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😷 | [Breaking news] New corona Infects 20 new people in Toyama Prefecture New cluster in Imizu city


[Breaking news] New corona Infects 20 new people in Toyama Prefecture New cluster in Imizu City

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In addition, a new cluster has been created at the welfare service office for persons with disabilities in Imizu City.

On the 27th, the prefecture announced that it had confirmed 20 new coronavirus infections in Toyama prefecture. From teens to 10 ... → Continue reading

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Imizu City

Imizu City(Imizu) isToyamaThe third largest city in the prefecture located in the westCity.


Northern part is low humidityHorizonThere are many paddy fields in the southMt. Taiko-Imizu HillsA gentle hilly area spreads out and forms a landscape of satoyama.

Adjacent municipalities


History of merger

NationwideGreat Heisei mergerIn this area, in this area, the merger of 4 municipalities in Imizu-gun to a city, the merger of 5 municipalities including Shinminato city,Takaoka,Himi,Oyabe City,Fukuoka TownA wide-area merger including2003(Heisei(15) In response to the results of the referendum in Kosugi Town held in February, the same yearMay 5By 5 municipalities including Shinminato cityMerger councilWas installed.

At the merger council, a public call for new city names was made, and as a result, many city names including "Imizu" such as "Imizu City", "Imizu City", "Imizuno City", etc. eventually became the new city. It was decided that the name would be "Imizu City". Shinminato City once belonged to Imizu District.

Initially the merger date2005(17)May 3However, Mayor Kosugi insisted that he would merge only with the four municipalities in Imizu-gun and announced that he would leave the merger council, while Daimon-cho, Shimomura, and Oshima-machi insisted on the merger in five municipalities. , Talks were suspended.

But then2004(16)May 8As a result of a referendum asking whether the merger of the five municipalities of Kosugi-cho was held in November, the number was in favor, so it was late for the originally planned merger date, but merger talks were resumed, and in 5 (2005)May 11Agreed to merge as "Imizu City" in 2005May 2Signed a merger agreement with 5 municipalitiesToyama Prefectural AssemblyAfter the approval ofMay 7The Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications announced in the official gazette. As a result, the city of Imizu was established by the merger of 11 municipalities on November 1 (Imizu-gun disappeared).

  • The following place names have been changed due to the merger[1].
    • (Kosugi Town) Kitano → Kosugi Kitano-To distinguish from Oshima Town Kitano
    • (Oshima Town) Kitano → Oshima Kitano-To distinguish from Kosugi Town Kitano
    • (Kosugi Town) Shiraishi → Kosugi Shiraishi-To distinguish Shimomura Shiraishi. The two areas are adjacent to each other, and Shimomura Shiraishi is called Ohirashiro, Kosugimachi Shiraishi and Koshiraishi, which are also candidates for new place names.[2].
    • (Daimon Town) Honji → Daimon Honji-To distinguish from Shinminato Honji
    • (Shimomura) Sanka → Shimomura Sanka-To distinguish from Kosugicho Sanka
    • (Kosugi Town) Shimojo → Hashimoto Shijo-for distinction from Shimonjo Daimoncho. Hashishitajo was the name of the village before it was merged with Kosugi Town, and it remained as the name of the elementary school and fire brigade.[2].
    • (Shimomura) Kosugi → Kuragaki Kosugi-In "Imizu Kosugi", it was inconvenient because it was misunderstood as the former Kosugi town, so it was renamed to the old place name Kuragaki Kosugi.[2].
  • 20071 Citizen's Charter established.
  • 20073 Citizen's song "Shoot the city brightly" was established[3].
  • 2016May 10 -The new government building of the city is open.May 9After that, the relocations will be started one by one, and all the branch offices will be abolished except for Oshima Government Office and Nunome Government Office, and they will be integrated into the new Government Office.[4][5].


