-south axis), which intersects along the way, centering on the area (east-west axis).

Sendai city centerIsIchibanchoThere are two poles around the west exit of Sendai Station, but traditionally, Ichibancho has strong local shops, and the station front has strong capital outside the prefecture (mainly Tokyo). There is a tendency similar to the composition of the financial district, from the front of Sendai station along Aoba-dori.Higashi NibanchodoriIn the part up to the intersectionCity bankAnd influentialLocal bankMain branch offices are concentrated, and other regional banks and other regional banks are located along Aoba-dori, which is closer to Ichibancho in the west.Second regional bankMain branch offices are centrally located. It also has a bank based in West Tohoku.Financial holding company-Fidea HoldingsThe head office is located in Sendai City.

In Sendai2006(18)May 2ToLawson(Lawson ATM →Lawson Bank),2006(18)May 3ToSeven-ElevenとIto-YokadoSendai Izumi store (currently Ito-YokadoArio Sendai Izumishop,Seven Bank),2006(18)May 3ToFamilyMartとMINI STOP(E-net.. Ministop laterAEON BankReplaced with.FamilyMart is a partJapan Post BankIntroduced ATM),Circle Kandthanks(BankTime..Later, it was introduced at some FamilyMart stores,Japan Post BankTo ATM),Convenience store ATMWas installed. Convenience store ATMs in Sendai City will be introduced in all ordinance-designated cities.

A financial institution with a head office in Sendai city

The number in parentheses is the number of stores in Sendai City (FY2016.Branch in branchIn the case of implementation, the number of bases with actual contact points)

XNUMX Bank Designated financial institutionとLocal public enterpriseTreasurer handling financial institution,Sendai Bank-Sendai Agricultural Cooperative Designated proxy financial institutionIt has been.

A financial institution with a branch office in Sendai city

The first store in Sendai City is located in the financial district mentioned above. From the second store onward, the Miyagino district (Oroshimachi, Miyagino, Haramachi, Minamikoizumi, etc.) including Oroshimachi, where wholesale and distribution companies are concentrated, and the surrounding commercial areas, prefectural offices, city halls, and national branch offices are concentrated. According to the customer base of each financial institution, such as the Futsukamachi district of the government office district, Izumichuo and Nagamachi (Tomizawa / Izumizaki), which are the subcenters of Sendai.DowntownAnd stores in suburban residential areas.Below, the number of branch stores and the location of the head office are added.Manned branch offices are marked with +(The array isUnified financial institution codeorder).. However, stores that are not account stores are not included, except for special cases such as loan specialty bases and consultation bases for small and medium-sized enterprises (Japan Post Bank, which does not have an account store concept, indicates the number of directly managed stores).


Mass media

TV station

TV station and TV / radio side business

Including NHKTV stationThere are 5 stations, of which 2 are radio stations.Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.There are no affiliated stations, and the programs produced by TV Tokyo areProgram salesIt is broadcast in the format on four commercial broadcasters in Sendai. In addition, there is no local network station limited to Tohoku (Block netThere are many programs to do).

The TV channel shown isDigital terrestrial broadcasting OfRemote control key ID

Cable TV

There are two cable TV stations as follows. Technically, both the master station and relay station of TV TOKYO are covered by other stations and channels, and reception around Sendai city is extremely difficult, so neither TV TOKYO system is retransmitted.

FM radio station

* In addition to the above, NHK Sendai Broadcasting Station is at 82.5MHzFM broadcast, AM station TBC radio (Tohoku Broadcasting) has the same content as AM broadcasting at 93.5MHzSimul broadcastingIt is carried out.

