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😷 | Where should I move to Saitama due to the corona virus? "Minato-ku" Kitaurawa ", if you don't want to be swayed by the Olympics" Kawaguchi ...

Photo to Saitama ……

Where should I move to Saitama due to corona sickness? "Minato-ku" Kitaurawa ", if you don't want to be swayed by the Olympics" Kawaguchi ...

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Tsurugashima Station (Tobu-Tojo Line), located on the border between Tsurugashima City and Kawagoe City, is farther from the city center than the areas introduced so far.

An increasing number of people are considering moving with the new coronavirus.Especially if you live in Tokyo, you can use the corona of the city ... → Continue reading

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Kawagoe-shi(Kawagoeshi) isSaitamaLocated in the southwestern part ofCity.Core city,Business nuclear city,Public health centerIs specified in.

The population is about 35, which is in Saitama prefecture.Saitama,Kawaguchi cityIt is the third largest population after.OldMusashi countryIruma-gun.


Edo PeriodToRelative-Musical score OfKawagoe Domain Ofcastle townIn a city that prospered asKoedo”(Koedo) has another name.There are many castle ruins, shrines, temples, historic sites, and historical buildings,Cultural propertyIn the number ofKanto regionKanagawaKamakura city,TochigiNikkoSecond only.History town development methodHas been certified as a "historic city" by the national government (the only certification in Saitama Prefecture).The historic cityscape remains because it survived the war and earthquake, and about 732 million tourists visit the city's tourist attractions annually.Tourist cityIs.Of overseasTravel guidebookIt is often introduced to, and recently there are many foreign tourists (for example)New York Timesof"2009Travel Guide Kawagoe special feature).

Musashino PlateauLocated at the northern end ofArakawaIruma RiverMeet in the city.At a geographical pointHeian periodToKawagoekanToAustralian OfKawagoeRise,Musashi countryFirstLordAsKamakura ShogunateI was proud of my power.Muromachi PeriodToUesugi OfHousekeeper-Dou OtaByKawagoe CastleWas built, Mr. Uesugi, thenHojoIt became the base of Musashi Province rule.Sengoku periodToKanto PlainTo decide the hegemony ofKawagoe Night BattleIt became the stage of.Kawagoe night battle is "Japan's Three Great Night Battles".Before the Edo periodEdoIt is a city that surpassesEdo motherWas called[1].

Kawagoe CastleThe Kawagoe clan that ownsEdo ShogunateIt is a guardian of the north of Musashi Province, and boasts the prestige of being the largest clan in Musashi Province.Sakai Tadakatsu-Hotta Masamori-Matsudaira Shinoda-Yanagisawa Yoshihoな どThe elder-Old ageClass vassalsFamily gate OfEchizen Matsudaira familyWas arranged.Therefore, it has been a castle town where commerce and industry and academics have flourished since the Edo period, and it is still a cultural city with many schools today.The successive lords of the Kawagoe domainMusashinoFocused on the development of. Matsudaira Nobutsuna, who was called "Wisdom Izu," is a member of the Kawagoe clan.Kinemon YasumatsuToTamagawa water,Wildfire water,Shinkawa RiverExcavation,KawashimaConstruction of a large embankment,Kawagoe HighwayYanagisawa Yoshiyasu, who was renovated and had excellent administrative skills, was in charge of Kawagoe.Ogyu RidingI put in a proposal and ordered the chief priest,Mitomi NittaWe cultivated.

The Kawagoe clan carried out the breeding policy, and agricultural products andSilk fabric-CraftSuch as market competitiveSpecialty goodsDevelopment was done.Of the Kawagoe domainSayama HillsKawagoe tea (Sayama tea) Is being cultivated, and in the reclaimed land of Musashinosweet potatoCultivation became popular.Kenzo TakabayashiSayama tea will flourish due to the "Takabayashi-style tea making machine" developed byAkazawa HitobeiThe "Akazawa-style sweet potato cultivation method" devised by the company dramatically increased the yield of sweet potatoes.Kansei yearWhen the grilled potatoes became a pandemic in Edo, the Shingashi River and the Iruma RiverShippingThe sweet potatoes that appeared in EdoKawagoe potatoIt was called "Jusanri, which is better than chestnuts" and was whispered with good taste, and the image of "potato town" was firmly established.In these territoriesChichibuAs a supply area for supplies from the suburbs,Edo kitchenIt was called and prospered.At the end of the Edo period, it was the territory of the Kawagoe domain.Ueno countryMaebashiRaw silkKawagoe merchants made a fortune by starting a business and exporting it.

The best castle town in Saitama prefecture (Kawagoe domain)IshitakaIs the largest in Musashi Province, even in KantoMito DomainNext to), soAbandoned DomainThen.Kawagoe prefecture, ThenIruma OfPrefectural office locationIt became.Iruma prefecture is the currentTokyoMusashinoFrom aroundNiizaAnd Chichibu(I.e.-HonjoThe area of ​​Iruma prefecture was 7% of the current Saitama prefecture.First after the establishment of the current Saitama prefectureMunicipal systemWas enforced by Kawagoe (Taisho11 years city system enforcement[2] TheHokkaidoSapporoAnd so on).MeijiSince then, advanced development has continued,Saitama Resona BankThe predecessor of Saitama Prefecture and the only one in Saitama PrefectureNational bankMetXNUMXth National BankIs the birthplace of[3]..Also, for the former Kawagoe clan merchantsYokota Gorobee,Yutaka YamazakiThere are many wealthy merchants, such as rice exchanges and private banks (Kawagoe Bank,Kawagoe Commercial Bank)Chamber of commerce-Medical associationIs also the first in Saitama Prefecture.Later became the first mayor of Kawagoe CityAyabe RiuemonFirst in Saitama Prefecture with the strong power of Kawagoe merchantsThermal power plant,Hydroelectric power plantEstablished, first in Saitama PrefectureElectric lightIt is also a lit town.