Population distribution of Imizu, Toyama, Japan.svg
Imizu City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Population distribution by age and sex in Imizu (2005)
■Purple-Imizu City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Imizu city (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


City administration

  • Executor: Minoru Tadokoro (formerlyDaimon TownChief) --From November 2005, 11 to the new mayor appointment.
  • The first mayor: Shizuo Seike (formerlyShinminato CityChief)-November 2005, 11-November 27, 2009
  • Second mayor:Motoshi Natsuno(Former Toyama Prefectural Assembly)-November 2009, 11-(27rd term)

The election to select the first mayor was announced on November 2005, 11, and a vote was held on November 20, and although a close battle was expected, Mr. Kaike was elected with a big difference. Former Mayor Shinminato, Mayor Kosugi, and Mayor Oshima ran for this election, so the former Mayor Daimon was elected as the executive officer of the two who did not run for the former mayors of the municipalities.

The city hall was based on the "divisional hall system," with the offices of each municipality before the merger and the offices in the former Imizu district wide area serving as the branch offices. Until September 2016, 9, the office of the new city was located at the Kosugi Government Building (former Kosugi Town Hall) and the city council meeting hall was located at the Shinminato Government Building (former Shinminato City Hall). Except for Nunome Government Building (former Imizu District Wide Area Office), each government building had an administrative center that received various notifications.

Government buildingAddressBusiness
Kosugi Government Building939 Toba, Imizu City, 0393-1511Mayor, assistant, incomer, Planning and General Affairs Department, Accounting Division, Election Management Committee
Shinminato Government Building〒934-8555 10-30-XNUMX, Honmachi, Imizu-shiCity council, Audit Committee Secretariat, Health and Welfare Department, Industry and Economy Department, Agriculture Committee Secretariat, etc.
Daimon Government Building〒939-0294 1081, Niguchi, Imizu-shiUrban development department and others
Oshima Government Building939 Kojima, Imizu City, 0292-703Civil Environment Department and others
Lower government building933 Kamo Chubu, Imizu City, 0292-893Board of Education and others
Nunome Government Building934 Nunome, Imizu City, 0048-1, JapanEducation center, water and sewage department

From the beginning of the merger, the integration of city halls has been considered for the purpose of deterioration of each branch, cost reduction, and operational efficiency. In 2011, a revised bill was passed to install an integrated new government office on the city-owned land adjacent to Oshima Central Park in the new development of Imizu (formerly Oshima Town). In anticipation of future reduction in the number of staff, the Oshima Government Building, which is near the integrated new government building and has a relatively short construction period, will be used for the time being, and will be abolished when the number of staff of the main office reaches about 300. About the cloth office building where the water and sewage department is located, it was left as it is.[6].

On October 2016, 10, the integrated new government office was opened, and the new government office, Oshima government office, and Numeme government office became three government offices. Shinminato Government Office, Kosugi Government Office, Daimon Government Office, and Lower Government Office will be abolished[7].

Government buildingAddressBusiness
New Government building〒939-0294 410, New Development, Imizu CityMayor, assistant, income earner, Planning and General Affairs Department, Accounting Division, Election Management Committee, City Council, Board of Education, Audit Committee Secretariat, Health and Welfare Department, Civil Environment Department, etc.
Oshima Government Building939 Kojima, Imizu City, 0292-703Ministry of Industry and Economy, Agricultural Commission Secretariat, Urban Development Department, etc.
Nunome Government Building934 Nunome, Imizu City, 0048-1, JapanWater and sewage department

Prefecture administrative agency



City council

The number of members of Imizu City Assembly is 22 seats. My current term is2013May 11から2017May 11Up to.

  • Chair-Yasuhiro Nada (Liberal Democratic Assembly)
  • Vice Chairman-Ise Tsuji (Liberal Democratic Assembly)

Constitutional composition

Parliamentary groupof peopleMajor factions
Citizens' association3

Prefectural government

Toyama selected from Imizu CityPrefectural assemblyMemberThe fixed number is 3 seats. My current term is2019From December 42023Until April 4th.