Community FM station (cFM)

Newspaper company


free paper

  • Pado Sendai version (31 copies) (biweekly. Kanto, Kansai, Sendai, Hiroshima, Okayama, Shizuoka, Hamamatsu editions)
  • Hot pepper Sendai version (Recruit) Couponmagazine)
  • Housing Information Towns Borrow / buy ("buy" is2007(19)May 1First published in)
  • Living Sendai (24 copies) (Weekly. For housewives. 58 areas of major trade areas nationwide)


SendaiHigher educationorgan(University,Junior college,College of technologyEtc.), and the ratio of students to the population is more than 85,000.Government-designated cityAnd so onKyoto City,Fukuoka City,Tokyo 23 WardIt is the fourth highest after, and the administration of Sendai City and the local mass media are "Gakuto Sendai"Self-proclaimed. In addition, the ratio of graduate students to the population is the second highest after Kyoto City, and nearly 2 teachers from higher education institutions live in it, making it one of the important cities supporting Japanese academics. But,Tohoku UniversityIn, the local occupancy rate among the enrollees (the ratio of people from the Tohoku region at Tohoku University) is otherFormer Imperial UniversityMost of the graduates are from other regions (especially) because they are lower than those in Japan and there are not enough employment opportunities in Sendai City and the Tohoku region.Capital Area),Brain drainIs intense. Moreover, in Sendai City, where the industrial base is thin, research results are also leaked to other regions, and there are very few cases of local industrialization. In recent years, industry-academia-government collaboration has been carried out to curb the outflow of human resources and research results.venture capitalWas founded, but has not yet grown into a big business. on the other hand,Tohoku Gakuin University,Miyagi Gakuin Women's UniversityWithin the prefecture represented byprivate universityMost of the enrollees inTohoku regionMany of them are graduates and wish to find employment in Sendai even after graduation, supporting local industries in a wide range of fields.

But,Special schoolAs for, the number of enrollees is increasing in inverse proportion to the declining birthrate (Special support classincludingSpecial support educationThis is also due to the fact that the scope of coverage has expanded legally), and the number of special needs schools that mainly target intellectual disabilities is in the city of prefectural schools.Miyagi Prefectural Komei Support SchoolThere is only one school, and if you leave the school district, you are forced to go to a special needs school located outside Sendai city.[Note 16].



Sendai Airport

Domestic flights
Sapporo/New Chitose,Tokyo/Narita,Nagoya/Chubu,(I.e.,Osaka/Itami,Osaka/Kansai,Kobe,Hiroshima,Izumo,Fukuoka,Okinawa/Naha
International flights

  • Kasume Airfield
    Wakabayashi WardAn airfield located in the haze. Located in the Ground Self-Defense Force's garrison,heliportIs attached. There are no regular flights operated by civilian aircraft.


Passenger routes

Sendai StationThere are lines radiating around.

East Japan Railway(JR East)
  • Sendai Station

Of the aboveSengoku Tohoku LineStops at Sendai Station, Higashi-Sendai Station, and Iwakiri Station.

Sendai Subway

Freight line

The following are freight routes.

Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)
  • Tohoku Main Line Miyagino Freight Branch Line
Sendai coastal railway


Transit Bus

The bus route isSendai StationandSendai City Subway Namboku LineThere are many systems heading to the designated transfer station. In recent years, in front of the station on the conventional linerotaryThere is also a tendency to establish a new line and promote transfer to conventional lines. The following bus operators are available as buses that run in Sendai City (including direct flights outside the city).

Sendai City Transportation Bureau(Sendai City Bus)
Miyagi Transportation
Aiko sightseeing bus
Yamagoshi bus
  • In Miyagi prefecture, only Aoba Ward is the business area, and the limited express bus that goes through Route 48 (Shinjo line) Operates. It is treated as a general route bus that competes with the city bus Sakunami Onsen line from the background of route formulation. You can also use Sakunami Onsen from Sendai Station, and there is also a Yamako Bus stop in the Sakunami Onsen area.
Takeya Transportation

In both cases, the boarding method is a post-ride, pre-get-off, and post-payment method, and the fare is a section system using a numbered ticket.