In addition to Kawagoe merchants, Kamihirose village (currentlySayama)ofMunenori ShimizuParticipated inKawagoe Railway Kobu Railway OfKokubunji StationWas built between (currentlySeibu Shinjuku LineSeibu Kokubunji LineRoots).Also, Ayabe et al.Kawagoe Electric Railway OmiyaOpened with.Kawagoe Electric Railwaysteam locomotiveNot, as the name suggests, the first in Saitama PrefectureElectric trainMet.Kawagoe Railway and Kawagoe Electric Railway finally merged,Seibu Railway (old)Next, the Kawagoe domainMiyoshino Village(CurrentSakado-shi) FromHeizaburo Okawa(Called the "King of Paper Industries in Japan" and created the Okawa Zaibatsu) and others were listed as officers.Seibu Railway of Ayabe et al.Kojiro Tsutsumi OfMusashino Railway(CurrentSeibu Ikebukuro Line)WhenPacific WarMerged during the war.on the other hand,1902(MeijiIn 35, Ayabe and other Kawagoe merchants and Kawagoe Commercial Bank president, Fukuoka Village (currently, a rower of the Shingashi River)Fujimino-shi)ofSenzo HoshinoPlanned to lay the Kyoetsu Railway between Tokyo and Kawagoe.This was launched with the head office in KawagoeTojo RailwayTaken over to1914(Taisho3 years)Ikebukuro Station - Tabamozawa Station(CurrentKawagoeshi StationIt was opened between). Two years laterSakado StationStretched to.Tobu Railway1920ToKaichiro Nezu OfTobu RailwayMerge with.ShowaBecoming a munitions railroadHachiko LineKawagoe merchants decided to buildKawagoe LinePetition for construction and as a national railwayWire savingKawagoe Line has opened.Instead, the train between Kawagoe and Omiya (Seibu Omiya LineRenamed)Waste lineIt became.

There are 10 stations in Kawagoe City, and almost half of them are 11 stations including Tsurugashima Station on the Kawagoe City side, of which there are 3 stations in the central city area.Above allJR-Tobu Tojo LineKawagoe StationAbout 1 people get on and off a day in Saitama prefectureOmiya Station2rd place after[4]It is a terminal station of.In addition, the nearby Seibu Shinjuku LineMotokawagoe StationIncluding Kawagoeshi Station on the Tobu-Tojo Line, there are about 3 passengers at the three stations.

On the other hand, Kawagoe Station, which is currently the central station,1915The station opened in (Taisho 4), and is the latest opening among stations in the city center.The station name was changed due to the opening of the Kawagoe Line, and the station became a representative station of the city (the entrance of the current city) due to the southward movement of the city.

Until Kawagoe Station becomes the central station, the area around Seibu's main Kawagoe Station and Tobu's Kawagoeshi Station is the center and central station of the city, and the old town, which is famous for sightseeing spots, is also close to this side.Kawagoeshi station is one year earlier than Kawagoe station1914Opened in 3, Hon-Kawagoe station is much faster than the other two stations.1895It opened in (Meiji 28).

UesugiKawagoe Kaido (currently) during the Muromachi periodNational Route 254) And from the Edo periodShinkawa RiverIt is a logistics hub that is directly connected to Edo by boat transportation.1971(Showa 46) was the first in Saitama prefecturehighwayAsKanetsu Expressway Nerima IC - Kawagoe ICThe name was "Tokyo Kawagoe Road" when it was completed and opened.National Route 16(Tokyo ring road)Metropolitan area central connecting expressway(Ken-O Expressway) is also open.



Population distribution of Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Kawagoe City and the whole country (2005)Kawagoe City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
Purple-Kawagoe City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kawagoe City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan
  • 1886(MeijiAccording to a survey conducted in 19), the population of Kawagoe Castle is about 15,000.It was the only one in Saitama prefecture with a population of over 1.
  • 1902According to the Saitama Prefecture Vital Statistics Survey (Meiji 35)Kawagoe TownThe population (at that time) was about 27,000, the highest in Saitama prefecture. 1nd placeKumagaya Town15,000 people, 3rd placeHonjo TownWas about 9,000 people.
  • 1920(Taisho9 years)1st Census PopulationKawagoe Town was the first in the prefecture with 1,319,533 out of the total population of 24,675 in Saitama Prefecture.The population of Kawagoe Town at that time was Urawa Town, where the prefectural office is located (currentlySaitamaUrawa-ku) (11,694), more than double.The town area of ​​Kawagoe Town was only a part of the city area at that time, and the town expanded outside the town area.Senba VillageIt increased in the adjacent land.
  • The number of cities in Saitama Prefecture has increased to 41935(ShowaAccording to the 10-year census, the population of Kawagoe City is over 35,000.Urawa,Kawaguchi cityIt was overtaken by Saitama Prefecture and became the third largest city in Saitama Prefecture.
  • 2005For the first time in the (17) censusTokorozawaWas overtaken by the population2010In (22), it returned to the third largest city in the prefecture by population.

Day / night population ratio

Day / night population ratioIs 96.51% (2005).

Prefectural office locationSaitamaIs 91.89%.Also in Saitama prefectureTokorozawa85.02% ofKoshigaya83.84% ofAgeo City82.92% ofKasukabeMost of the cities are in the 80.15% -70% range, such as 80%.



Köppen climate classificationThen.Warm and humid climateBelong to.Mild climate throughout the year, annual averagePrecipitation amountIs 1320 mm, annual averagetemperatureIs 15.8 ℃, annual averageRelative humidityIs 62.8%, annual averagewind speedIs 2.1 m / s. (The numbers are2009[Source required].

On the other hand, in central TokyoHeat island phenomenonIt has been pointed out that the heat wave in summer is getting severer due to the influence of.Kawagoe CityJapanese Meteorological AgencyNot covered by the precision observation network ofTokyo Metropolitan UniversityWhen they measured the temperature independently,SummerThe highest temperature in Japan is known for its intense heatKumagaya City, Saitama PrefectureThe research result that exceeds the above was announced in June 2017.[5].


City centerIt belongs to the area of ​​30km fromnorth latitude35 degrees 55 minutes 30 seconds,east longitude139 degrees 29 minutes 08 seconds (Motomachi, where the city hall is located).The city area is approximately 16.3km east-west and approximately 13.8km north-south.elevationIs 18.5m above sea level in Motomachi, the highest at the southern end of the city is 50.7m, the lowest in the eastern part is 6.9m, and the altitude difference is about 44m.

ArakawaTamagawaThe area betweenMusashino PlateauKawagoe is located at the northeastern end of it.Musashino PlateauOku-Chichibu MountainsTheWater sourceFormed by the Tama RiverFanIs.The ancient Tama River ()TokyoKanagawaIn the western part of Saitama prefecture, not in the direction of the prefectural borderIruma-gunWas flowing across (nowIruma River(Almost the same as the flow path of).Musashino PlateauYanasegawaThe area north of the river is called the Kawagoe Plateau, and the northwestern side beyond the Iruma River is called the Iruma Plateau.To the southwestSayama Hills(The Sayama Hills are also hills formed by the Kotama River depositing sediment, and the formation of the Sayama Hills later changed the flow path to the south of the Tama River).KawagoekanWas built in the eastern limit of the Iruma PlateauKawagoe CastleWas built at the northern limit of the Kawagoe Plateau.Kawagoe Castle used the terrainHirayama CastleMet.1457(NagarokuWith Kawagoe Castle in the first year)Edo CastleBuilt a castleDou OtaAs a defense line connecting the two castlesKawagoe HighwayMade.Since then, head southwest from the Kawagoe HighwayTama areaUp toMusashinoThere is a cultural unity in the region called.

