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😷 | XNUMX new corona infections, XNUMX high school students


XNUMX new corona infections, XNUMX of which are high school students

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In Tendo City, one male and one female high school student was confirmed infected.

The prefecture announced on the XNUMXth that a total of XNUMX new people were infected with the new corona in five cities.Five of them are high school students ... → Continue reading

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Male and female 1

Tendo city

Tendo city(Tendoshi) isYamagataIn the eastern part of the population of about 6City.Shogi piecesとSpaKnown as the town of Japan, in recent yearsYamagata OfBed townIs developing as.The prefecture's population is 5th.


Physical geography / terrain

Located almost in the middle of the cityYamagata basinBecause it is located near the center of, it is generally flat.The eastern part of the cityOu MountainsBecause it is close to, it is occupied by hills and mountains, and there are some mountainous settlements.The western part of the cityPaddy fieldWas occupied, but recentlyNew residential areaAre in a row.乱川-Tachiya RiverMakes a natural boundary of the city area, by these riversHigashine City-YamagataIn contact with.In the westMogami RiverOn the borderSagae CityIn contact with.The climate is mild throughout the year and there is little snowfall in winter.

Social geography

Near the center of the city, north and southJRとNational Route 13Runs.The city area is between those arteries of traffic.Also, head toward Sendai from Route 13 in the central part of the city.National Route 48Branches from the eastern part of the citySekiyama PassTo Miyagi prefecture via.further,Yamagata Expressway,Yamagata AirportIt is also blessed with convenient transportation nearby.

A little south of the city centerMaizurusanThe city area is divided into north and south.MaizurusanTendo CastleIt is also the ruins of a castle, and at the top of the mountain, it is professional every year in late April.PlayerPoints to shogi with a piece dressed as a humanHuman shogiIs being done.In addition, the Tendo Folk Art Museum around Maizurusan (Chiyoko SatoHistorical buildings such as the Honoring Hall and closed in June 28 remain.There are shogi monuments all over the city, which seems to be the production center of shogi pieces, and the bridge over the Kuratsu River that flows through the city areaking橋、Gold generalEach piece has the name of a shogi piece, such as a bridge.Tendo stationAbout 10 minutes on foot fromTendo hot springThere is a city.

From the convenience of transportation to Sendai City by Route 48Sendai metropolitan areaWhile there are many tourists from Tendo City, there is also a great deal of dependence on the Sendai metropolitan area and Yamagata city area from Tendo city.It also has a deep connection with the Higashine metropolitan area next to the north.Even in the merger talks by Yamagata CityKamiyama CityParticipated, but Tendo City did not participate.However, with the help of the opening of suburban stores, the central city area from Tendo station square to the hot spring town is in a state of gradual hollowing out.

New residential area

One of the most famous temples in the prefectureMountain templeDue to its location near the central part of the Yamagata prefecture area, it is often used as a base for sightseeing in Yamagata prefecture. Originally, it was a tourist city centered on a hot spring town, but in recent years it has been a residential land. As the tourism progresses, it functions as a bed town in the north of Yamagata City.Yamagata metropolitan areaIt plays a part in maintaining the trend of population growth.


History of merger of municipalities


Successive mayors

代NameYomiganaInauguration dateRetirement date
First generationHiratsuka Jiro1958/11/111962/11/11
2-5 generationsAbe Kinzo1962/11/121981/9/2
6 feeOzama Taizo1981/10/181985/1/15
7-9 generationsMasahiro Suzuki1985/3/31997/3/2
10-12 generationsNoboru EndoClimb the peas1997/3/32008/12/25
13-16 generationsShinji YamamotoYamamoto Shinji2008/12/26Incumbent


Specialty goods


The following are companies headquartered in Tendo

Financial institution

* In order of unified financial institution code


  • Tendo Post Office(Collection and delivery station)
  • Yamaguchi Post Office
  • Nariu Post Office
  • Tendo Kitakunomoto Post Office
  • Tendo Itsukamachi Post Office
  • Tendo Station West Post Office
  • Japan Post
  • Uzen Araya Post Office
  • Takadama Post Office
  • Terazu Post Office
  • Kuramasu Post Office
  • Tendo Haramachi Post Office
  • Nagaoka Simple Post Office
  • Tsukanome Post Office
  • Tamugino Post Office

Sister cities/partner cities

Tendo City has three overseas sister cities[3], There are 4 domestic mutual exchange agreement cities[4]..The place name notation and the name of the alliance are according to the Tendo City website.


