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😷 | Nagara River cormorant fishing postponed opening, safety prayer festival We wish for the safety of cormorant fishing and the convergence of the new corona on the day when the ban on sweetfish fishing is lifted.


Nagara River cormorant fishing postponed opening, safety prayer festival We pray for the safety of cormorant fishing and the convergence of the new corona according to the opening date of sweetfish fishing

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The Nagara River cormorant fishing is usually held from May 5th to October 11th, but due to the influence of the new corona, the opening will be postponed to 10 following 15, and both the cormorant fishing and the viewing boat will be operated on June 2020st. It is scheduled.

Due to the application of priority measures such as prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus, Ukai Nagara River in Gifu City was postponed to June, but Ayu ... → Continue reading

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May 5 every year

Nagara cormorant

Nagara cormorantWhat is (while wakai)?Gifu(I.e. OfNagara RiverEvery yearMay 5からMay 10Will be done up toCormorant.Mid Autumn FestivalIt is held every night except when the water rises.What is not done in the harvest moon isbonfireIn Ukai, who catches sweetfish that surprised him, it is sometimes said that the effect of the bonfire diminishes when the moon is too bright, but it is held during other full moons, so this can be said to be a traditional public holiday.

ShosoinOf the collectionGreat treasureAnnualFamily registerSince, more than 1300 years ago, a group that already had a cormorant fishing businessMino countryIs presumed to have been in[1]..The origin is cormorant fishing as a fishing, but now it is a cormorant fishing as a tourism and cultural / religious event that conveys the classical fishing method to the present.Of these, eight cormorant fishing events held at the Imperial Household Agency's royal palace are "Cormorant fishingWas called and was caught鮎 TheImperial PalaceIt is paid to.

Cormorant fishing on the Nagara River is the only one in JapanRoyal familyIt is a cormorant fishing for you, and the Utsukushi of Nagara River has a job title.Imperial Household AgencyShikibuIt is called Usho, and 122 items of the Nagara River Ukai equipment set are from the national government.Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property[2], Nagara River Ukai fishing method is designated as important intangible by Gifu prefectureFolk cultural property[3]Is.In addition, the Ayu-sushi manufacturing technology, Nagara River Ukai Ferris Wheelbuilding Technology, and Nagara River Ukai Ferris Wheel Maneuvering Technology, which are handed down to the Utsukushi family, are designated as intangible folk cultural properties by Gifu City.[4].

In addition, the middle basin of the Nagara River where this cormorant fishing is carried out1985"One hundred famous watersIn addition, there is a beach about 1km upstream from Nagara Bridge in Gifu City.1998Certified by the Ministry of the Environment55 baths in JapanTo2001"88 baths in JapanIt is the only clear stream in Japan that is selected as a river beach.

2015(27)May 4, As a constituent cultural property of "Sengoku Castle Town, Gifu" where "Nobunaga's hospitality" is aliveJapanese heritageBe certified by[5].

Fishing method

Bonfire on the neck of the boat[Annotation 1]A cormorant rides on a cormorant with a sword, handles 10 to 12 cormorants, manipulates them, and catches sweetfish surprised by a bonfire one after another.Since the cormorant always lives with the cormorant, the cormorant and the cormorant show breathing movements and catch the sweetfish brilliantly.The sweetfish caught by the cormorant is a basket that is spit out from the cormorant master.[Annotation 2]Is made to vomit.Total[Annotation 3]The makigari fishing method by is fantastic.

Before going out for fishing, the order of the sunrise fishing is decided by drawing lots of the companion.It is important for Usho because the catch changes depending on the order.

