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😷 | Hit a used empty syringe in Ono City The city is not announced


Hit a used empty syringe in Ono City No city announced

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Ono City has assigned two people in charge to prevent mistakes, and is strengthening the check system to see if there are any problems with the cold storage and vaccination methods.

On May 5, a mistake in hitting a used empty syringe in a mass inoculation of the new corona vaccine at a facility for the elderly in Ono City ... → Continue reading

 Sun Television

"Sun Television" is a TV station in Kobe that celebrates its 50th anniversary with beard and glasses familiar under the trademark "Oh! Sun". People on Sun TV will deliver such things in Hyogo prefecture.

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Ono City

Ono City(Noshi) isHyogoCentral and southernEast HarimaLocated almost in the center ofCity.Kitaharima Prefectural BureauIt is divided into.It is the central city of Kita Harima.


RegionallyHigashi Harima (Higashi Harima), Or north Harima (North Harima).The classification of weather forecast and weather warning / warning belongs to "Southern Hyogo Prefecture" and "Southeastern Harima".The prefectural capital of Hyogo PrefectureKobe CityAnd the central city of the Harima regionHimejiIt is located in the middle of the two major cities in Hyogo prefecture, and both citiesBed townHas the function as.From such a thing, residential land was especially promoted from the 1970s to the 1980s, but it is known as one of the leading traditional craft cities in Hyogo prefecture.AbacusIt is famous for its production area.Next to the eastMikiWithhardwareKnown as, Banshu sickle is designated as a traditional craft of Hyogo prefecture.[1]


Central part of the cityKakogawaFlows south.It is located approximately halfway between Kobe and Himeji.

  • Mountain: Mt. Takatsukayama
  • River:Kakogawa-Tojo River・ Mankatsuji River
  • Pond: Oike
  • Dam: Funaki Dam

Above sea level


Above sea level高 さ
Highest point198.9cm[4]
Kishimachi Soyama
Lowest point27.5cm

[3] Geospatial Information Authority of JapanAccording to the report, the north, south, east and west ends of Ono City are located at the following positions, with an east-west length of 11.80 km and a north-south length of 11.20 km.

Latitude pole位置Latitude
Eastern endWakimotocho / Nakatanimachi135°02'E
West endFukudencho134°53'E
Southern tipKashiyamacho34°48'N
Northern endFukuicho34°54'N


Population distribution of Ono, Hyogo, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Ono City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Ono City (2005)
Purple-Ono City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Ono City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



  • 2004May 1Furukawa-cho was incorporated into the Obu district, and Kuboki-cho and Takayama-cho were incorporated into the Shimotojo district.
District namearea
Ono district21.25
Kawai district15.97
Visiting district11.37
Market district14.97
Most areas8.38
Shimotojo district21.90