At Sendai City Transportation Bureau and Miyagi Transportation,Bus location system(Where Bus Sendai) Was introduced,icsca-Suica-PASMOUntil September 2017, the same fare was set for parallel routes (after October of the same year, Miyagi Transportation is cheaper only for the 9 yen section of the city bus for the first time, and Sendai City for other sections. The Transportation Bureau is cheaper).

In the past, there was a system in which the bus (subway) fare was deducted by 40 yen as a transfer discount when transferring between buses and subways at a specific station. Currently, it is inherited by icsca's transfer 30-point system.

Omnibus townReceived the designation, the city center bus uniform section120 yen pack(Until March 2018, 9100 yen pack) Is set.

In the past, I used to run a one-coin circulation bus (Carbus-kun) on a trial basis, but it didn't last long because it was difficult to operate on time due to traffic congestion. However, as a result of setting a uniform section on a regular bus for 100 yen on a trial basis, it continued as it was because of its popularity.

In addition, the following businesses will also enter the city.

  • Tagajo Seibu Line[65]
  • With Iwakiri StationRifu TownOperates a line connecting the inside.

Express Bus/Express Bus

Sendai StationHighway bus stopMiyagi Transportation,East Nippon Express Hirose Dori,JR Bus TohokuIs located at the east exit of Sendai Station (except for some).


In Sendai City and its neighboring municipalities,Sendai metropolitan area ring car exclusive road(Gurutto Sendai) is well maintained, and high-standard roads spread around the ring road. On general roads3 annular 12 radial linesRoad maintenance is being promoted based on this.

Sendai city centerIn, roads are maintained almost like a grid, but road nicknames and historical common names are commonly used for most of the roads. Tsuji signs and street signs are installed on the roads that utilize historical town names.


Sendai Port


Famous places and scenic spots


Park/green space

Sendai City is focusing on urban greening and green parks and forest parks. In 11, we formulated the "1-year forest-making action plan" that stipulates specific measures for future greening through the collaboration of citizens, businesses, and the government, and created the "green corridor" in the city area. Citizens plant trees with the goal of 1 trees a year by planting trees to commemorate milestones in life such as marriage and new construction. "Citizens make 100 million forests, school forests, and greening of buildings. "Subsidy", greening enlightenment site for elementary school students "Kids XNUMX Years ForestWe are implementing measures such as. The paddy fields surrounding the city center, the riverbed of the Hirose River, and small mountains are considered to be green belts, and development is regulated by ordinance. We also provide subsidies to hedges. There is also an aspect of taking measures against earthquakes by reducing block walls. This is based on the reflection that the block wall collapsed during the 1978 Miyagiken-oki earthquake and became the underlay of the block wall, causing many casualties.


Many restaurants have appeared in tourism PR, and they play a role in forming culture.From these materials, we can see that the food culture is well developed. http://wwwtb.mlit.go.jp/tohoku/ks/ks-sub05/28-2-10.pdf

In Sendai citylive house,ク ラ ブExists, amateur bands andIndiesIs active. There are also semi-professional bands from other regions that are based in Sendai and are active in the national version.Hit chartThere is a difference between the chart and the Sendai hit chart. Also amateurtheaterIs also done, and many amateursTroupeExists and is active.

Sendai City has "cultural activities and cultural projects"Rakuto SendaiIt is an industry-academia-government collaborative organization that enhances the cultural appeal of the city by advocating "" and "".Sendai Creative Cluster ConsortiumEstablished, and is also focusing on promoting creative industries that utilize the creativity of art and culture. On the other hand, localMass mediaBegan to utilize local human resources, and the bandtalent-entertainer-モデルSuch asLocal talentHas increased, and some have expanded into the media of neighboring prefectures. Therefore, although small, it is being formed.


As a dialect peculiar to SendaiSendai dialectIs the same as Fukushima Prefecture and East KantoNo accentIt is characteristic that it is and the ending "dacha". But now, except for the elderlycommon language-Standard languageWords close to are used, and the words of people who have moved in from other areas are often mixed. However, even if the vocabulary and expressions are standardized, the accent often retains the original unaccented effect.