The surrounding area is lowland so as to surround the Kawagoe plateau, and from the cityKanto PlainYou can see the mountains surrounding the area.Gaichichibu MountainsAnd the Musashino side of the Musashino Plateau (higher level formed by the Kotama River)River terrace) Is the rain on the Iruma RiverShinkawa River,Oppe River,Furokawa,Koaze River,Akama RiverIt forms many rivers in the Arakawa River system (not the Tama River system now), and flows mainly from the northwest to the southeast in the lowlands surrounding the town of Kawagoe.The town was formed on a plateau, leaving room for expansion on the plateau on the south side, and historically the town has expanded to the south.Kotake ShingatakeArakawa originated fromEdo Period OfKaneiBy changing the waterOmiya plateauIt began to flow on the west side and increased the flow rate.ArakawaOmochiyamaIt joins the Iruma River that flows out of the river on Furuyakami in the city, forming the largest riverbed in Japan (National Route 16 OfKamiko BridgeIs the longest national highway bridge over a river in Japan).For this reason, on the opposite bank of the Arakawa River, which was called the "Togawa".OmiyaThere is not much historical connection with such things.

The Kawagoe Highway led to Edo without crossing the Iruma and Arakawa rivers, so Arakawa and ArakawaTone RiverSuffering from the flood ofNakasendoIt was as busy as it was. Called "Uchikawa"Shinkawa RiverTilts towards EdoSumida RiverBecause it joins in, the river line is maintainedShippingWas thriving.TaishoIn the era, the Shingashi River merged with the Akama River and became a shape surrounding the city of Kawagoe (in the Taisho era, it became the route of the Shingashi River).Tobu Tojo Main LineWas built and shipping was abolished).These rivers create vast floodlands in the northern and eastern parts of the city,Rice cultivationIt is a zone.The largest natural swamp in Saitama Prefecture is located in the eastern part of the city.IsanumaThere is also.A natural levee is also formed along the flow path of the old Arakawa.TheseAlluviumIs a soft clay with a high groundwater levelSiltIs thickly distributed.

On the other hand, in contrast to the city center, south and west on the Musashino Plateau (Kawagoe Plateau / Iruma Plateau)Diluvial plateauAndMount Fuji,Mt. Asamayama OfVolcanic ashFormedKanto loam layerBelow (Tachikawa loam layer and Musashino loam layer below) is a relatively stable gravel layer formed by the Kotama River.The Kanto loam layer has no water holding capacity and is troubled with well water, and before the Edo period, rivers that originated from the Musashino PlateauShakujii RiverIn addition, it was difficult to secure water on the plateau because it was easy to break the river.Now in MusashinoWooded areaBecause it has a good drainageUpland fieldIt is a zone.

Origin of place name

The direct origin isHeian periodToKawagoekanA powerful familyKawagoe[6] However, there are various theories about its origin since ancient times.

Kawagoe has been the center of Musashi Province since ancient times, and although it has been convenient for transportation to various people, the river surrounds the city of Kawagoe, and it is a place that can only be reached by crossing the Iruma River.KawagoeThe theory that it was calledYojuinBronze bell in (countryImportant cultural property) Has the inscription "Musashi Kunikawa Hefei"Azuma mirrorAlsoBunji2 years(1186) Already in the descriptionHefeiThere is a theory that it is a fertile land due to the flooding of the Iruma River because of the characters.

Adjacent local governments


Successive mayors

NameInauguration dateRetirement date
First generationAyabe Riuemon1922/12/119232
2Takeda Kumazo1923/8/11927May 7
3Norio Terao1927/9/221931May 9
4Hisao Hayashi1931/10/131932May 1
5Kinjuro Hayakawa1932/3/11935May 8
6Sadagoro Hashimoto1935/8/171939May 8
7Tokujiro Date1939/8/241943May 8
8Shibuya Kouichi1943/9/141945May 3
9Masaomi Kawai1945/4/211946May 8
10-15Taikichi Ito1946/10/71965May 7
16-19Takiji Kato1965/9/191981May 1
20-22Kiichi Kawai1981/2/81993May 2
23-26Koichi Funahashi1993/2/82009May 2
27-30Yoshiaki Kawai2009/2/8

Honorary citizen


In 2012 (Heisei 24) of Kawagoe CityFinancial capability index It is 0.95, which is among all 40 cities in Saitama prefecture.Toda-shi,Wako city,Asaka,Yashio city,Tokorozawa,SaitamaIt is the 7th highest after. The financial strength index exceeded 2007 from 2010 to 1.00, but has fallen below 2011 since 1.00.[7].

Administrative agency

National office

Special corporation institution

Prefecture agency

Prefectural public corporation

City agency

  • Kawagoe City Hall(Until now, according to the Kawagoe City Hall Branch Office Establishment Ordinance (March 36, 3 Ordinance No. 29)Branch officeWas set up, but it was renamed to "Citizen Center" from April 26, 2 by the Kawagoe City Citizen Center Ordinance (February 3, 26).[8].
    • Kawagoe City Yoshino Civic Center[9]
    • Furuya Civic Center
    • Minami Furuya Civic Center
    • Higher floor civic center
    • Fukuhara City Center
    • Yamada Civic Center
    • Nashou Civic Center
    • Kasumigaseki Citizen Center
    • Kasumigasekikita Civic Center
    • Kawatsuru Civic Center
    • Daito Civic Center
    In addition, the following liaison offices have been established as supplements to the branch offices according to the Kawagoe City Hall Liaison Office and the Certification Center Regulations (Rule 3, July 7, 31).
  • Kawagoe city up and downWaterworks
  • Kawagoe City Sewerage Management Center
  • Kawagoe-shiHealth center
  • Kawagoe Station West Exit Land Readjustment Office
  • Kawagoe City Road Management Office
  • Kawagoe City Metrological Inspection Center
  • Kawagoe City Living Information Center
  • Kawagoe City Hall (closed in June 27)
  • Yamabuki Kaikan
  • Kawagoe Nishi Cultural Center (Melt)
  • Kawagoe Minami Cultural Center (Joyful)
  • Northern Area Fureai Center
  • Eastern Area Fureai Center
  • City Museum
  • Municipal Museum
  • Children's Center Children's Castle
  • Kawagoe Station East Exit Children's Center
  • Higher floor children's house
  • Kawagoe Station East Exit Multipurpose Hall
  • International Exchange Center
  • Open space for supporting women's activities
  • Agricultural contact center
  • Sun Life Kawagoe / Yoshinodai Gymnasium
  • Kawagoe City Education Center (formerly Kawagoe City Furuya Higashi Elementary School)
  • Kawagoe City Education Center Branch (Rivera)


