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😷 | <New Corona> 3 dead in Saitama, 102 infected

Photo Saitama Prefectural Office = Takasago, Urawa-ku, Saitama City

<New Corona> 3 dead in Saitama, 102 infected

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According to the city of Koshigaya, women in their 90s and older have died.

Saitama Prefecture and others announced on the 4th that they have confirmed the deaths of 3 people infected with the new coronavirus and 102 new infections ... → Continue reading

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Koshigaya(Koshigayashi) isSaitamaLocated in the southeast ofCity.Core city,Business nuclear city,Public health centerIs specified in.

The population is about 34.PopulationSaitama,Kawaguchi city,Kawagoe-shiNext to the 4th place in the prefecture.OldMinami Saitama District.


Edo PeriodToNikko KaidoIs one of the post townsKoshigayaIt is a prosperous city and is located in the southeastern part of Saitama prefecture.Before the 17th year of Keicho (1612)MotoarakawaThe right bank side ofMusashi countrySaitama District(Saisai-gun), the left bank sideShimosaKatsushikaIs[2], The post town was developed across the Motoara River.Although there was a post town straddling Koshigaya Town on the right bank side and Osawa Town on the left bank side, both townsTransmissionThe mechanism was integrated, and in terms of transportation, both towns were combined into Koshigaya-juku.

Omiya plateauとShimosa PlateauIn the Nakagawa basin sandwiched betweenAlluvial plainAnd most of the city areaFlat land.Motoarakawa,中,Ayase River,Furone River,Shinkata River(Sengenbori),SakagawaBecause many rivers flow through the city, it is called "Mizugo Koshigaya".[3].EdoKoshigaya, which is about 25 km north of the river and was also a relay point to the Tohoku and Joshinetsu areas, has developed boat transportation as a transportation hub, and many riverbanks were maintained until the end of the Edo period.

1899 ToTobu Railway OfIsesaki Line(Tobu Sky Tree Line) has opened and runs north-south across the city area parallel to the west side of Nikko Kaido. In 1954, 2 towns and 8 villages merged to form Koshigaya Town, and in 1958 the city system was enforced and became Koshigaya City. The Isesaki Line was launched in 1962Tokyo Metro Hibiya LineとDirect operationAfter starting, in TokyoBed townAs suddenlyUrbanizationHas advanced.City centerAway fromKasukabeAround the city border withNew townWas developed,1967 ToSengendai StationOpened.1973 ToMusashino LineDue to the opening of Urawa (Saitama) Access to the area has improved dramatically.The transfer stations on both linesShinkoshigaya StationとMinamikoshigaya StationAlthough the station name is different, it is possible to contact on foot.

Due to the deterioration of the retarding basin function of paddy fields due to urbanizationBubble eraThere was an urgent need for hydraulic control measures.Therefore, since 1996Koshigaya Lake TownWas built in the southeastern part of the city in 2008Koshigaya Lake Town StationHas opened.In the area of ​​Koshigaya Lake Town, taking advantage of the vast and flat land, it is the largest in JapanShopping centerIsAEON Lake TownHas opened.Aeon Lake Town attracts about 5,000 million people annually, and this figure isTokyo Disney ResortIt exceeds the annual number of visitors to the park by about 2,000 million.

DowntownKoshigaya StationAlthough it is around the east exit, it has had a large commercial impact since the opening of Aeon Lake Town.Ito-YokadoThe Koshigaya store closed in 2009. Station square redevelopment project was carried out in 2012Koshigaya Twin CityAfter the opening of the store, the hollowing out of the shopping district has been stopped to some extent, and the number of passengers getting on and off at Koshigaya Station is increasing.Around the east exit of Koshigaya Stationmunicipal officeAnd Saitama Prefecture's regional organizations are concentrated, and many bank branches are open.

"KoshigayaWhite pigeon"Is the country in 1956Natural treasureAlthough it is specified in, this isDuring the warTemporary habitat due to overfishing due to food shortagesSaitama KamobaBecause it became only the surrounding area.Collared dove was designated as a prefectural bird in 1965 and as a city bird in 1988. Until around 2000, the population increased and the habitat expanded, but due to the effects of urbanization, the number of poultry farms that serve as feeding grounds has decreased.bird-fluDue to the influence of the measures taken against wild birds in the poultry farm, the number of individuals decreased.Endangered speciesIs specified in.