Festivals and events

Main festivals

The most famous festival that represents Sendai with a large audience isSendai Tanabata Festival.TanabataThe festival has a history since the feudal era, and it is said that shops in the city competed for splendor for honor, making it a splendid Tanabata festival unlike any other in Japan.Tohoku Four Great Summer FestivalIt is counted as one of the above, and in the central shopping district, there are more than 1 million people during the period.

Main events

Sports related eventsSendai Sports # Annual Sports Eventreference

The feature is that there are many "held mainly by citizen volunteers", "set in the city", "free", and "outdoor music event". Even in events other than music, there are many cases where stages are set up and band performances are performed. autumn'sJozenji Street Jazz Festival in SendaiOver 2 people in two days, in winterSENDAI Light PageantHas more than 3 million people in three weeks.

In addition, Sendai City is sponsoring performances such as music and theater from October 10st to November 1th under the name "".2004(16)11An outdoor theater festival (Sendai Theater Festival) was also held at Kotodai Park.



Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra
Made exclusively for classical musicSendai City Youth Cultural Center・ Professional orchestra based in a concert hall. In addition to the headquarters, regular concerts and concerts are also held at Miyagi Prefectural Civic Center and Izumiti 21.


Sendai-based sports team
NameCompetition itemLeague LeagueHeadquartersOperating company/groupYear of inauguration
(Year of relocation)
Tohoku MarksBadmintonS / J LeagueKamei Arena SendaiNTT East-Tohoku1972
Vegalta Sendaiサ ッ カ ーJ League J1Yourtec Stadium SendaiVegalta Sendai1994
Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesbaseballJapanese professional baseball Pacific LeagueRakuten Life Park MiyagiRakuten baseball team2004
Sendai 89ERSbasketballB LeagueKamei Arena Sendai-Zebio Arena SendaiSendai Sports Link2005
セ ン ダ イ ガ ー ル ズ プ ロ レ ス リ ン グPro wrestlingSendai Sun Plaza・ Miyagino Ward Cultural CenterMichinoku Entertainment2005
Mynavi Sendai Ladiesサ ッ カ ーWE LeagueYourtec Stadium SendaiMynavi Football Club2012
Voscuole SendaiFutsalF LeagueKamei Arena SendaiVoscuole Sendai2012
Rigale SendaivolleyballV LeagueKamei Arena SendaiZebio Arena SendaiNeo Volleyball Club Sendai2018


SendaiSanrikuOf course, various agricultural products, brand rice "Hitomebore" "Sasanishiki", high-class Japanese beef beef "Sendai beefIt is close to the production area of ​​"", and seafood and mountain food are accumulated. In recent years,Sendai Economic AreaIn the area around the weakened trade areaWholesale marketSince it takes over the function of, the function as a distribution center for foodstuffs is being expanded.

As a characteristic of a popular restaurant, it originated in SendaiOx tongueThere are many restaurants,Sendai RamenThere is also a store that offers. Also,Sendai Station TheEkibenKnown as the station with the most types of stations in Japan ("Sendai Station # EkibenSee).

Seasonal taste / seasonal dishes

Cuisine originated in Sendai


Sake - Urayasu-Ichinokuraetc.
beer - Kirin BeerFactory is located in Sendai Port.
whisky -Taketsuru MasatakaFounded byNikka WhiskeyHas two distilleries in Japan, one of which is located in Aoba Ward, Sendai City, on the banks of the Shinkawa River upstream of the Hirose River.Miyagikyo Distillery.

Special product


Imoni-kai is one of Sendai's autumn traditions. Imoni-kai is a seasonal event in which family members, friends, school and workplace colleagues gather to make soup in a large pot and eat it outdoors, such as in riverbanks. In areas with this customCherry-blossom viewingIt is treated as an important annual event as well. It will be held from October to November.