  • Western Mobile Center
  • Kawagoe Police Station
  • Shonen Support Center West Branch Office Kawagoe Counseling Room (Kawagoe City Education Center Branch Office)


Wide area administration

Some office associations

Development project

Kawagoe North Loop Line Project
As the last maintenance section of the ring road to avoid the inflow of cars into the citySaitama Prefectural Road 160 Kawagoe Kita Loop LineWas opened at 31:3 on Sunday, March 24, 15.
Station front maintenance


裁判 所


City council

  • Number of people: 36 people
  • Term: May 5- 2023May 5[11]
  • Chair: Yasuhiro Onozawa (Yamabukikai)
  • Vice-chairman: Ayako Yamaki (Constitutional Democratic Party)

Saitama Prefectural Assembly

  • Constituency: Nishinanaku, Kawagoe City
  • Number of people: 4 people
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
  • Voting Date: July 2019, 4
  • Number of voters on the day: 288,266[12]
  • Voting rate: 35.53%
Candidate nameCommentageParty nameOld and newNumber of votes obtained
Hideyuki NakanoThis57LDPNow27,034 vote
Akifumi FukayaThis44Komeito22,623 vote
Fumiko YamaneThis35National Democratic PartyNow20,907 vote
Yuko MoriyaThis69Japan Communist Partyyuan15,242 vote
Makoto Shibuyadrop45LDP15,070 vote

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Saitama Prefecture 7th Ward(Kawagoe City, etc.)Saichi KamiyamaLDP3Constituency
Yasuko KomiyamaConstitutional Democratic Party6Proportional revival

Sister cities/partner cities

Known as "Kura no Machi"TochigiTochigi City,ChibaKatori(OldSawara) WithLittle Edo SummitWe are interacting with each other in terms of tourism, such as opening.

Large-scale disaster mutual support agreement city

  • Saitama Prefecture Kawagoe Metropolitan Area Town Development Council (Our City, Sakado City, Tsurugashima City, Hidaka City, Moroyama Town / Ogose Town, Iruma District, Kawajima Town, Hiki District)
  • Flag of Takasaki, Gunma.svg Takasaki(Gunma
  • Flag of Tanagura Fukushima.JPG Tanagura Town (Higashishirakawa County, Fukushima Prefecture)
  • Flag of Hachioji, Tokyo.svg Hachioji City(Tokyo


  • Industrial population (2005)CensusThan)
    • Total employees: 164,573
    • Primary industry: 3,375 people (2.1%)
    • Secondary industry: 43,628 people (26.5%)
    • Tertiary industry: 111,160 people (67.5%)


1965(Showa 40)SayamaAt that time, it was the largest area in Japan.[13]Kawagoe Sayama Industrial ParkIs completed, and more1980 eraToFujimi Industrial Park,Kawagoe Industrial ParkHas been created to eliminate the mixture of housing and construction in the city.Metropolitan area central connecting expressway OfKawajima ICKawagoe No. XNUMX Industrial Park is being developed in the city near the city.It is one of the largest industrial cities in Saitama prefecture.2014It surpasses Sayama City and ranks first in the shipment value of factory-manufactured products (1 billion yen).The production of machinery is the largest,Chemical industryIt is also a feature that there are many.

Main office

・ Hoshino medical device



  • Edo periodKansei yearToBaked potatoIs fashionable (until then it was steamed sweet potatoes),Cultural yearAs an advertising copy of Ishiyakiimo, "From chestnuts (XNUMX ri) (XNUMX ri) Delicious XNUMX ri (XNUMX ri and a half)It was a famous sweet potato producing area.ShogunTokugawa IeharuPresented to "Kawagoe potatoIs said to have been named.The main area is the southwestern part of the city."Red Azuma" which is easy to cultivate graduallyTaroIn recent years, "potato digging excursions" (agricultural experience-type sightseeing digging) have become popular in kindergartens and elementary schools.
  • "" Was formed by volunteers,May 10Was established on "Sweet Potato Day" and is an initiative to revive Kawagoe potatoes.1999(Heisei11 years)Suntory Regional Culture AwardWas awarded.The current chairman is an American who lives in Kawagoe and is an authority on sweet potato research worldwide.Tokyo International University教授[14].
  • Along with sweet potatoes, it was a special product of the city.persimmonAnd in the old ageAkimoto Takachi Kai countryIt was transferred to the Kawagoe feudal lord and became popular in Kawagoe with a breeding policy.In particularKanagawaKawasaki CityOf the sweet persimmon that was born inZenji MaruIt was famous as a major production area, but it became obsolete after the war.
  • Currently, leafy vegetables are cultivated mainly in the Fukuhara and Daito districts located on the southwestern plateau, and rice is cultivated mainly in Yoshino, Yamada, Naho, Tanomozawa, and Furuya in the lowlands along the river in the north and east. There is.Since our city is a flat land with no mountains, it has the largest area of ​​cultivated land in Saitama prefecture with 2,693 ha.Suburban agricultureThe amount of vegetables and rice shipped in the area is large, and the amount of agricultural output in the city is high.Fukaya-Kumagaya-Honjo CityIt is the 4th place in Saitama prefecture after2009).Our city is considered to have a good balance of commerce, industry and agriculture in Saitama prefecture, and the number of agricultural workers is higher than the average in Saitama prefecture.youthMany layers,AgingIt is characterized by a small proportion of.
  • There is a certification system for "Koedo Kawagoe brand products", which raises Koedo Kawagoe black pigs and Koedo Kawagoe chickens.Advanced efforts to develop special productsMinistry of AgricultureMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryJointly supports and commends "88 selections of agricultural, commercial and industrial cooperationFrom within Saitama Prefecture,Coed Brewery"(Local beer) And "Hibiki" (Yakitori / Sai no Kuni Kurobuta) were selected.2010In (22)Kawagoe CastleNear the ruinsJA Irumano"Agureshu Kawagoe" has opened and is crowded with large-scale direct sales centers for local agricultural products.


Kawagoe CityRetail trade OfAnnual product salesIt is,Saitama-Kawaguchi cityIt is the third largest in Saitama prefecture after (3).