Adjacent local governments


The terrain of the city is low flat over almost the entire area, and the average altitude is about 5 meters above sea level.City areaAnd in the suburbsPaddy fieldConsists of[4]..Poor drainage, often due to heavy rain since ancient timesFlood damageIt is the area that has received.


High growth periodPreviouslyPaddy fieldAlthough there were many in Motoichi, after the high economic growthUrbanizationIn the 1980s, inundation damage during heavy rains occurred frequently because the paddy field area decreased and the water play and water retention capacity decreased.

For this reason, drastic hydraulic control measures were required, and in 1991 (Heisei 3).Daikichi control pondBut in 2014 (Heisei 26)Large Sagami reservoirHas been maintained.BothRegulating pondIt is usually used as a place for recreation and relaxation for local residents.


All first-class rivers flowing through the cityTone RiverWater systemIs.At the eastern end中とOochi Kotone River, At the southern endAyase RiverとOld Ayase RiverIs flowing, in the centerShinkata RiverMany rivers, including the Motoara River's first-class river, are flowing.The Ochikotone River, Niigata River, and Motoara River merge with Nakagawa in our city.


The point where the Japan Meteorological Agency is observing the temperature in Saitama Prefecture[Annotation 1]InKumagayaIt is the second warmest.40 in the past° CThe above maximum temperature twice[Annotation 2]I'm observing.Also, the average minimum temperature in January-1° CIs Kumagaya City (-0.7)° C) AndTokorozawa(-0.8° C) Is the highest in Saitama prefecture, and the temperature does not drop easily even in winter.However, after AMeDAS in Koshigaya City moved from the city area near Koshigaya City Hall to the prefectural health and welfare village in the suburbs, the record high temperature in summer decreased, and the temperature in winter may be lower than that in Kumagaya City and Tokorozawa City. There are many.2018 May 1Minimum temperature-7.5° CWas observed, and the lowest temperature in the history of observation in Koshigaya City was updated.

KoshigayaClimate of (Koshigaya Regional Meteorological Observatory)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)18.9
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)9.4
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)4.1
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−0.5
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−7.5
Precipitation amount mm (inch)44.5
Average days of precipitation (≥1.0 mm)4.55.710.110.510.712.
Average monthlyDaylight hours188.4176.4175.4180.5171.8128.0146.2172.6125.6134.3148.0175.31,923.2
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1981-2010, extreme value: 1977-present)[5][6]


Brief history

Jomon PeriodMid-termJomon KaishinAt that time海However, from the end of the Jomon periodYayoi PeriodThe landing of the city area began.Mitakata RuinsAs you can see from the existence of, at the latest in the city area of ​​KoshigayaKofun periodLate (6st centuryBy that time, people had begun to settle down.

The area on the right bank of the Motoara River in the city area of ​​Koshigaya has been around since ancient times.Musashi countrySaitama DistrictBelongs toHeian period Of1040 - 1045 (Nagahisa / Kantoku year)Field partyIt is said that the clan Koshigaya Taro and Kosagami Jiro settled down and the ruling party's Mr. Hisaizu Shrine was built.The area on the left bank of the Motoara River until the Warring States periodShimosaKatsushikaShimokawabesoThe area belongs to Shinhosho, and the area was developed by Mr. Shimokawabe, a family of Mr. Koyama Shimotsuke, a descendant of Hidesato Fujiwara until the Northern and Southern Dynasties.Hachijo-in territoryIt was a donation-type villa.

Before the 17th year of Keicho (1612), the area on the left bank of the current Motoara River had already been transferred from Katsushika-gun, Shimousa to Saitama-gun, Musashi (Saitama-gun).[2].

In the Edo period,Nikko Kaido OfPost,KoshigayaProspered as. In 1625 (Kanei 2nd year), Sannomiya, Omichi, Otake, and Onma became the Iwatsuki domain, and after 1662 (Kanbun 2nd year), Mitakata, Minami Hyaku, Senbiki, Shijo, Mugitsuka, and Kakinoki became the Touhou Oshi domain. become.The rest of the area is so-called "HeavenIsKanto DistrictIt was a controlled area of.

Origin of the name of the municipality

It seems that "Koshigaya" means "valley of Koshi (waist)", "koshi" means "near the foot of mountains and hills", and "valley" means "lowland".In other words, "Omiya plateauIt is presumed to be a place name that refers to "the lowlands at the foot of the mountain."