  • 7st centurySue-Hirowatari Temple is erected.
  • 1190~1198 - Heavy sourceByJodo TempleIs built.
  • 1356 - Kinpo CastleIs built.
  • 1783 --Sobei Morimachi will start production of hand-held scissors (later to become the largest producer in Japan).
  • 1913(Taisho 2)May 8 --Banshu Railway (currently JR)Kakogawa Line) Opening.Five stations in the current city area are also open at the same time.
  • 1951(26)May 12 --Kobe Electric Railway (currentlyKobe Electric Railway) Is Dentetsu Ono (currently(I.e.) Opened.CurrentAo LinePart of.
  • 1952(27)May 4 --Kobe Electric Railway, Dentetsu Ono-Ao section opened.
  • 1954(29)May 12 - Kato-gunOno Town-Kawai Village-Kishi Village-Market village-Obe Village-Shimotōjo VillageMergedOno CityWas launched.At the same time, the "small" is designed, the one surrounded by "no" is established as the city emblem, and the city song is established.The area is 90.95 km² 35184 people. [3][5][6][7][8]
  • 1956(31)May 4 --Kato-gunCompany townPart of (Large printKubogi / Furukawa) was incorporated.The current city area is confirmed.It covers an area of ​​93.84 km² and has 36621 people.[9][3]
  • 1959(34) December-is completed.[3]
  • 1960(Showa 35) June- National Route 175However, the pavement in Ono City is completed.[3]
  • 1961(Showa 36) June- Ono Municipal Ono Municipal HospitalIs opened.[3]
  • 1964(39)May 12 --Establish a city flag.[10]
  • 1966(41)May 7 --City flowers will be established by open call for participants.[3]
  • 1969(44)May 12 --Enact a citizen's charter.[3]
  • 1973(Showa 48) August- The United States of AmericaLindsay Citysister cityConclude a partnership.[3]
  • 1973(48)May 11 --Establish a city tree.[3]
  • 1979(54) March-National Route 3 (Miki Bypass) is planned.[3]
  • 1981(Showa 56) December-Hiroto Abandoned Temple is designated as a national historic site.[3]
  • 1989(4) April --National Route 175 (Miki Bypass) is partially completed.[3]
  • April 1989-The Ono Industrial Park is completed.[3]
  • 1990(2) June- KoukokanOpened.[3]
  • 1993(5)May 5 --The area code has been changed from 07946 digits of 5 to 0794 digits of 4.Miki,Mibu-gunYoshikawaArea code is not required for mutual calls with.[3]
  • 1994(6) October --National Route 10 (Miki Bypass) is fully completed.[3]
  • 1996(8) September-"Todaiji TempleSummit '96 Inn Ono "held.[3]
  • 1997(9)May 12 - Miki Ono InterchangeからSanyo Himeji East InterchangeIs open, and the main line is fully opened.[3]
  • 1998(10) December --- "Ono City Homepage" opened.
  • 1999(11) July-"Letter to the mayor" begins. November,Crematorium"Ono Kato Funeral Home YusuienCompletion "[11][12][13].
  • 2000(12) --From government-led to citizen-led "Ono Festival".
  • April 2000-Citizen's Division window opens on Saturday.
  • May 2000-National Historic Site Hiroto Abandoned Temple Ruins Historical Park opened.[3]
  • August 2000-Opening of the Golden Castle Ruins Square.[3]
  • 2001(13) -Started the second coming-of-age ceremony "Age Renaissance Party" with Mr. Katsura Bunshi.
  • 2001May 12 - Hyogo Prefectural Road No. 23 Miki Yamazaki LineSite bypassNational Route 175Will be fully opened.[14][15]
  • 2002(14)May 4 - Sunflower hill parkopen.[16][3]
  • August 2002-Children's house "Chaicom" opened.
  • 2004(16) January-Community bus "Ran ♡ Ran Bus" starts operation.
  • 2004May 3 - Hakuundani OnsenYupika is completed.[17]
  • April 2004-Established the "Citizen's Safety Department" to eliminate the harmful effects of vertically divided administration and centralize safety and security operations.
  • May 2004-The prefecture's first full-scale ground golf course was built in Kodamanomori.
  • June 2004-"Safety and security patrol" started by police officers OB and others.
  • July 2004-Opened Childcare Family Support Center.
  • 2004May 10 - 16 Typhoon No. 23Occurred and damaged,Disaster Relief ActIs applied.[3][18]
  • December 2004-Soba restaurant "Platto Sumino" opens.
  • 2004May 12 -JRKakogawa LineWill open an electrification business.[3]
  • 2005(17)May 3 - Ono City Moisture Exchange Center EclatIs completed. [3] [18]
  • August 2005-Ono Industrial Park (about 17ha) is sold out.
  • 2007(19) April-Medical expenses will be completely free for up to 4th grade elementary school students living in the city.[3][19]
  • April 2007-Established "Human Life Group" as a department specializing in bullying.
  • 2007May 12 --Enacted the nation's first "Ono City Bullying Prevention Ordinance".