It is done in TendoHuman shogiAnd is being done in MarosticaHuman chessBy the edge of[3][5]..After the introduction of Marostica to Tendo by an Italian trader, exchanges have been held since 1983, leading to the conclusion of a sister city agreement.[5][6]..Marostica is also known as a cherry-producing region with a thriving fruit tree production.[5]..There is a system to commend each other's citizens (the "Silver Knight Trophy" given by the city of Marostica to the citizens of Tendo who played an active part in sports, and the "Tendo Award" given by the city of Marostica to the citizens of Marostica who contributed to social activities).[3].
Marlborough has a lot of fruit trees such as cherries, grapes and apples that are common to Yamagata prefecture.[5], Exchange through agriculture is the edge[3].. Since 1981, Tendo has sent the city's agricultural successors to New Zealand for overseas training, especially in the Marlborough region.BlenheimThe city often became a training ground[7]..Deepening exchanges with Blenheim City, such as mutual visits and training among citizens[5], The movement of sister city tie-up was promoted[7]..Blenheim City and surrounding municipalities merged in the fall of 1989 due to the reform of New Zealand's local administration.Marlborough CityWas established[5].. In 2005, a Japanese garden was built in Marlborough.[3].
A food processing company in Tendo has been accepting trainees from Liaoning Province since the 1980s.[8]Established a factory in Wafangdian City in 1994[5][8]..Due to the deepening of exchanges centered on the economy, the Wafangdian city side consulted for a sister city (friendship city) agreement.[5]..Wafangdian is also a fruit-producing area for apples, grapes, cherries, etc.[3], Technical guidance on fruit tree cultivation is also provided as part of the exchange.[3].


Served as a member of the Abashiri City Council for a long time and contributed to social activitiesIse Nakagawa(Honorary citizen of Abashiri City) is from Tendo City[4][9].. April 2002,Former Higashimurayama County Office MuseumThe introduction of Nakagawa at the "Women's Exhibition Born in Tendo" held in Tokyo was an opportunity for exchanges between local governments.[9].
Was the lord of Tendo during the Warring States periodMr. Tendo(Tendo Yorizumi) But after the fall of Tendo CastleDateRely onTagajo CityThe edge that got the place of knowledge in the area[4][10]..It is said that many descendants of Mr. Tendo and his vassals live in the Tagajo city area.[10].. On October 2008, 20 (Heisei 10)Disaster support agreementIs tied[10], 2011 (Heisei 23)Great East Japan EarthquakeThen, support was given to Tagajo City[10].
At the end of the Edo period, there were eight villages in the current Tendo city area.Tsuchiura DomainThe fact that it was a territory[4](Higashimurayama-gun #Historyreference).
  • Tatebayashi(Gunma)
    • December 2001, 13 Concluded a mutual exchange agreement for tourism products, etc.[4]
At the end of the Edo period, there were eight villages in the current Tendo city area.Tatebayashi ClanThe fact that it was a territory[4][11].

Other wide area alliances, etc.

Nobunaga Oda Summit
For about 100 years from the late Edo period to the abolition of the feudal clan, the Oda clanTendo domainBecause of his role as the Lord, Tendo CityOda NobunagaIt is a group of cities and towns with a connection to Japan.Nobunaga Oda SummitParticipating in (established in 1984)[12].. The 1987th Summit in 62 (4) and the 2002th Summit in 14 (19) were held in Tendo City.[12].
Yamagata Settlement Independence Area
YamagataCentered onSedentary areaParticipating in the concept (Settlement independence zone concept study group(See), wide-area administration and policy cooperation[13].


  • Tendo district (may be divided into southern, central and northern areas)
  • Naruo district, Kurazo district, Tsuyama district, Terazu district, Yamaguchi district, Tamugino district
  • Takadama district, Nagaoka district, Hoshinuno district, Aratani district


Population distribution of Tendo, Yamagata, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Tendo City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Tendo City (2005)
■Purple-Tendo City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Tendo City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


school education

Junior college
high school
Junior high school
primary school

Agreements related to education, etc.

In December 2010, Tendo CityMeiji UniversityWe have a cooperation agreement with[14], Regional promotion, student dispatch, and other collaborative projects for mutual exchange and development[14]..One of the founders of Meiji UniversityMiyagi KozoIs from Tendo[14][15].

Public facilities / cultural facilities

Sports Facilities


Railway line

Transit Bus


The nearest airportHigashine CityIt is inYamagata Airport.


E13 Tohoku Chuo Expressway : Tendo IC,Tendo toll gate
General national road
National Route 13,National Route 48
Prefectural road
Main local road
Yamagata Prefectural Road No. 19 Yamagata Yamadera Line
Yamagata Prefectural Road No. 20 Yamagata Hairi Line
Yamagata Prefectural Road No. 22 Yamagata Tendo Line
Yamagata Prefectural Road No. 23 Tendo Oe Line
Yamagata Prefectural Road No. 24 Tendo Kangawa River Line


Cultural property



Native celebrity


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