The place name of "Koshigaya" was before the merger when Koshigaya Town was established by the merger in 1954.Koshigaya TownIt is derived from the fact that "ga" was taken to make "Koshigaya-cho" in order to distinguish it from.Therefore, the place name in the central part of Koshigaya City, which is the former Koshigaya Town, is now "Koshigaya City, Koshigaya City", and the other place names with "Koshigaya" are the place names that were created after the establishment of Koshigaya Town. "Minami Koshigaya" "Kitakoshigaya" "Higashi Koshigaya" etc.Months"Does not enter.For the same reason, "ga" is included in "Koshigaya High School", and "ga" is not included in "Koshigaya Kita High School" and "Koshigaya Minami High School".[7].

The birthplace of "National Health Insurance"

oldKoshigaya Town 1935 (ShowaInaugurated in 10 years) for the general publicJapanfirstHealth insurance system"Koshigaya Junseikai" is1938 (Showa 13)National Health Insurance ActIt was launched three years earlier than the (old law) came into effect.For this reason, Koshigaya City called "Koshigaya Junseikai"National Health InsuranceIn commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the enforcement of the National Health Care Act,1948 In (23), a "Mutual Aid Monument" was erected on the premises of the current city hall to honor the "Koshigaya Junseikai".

Volunteers to rebuild the town's finances and wipe out tax delinquencyInexhaustible lectureWas established.Andsick povertyIt was established with the profit of the inexhaustible course because it is a major cause of.At that time, there was a health insurance system for workers, but agriculture and fisheries,self employedThere was no health insurance system for people yet.

Designated city plan

2001 ToSaitama Prefecture Southeastern City Liaison and Coordination MeetingWas established, Koshigaya CitySoka-Yashio city-Misato-Yoshikawa-Matsubushi TownIn 5 cities and 1 townMerger of municipalities,Government-designated cityThe transition to is being considered.2010 Report for the realization of an ordinance-designated city[8]Was summarized.

Chronological Table

Before the establishment of Koshigaya Town

After the merger with Koshigaya Town and the enforcement of the city system


Population distribution of Koshigaya, Saitama, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Koshigaya City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Koshigaya City (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Koshigaya City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Town name

In Koshigaya City, in some areasAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.