  • 2008(20) April-The "Ono Dzutsumi Corridor" with a length of about 4km is completed on the left bank of the Kakogawa River.
  • April 2008-"Ao Toyukan Arte" opens.
  • 2008May 5 --Hakuundani Onsen Yupika has a bedrock bath.
  • 2008May 11 - Ono Municipal Ono Municipal Hospital-Miki City Miki City HospitalBoth hospitals agree to integrate.[3][20]
  • 2009(21) --Established "Ono City Tanka Literature Award" in addition to "Ono City Tanka Forum".
  • 2009May 3 ――The 20-year-old coming-of-age ceremony won the coming-of-age ceremony grand prize.
  • April 2009-Medical expenses will be completely free for up to the third year of junior high school living in the city.
  • 2011(23) March --Reconstruction of the Ono Junior High School building is completed.
  • April 2011-Started "Business for creating local community activity bases for the elderly, etc." to create a place for the elderly and children.
  • June 2011-Registered the trademark of the local beer "Ono Koi".[3] [21]
  • June 2011-Introduced air conditioning equipment in all classrooms of all kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, and special schools in the city.
  • October 2011-"Ono City Homepage" renewal.
  • 2012(24) April --The "Ono City Welfare Comprehensive Support Center", which provides a one-stop service for welfare, opens.
  • April 2012-Opened "Komisen Terakoya" in 24 districts in the city.
  • 2013(25)May 1 --Enacted the "Ordinance on Proper Management of Unoccupied Houses in Ono City" that citizens, residents' associations, governments, and councils work together.
  • 2013May 4 -"Ono City Welfare Benefit System Optimization OrdinanceIs established.
  • August 2013-Large-scale renovation of the Ono Higashi Elementary School building is completed.
  • August 2013-Earthquake-resistant construction of all elementary and junior high schools in the city is completed.
  • Ono Municipal Hospital was closed on September 2013, 25, and integrated with Miki Municipal Hospital on October 9.Kitaharima General Medical CenterWas opened.
  • 2014(26) April-"Ono City Disaster Prevention Center" including fire department function opens.
  • April 2014-Ono Clean Center starts operation with a waste disposal system that includes Ono City, Kato City and Kasai City.
  • 2014May 6 ――The "Citizen Exchange Hall" opens in the "Moisture Exchange Center Eclat".
  • 2014May 8 --The hotel "Route Inn Ono" opens.
  • November 2014-Deployed mobile digital disaster prevention radio.
  • 2014May 12 --Held the "Ono Half Marathon" to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the municipal organization.
  • 2015(27) April --Started integrated elementary and junior high school education in the Kawai area.
  • April 2015-First in the prefecture, started subsidizing bicycle insurance premiums for households with junior high school students.
  • April 2015-Started "Regional Bond Creation Support Project" to create a sense of purpose for the elderly and deepen regional bonds.
  • 2015May 11 --The Ono Police Station opens.
  • April 2016-Started free early childhood education and childcare fees for children aged 28 and 4 (no income restrictions).
  • April 2016-The power spot "Prayer Abacus" is completed.
  • July 2016-Free medical expenses for third-year high school students living in the city (at the end of the year when they reach the age of 28).
  • July 2016-The new "Awata Bridge" opens.
  • March 2017 (Heisei 29) --The city road "New City Chuo Line" opens.
  • June 2017-Enforced the "Ono City Ordinance on Ensuring the Safety of Night Pedestrians, etc."
  • June 2017 (Heisei 29) --Concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Minato Bank.
  • December 2017-Hakuundani Onsen Yupika Achieves 29 million bathers.
  • April 2018 --Started "O Active Points" business, where points can be accumulated for health promotion, care prevention, volunteer activities, etc.
  • 2018May 4 --The third emergency base, the North Branch of the Fire Department, opens.
  • 2018May 4 --The new "School Lunch Center" has started offering school lunches.
  • June 2018-Construction of the new city hall building begins.
  • August 2018-The fountain system operates at "Sorochi".
  • April 2020, 2 (Reiwa 4nd year) --Horii Castle Ruins Fureai Park opens.
  • May 2020 (Reiwa 2nd year) --- "Ono Kibo no Oka Athletics Stadium (Aleo)" opens.
  • May 2020 (Reiwa 2) --The city hall moved to Nakajima-cho.



NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
1Yuji Fujiwara195412August, 1966
2Ryoji Sumimoto196612August, 1970
3Yukio Hayashi197011August, 1976
4Masuyoshi Inoue197610August, 1988199210It became the title of honorary citizen.
5Hiroshi Hirose198810August, 1998
6Horai Tsutomu1999May 2Active duty


City council

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Hyogo Prefecture 4th Ward(Ono City,Kobe CityNishi-ward,Nishiwaki,Miki,Kasai City,Kato City,TakamachiHayayuki FujiiLDP3Constituency



Abacus(70% share nationwide) and for home useCutleryIs a traditional specialty.1976"Banshu AbacusAsMinister of Economy, Trade and IndustryThanTraditional craftsReceived the designation of.
In addition,1955From (around 30), with the commercialization of ball goodwill using abacus balls,CraftsWe have expanded into fields and manyInteriorDevelopment of products is also being attempted.
Yamada AkiraCentered onRiceMaking and Yamada NishikipowderUsedBread,Confectionery,noodlesEtc. production.2005TowheatDeveloped (Fukuhonoka) and registered.Attempts are being made to commercialize noodle products.

municipal office

Ono City HallOno City Hall relocated in May 2020Moved in May 2020


Name of facilityRemarks
Ono Police StationLong time agoKato CityIt is inCompany police stationOno Police Station has been set up in the city under the jurisdiction of Ono City, and Ono City was the only city in Hyogo Prefecture that did not have a police station.The city has also requested the establishment of a police station since 2000,2012Installed in a 4-year plan[22],2015Ono police station was established in November[23].


  • Ono City Fire Department


  • Ono City Library


20074From to all 6th graders living in the city, and20094From to the third year of junior high school living in the city, all medical expenses were free.[24]さ ら に20167From to the third year of high school living in the city, all medical expenses were free.


  • Ono City Health Center[26]

Children's house

  • Ono Municipal Children's Center Chaicom[26]

Child care support center

  • Ono City Welfare Comprehensive Support Center[26]

Shopping district

Other public facilities

Financial institutions in the city

post office


  • Ono Post Office
  • Market post office
  • Ono Oda Post Office
  • Onohonmachi Post Office
  • Ono Kamihonmachi Post Office
  • Kawai Post Office
  • Ono Kishi Post Office
  • Onokashiyama Simple Post Office
  • Kawainishi Simple Post Office
  • Ono Sumiyoshi Post Office
  • Simple post office in Ono City Hall


Major companies headquartered in Ono City (in alphabetical order)

  • ICOM Giken (Integrated manufacturing of control panels) / Shikijicho
  • Ichibacho (Manufacturing of parts for hydraulic valves for construction machinery) / Ichibacho
  • Ojiya Shoji (sales of stationery, office equipment, OA equipment, etc.) / Honmachi
  • Ono Seiki (die design, metal stamping) / Aocho
  • (I.e.Duskin(Manufacturing of entrance mats for offices) / Aomachi
  • Shinryo (manufacturing of automobile functional parts and aluminum die-cast parts) / Takumidai
  • Kimboshi (manufacturing and wholesale of gardening equipment and tools) / Honmachi
  • Kobe Synthetic (development, manufacture and sale of chemical products such as automobiles) / Takumidai
  • Sanyo Minacell (Manufacturing of synthetic resin products centered on packaging materials) / Takada Town
  • Sanyo Riki (manufacturing of agricultural, gardening machinery, industrial cutlery) / Shimogishicho
  • Sanwa Conveyor (Manufacturing and sales of conveyors and labor-saving equipment) / Fukuicho
  • Senko (manufacturing and sales of interior, bath and toiletry products) / Kurokawacho
  • Daisho (metal surface treatment) / Takumidai
  • Dunlop Tread Service[28]
  • Toxen Industry (Manufacturing and sales of special metal wires) / Sumiyoshi Town
  • Tomita Technos (precision sheet metal press die design and production, etc.) / Oshima Town
  • Nikko Seisakusho (development, manufacture and sale of cemented carbide tipped saws, etc.) / Takumidai
  • Fujita Rice Miller (Rice Processing / Sales, Rice Wholesale) / Kawainakacho
  • Tatsuji Fujiwara Shoten (manufacturing and sales of fishing hooks) / Sugetacho
  • Premium kitchen (manufacturing of cooking bread, prepared foods, etc.) / Takumidai
  • Yamasoro (manufacturing and sales of furniture and interior products) / Shimogishicho
  • Yamamoto Acoustic Craft (Manufacturing and sales of audio-related products) / Sakakicho
  • UM Industry (manufacturing and wholesale of saws) / Kishimachi
  • Leather saw industry (manufacture and sale of replaceable blade saws) / Kashiyama Town