  • It also extends north from the east exit of Kawagoe Station.Shopping district"Claire Mall(Unified name of Kawagoe Sun Road Shopping Street and Kawagoe Shintomicho Shopping Street) is a shopping street with one of the largest ability to attract customers in the Kanto region.There is a lot of traffic even on weekdays from local young people, high school / university students who come to school from the neighborhood, and elderly people, and it is ranked first in Saitama prefecture in the traffic volume survey of the shopping district.[15]..Electric wires are underground in Crea Mall,GraniteWhat is a store on the pavement?Barrier-freeHas been made.Street musicianWill also appear.Crea Mall continues to Chuo-dori, Taisho Roman Yume-dori, and Kawagoe Ichibangai, and has a total length of over 2 km.
Main commercial facilities


Town name / large letters


  • Average age: 40.7 years old (39.8 years old for men, 41.7 years old for women)



primary school



Junior high school



high school

Kawagoe City
Saitama Prefectural

Special school


Universities in western Saitama prefecture such as our citySai no Kuni University ConsortiumWe are implementing a credit transfer system and open lectures.

In our city, there is a scholarship system called "Scholarship Fund".This scholarship is obliged to be returned.In addition, there is a "Kawagoe City Transportation Orphans Scholarship" system, which is a benefit type for elementary and junior high school students.

The school that once existed

Facilities other than school education

Vocational development school


In the citylibraryThere are 4 locations, 2 library distribution offices, and 1 library branch office.Also in urban areasMobile library"Yamabuki-go" is2007It was in service until March.Formerly, the Kawagoe Welfare Center (3 minutes walk from the west exit of Kawagoe Station)2008May 3Closed) OppositeSaitama Prefectural Kawagoe LibraryHas been in operation for many years,2003May 3Was abolished.

  • Kawagoe City Library
    • Central Library
    • West Library
    • Higher floor library
    • Kawagoe Station East Exit Library
    • Kasumigasekikita Headquarters
    • Higher floor south distribution office
    • Kasumigasekiminami Branch

The library is open to the following citizens under the mutual use agreement between local governments.


Public hall

In the cityPublic hallThere are 17 locations, one annex where full-time employees are not resident, and one annex.In addition, there is a neighborhood association meeting place defined as a community center in the town.

The Shimohiroya Minami Public Hall in Kawagoe City, which was used for a long time as an annex of the Nagu Public Hall, was abolished due to the relocation of the Nagu Public Hall.

  • Stand-alone building / annex building
    • Kawagoe City Central Community Center
    • Kawagoe City South Public Hall
    • Kawagoe City North Public Hall
    • Kawagoe City Yoshino Public Hall Along with Yoshino Civic Center
    • Kawagoe City Furuya Public Hall Furuya Civic Center and Annex
    • Kawagoe City Minami Furuya Public Hall Along with Minami Furuya Branch Office
    • Kawagoe City High Floor Public Hall Annexed in the complex facility "High Floor Civic Center" opened on May 2008, 20
    • Kawagoe City High Floor South Public Hall
    • Kawagoe City Fukuhara Public Hall Fukuhara Civic Center
    • Kawagoe City Daito Public Hall Annexed in the complex facility "Daito Civic Center" opened on May 2014, 26
    • Kawagoe City Daitonan Community Center
    • Kawagoe City Yamada Public Hall Annexed to Yamada Civic Center
    • Kawagoe City Nagu Community Center Annexed in the complex facility "Nagu Civic Center" opened on November 2009, 21
    • Kawagoe City Kasumigaseki Public Hall Annexed to Kasumigaseki Civic Center
    • Kawagoe City Kasumigasekikita Public Hall Annexed to Kasumigasekikita Civic Center (organized as annexed, but currently built in a different location)
    • Kawagoe City Isehara Public Hall Kasumiga Kankita Elementary School / West Library
    • Kawagoe City Kawatsuru Public Hall Along with Kawatsuru Civic Center
  • Annex / Branch
    • Kawagoe City Refreshing Activity Center
    • Kawagoe City Central Public Hall Branch (Koizumi YakumoA mansion that was relocated to Kawagoe in the Taisho era)

Public welfare facilities

There is one civic center, two cultural halls, one athletic park, one martial arts hall, and one funeral hall in the city.Facility operation and maintenance Kawagoe City Facility Management Foundation Is going.In addition, there are two regional contact centers that have adopted a resident management system as a small-scale cultural center.In addition, it should be noted.1974May 11Has been in operation for over 33 years Kawagoe Welfare Center(5-minute walk from the west exit of Kawagoe Station) was abolished on March 2008, 3.

  • Kawagoe City Yamabuki Kaikan (Kawagoe City HallClosed on June 27, 6 due to the opening of Westa Kawagoe)
  • Kawagoe Minami Cultural Center (Joyful)
  • Kawagoe Nishi Cultural Center (Melt)
  • Kawagoe Sports Park
    • Gymnasium
    • Athletic field
    • Tennis court
  • Kawagoe Budokan
  • Kawagoe Welfare Center
  • Kawagoe Citizen's Seien Yasuragi no Sato
  • Kawagoe City Northern Area Fureai Center (Yamada, Kawagoe City)
  • Kawagoe City Eastern Area Fureai Center (Namiki, Kawagoe City, next to Kawagoe Tax Office)

Phone Number

Area code The049Sakado City, Tsurugashima City, Fujimi City (other than Mizutanihigashi XNUMX-chome and XNUMX-chome), Fujimino City, Iruma District, Kawajima Town, Hiki District,Hatoyama TownSame as (Kawagoe MA).A part of Furuyakami on the left bank of Arakawa048.


Zip CodeThe whole city is "350-00xx, 08xx, 11xx".

Main post offices of Japan Post

Entertainment / leisure facilities

Movie theater

Closed movie theater

ゴ ル フ 場

  • Kasumigaseki Country Club
    1929(ShowaSaitama Prefecture's first golf course that opened in 4 years).It is one of the oldest golf courses in Japan and is the first in Japan to have 1 holes.1957In (Showa 32), golf was held for the first time in Japan.World CupThe course that was the setting for the (5th tournament).2020 OfTokyo OlympicsThen.GolfIt has been decided that it will be the venue (the only Olympic Games venue in a private facility)[16].



Edo PeriodIt has developed as a transportation hub in the Iruma area, and although traffic to surrounding cities has developed radially from the center, the development of city ring roads and the widening of major roads will be issues in the future. There is.

Railway line

East Japan Railway(JR East)
Tobu Railway
  • The location of Tsurugashima StationTsurugashima-shiHowever, the home hangs in Kawagoe City.
Seibu Railway

Kawagoe Station, Kawagoe City Station, and Hon-Kawagoe Station are located in the center of Kawagoe City.JTB publishing,Kotsu Shimbun OfTimetableThe representative station of the city in Tokyo is Kawagoe Station, which has the largest number of passengers in the city, and the average daily number of passengers on and off the Tobu Line and Kawagoe Line is about 2.Hon-Kawagoe Station is the closest station to the old town, Toki no Kane, and the opening year is 20, which is the oldest railway station in the city.