Imoni in Sendai is seasoned with miso, using taro and pork as the main ingredients. Some contain fish and potatoes. Also, when the number of participants increases, in addition to Sendai-style Imoni, beef / soy sauce-flavored Yamagata-style Imoni, Kimchi Jjigae (nabe),barbecueAnd teppanyaki may be added. You can rent a large pot for imoni at a supermarket or convenience store, and you can also buy firewood. Ingredients were prepared during the seasonImoni setIs sold at supermarkets and university co-ops, so even busy people can easily have an Imoni party. Also, at the campsite near Sendai, all the ingredients, pots, and firewood are prepared, and all you have to do is start the fire and boil.Imoni PackThere is also a service called.


There are many matters related to the fields of culture, education, industrial technology, and science and technology based on the existence of the former Sendai domain, which was a large domain, and the former Tohoku Imperial University.

Animals and plants named "Sendai"

(Chiyo Hagi, Sendai Hagi:Thermopsis lupinoides )
(Purple Chiyohagi:Baptisia australis)
The place of origin is North America.
(Sendai branch)
Sendia(Sendaiya:Cerasus jamasakura'Sendaiya'), Sendai Sakura (Sendaiya Sakura)
Sendai DomainMr. Saeki, who immigrated from, is nowKochiKochiPlanted in the mansion of "Sendaiya" that started in NakasukaCherry Blossomsso,Tosa Domainmain·Yamauchi familyWas also presented to[66].. It was called "Sendai-ya Sakura" by the local residents, but it is said to be "the father of Japanese botany" from Kochi prefecture.Makino TomitaroNamed it as a variety.SendiaEast Asian cherryFlockCultivarThe leaves are red, the flowers are single and have 5 petals,Somei YoshinoThe deep red flowers bloom a few days later. Since it is difficult for insects to attach, it is considered to be a variety that has a low impact on the urban and natural environments due to disinfection work.2002From (14)Kanagawa横 浜 市Then.Aoba-kuNear the government officeTsurumi RiverTrees are being planted alongside to form a row of cherry blossom trees[67].
(Sendai Yoshino)
Is in Sendai City, and there are many around SendaiYae-Beni-ShidareMade by crossing (Yae-Beni-Shidare) and Yoshino cherry tree (Yoshino cherry tree)Double-floweredA variety of cherry blossoms (→Heraoka Park).
(Sendai grass:Saxifraga sendaica)
RussianKarl Johann MaximovichNamed by the doctor.Kii Peninsula,Shikoku,KyusyuIt grows naturally in Sendai City and does not grow naturally in Sendai City.
(Sendai Elephant:Sinomastodon sendaicus)
Extinct species.
Sendai Sikui
A migratory bird of the Passerine Cettiidae.
Sendai virus (Sendai Virus: Sev) (Hemagglutinating virus of Japan: HVJ)
Nakao IshidaIt was discovered at Tohoku University School of Medicine by (former president of Tohoku University) and others.Cell fusionCauseウ イ ル スAsBiotechnologyIt is regarded as important in the field of.Gene therapyIntroducegeneTo the cells of the target tissuevectorIt is regarded as promising.

Origin/related celebrities

Works set in Sendai


TV drama

Television Animation




  • (Sendai Gaku Editing Room)

Travelogue / Renku





Once a car in Miyagi prefectureLicense plateThe place name display was only "Miyagi", but so-calledLocal numberDepending on the system2006(18)May 10The "Sendai" number was introduced from. The cars that can get the "Sendai" number are those that are registered in the garage in Sendai city. Also in 2018May 10License plates with more local designs are now issued.