Major companies with offices in Ono City (in alphabetical order)

  • Akashi Kasei Kogyo (Plastic injection molding / processing) / Takumidai
  • Axis Materia (manufacturing of cemented carbide material) / Takumidai
  • ASICS Trading (Sales of shoe materials) / Takumidai
  • Apple Wear (manufacturing and sales of plastic gardening containers) / Nakamachi
  • Amada Machine Tools(Manufacturing and sales of cutting machines and machine tools) / Hatacho
  • F Bakery Corporation (convenience store brand bread manufacturing) / Takumidai
  • OBB (bookbinding and shipping of mail-order catalogs, magazines, etc.) / Takumidai
  • Kako Technos (manufacturing of rolling stock and substation equipment control equipment) / Kitaoka Town
  • Kansai paint(Manufacturing and sales of paint) / Takumidai
  • Campe Hapio (household paint sales) / Takumidai
  • Kyoshin Ranch(Manufacturing and sales of milk and dairy products) / Kiyotanicho
  • KobeHino Motors(Sales and repair of Hino Motors) / Takumidai
  • Kondotec (Manufacturing and sales of construction / environmental infrastructure related materials) / Takumidai
  • Saizeriya(Manufacturing and sorting of store ingredients) / Takumidai
  • Sagashiki (manufacturing and sales of packages, cardboard, boxes) / Takumidai
  • CX Cargo (Management and delivery of co-op products) / Takada Town
  • SysmexInternational Reagents (Manufacture of Specimen Test Reagents) / Takumidai
  • Shinki Bus(Transportation service business) / Ojimachi
  • Shinmeiwa Industry(Manufacturing and sales of pumps and specially equipped vehicles for sewage-related facilities) / Takumidai
  • Star Plastic Industry (Manufacturing of synthetic resin packaging products) / Oshima Town
  • Sumitomo Electric Hard Metal(Manufacturing and sales of cutting tools made of CBN / diamond sintered body) / Takumidai
  • Set's carton (manufacturing and sales of corrugated cardboard sheets) / Takumidai
  • Takaoka Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (manufacturing of chemicals) / Takumidai
  • Dunlop Home Products (manufacturing of household gloves) / Takumidai
  • DNP Graphica (Printing / Bookbinding) / Takumidai
  • Token Thermotech (Metal Heat Treatment) / Takumidai / Kitaokacho
  • Toyo Kagaku (manufacturing and sales of chemicals and synthetic resins) / Takumidai
  • Tomoe Soroban(Manufacturing and sales of abacus) / Kamishinmachi
  • Neat (plastic molding for medical equipment, etc.) / Takumidai
  • Japan Sika(Manufacturing and sales of civil engineering and industrial chemical products) / Takumidai
  • Nippon Organ Pharmaceutical(Manufacturing and sales of pharmaceutical products) / Furukawacho
  • Nippon ham food(Manufacturing of processed foods and seasonings) / Takumidai
  • Nippon Ham Factory (manufacturing of processed meat products) / Takumidai
  • Fujiwara Sangyo (development and sales of carpentry tools, gardening equipment, etc.) / Takumidai
  • Hotel Route InnOno (204 business hotels) / Shikijicho
  • Maxell (development, design and manufacture of small batteries) / Takumidai
  • Lion Specialty Chemicals(Manufacturing of chemicals, synthetic detergents, etc.) / Odamachi