All three lines are directly connected to the city center, but of these, the Tobu-Tojo Line operates directly with the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line and the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line, and the alignment is straight and the required time is short, which is generally convenient. Highly sexual. Kawagoe Limited Express will start operating with the 3 timetable revision, and some trains will be used as sightseeing trains.ConciergeWill be on board.

The Kawagoe Line, which crosses the city area from east to west, is a single track, and the number of lines is much smaller than the other two lines, and the operation system is divided at Kawagoe Station except in the early morning.The remaining Seibu Shinjuku Line cannot be transferred directly to stations on the other two lines, and requires walking from Hon-Kawagoe Station to Kawagoe Station or Kawagoeshi Station.In both cases, it took about 2 minutes on foot to transfer, but with the opening of the west exit of Hon-Kawagoe Station in 2, the transfer from Hon-Kawagoe Station to Kawagoeshi Station was shortened to about 10 minutes on foot.

Waste line

Seibu Railway
Saitama Prefectural Railway

Former Seibu Railway The1925(TaishoIn 14), for the purpose of transporting gravel from the Iruma RiverMinami Otsuka StationThe Ahina Line was opened from.On the Iruma River, the Ahina Line and the Saitama Prefectural Railway extended from the Tobu and Seibu stations on the opposite bank so as to face each other.

1950It was electrified in (25) and changed from a steam locomotive to an electric locomotive, but its freight transportation also1967It was abolished in (Showa 42).After that, it was treated as a pause for nearly half a century,2016(28)May 11Was abolished with[17][18][19].



  • Nerima Taxi Kawagoe Sales Office
  • Saitama Daiichi KotsuKawagoe Sales Office
  • Seibu HireKawagoe Sales Office
  • Kawagoe passenger car
  • Sankyo Transportation
  • First gan traffic
  • Fujimi Hire
  • Tojo Higher

Taxi business areaIs the southwestern transportation area of ​​the prefecture,Tokorozawa-Higashimatsuyama-Hanno-Wako cityIt is the same area as.


General national road
Prefectural road

Townscape preservation

Residential estate

  • First Gan housing complex
  • Shinjukumachi housing complex
  • Kawagoe Nishiyama House (Kasahata)
  • Kawagoe Kitaya Residence (Kishimachi)
  • Kawagoe Kishimachi Yamabuki House
  • Kawagoe Kugedo House
  • Kawagoe Tsukiyoshimachi housing complex
  • Kawagoe Tsukiyoshimachi House
  • Kawagoe Imaizumi Housing
  • Kawagoe Imafuku Housing
  • Kawagoe Yamada Housing
  • Kawagoe Konakai Residence
  • Kawagoe Kozutsumi House
  • Kawagoe Higashi Sakagami Residence (Shinjukumachi)
  • Kawagoe Shinmeicho Housing
  • Kawagoe Senbamachi Housing
  • Kawagoe Matoba Housing
  • Kawagoe Fujiwara Housing
  • Kawagoe Minami Otsuka Housing
  • Kawagoe Green Park (Furuyakami)
  • Family Town Kasuga (Kotsumi)
  • Sumitomo Kawagoe Kasumigaseki Condominium (currently Uwadoshinmachi)
  • Tokyu Kasumigaseki New Town (currently Kasumigaseki 2-5 Chome)
  • Kawatsuru Miyoshino housing complex
  • Kawatsuru housing complex
  • Isehara housing complex
  • Kasumigaseki Kakuei housing complex-Kakuei Construction (currentlyJoint Residential Real Estate) Construction housing complex
  • URMusashi Ryokuen City Kawagoe / Tsurugashima area(Kawatsuru Green Town)
  • URMusashi Ryokuen City Kasumigaseki district(Kawagoe New City Isehara)


"There are many Little Kyotos in the world, but Little Edo is only Kawagoe.700 million tourists (2016) visit each year.NHK OfTaiga dramaBut"Kasuga station","Aoi Tokugawa XNUMXrd generation","Yoshitsune","Fulin VolcanoThe number of tourists is increasing when it comes to content related to the city.

I came to Japan from overseasState guestIt is also introduced as a representative townscape of Japan,2007May 3ToAkihitoThe coupleスウェーデンkingCarl XVI GustafGuide the couple,Seibu Shinjuku Line OfTrainYukiyukidid.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism OfTourism Renaissance BusinessIt has been designated as a tourism promotion measure to promote the attraction of wealthy foreigners.A promotional video competition for foreign tourists, "Koedo Kawagoe Video Awards," is also held, and excellent works are distributed overseas.It is popular as a town in the suburbs of Tokyo where you can experience the atmosphere of Edo with convenient transportation, and the number of foreign tourists exceeds 4 a year.[26]. South KoreaMBC's popular program "We got marriedIt is becoming more and more popular in foreign media, such as being a location for.

20082From KawagoeChamber of commerceAroundKoedo Kawagoe testIs being held, and many people from outside the city are taking the test.Alsosilk(Kawagoe Kinpei)KarajiSince it was a major production area in (Kawagoe), the town is being promoted on the 18th of every month as "Kawagoe Kimono Day", and if you wear a kimono, you can get a discount on shopping at each museum and designated shops in the old town.

  • Tourist office
    Kawagoe City Tourist Information Center is the first in Saitama PrefectureVisit Japan Information Centerso,Kawagoe StationOn the premisesKawagoe first streetIt is in.
  • Rental Bike
    France-Paris OfVelibSimilar toBicycleKawagoe City, an advanced lending systemBicycle sharingIs being implemented.Bicycles can be rented and returned (dropped off) 24 hours a day at any of the ports (bicycle parking lots) set up at city halls, Kawagoeshi Station, and tourist attractions in the city.Dedicated for usePrepaid CardAfter entering the necessary information on the touch panel of the terminal of the port,Credit cardTo insert. If the usage time is 1 minutes or less, you can use it as many times as you like with only the basic charge.