Within the jurisdiction of Koshigaya City Hall (190 Chocho)
Town nameTown name readingTown area setting dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before setting the town areaTown name, etc. before the display of the residence
Lake Town XNUMX-chomeReikutaunOctober 2014th, 1Not implemented
Lake Town XNUMX-chomeOctober 2014th, 1Not implemented
Lake Town XNUMX-chomeOctober 2014th, 1Not implemented
Lake Town XNUMX-chomeOctober 2014th, 1Not implemented
Lake Town XNUMX-chomeOctober 2014th, 1Not implemented
Lake Town XNUMX-chomeOctober 2014th, 1Not implemented
Lake Town XNUMX-chomeOctober 2014th, 1Not implemented
Lake Town XNUMX-chomeOctober 2014th, 1Not implemented
Lake Town XNUMX-chomeOctober 2014th, 1Not implemented
Shinkoshigaya XNUMX-chomeShinkoshigayaOctober 2016th, 11Not implemented
Shinkoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 2016th, 11Not implemented
Koshigaya Honchodatedate
Koshigaya XNUMX-chomeKoshigayaOctober 1966th, 8Not implemented
Koshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 1966th, 8Not implemented
Koshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 1966th, 8Not implemented
Koshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 1966th, 8Not implemented
Koshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 1966th, 8Not implemented
Kitakoshigaya XNUMX-chomeKitakoshigayaOctober 1965th, 5Not implemented
Kitakoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 1965th, 5Not implemented
Kitakoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 1965th, 5Not implemented
Kitakoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 1965th, 5Not implemented
Kitakoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 1965th, 5Not implemented
Higashikoshigaya XNUMX-chomeHigashikoshigayaOctober 1980th, 11Not implemented
Higashikoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 1980th, 11Not implemented
Higashikoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 1980th, 11Not implemented
Higashikoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 1980th, 11Not implemented
Higashikoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 1980th, 11Not implemented
Higashikoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 2018th, 11October 2018th, 11
Higashikoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 2018th, 11October 2018th, 11
Higashikoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 2018th, 11October 2018th, 11
Higashikoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 2018th, 11October 2018th, 11
Higashikoshigaya XNUMX-chomeOctober 2018th, 11October 2018th, 11
Minamikoshigaya XNUMX-chomeMinami Koshigayadatedate
Minamikoshigaya XNUMX-chomedatedate
Minamikoshigaya XNUMX-chomedatedate
Minamikoshigaya XNUMX-chomedatedate
Minamikoshigaya XNUMX-chomedatedate
Akayamacho XNUMX-chomeAkayamachodatedate
Akayamacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Akayamacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Akayamacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Akayamacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Akayama Honchodatedate
Higashicho XNUMX-chomeAzumachodatedate
Higashicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Azumamachi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Azumacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Ihara XNUMX-chomeIharadatedate
Ihara XNUMX-chomedatedate
Osawa XNUMX-chomeEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eudatedate
Osawa XNUMX-chomedatedate
Osawa XNUMX-chomedatedate
Osawa XNUMX-chomedatedate
Too muchdatedate
Big roomOfusadatedate
Omanocho XNUMX-chomeOma nochodatedate
Omanocho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Omanocho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Omanocho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Omanocho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Morning sicknessdatedate
Kawayanagicho XNUMX-chomeKawayanagichodatedate
Kawayanagicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Kawayanagicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Kawayanagicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Kawayanagicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Kawarazone XNUMX-chomeI'm sorrydatedate
Kawarazone XNUMX-chomedatedate
Kawarazone XNUMX-chomedatedate
GamouakanechoIs already Akanechodatedate
GamouasahichoIs already Asahichodatedate
GamouatagochoIs already warmdatedate
Gamou Nishimachi XNUMX-chomeIs already in towndatedate
Gamou Nishimachi XNUMX-chomedatedate
GamouhigashichoIs alreadydatedate
GamouhonchoIs alreadydatedate
GamouminamichoIs already Minamichodatedate
Gamo XNUMX-chomeIs alreadydatedate
Gamo XNUMX-chomedatedate
Gamo XNUMX-chomedatedate
Gamo XNUMX-chomedatedate
Kita Ushiroyadatedate
Kawasaki Kitadatedate
Goten TownGotenchodatedate
Sagamicho XNUMX-chomeSagamichodatedate
Sagamicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sagamicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sagamicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sagamicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sagamicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sagamicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Shichizacho XNUMX-chomeShichizachodatedate
Shichizacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Shichizacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Shichizacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Shichizacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Shichizacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Roll updatedate
Shinkawacho XNUMX-chomeShinkawachodatedate
Shinkawamachi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Shinmeicho XNUMX-chomeShinmeichōdatedate
Shinmeicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Shinmeicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sengendainishi XNUMX-chomeSengendaidatedate
Sengendainishi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sengendainishi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sengendainishi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sengendainishi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sengendainishi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sengendaihigashi XNUMX-chomeSengendai Higashidatedate
Sengendaihigashi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sengendaihigashi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Sengendaihigashi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Taiseicho XNUMX-chomeTaiseichodatedate
Onaricho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Onaricho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Taiseicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Taiseicho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Nakajima XNUMX-chomeEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eudatedate
Nakajima XNUMX-chomedatedate
Nakajima XNUMX-chomedatedate
Nishikata XNUMX-chomeHow to dodatedate
West XNUMX-chomedatedate
Climbing and butterflydatedate
Hanata XNUMX-chomeHanatadatedate
Hanada XNUMX-chomedatedate
Hanada Sanchomedatedate
Hanata XNUMX-chomedatedate
Hanada XNUMX-chomedatedate
Hanata XNUMX-chomedatedate
Hanata XNUMX-chomedatedate
Higashi Osawadatedate
Higashiyanagida TownHigashi and Nagida ostrichdatedate
HirakataminamichoHirakata Minamichodatedate
Mashibayashi XNUMX-chomeMasabayashidatedate
Mashibayashi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Mashibayashi XNUMX-chomedatedate
MinamiogishimaMinami Ogishimadatedate
Minamimachi XNUMX-chomeMinachodatedate
XNUMX-chome, Minamimachidatedate
Minamimachi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Miyamae XNUMX-chomeMiyamaedatedate
Miyamotocho XNUMX-chomeMiyamotochodatedate
Miyamotocho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Miyamotocho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Miyamotomachi XNUMX-chomedatedate
Miyamotocho XNUMX-chomedatedate
MotoyanagidachoMotoyanagi ostrichdatedate
Yasakacho XNUMX-chomeYasakachodatedate
Yasakacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Yasakacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Yasakacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Yanakacho XNUMX-chomeYanakachodatedate
Yanakacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Yanakacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Yanakacho XNUMX-chomedatedate
Yayoi TownYayoi butterflydatedate
Ryutsu Udanchidatedate

