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😷 | [Follow-up] 196 people infected in Hiroshima prefecture, new corona on the 18th

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[Follow-up] 196 people infected in Hiroshima prefecture, new corona on the 18th

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As of 18:7 pm on the 196th in Hiroshima prefecture, it was announced that 200 new people were infected with the new coronavirus. Below XNUMX people ... → Continue reading

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Kitahiroshima Town

Kitahiroshima Town(Kitahiroshimacho)Hiroshima Oftown.Yama prefecture countyBelong to.


  •  Mountains: Chugoku Mountains1000 meter class mountainsShimane It is connected to the prefectural border with.
  •  River: Ota RiverとEnokawaThe headwaters of the water system.
  •  Sea of ​​Japan side climateso,Heavy snowfallIt is designated as, and it will be snowy in winter.Located in Higashiyawatahara at an altitude of 774mAmedusIn Yawata, the amount of snowfall in a normal year may exceed 5 m.It is also said to be the coldest place in western Japan, and a low temperature of -1977 degrees was observed on February 2, 19.[1].
  • There is a big difference in climate between the city and the northwest.In the northwestern part of Geihoku, snowfall occurs almost every year, and snowfall in April and November is not uncommon.In the middle of winter, we have also observed snow cover over 4 meters.

Adjacent local governments





Successive mayors
代NameInauguration dateRetirement date
First generationMasahiko Takeshita2005th of February 32013th of February 3
2 feeHiroshi Minano2013th of February 3[2]Incumbent


Heisei 18 year

  • Financial capability index 0.33 Hiroshima Prefecture Municipalities Average 0.58
  • Current account ratio 97.0% Hiroshima prefecture municipalities average 93.5% Fiscal rigidity is progressing
  • Standard financial scale of 92 million yen
  • General account revenue 153 million yen
  • General account expenditure 149 million yen
  • Personnel expenses Personnel expenses per person Property expenses, etc. Settlement amount 20 yen Hiroshima Prefecture Municipalities Average 1103 yen
  • Number of employees per 1000 population 15.43 Hiroshima Prefecture Municipalities Average 8.32 The number of employees is excessive
  • Laspeyres index 93.6% National average 93.9
  • Current amount of local bonds per capita: 115 yen (debt for ordinary account only)
  • Real debt service ratio 22.3% National municipalities average 15.1% 18% is exceeded, so permission is required to issue bonds

Balance of local bonds

  • 1 Local bond balance for ordinary accounts 240 million yen
  • 2 Balance of local bonds (corporate bonds) for special accounts 141 million yen
    • Main breakdown Agricultural village drainage business 40 million yen Simple water supply business 6700 million yen Sewerage business (public) 27 million yen Sewerage business (special ring) 1400 million yen Hospital accounting 22 Ten thousand yen
  • 3 Local bond balance for partial-affairs associations related to 18 million yen
    • Breakdown Geikita Wide Area Environmental Facility Association 11 million yen (contribution ratio 4100%) Yamagata District Western Sanitation Association 35.3 million yen (contribution ratio 7%)
  • 4 Debt of the third sector, etc. 3 million yen (for Kitahiroshima Land Development Corporation)

Total balance of local bonds (ordinary account + special account) 382 billion yen 

  • Balance of local bonds per Kitahiroshima townsman 183 yen


Specialty goods

  • Agricultural products (vegetables, rice, yuzu, etc.)
  • Agricultural processed products

Local sake

  • Yae no Tsuyu
  • Old turtle



Kitahiroshima Town has manyChugoku MountainsThe population has been declining since 1965, as is the case with local governments.On the other hand, in the former Chiyoda town, which is the center of the cityChinese motorwayChiyoda InterchangeAnd the flat land is relatively large,Industrial parkThe population decline was gradual due to the construction of[3].

Population distribution of Kitahiroshima, Hiroshima, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Kitahiroshima Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Kitahiroshima Town (2005)
■Purple-Kitahiroshima Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kitahiroshima Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan
Population transition of the old 4 towns (Census)[4][5]
  4 towns total /Kitahiroshima Hiroshima chapter.JPGKitahiroshima Town


high school

Junior high school

  • Municipal Chiyoda Junior High School
  • Municipal Geikita Junior High School
  • Municipal Daicho Junior High School
  • Municipal Toyohei Junior High School
  • Shinjo Gakuen (Hiroshima Shinjo Junior High School)

primary school

  • Municipal Kawasako Elementary School
  • Municipal Yae Elementary School
  • Municipal Yae Higashi Elementary School
  • Municipal Mibu Elementary School
  • Municipal main elementary school
  • Municipal Daicho Elementary School
  • Municipal Shinjo Elementary School
  • Municipal Geikita Elementary School
  • Municipal Toyohei Elementary School



There is no railroad line.Hiroshima Station-Kabe StationThere is a bus from.



General national road
Road Station

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sightseeing spot

  • Kikkawa Castle Ruins (Suruga Maru CastleRuins (national historic sites)Ogurayama CastleRuins (national historic sites)Hiyama CastleRuins (national historic sites)Yoshikawa MotoharukanRuins (national historic sites), Saizenji ruins, Mantokuin ruins (former Mantokuin garden), Tosenji ruins, Josenji ruins, Matsumoto mansion ruins)
  • Arita Castle Ruins
  • Tatsuyama Hachiman Shrine
  • Enomiya Hachiman Shrine
  • Kohori Yakushido / Chiyoda History and Folklore Museum
  • Kun Ironworks Ruins / Iron Hometown Park

Nearby Tourist Spots

Ski resort
  • Yoro Onsen
  • Chiyoda Onsen
  • Hiroshima Kita Hotel
  • Oasa Narutaki open-air hot spring
  • Geihoku Onsen
  • Tahara Onsen 5000 years bath
  • Oasa Kanbiki Onsen
  • Ryuto Onsen
camp site
  • Hijiriko Campground
  • Futagawa Campground
Baseball field
  • Toyohei Donguri Stadium
  • Chiyoda Athletic Park Baseball Field
  • Osugiya Ryokan
  • Kyoya Ryokan
Training accommodation
  • Azalea
  • Green Hill Oasa

Special event


Area code

Area codeIs the whole area0826However, since the toll area differs depending on the city code, mutual calls between the two areas are adjacent charges (90 seconds 10 yen), and the area code is required.

  • Former Geihoku Town area: 20-39 (additional total)MA)
  • Areas other than the above: 60-89 (Chiyoda MA)
Zip Code

Zip CodeIs as follows.

  • Chiyoda Post Office: 731-15xx
  • Japan Post: 731-21xx
  • Toyohira Post Office: 731-17xx, 731-12xx
  • Geihoku Post Office: 731-23xx, 731-22xx
  • Japan Post: 731-24xx, 731-25xx
  • Kake Post Office (Akiota Town): 731-35xx, 731-34xx, 731-36xx

PolicemenIs the old Geihoku townKake Police Station, OthersKabe Police StationWas under the jurisdiction of2005May 2 OfMerger of municipalitiesTransferred at the same time, the entire area is the Kake police station (currentlyYama prefecture police station) Became under the jurisdiction.

Government office

The town hall was located at the former Chiyoda Town Hall.

Municipal cable TV station

Famous people


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