Specialty / special product

  • sweet potato
    A special product from the Edo period.It was Kawagoe that grew sweet potatoes, which were an emergency food during famine, into delicious commercial crops, and nowKawagoe potatoAlthough the production volume of sweet potatoes has decreased, it has become a processing base for sweet potatoes.Kawagoe potatoes are a variety that becomes delicious when processed, such as being easy to cook.Potato yokan,Potato pine needles, Potato natto, potato shoe, two-color potato bavarois, potato pudding, etc.Kawagoe's "potato sweets"Soka rice cracker,GoheiIt is said to be "Saitama's three major confectionery"[27]..The yellow "potato soft serve" originated in Kawagoe.Not only potato sweets but also potato dishes are a specialty, and it was said, "If you want to eat sweet potatoes, go to Kawagoe."Tenpo yearHas built abundant dishes from.Imo udon and potato okowa are standard. "Epurontei" and "Genjiya" are original sweet potato dishes. "Imozen" is known for its potato kaiseki and is known as the "Sweet Potato Museum".2008It was open until (20) (after closing, the materials areKawagoe City MuseumDonated to).
  • Japanese sweets
    "In the middle of the turtle" of Kawagoe famous confectioneryKameyaIs1783(Tenmei3 years) Founded and used by the former Kawagoe domain. "Kameya Eizumi", "Kurazukuri Honpo, "Imoju", "Toyodo", "Dokan", "Monzoan", "Inabaya Honpo" and other long-established stores that have passed the 1st century.Kameya Eizumi also has a "potato confectionery history museum".
  • Kawagoedumpling
    Kawagoe dango is a non-sweet soy sauce-flavored roasted dango that is chewy.Kanei yearsIt has been established as a social gathering place in the castle, and there are still many shops in the city.Ansei yearFounded "Naritasan Dango"1861(BunkyuFirst year) Founded "Tanakaya" etc.
  • Rice crackers
    There are shops of hand-baked rice crackers handmade from dough such as "Shiono" and "Otamaya" in the city.Kawagoe rice crackers are traditionally soy sauce-flavored salted rice crackers. CM of "Senbei / Hail is Iron Fire"Honda confectioneryIs a company born in the city, and the head office, factory, and direct sales office are all in the city.
  • pickles,tofu,KonjacThese are also specialties from the Edo period.
  • Kawagoe tea
    Yen Ren(Jikaku Daishi) cultivated in KawagoeSayama teaRoots.In the old days, it was called Kawagoe tea.Group documentsOf the collectionNorthern and Northern DynastiesHowever, the name of Kawagoe tea has already been written as "Japan's 5 Greatest Teas".
  • Raw noodles
    Kawagoe was in the Edo periodwheatKawagoe Somen is a large production area ofShinkawa River OfShippingA specialty product that has been continuously presented to the shogunate.In the old Takazawa-cho, somen shops were lined up. "Kawagoe Funantei" etc.
  • eel OfHagi Yaki
    Iruma RiverIt has been famous for its eel dishes since ancient times because it was possible to get good quality eel from the rivers in the city. "Ogakiku" is1809(culture6 years) founded. "Ichinoya" is1832(Tempo3 years) Founded. "Azumaya" and "Ogawafuji" are also long-established stores from the early Meiji era.The head office of "Large Grain", which has a chain in Saitama Prefecture, is also located in the city.
  • Kaiseki-Meeting meal
    "restaurantIt was also called "the town of".One of the leading merchants in the Kanto region, which was the guest house of the Kawagoe domainYokota Gorobee"Yamaya", which is a restaurant with a villa of 1000 tsubo, has been used by literary people.1868(First year of the Meiji era) Founded "Hatsuneya" etc.
  • Western food
    "Yoshitora" is1877(Meiji10 years) FoundedSukiyakiLong-established store.country'sRegistered tangible cultural property"Taiyoken" in the Western-style building is Western food from the Taisho era. "Rakuten" is1932For the first time in (Showa 7)Pork cutletNamed Tokyo(I.e.The only branch of "Rakuten" (the Ueno main store does not exist now).
  • Japanese buckwheat noodles
    It is a land suitable for soba cultivation from ancient times, and there are many soba shops inheriting the influence of Edo.KitainSoba restaurants stand out on the approach to the shrine (such as Chasoba's "Shouan"). The store of "Hyakujo" is registered as a national registered tangible cultural property.
  • Soy sauce-Local sake
    Tenpo yearFounded "Matsumoto Soy Sauce",1789(KanseiFirst year) Founded "Fueki soy sauceNaturally brewed soy sauce remains. "Koedo Kagamiyama Sake Brewery" is a local sake "Kagamiyama"Sake brewery.Shochu TheMiyoshiCultivated inKawagoe potatoThere is Kawagoe potato shochu "Fuku no Beni Red" made from.
  • Local beer(Little Edo Brewery
    COEDO beerIs made from sweet potatoes, a local specialty of Kawagoe.Prepared by the prestigious German BraumeisterPremiumCraft beerso,Monde SelectionWon the highest gold award iniTQi The first Japanese beer to win the best crystal taste award in the contest, the European Beer Star Award2010Won the first gold medal for domestic beer.North America,AustraliaWe also export overseas,AmericaThen.Gourmet supermarket OfWhole Foods MarketBut it is sold.
  • Musashino Udon
    From our cityTokyoMusashimurayama-shiOverMusashino PlateauHas been the home of "handmade udon" (Musashino udon) since the Edo period, and there are many "zaru udon" shops around the city.Noodle shops are also scattered around, and "Yomogi Udon", which is eaten in the Iruma region, is also made.
  • Ramen
    It is a fierce battlefield with many ramen shops.Above all, "" istsukemenAs a spark of the boom, there are many opportunities to appear in mass media such as TV and magazines.Shin-Yokohama Ramen MuseumAlso has a branch office.
  • Class B gourmet
    Kawagoe thick noodle fried noodlesThere is.Monjayakietc.HigashimatsuyamaWindMiso roastedThe head office of "Hibiki" is in our city.
  • PaulowniaChest of drawers
    Kanei yearsOf the feudal lordMatsudaira ShinodaIt is a local industry in Kawagoe that was established by the company, and is the birthplace of paulownia chests of drawers.It was useful in Edo where there are many big fires.Kawagoe's paulownia chestToshimasa ShimamuraIt is also depicted in the novel "Kiri no Hana".Empress MichikoI paid a paulownia chest of drawers for my marriageTenpo yearThe founding "Kikyouya" is famous.
  • Kara pier
    Kawagoe was a major producer of textiles such as Kawagoe silk, but Tozan was a striped cotton that came from Nanban during the Edo period, and the stylish and expensive Karaji was predominant in Edo.Kawagoe merchants were the first to succeed in mass production and are called Kawagoe Karaji (Kawagoe Kara).Kawakara has been featured in the media more and more in recent years.