Main stores in the city

General supermarket

grocery store

  • Maxvalu West Japan
    • Maxvalu Prince Store
    • Maxvalu Kurokawa store
  • Sugar
    • Fresh Bazaar Ono Prince Store
    • Fresh Bazaar Ono Kurokawa

Drug store

Home center


  • Asuka Ono store
  • Anemon
  • Udon craftsman Ebisuan
  • Umaimon YokochoOno store
  • Ono Udon Yoshikura
  • Ono Zekkou Ramen
  • Café Red Bird Market
  • Café Red Bird Prince Store
  • Clover house
  • Feast Village Ono store
  • SaizeriyaAeon Ono store
  • Sakai Coffee Ono store
  • Marshal Shio Ono store
  • Chita
  • Soroban-tei
  • Tsubakiya Coffee Shop
  • World classOno store
  • Nagai Coffee Club Ono
  • Beef restaurant Meat Yamato
  • Plat and Sumino
  • McDonald's175 Ono store
  • Yakiniku beef
  • Ramen specialty store Ramen: A famous store in Ono City
  • Ramen octagonOno store

Mobile phone


  • Cake Atelier Rouge Fonse
  • Patisserie Appreciation
  • Patisserie Keisuke
  • Patissier Gentarou


New town in the city

  • Ikugaoka

Ikugaoka-cho is the closest town to Miki-shi in Ono-shi, and currently has 1047 households and 3038 people. (From the 22 census)

  • Ono New Town

Industrial park in the city

Sister cities/partner cities


Adjacent municipalities

MikiThe commuting rate to Japan is 10.2% (22 census).

Mass media





General national road

Main local road

General prefectural road

Bus route

On the Sanyo ExpresswayOno Bus StopHowever, there are no routes that stop from September 2020, 9.

General route

Semi express bus


The license plate of the car in Ono City is the "Kobe" number (Kobe Transport Administration DepartmentHyogo Land Transport Department Uozaki Government Building jurisdiction) will be issued.



primary school

Junior high school

high school

Special school

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Sights and historic sites




Concert/Convention Facility

Festivals and events

  • Ono Festival (early to mid-August)[33]
  • Ono City Industrial Festival (Mid October)[33]
  • Ono history walking party[33]

Zip Code

675-13xx throughout Ono City.Pick-up and delivery throughout the cityOno Post OfficeIs in charge.

Area code of phone number

  1. MikiMA --0794-6x, 70 Most of Ono City
  2. NishiwakiMA --0795-48 (Takino Bureau) Part of Fukuicho
Area 1 above is the city code 7x, 8xMikiYou can make a call inside at a local rate.
Area 2 above is the city code 2xNishiwakiIn, in 3xTakamachiTo, at 4xKato CityCalls can be made at local rates (70-89)Tamba KashiwaraAssigned to MA)
Area code is required for mutual calls between areas 1 and 2.



  • In the city ranking by population size, the degree of administrative reform has been ranked first in cities with a population of less than 5.[35]


  • Ono City History Compilation Special Committee Edition "Ono City History" 8 volumes, Ono City
  • "Illustration of Japanese municipalities" Shogakukan dictionary editorial department,Shogakukan, January 2007, 1, first edition, first print.ISBN 4095263113.
  • "Books that show the names of obfuscated places in Hyogo Prefecture", Kobe Shimbun Publishing Center, edited by Nojigiku Bunko, December 2006, 12, first issue.ISBN 4-343-00382-5.


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