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😷 | New coronavirus 7 new infections Akita


New coronavirus 7 new infections Akita

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At Oga Minato Municipal Hospital, where the cluster occurred, an infection was newly confirmed in a female inpatient in her 90s.

On the 22nd, it was confirmed that seven new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Akita Prefecture.This is the infected person in the prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Oga Minato Municipal Hospital

Oga Minato Municipal Hospital(Oga Minato Minbyoin)AkitaOga CityEstablished by Oga City in Funagawa Port Funagawapublic OfMedical institution.


Oga Peninsula-Oga Quasi-National ParkandHachirogataA public school whose main medical area is the Wakami area to the west ofEmergency designated hospital[1]So, it is the only public hospital in Oga City.


  • 1944(Showa19 years)- Japan Medical Corps Funagawa HospitalOpened as a hospital.
  • 1948(Showa 23)- Japan medical teamDissolved and became a medical facility of Funakawaminato National Health Insurance Association.
  • 1949(Showa 24)- Funakawa Port TownTransferred to.Become publicly owned.
  • 1955(30) --The surrounding 7 towns and villages merged into Oga City, and the hospital alsoOga City General HospitalBecomes
  • 1998(10) July --Relocated to the current location and renamedOga Minato Municipal HospitalRenamed to.The design of the new hospitalKisaburo Ito Architectural InstituteWent.

Insurance designated facility

  • Remote medical center hospital[1]
  • Emergency notification hospital[1]
  • Clinical training hospital

Medical department

  • Internal medicine
  • Psychiatric (outpatient only)
  • neurology
  • Pediatrics
  • surgical
  • Orthopedics
  • 皮膚科
  • Urology
  • Obstetrics and gynecology
  • Ophthalmology

Number of certified specialists

The number of specialistsAkita Medical Information NetworkAccording to the figures published by.[2]



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