Sightseeing spot

For museums, see "MuseumsSee the item.For designated cultural properties,List of cultural properties designated by Kawagoe CitySee also

  • Former Yamayoshi department store
    Yamayoshi department store1936Western-style building expanded in (Showa 11).It has been restored in recent years.Designed by Katsuya Yasuoka.Yamayoshi department store1923The first department store in Saitama Prefecture that opened in (Taisho 12)Chichibu CityIt was a year earlier than Yao Department Store.Kawagoe Watanabe Bank was founded by a mercer that has been around since the Edo period, but it is the owner.エ レ ベ ー タ ーIt was a high-class department store with a roof garden.1942Closed due to war in (Showa 17).After the war1951From (Showa 26)1964Until (39) Maruki Department Store (currentlyMaruhiro Department Store Kawagoe).Adjacent1915There is also a Western-style building, the former "Tanakaya Museum", built in (Taisho 4).
  • This was also designed by Katsuya Yasuoka, who has a close relationship with the city.Stained glassIs a beautiful Western-style buildingSukiyaThe main building is a fusion of Japanese-style rooms.Dry landscape gardenTea gardenThe garden consisting of is the first country in Saitama prefectureRegistered monumentRegistered in (Scenic spot)[29].1926Since its completion (Taisho 15), it has also been used as a lodging facility for the imperial family who came to Kawagoe.Mr. LeeThe last ofCrown prince-Li YinAlso stayed and there is the monument.It is currently owned by the city and is open to the public on an irregular basis.
    In our city, not only the warehouse but also many Western-style buildings remain in the city.As a nationally registered tangible cultural property, there is a wooden Western-style building with a red roof, which is characteristic of the former Rokkenmachi Post Office.
  • Fujima style birthplace monument
    Japanese danceOne of the five major schoolsFujima styleIs the first generation from Fujima Village, Iruma District (currently Fujima, Kawagoe City).Kanbei FujimaBut,HoeiHe went to Edo every year and named himself Fujima Kanbei, who bears the name of his hometown Fujima.kabukiIt comes from the fact that I started choreography.Warrior alleyThere is also a handwritten monument called "Fujima no Sato living in Musashino".
  • Masaoka Shiki monument
    Shiki Masaoka Imperial UniversityIn school1891The song that was sung when traveling to Kawagoe in (Meiji 24) is a stone monument.There are many such literary monuments in our city.

    A cold trip next to Kinuta Depression

  • Kawagoe's "Liberty Bell"
    1951(26)May 4,KitainUnited States in Japan in the precinctsBoy scout3rd Corps Grand Heights (Asaka) And the Kawagoe Boy Scouts 2nd Group held a Japan-US Boy Scouts exchange camp.To commemorate this, the US side donated the "Liberty Bell" and the Kawagoe side donated the embroidered corps flag to each other.The "Liberty Bell" is marked by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), and the plate attached with it spells out the origin of the bell, which is currently built beside the Kawagoe City Hall.Kawagoe has a thriving scouting movement, and Kawagoe Boy Scout is one of the oldest in Saitama Prefecture, and the establishment of Cub Scout is also the first in Saitama Prefecture.
  • Oedo Kawagoe ShichifukujinTour
    Our citySeven Lucky GodsMany temples enshrineAmamiSince the Edo period, the Seven Lucky Gods have been visited and are still crowded with citizens and tourists.

Major festivals

Kawagoe Saijiki

  • 1
    • 3rd First Daishi (Daruma City) (Kitain
    • 9th XNUMXst class (Kurei Kasuga Shrine)
    • 成人 の 日The day before Sunday Mochitsuki Dance (Minami Otsuka, Saifukuji) Prefectural designated intangible folk cultural property
    • 15th Tsutsumi porridge Shinto ritual (Ishida, Fujimiya Shrine) City-designated intangible folk cultural property
  • 2
    • 11 days Yutori type(Shimooibukuro, Hikawa Shrine) Prefecture-designated intangible folk cultural property
  • 3
    • 春分 の 日 Fusegi (Hojito, Ozaki Shrine) City-designated intangible folk cultural property
    • Late Shingashi River Cherry Blossom Festival (Shinkawa RiverRiverbed)
    • Late Koedo Kawagoe Spring Festival (Festivals continue throughout the city until the Spring Festival Folk Dance Festival in May)
  • 4
    • 2nd Sunday Mansaku (Old bag, Hikawa Shrine) Prefectural designated intangible folk cultural property
    • 14th Foot Dance (Minamitajima, Hikawa Shrine) City-designated intangible folk cultural property
    • 15th Festival Bayashi (Imafuku, Sugahara Shrine) Prefectural designated intangible folk cultural property
    • 15th Festival Bayashi (Nakadai, Yakumo Shrine) Prefectural designated intangible folk cultural property
    • 3rd Saturday and Sunday Sasara Lion Dance (Ishihara Town, Kanonji) Prefecture designated intangible folk cultural property
    • 19 days Shinto music(Nakafuku, Inari Shrine) City-designated intangible folk cultural property
  • 7
    • 13th Hatsuyama (Fujimi Town, Asama Shrine)
    • 2nd Sunday Piledriver (Kamiterayama, Yata Shrine) City-designated intangible folk cultural property
    • Sunday around the 15th Mansaku (Kurei, Yasaka Shrine) City-designated intangible folk cultural property
    • 3 Sunday Lion Dance(Fukuda, Hoshigyoin, Akagi Shrine) City-designated intangible folk cultural property
    • Mid Koedo Kawagoe Fireworks Festival (Isanuma ParkOr Aina Water Park)
    • Late Kawagoe Million Lights Summer Festival
  • 9
    • Cooked for one day (Shinjukumachi, Suzumenomori Shrine)
    • 敬老の日The day before Sunday Horokake Festival (Furuya Hongo, Furuoya Hachiman Shrine) Prefectural designated intangible folk cultural property
    • 15th Lion Dance (Furuya Hongo, Furuoya Hachiman Shrine)
    • Late Kawagoe City Art Exhibition (Kawagoe City Museum
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12



There are many objects (outdoor sculptures) in the city.The objects that represent time are as follows.

  • "Time" (Heisei)Bell of timeAsKawagoe StationLocated at the east exit rotary.Hisakazu Fujita.It shines high in the night sky at 6:9 pm, 0:XNUMX pm, and XNUMX:XNUMX pm, telling the time.Illuminating Engineering Society Award)
  • "Children's Kawagoe Festival" (Atre MaruhiroIt was installed at the upper part of the entrance on the station side to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system.Karakuri clock..Karakuri operation is every hour from the opening time of Atre to 9 pm)
  • "24 MONUMENT PLAZA" (Pyramid-shaped sundial in the square at the east exit of Kawagoe Station, by Akio Takase)

Works set in Kawagoe

Native celebrity

Historical person

Political world



Actors, singers, etc.



Person with connection



Related item


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