Costume (formal wear of Utsukushi)

  • Kazaori Eboshi-A black or dark blue linen cloth that wraps around your head to protect your hair from bonfires.Originally pointedChonFor storing.The name comes from the fact that the shape is blown by the wind and looks like it is broken.
  • Fishing Clothes-Clothes made of black or dark blue cotton.The light-colored clothes became dark-colored clothes to arouse the fear of cormorants.
  • Breastplate-To avoid sparks and pine fat.It can also be a storage pocket.
  • Koshimino- strawMade of made, it sprays water to prevent the body from getting cold.
  • Half-foot (Ashinaka)-Made of straw, normalWarajiStraw shoes that are half the length of the shoes and are worn on the toes.It is designed not to slip due to fish fat or scale.Since the foot half made of straw is valuable, the foot half made of vinyl string is often used.


Ubune-The boat used by cormorants for cormorant fishing is called cormorant fishing.The total length is about 13m.In addition to the cormorant master, the person in charge of operating the cormorant boatRiding(Tomonori) "and" Usho and his assistantMedium ride(Nakaori) ”is on board, and these three people go down the Nagara River while catching sweetfish as a group.


Used for cormorant fishing鵜 TheCormorantIs using.this isGreat cormorantThis is because the cormorant is larger and stronger than the cormorant.It is used in cormorant fishing after capturing wild cormorants and training them for two to three years.The cormorant has about 2 cormorants at home and catches all the cormorants a few hours before going fishing.[Annotation 4]Determine the physical condition of the cormorant of the day and decide which cormorant to take for fishing.The cormorants are fed once a day, with a small amount of food during the season and always hungry before going fishing.Cormorants that are not hungry do not catch sweetfish, so give them to cormorants that are taken to fishing after fishing.In cormorant fishing, two cormorants are used to act, so even in places other than cormorant fishing, the same combination of two cormorants is always used.This makes the cormorants get along well, but not so well with the other cormorants.There is no gender rule for this combination.

Until the early Showa periodIse bayI used to capture cormorants in Japan, but nowIbarakiHitachi City OfUnomisakiI'm catching it.

Cormorant sweetfish

The sweetfish caught by the cormorant is "Ayu with tooth profileIt is said that there are marks on the beak of the cormorant.BeakIt is said to be fresh and delicious because it kills sweetfish instantly.This sweetfish is a precious and expensive item that is not usually found in the market, but some tourist inns and hotels can contract with a cormorant master to enjoy the sweetfish.

Fishing ground

Fishing grounds have changed depending on the environment surrounding cormorant fishing.Meiji 42The fishing grounds at that timeMinoFrom stateOgakiIt was up to Sunomata.After the war, the boundary between the Nagara River Central Fisheries Cooperative and the Nagara River Fisheries Cooperative (around the upstream of the confluence of the Nagara River, Ima River, and Tsubo River) became the boundary between Nagara and Ose.However, the actual fishing grounds are getting shorter now that the main fishing grounds are cormorant fishing.

Cormorant fishing

Royal familyYour favorite cormorant fishing.(I.e.AndSeki CityCormorant fishing in the Nagara River is the only one in JapanImperial Household AgencyShikibuPerformed by a master (hence the identitygovernment officialIs).There are six masters in Nagara, Gifu City, and three in Oze, Seki City, all of which have been hereditary for generations.The eight cormorant fishing performed by these cormorant fishermen at the Imperial Household Agency's royal palace during the periodCormorant fishing".The sweetfish caught in the cormorant fishingImperial PalaceIt is paid to.

Nationally, people who fish for cormorant fishing are "CormorantHowever, in Nagara River Ukai, it has been a hereditary system for a long time.Utsukushi"It is called.

Board of Ceremonies of the Miyauchi Office

The following 6 people have been appointed as cormorant fishing staff of Nagara River Cormorant Fishing (Sightseeing Cormorant Fishing in Gifu City)[6].

  • Maruichi-Yoshikazu Yamashita
  • Maruyama-Tetsuji Yamashita
  • Maruwa-Masahiko Sugiyama
  • Yamajo-Yoshinori Sugiyama
  • Wachigai-Hidetaka Sugiyama
  • Maruyo-Shuji Sugiyama

Imperial Palace

A closed fishing area where fishing is generally not possible, and fishing is permitted only in cormorant fishing.