Phone Number

  • Area codeandCity codeTransition of[69]
    • 1962-1963
      • The area code is "0222The city code is a single digit.
    • 1963-1986
      • The area code is "0222The city code is a single digit.
    • After 1986
      • The area code is "022The city code is a single digit.
  • Change of area code
    • Changed in 1963
      • 0222-E-FGHJ→0222-2E-FGHJ(E code is2,3,5)・・・仙台青葉通収容局(後に、1, 4, 7が追加され、さらにDEコードの61〜69も追加されている。市外局番3桁化後は、211〜217, 711〜716, 721〜724, 726, 751〜753, 795が追加されている)
      • 0222-4-FGHJ→0222-34-FGHJ・ ・ ・ Taihara Containment Bureau (3 was added later, and DE code 71-76 was also added. After the area code was converted to 3 digits, 219, 301, 717, 718, 727, 728 were added. ing)
      • 0222-6-FGHJ→0222-56-FGHJ・ ・ ・ Tsutsujigaoka Containment Bureau (7 was added later, and DE code 91-93, 95-99 was also added. After the area code was converted to 3 digits, 742, 791, 792 was added. )
      • 0222-8-FGHJ→0222-48-FGHJ・ ・ ・ Nagamachi Containment Bureau (6, 7, 9 were added later. After the area code was converted to 3 digits, a part of 304, 308, 746 was added)
    • Changed in 1986
      • 0222-DE-FGHJ→022-2DE-FGHJ
  • Old city phone number exception
    • Taihaku Ward birth district
      • It was a birth station until 1980, and the area code used to be "022381There is no city code
      • The area code integration with the Sendai station is carried out as follows (at the same time, the birth station changes to the Sendai station and local calls become possible).
        • 022381-FGHJ→0222-81-FGHJ
        • Current,022-381It is,Natori CityIt has been returned to use as the ISDN area code of the 4 accommodation stations and the Sendai Nakada accommodation station.
    • Miyagino Ward Minato 5-chome (JXTG Energy Sendai Refinery,Shinsendai Thermal Power StationEtc. are here. However, since the river is across the river from Minato 1-4 chome and there is no bridge between them, onceTagajo City,Shichigahama TownIt is effectively an enclave because you have to go through
      • Until 1986, it was the Shiogama station and the old area code was "02236The city code is one digit (the city code used is2~9Bureau)
      • The area code integration with the Sendai station is carried out as follows (at the same time, the Shiogama station will change to the Sendai station and local calls will be possible).
        • 02236-E-FGHJ→022-36E-FGHJ
  • About the old area code and old city code of Izumi City, Miyagi Town, and Akiu Town, which were incorporated after the city code was converted to 3 digits.
    • Former Izumi City (current Izumi Ward)
      • The old area code is "02237"(Izumi station) is a single digit city code (the city code used is2~6Station and8~9Bureau)
      • Current (currently not used 3 digits ago022)377Also, the same old Izumi city area (conventional)378Used at Nomura Detention Bureau).
      • The current (3 digit) made available022)371Also, the same old Izumi city area (conventional)372~375Used at the Sendai Izumi Detention Bureau). After that, mainlyTomiya CitySo, mainly in the area under the jurisdiction of this detention bureau,351-0 ~ 2Has been added.
      • After that, as the ISDN area code,218/771/773/776と772-3 ~ 9At the Sendai Izumi Containment Bureau342-3 ~ 7,772-0 ~ 2,777Has started to be used at the Nomura Containment Bureau.
    • Former Miyagi Town (currently Miyagi District, Aoba Ward) / Former Akiumachi Town (currently Akiumachi District, Taihaku Ward)
      • The old area code is "02239"(Aiko station) is a single digit city code (the city code used is2~5Station and7~9Bureau)
      • Current (currently not used 3 digits ago022)396Is used at the Iwakiri Containment Bureau in Miyagino Ward
      • As for the ISDN area code, in the former Miyagi Town302(Including the Origami Containment Bureau)391In each part of the former Akiu Town304A part of is used.