  • Naoto Nagamori
  • Hirohisa Yashima
  • Fumio Tsumoto

National politics

House of Representatives Imizu CityTakaoka-Himi-Tonami-Oyabe City-Nanto CityComposed withProportional Hokuriku Shin-Etsu block-Toyama Prefecture 3rd Ward House of RepresentativesIt will be a constituency.

House of Councilors Imizu CityHouse of Councilors Hokuriku Shin-Etsu BlockToyama Prefectural Election DistrictIt belongs to (all prefectures) and has a fixed number of seats of two.


  • Toyama District Court Takaoka Branch (Imizu City,Takaoka-Himi-Oyabe City-Tonami-Nanto City)
  • Toyama Family Court Takaoka Branch (Imizu City, Takaoka City, Himi City, Oyabe City, Tonami City, Nanto City)
  • Takaoka Branch Takaoka Summary Court (Imizu City, Takaoka City, Himi City, Oyabe City, Tonami City, Nanto City)

Sister cities/partner cities




Imizu City is based on each municipality area before the merger"Shinminato',"Kosugi',"Daimon',"under',"(I.e.'It consists of 5 districts. The “Regional Promotion Association” and “Community Center” of Imizu are subdivided into 27 districts.

Shinminato area (Old-Shinminato City)

Toyama New PortA seaside industrial zone with the geographical center of. Shinminato city areaTakaoka OfMakino areaAnd Toyama New Port by the suburbs and old of the old city areaImizu-gunIt will be separated from. "Venice of JapanIs calledKaiomaru ParkIt is located in the center of tourism in Imizu City.Shinminato whirlwindIt is also famous as a treasure trove of rare family names and the strength of local awareness.

In addition, the Shinminato city area (the area when the municipal system came into effect (the Shinminato, Hoseitsu, and Shosai districts)) may be collectively referred to as the "Shinminato district."

Half of the northwestern part of ImizuEnclaveOn the east side of Shinminato city (area along the Manyo Line)Hoshotsu Elementary SchoolSchool district. Along with the Shinminato area, this area was the center of the old Shinminato city. EasternmostKaiomaru ParkIs adjacent to Toyama New Port, and is on the opposite bank of the Horioka areaShinminato BridgeAnd it will be a ferry traffic.

  • Shinminato

In the western area of ​​Shinminato cityShinminato Elementary SchoolOf the school attendance area, except for the Shosai area (west of Shogawa). The Shin-Minato district center is located, and together with the Hoshotsu district, it will be the center of the old and new Minato city era.

Out of Shinminato cityShogawaGreater West "Shosai TownArea corresponding to. Shokawa estuaryOyabe RiverIt is located between the river mouths andTakaokaOnly the Yoshihisa area is adjacent to the land. Before the school was closed, the Shosai area was the entire school area.

1953May 4Was transferred to ShinminatoImizu-gunThe area that was the village of Sakudo.Imizu Shinminato MuseumThe district where is located.

The area was Horioka-mura, Imizu-gun, which was transferred to Shinminato City on April 1953, 4.

The area that was formerly Ebi-mura, Imizu-gun, which was transferred to Shinminato City on April 1953, 4.Toyama National College of Technology Imizu CampusIs located.

The area used to be Motoe-mura, Imizu-gun, which was transferred to Shinminato City on April 1953, 4.1915May 1PreviouslyUchimoto EmuraWas the village name.

The area was Nanami-mura, Imizu-gun, which was transferred to Shinminato City on April 1953, 4.

The area was Kataguchi Village, Imizu-gun, which was incorporated into Shinminato City on April 1953, 4.

1953May 10The area was Tsukahara-mura, Imizu-gun, which was incorporated into Shinminato City.Imizu Municipal HospitalThe district where is located.