  • Gifu City Furutsu District
  • Mino City Flower District
  • Gujo City Takada (abolished after the war)

Sightseeing cormorant fishing in Gifu city

Nagara BridgeCormorant fishing for sightseeing in the vicinity of the upper reaches of.A bonfire-burning cormorant slowly appears, and you can watch the cormorant catching sweetfish from the viewing boat.There are also Mitarai boats and shop boats that sell fireworks and drinks, so you can enjoy cormorant fishing without going up to the shore.

The number of passengers on the Ferris wheel exceeded 1965 a year from 93 to 20, and peaked at about 1973 in 33.In recent years, it has been sluggish at the 7000 level.On the other hand, it is becoming more popular with foreigners, and Gifu City is assigned an English guide and is free of charge near the Ferris wheel platform.Wi-FiWe are promoting the attraction of foreigners through maintenance etc.[7].

Before boarding, the cormorant fishing will be explained by the cormorant fishing at the boarding area.A normal cormorant fishing day is a one-time cormorant fishing, and six cormorant boats make one round trip in front of the viewing boat.Cormorant fishing is held twice on the summer cormorant fishing day.

  • 1. Reception
  • 2. Cormorant fishing explanation-Explanation of cormorant fishing by cormorant fishing at the cormorant fishing boat platform.
  • 3. Boarding
  • 4. Departure
  • 5. Mooring-Eating etc. until the cormorant fishing starts at the riverbank.
  • 6. Ukai-The fireworks that signal the start of Ukai go up and Ukai starts.
  • 7. Hunting down-A viewing boat and a cormorant boat run side by side and go down the river.
  • 8. (Total view) ――A fishing method in which six cormorant boats form a line and drive sweetfish into shallow water for makigari.
  • 9. Disembark

Cormorant fishing

The cormorant fishing is open on May 5th every year.After the Ukai Safety Prayer Festival, which is a Shinto ritual to pray for the safety and prosperity of Ukai during the season, the Ferris wheel is rowed into the river one after another after being sent off by the drum performance.Various events with the participation of citizens will be held, and geisha will operate dance boats and launch fireworks.

マ ス コ ッ ト

  • "Wow'

 Nagara River Ukai PR character in Gifu City.Gifu City designed a cormorant selected from the designs recruited to appeal Nagara River Cormorant to the whole country.Usually, he wears the costume of Utsukushi, but in some cases, he wears the related costume for PR.The name is "U-tan", which is a combination of the baby talks of "U" and "Chan" of cormorants. August 2012, 8 Gifu City Special Resident Registration[Annotation 5]ReceivedSpecial resident cardWas issued.

Hometown learning

"Comprehensive learning timeAs part of this, 5th grade elementary school students in Gifu City board a viewing boat to learn about Ukai, a traditional event in their hometown.Quizzs from the boatman are also held on board, and half of the boarding fee is subsidized from Gifu City.[8].

Ambassador Ukai Nagarakawa

Entrusted to a celebrity with a connection to Gifu to spread the charm of cormorant fishing.1999Founded in.

Gifu City Ukai Ferris Wheel Office

  • Location: 500-8009 Minatomachi, Gifu City, 1-2 (Nagara BridgeNext to the Ukai Ferris Wheel platform in Minamihashizume)


Nagara River cormorant fishing has been practiced for about 1300 years, and its history overlaps with the history of cormorant fishing practiced in Japan.Ukai was one of the luxuries of those in power, so it is protected by those in power at that time and continues to this day.Edo PeriodInTokugawa ShogunateandOwari familyIt was done under the protection of.Meiji RestorationThe rest is temporaryArisugawa ShrineIt was used, butMeiji 23ToMiyauchiBecame a main hunting dormitoryMiyauchi(CurrentImperial Household Agency) Was directly controlled.Nagara River's master is the job title "Imperial Household AgencyShikibu"Usho".Matsuo BashoHowever, he left behind the phrase, "Is it interesting and eventually a cormorant?"