      • Current,393~395,397~399For someHikari phoneIt is also used for.
  • Features of the city code in Sendai city
    • As a general rule, area codes with 1's digit 0 are not used for subscriber telephones.
      • Because the area code with 1 in the 0st place was once used for pagers
      • The following five city codes are used exceptionally, with the ones digit being 1.
        • 200(UCOM← OldMediaInherit the assignment of) /220(Assign to) /290(Hikari phoneDedicated area code) /380(SoftbankAllocate to. Mainly found in SoftBank call centers) /390(Assigned to the ISDN area code of both Arai and Tsurugaya accommodation stations)
    • The distribution of the 200 series is as follows
      • 201-209...NCCSystem (formerlyWireless callUsed as the area code of. After returning to unused, with NCC-affiliated companiesSoftbankReassigned to)
      • 211-219… City center and northern part of the city (218Is the Sendai Izumi Detention Bureau in Izumi Ward)
      • 221-229… City center (226Is in the western part of the city (Oritate, Goroku, etc.),228/229Is Yagiyama district)
      • 231-239… Eastern city (233and234Is in the northern part of the city)
      • 241-249… Taihaku Ward (found in the entire area except Yagiyama and the birth / Akiho district and the northern end of the ward)
      • 251-259… Eastern city
      • 261-269… City center
      • 271-279… Northern part of the city
      • 281-289… Eastern city (281Is the birth district of Taihaku Ward)
      • 291-299… Eastern city (294Only in the Minamikoizumi district of Wakabayashi Ward, the rest are all due to the Tsutsujigaoka Containment Bureau, so it is often seen in the direction of the east exit of Sendai Station)
    • The distribution of the 300 series is as follows (310-319Is a missing number / unused at this time in consideration of future depletion measures of Iwanuma MA (as of 2013, (0223) 2x to 3x is used)
      • 301-309… Northern, southern, and western parts of the city (309Is Tagajo City)… Almost all ISDN dedicated area codes
      • 341-349… Kurokawa-gun, Miyagi-gun,Hikari phoneDedicated etc.
      • 351-359… Kurokawa-gun and Miyagi-gun (351-0 ~ 2Is the Sendai Izumi Containment Bureau,Tomiya City(Straddling to Higashimukaiyodai / Akaishidai area) ・ Hikari Denwa, etc.
      • 361-369… Shiogama City / Tagajo City (361-2xxxと369-2xxx TheUrato Islands.. Other369It is,Hikari phonedesignated)
      • 371-379... Izumi Ward
      • 381-389… Natori City / Eastern City (389Is Tagajo City)
      • 391-399... oldMiyagi Town-Akiu Town(396Is the Iwakiri Containment Bureau in Miyagino Ward), in units of the last 4 digitsHikari phoneSome area codes are used for
    • The distribution of the 700 series is as follows.
      • 701-709...NCCSystem (similar to the 20x series, used as a pager for wireless pagers. NowKDDI,Rakuten CommunicationsReassigned to)
      • 711-719… City center and northern city
      • 721-729… City center and northern city
      • 731-739… Once used as a pager area code for pagers. Of these, only 738-739 were reassignedHikari phoneUsed as a dedicated area code.
      • 741-749… Southern city (742Is the Tsutsujigaoka Containment Bureau in Miyagino Ward,745 TheNTT-C)
      • 751-759… City center
      • 761-769… Shiogama City / Rifu Town (764 TheSoftbank,765Is oldKdd→KDDI)
      • 771-779... Izumi Ward, Tomiya Town (774 TheNTT-C,775Is oldHeisei Denden→Softbank,778Is oldIDD→KDDI)
      • 781-789… Natori City / Eastern City (781Some of them are for Hikari Denwa only,787Is KDDI)
      • 791-799… City center and eastern partHikari phoneDedicated (796-797) ・TOHKnetな ど


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注 釈

  1. ^ a b The Rikuzen hills surrounding the Sendai Plain are on the west side and on the north side.Seven Kitada Hills,Matsushima Hills.
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