Kosugi area (Former Kosugi Town)

It is an area with a gentle hilly area and consists of the Kosugi city area and the surrounding rural and mountainous areas. The largest housing complex on the Sea of ​​Japan side in the southTaikoyama New TownThe population has doubled in the last half century. In recent yearsTown of trowelThe town is revitalized as ".

In addition, the Tobata, Sanka, Hashishitajo, Kanayama, and Kurokawa areas exclude the areas that are currently Taikoyama New Town.

  • Tobari

Municipal systemOf Kosugi Town, Imizu-gun at the time of enforcement,Shimojo RiverAreas on the east side, such as the east coast. Imizu City Hall Kosugi District Center is located in the central area of ​​the former Kosugi Town.

  • Mika (san)

Of Kosugi Town at the beginning of the town-village system, the western region of the Shimojo River west bank. Shimomura'sThreeTo distinguish it fromKosugi SankaIt is also said. It forms the center of the Kosugi area together with Toba. Ainokaze Toyama RailwayKosugi Station,Toyama Welfare Junior CollegeIs located.

  • Mt. Taiko

Out of Taikoyama New Town, northern areas such as large-scale "Taikoyama 1-10 chome" and "Taikocho".

  • Nakataikoyama

Of the Taikoyama New Town, the area of ​​the large character "Nakataikoyama 1-19 Chome".

  • Minami Taikoyama

The area of ​​the large-scale "Minami-Taikoyama 1-19 Chome" located on the south side of Taikoyama New Town.

1942May 6The area was Hashishitajo-mura, Imizu-gun, which was incorporated into Kosugi-cho.

1953May 11The area was Kanayama Village, Imizu-gun, which was incorporated into Kosugi Town.

1953May 12The area used to be Oe-mura, Imizu-gun, which was incorporated into Kosugi Town.

1954May 3The area used to be Kurokawa Village, Imizu-gun, which was incorporated into Kosugi Town.Taikoyama Land,Toyama Prefectural UniversityIs located.Bamboo forestMany of the prefecture's leadingBamboo shootIs also the production center of.

  • Ikeda

1959May 4Merged with Komura in Kosugi TownMisao-gunKureha TownWere incorporated intoMisao-gunIkeda VillageThe area that was transferred to the Kosugi Town side.

Daimon district (Former Daimon Town)

Wada RiverAn area that spreads along. TakaokaHousing development is progressing as a bed town of, and residential areas are connected from the northern part of the old town area (Daimon/Futoku district) to the southern part of Oshima district across the boundary line before the merger, forming one urban area. Also, since there are many corporate and distribution complexes, the daytime population ratio is the highest among the four towns and villages in the former Imizu district.

  • Daimon

The area that was Daimon-cho from the beginning of the town-village system (so-called "old town").On the west bank of the Shogawa River, there is a "biwakubi" as an excursion.Daimon OhashiEasy to come and go. (HoweverCommutingThere is a tendency for traffic congestion during rush hours. )

1954May 3The area that was Niguchi Village, Imizu-gun, which merged with Daimon Town. Imizu City Hall Daimon District Center is located. In recent years, residential land development has been active.

The area was Asai-mura, Imizu-gun, which merged with Daimon-cho on March 1954, 3.

The area used to be Mitoda-mura, Imizu-gun, which merged with Daimon-cho on March 1954, 3.

The area was Kushida Village, Imizu-gun, which merged with Daimon Town on March 1954, 3. The district name is "KushidaHowever, the address of the center of the district is "Imizu CityKushida(Reading is the same)”.Kushida ShrineIs located.

Lower district (Old Shimomura)

  • Below

An area with a peaceful countryside.KuragakisoIt is said that the house wasShimomura Kamo ShrineIs located,Yansanma FestivalKnown for such.