  • Heian periodA dictionary made in the middle term "WanashoToMino countryKatagata districtDescribes the cormorant fishing.
  • Recorded with 37 Ukai in "".
  • In "", a record of 9 villages in Ukai-no-Sato, Katagata-gun.
  • 文明A year,Kanjo IchijoA record of staying in Mino and seeing Ukai.
  • EnkiThere is a record of 7 cormorant fishing on the banks of the Nagara River every year.Fujiwara no ToshihitoMade the seven Ukai donate sweetfish, and used the land of the Emperor's favorite prefecture, Katagata-gun, as a pine fee for Ukai, and called it Ukai Nanago.[9].
  • Heiji RebellionでYoritomo Gengen Minamoto no dynastyAfter wandering along the banks of the Nagara River, I stayed at the house of Hakumei, the chief of the cormorant fishing.There, I had it at Ayu-zushi, etc.afterwards,TakehisaWhen he went up as the right general for three years, he called Hakumei's child to reward him and ordered him to send sweetfish sushi to Kamakura every year.[9].
  • Eiroku7 years,Oda NobunagaVisits the Nagara River cormorant fishing and gives each cormorant fishing the name of a cormorant fisherman.FalconerHe was treated in the same way as, and paid 1 bales of rice to each household.
  • GenwaFirst year,Tokugawa IeyasuWatched the cormorant fishing and was impressed by the stone-grilled sweetfish.Since thenEdo CastleIt is customary to donate sweetfish every year[9], Takumi 21 households were paid 10 cars each.After that, Ukai declinedcultureThere will be 2 units in 12 years.When the 12 households were given 120 stones and 532 cars for 2 minutes each year, they recovered again.
  • Meiji RestorationTemporarily declined, butEmperor MeijiThere was often a slogan in his generation, and he was paid to the Daizen profession.
  • 1890From (Meiji 23)InabaNagara Village Kozu and othersMugi District,Gujo-gunIn each village of 1471, the extension of XNUMX was incorporated into the sweetfish fishing hunting ground of the Imperial Household Ministry.[9].
  • 1918(Taisho 7), Crown Prince of England (George V) Was greeted and a observatory cormorant fishing was held.
  • 1936(Showa 11)1961(Showa 36) twice,Charlie ChaplinIs coming to see the cormorant fishing.It is said that he praised Usho as an artist and repeated "Wonderful".
  • 1962(Showa 37),Emperor ShowaThe observatory cormorant fishing was held.
  • 1997(9),Emperor-QueenThe observatory cormorant fishing was held.
  • 2012(24),Gifu City Nagara River Ukai Traditional Museum(Nagaragawa Ukai Museum) opens.


注 釈

  1. ^ Kagaribi-Lighting for cormorants.An iron basket that burns a bonfireKagari(Kagari), the stick to supportCraterIt's called (Kagaribo).What is burning insidePine split tree(Morning sickness), used for cormorant fishingPineSplit tree.
  2. ^ Hakikago-A bamboo basket that spits out the sweetfish caught by the cormorant.
  3. ^ Sogarami-A fishing method in which six cormorant boats, each of which is boarded by six cormorant masters, form a line and drive ayu into shallow water for makigari.The cormorant, the cormorant, the cormorant, and the cormorant boat work together to drive the sweetfish while calling out "Houhou". The shout of "Houhou" has the effect of calming the cormorant.
  4. ^ Cormorant basket-Bamboo basket for putting cormorants. Contains 4 cormorants.The weight of four cormorants is about 4 kg.It is also used when bringing cormorants to the cormorant boat.
  5. ^ Unofficial character of Yanagase, Gifu City in October 2011YanaThis is the second case following receiving a special resident registration.


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