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😷 | Yamagata Prefecture will take thorough measures against infection in the "XNUMXth wave"


In Yamagata Prefecture, thorough infection control measures will be taken in the "XNUMXth wave"

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In particular, in Nanyo City, where clusters occurred due to snacks, etc., a total of 24 people have been infected in the last week until the 1th.

The infection of the new corona in the prefecture has spread again, and the prefecture says that the epidemic in the prefecture has entered the "fourth wave".Experts are between families ... → Continue reading

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This is Yamagata Broadcasting, a television and radio station in Yamagata Prefecture.
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Nanyo City

Nanyo City(Nanyō) isYamagataWith a population of about 3 in the southeastern part ofCity..Hills to the north, Iono to the south,Crane repayment OfFolk taleIt is known as a village where


Nanyo City is located in the northern part of the Okitama Basin, with the Shirataka Hills in the northern part and the flat land in the southern part, with the Mogami River as the southern end.It is about 21km to Yonezawa, about 35km to Yamagata, where the prefectural office is located, about 61km to Fukushima, and about 95km to Sendai.The altitude is about 200m in the plains and about 450m in the northern mountains.


  • 1967(Showa42 years)[1]
  • 1968(43) --Nanyo Civic Center completed. (Closed in 2015)
  • 1974(Showa 49)- Yoshino MineClosed mountain.
  • 1980(Showa 55)- Inari Mori TumulusDesignated as a national historic site (the largest keyhole-shaped tumulus in the prefecture and the sixth largest in the Tohoku region).
  • 1988(Showa 63)- Yamagata Railway Flower Nagai LineOpening. (Former JR Nagai Line)
  • 1989(HeiseiXNUMXst year) --Nanyo City Martial Arts Hall,Mukaiyama Parkcarry out.
  • 1992(4) --Hijia Park Nanyo opened.
  • 1996(8) --Nanyo City Central Flower Park (Nanyo Civic Gymnasium) completed.
  • 2001(13)- Ekubo Plaza(Nanyo City Library) Completed.
  • 2013(25) --Damage from heavy rain.Two rivers in the city are flooded.Damage such as the total destruction of one house in the Kotaki area.
  • 2014(26) --Heavy rain damage again.Two rivers in the city were flooded and 2 buildings were damaged by flooding on the floor in the Akayu area.
  • 2015(27) --Beside the city hallNanyo City Cultural Centercarry out.
  • 2016(28) --The Cultural Center becomes the world's largest wooden concert hallGuinnessBe certified by.
  • 2017(29) --The 50th anniversary of the municipal organization.
  • 2019(31) --The Tohoku Chuo Expressway Nanyo Takahata IC-Yamagata Kaminoyama IC will open for the first time in the city. (Nanyang PA is also in service) As a result, Sendai, Fukushima, and Tokyo were connected by an expressway.

Origin of city name

At the time of the merger, both Miyauchi-cho and Akayu-cho did not give up under the new city name, and as an arbitration proposalAbiko FujikichiGovernor of Yamagata Prefecture(At that time)ChugokuNamed after quoting from "Kikusui of Nanyo"Mizusho place name(The city hall was built at an intermediate point).From the background of the city name decision,Nanyang City (China)Was affiliated with as a friendship city in 1988.


Successive mayors

Substitute / termNameInaugurationResignation
Mayor ExecutorYoshikazu Sato1967/4/11967/4/17
1 2nd termYoshikazu Sato1967/4/281975/3/29
2 1nd term Tohei Endo1975/4/281978/3/10
3 1nd term Naoichiro Sudo1978/4/161978/6/15
4 2nd termMasataka Niiyama1978/7/301986/7/29
5 3nd termToshihiro Otake1986/7/301998/7/29
6 2nd termYukiaki Arai1998/7/302006/7/29
7 2nd termHideo Shioda2006/7/302014/7/29
8 2nd termTakao Shiraiwa2014/7/30Incumbent


Constant: 17[2]



  • Agriculture (grape)
  • There is Nanyo West Industrial Park in the Urushiyama area.

Major companies headquartered in Nanyo

post office

Financial institution

Sister cities/partner cities



Population distribution of Nanyo, Yamagata, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Nanyo City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Nanyo City (2005)
■Purple-Nanyo City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Nanyo City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


high school

Junior high school

primary school

  • Nanyo City Akayu Elementary School
  • Nanyo City Urushiyama Elementary School
  • Nanyo City Okigo Elementary School
  • Nanyo City Ogi Elementary School
  • Nanyo City Nakagawa Elementary School
  • Nanyo City Miyauchi Elementary School
  • Nanyo City Ringo Elementary School


Okitama districtIt plays a role as a transportation hub.

Railway line

East Japan Railway(JR East)
Yamagata Railway
  • Central station: Akayu station


high speed・ Intercity bus
Transit Bus
  • Yamako Bus Nagai City Hall-Yamagata City Hall
  • Northern District Bus Akayu Station-Kotaki Fudoson-mae * Entrusted to Akayu Kanko Bus
  • Western District Bus Nanyo Hospital-Okitama Hospital * Entrusted to Akayu Kanko Bus
  • Nakagawa District Bus Nanyo Hospital-Motonakayama Public Hall * Consigned to Yonezawa Bus Tourism


Sights/historic sites/tourist spots[4]・ Festivals / special events

Famous people

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