Oshima area (Former Oshima Town)

  • Oshima

Ainokaze Toyama RailwayEtchu Daimon Station, And the main government office of Imizu City Hall.Ainokaze Toyama Railway LineWhile residential land development is progressing mainly on the north side of the area, rural areas spread out in the suburbs. Before the mergerLoofah village","Town of picture bookThe town is revitalized as ".



College of technology

Vocational school

high school

Junior high school

primary school

Schools that existed in the past

  • high school
  • Junior high school
  • primary school



Ainokaze Toyama Railway
Manyo Line
*In the JTB timetable, it has been in contact with the city boundary since Shinminato City before the merger, but it is in Takaoka City.Nakashinminato StationIs the representative station. Even after the merger, it is considered to be the representative station of Imizu City. In fact, Kosugi Station is the closest station to the city hall and has the most passengers.



General national road
Main local road
General prefectural road
Road Station


Toyama Prefectural ferry
  • -Koshinogata-Horioka


  • Kosugi Post Office Host area: Part of former Shinminato City, former Kosugi Town, Daimon Town, Oshima Town, Shimomura and part of Takaoka City
  • Takaoka Post Office Host area: Part of former Shinminato City and part of Takaoka City


Headquartered company

  • Toyo Gas Meter
  • Albis
  • (Providing artificial whetstones for "Ubukeya", a store specializing in cutlery)

Companies with branch offices

Major companies that have factories and offices


Mass media

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

It is maintained as a ruins park.Located on an independent hill called Osawa at an altitude of 45 meters,Jomon PeriodからKofun periodRuins. Archaeological excavations have continued since 1949.An archaeologist who actually saw the Jomon pottery excavated from this siteSugao Yamanouchi(Yamanouchi Sugao) proposed to call it "Kushida Shinshiki" as one of the systems of Jomon pottery in the Hokuriku region.Jomon periodPit dwellingRuins, from the Kofun periodTumulusIt is a valuable archaeological site where 5 units (2 of which have disappeared) are present together.As relics, earthenware, earthenware, stone tools from the middle and late Jomon period, and earthenware from the Yayoi period and the Kofun period have been excavated. Designated as a national historic site in 1976[15][16]
Located in the southwestern part of the water hill,Asuka PeriodLate (7th century) roof tilesSue wareIt is an archaeological site involved in the production.The eaves-maru roof tiles excavated from this site belong to the Asuka lineage.[17]..The ruins are maintained for visitors, and the remains of the Sue pottery kiln, iron-making furnace, and worker's residence are preserved.In addition, a guidance facility called "Asuka Kojin no Yakata" has been built. Designated as a national historic site in 1990[18].

Festivals and events

Famous people/residents

Historical figure

A work set in Imizu City


  • "Random reflection" The Ura Ohashi Bridge in Nago leaves on the route to Grandma's house (former Yanase Western clothing store) and Grandma's house.
  • "RAILWAYS To adults who cannot convey love] Home care patient's house, Watanabe residence in Shinminato, Nishibashi of Uchikawa when his wife heads to the home care patient's house.
  • "to you』The main character Eiji Kurashima and his wife Yoko enjoy the gorgeous gorgeous Shinminato Hikiyama and the mikoshi carried by the children.
  • "Brain man] The Toyama Shinko Public Wharf was completely blocked for 3 days, including the scene of a convoy blast.
  • "Promise of life" Stone bridgedirected by·Yutaka Takenouchistarring(2016)-Human drama centered on the October 10 Hikiyama festival.
  • "Pure white love(Released in February 2017) A woman living in the Shinminato Uchikawa area falls in love with a photographer from Tokyo.

ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン

tv set

  • "love』It was filmed in Hoshotsu town, port town.

Postal code/phone number

Postal Code 933-XXXX 934-XXXX 939-XXXX
Phone number 0766-XX-XXXX (all cities)


  • It’s so minor that it’s been introduced on TV programs.Last nameThere are many.[Source required]
  • An unofficial moe character "Imizu-chan" that supports Imizu City was devised by and has appeared in various events.[19][20][21].


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