Sakurai district

  • Ozato
  • Oaza Shimomakuri
  • Kamimakuri Oaza
  • Odomari
  • Large character square
  • Hirakataminamicho
  • Sengendaihigashi 1-4 chome

Shinpo district

  • Yajuro Oaza
  • Oyoshi Daikichi
  • Oaza Mukobatake
  • Oaza Kitakawasaki
  • Oaza Osugi
  • Oaza Omatsu
  • Oaza Funato
  • Yasakacho 1-4 chome

Mashibayashi district

  • Oaza Hanada
  • Large character Mashibayashi
  • Oaza Masumori
  • Mashibayashi 1-3 Chome
  • Masumori 1-2 chome
  • Hanata 1-7 chome

Obukuro district

  • Oaza Onma
  • Otake Otake
  • Omichi
  • Large printSannomiya
  • Oaza Onma Shinden
  • Oaza Fukuroyama
  • Obayashi
  • Ofusa Ofusa
  • Sengendainishi 1-6 Chome

Ogishima district

  • Oaza Nishiarai
  • Oaza Kitaushiroya
  • Oaza Nagashima

Dewa district

Gamo district

  • Oaza Noborito
  • Oaza Gamo
  • Kawarazone 1-2 chome
  • Minamikoshigaya1 chome
  • Noboritocho

Senryu district

Ohsagami district

  • Large character west      
  • Sagamicho1-7 chome
  • Onaricho 1, 2, 6-8 chome
  • Higashicho 1-3, 5-chome
  • Distribution complex 1-4 chome
  • West 1-2 chome
  • Lake town1-6, 8 and 9 chome

Osawa district

  • (I.e.
  • Osawa 1-4 chome
  • Higashi Osawa 1-5 Chome

Kitakoshiya district

Koshigaya district

  • Akayamacho 1-2 chome
  • Miyamae 1-chome
  • Akayamahoncho

Minamikoshigaya district

  • Shinkoshigaya 1-chome 
  • Kawarazone 3-chome
  • Minamikoshigaya 2-5 chome
  • Gamouakanecho
  • Higashiyanagida Town
  • Motoyanagidacho
  • Akayamacho 3-5 Chome


Successive mayors

  • 3st --XNUMXrd: Tomoka Otsuka (1958 May 11 - 1970 May 10, 3rd period)
  • 4th generation: Ichiro Shimamura (November 1970, 11- 1973 May 10, 1rd period)
  • 5th generation: Shigeharu Kuroda (November 1973, 11- 1977 May 11, 1rd period)
  • 6th --10th: Shinichiro Shimamura (November 1977, 11- 1997 November 11, 10th term)
  • 11th --13th: Fumio Itagawa(April 1997, 11-October 11, 2009, third term)
  • 14th generation-: Tsutomu Takahashi(March 2009, 11-Incumbent)

Main facilities of the city

  • Northern branch office (Onma)
  • Southern branch office (Minamikoshigaya XNUMX-chome)
  • Central Civic Center
  • Northern Civic Center
  • Koshigaya Community Center
  • Gender Equality Support Center Hot Koshigaya
  • Collared dove and vocational center
  • Local child care support center
  • Collection business center
  • Recycling Center
  • Koshigaya City Agricultural Technology Center
  • Koshigaya City Housing Information Center
  • Education center
  • Koshigaya City Science and Technology Experience Center(Miracle)
  • Koshigaya City XNUMXst and XNUMXnd Gymnasium
    • North Gymnasium
    • Minami Gymnasium
    • West Gymnasium
  • Gymnasium
  • Koshigaya City Stadium
  • General park)
  • Midorinomori Park Koshigaya Archery Hall
  • Koshigaya Citizen's Pool
  • Koshigaya City Library
  • KoshigayaHealth center
  • Koshigaya City Animal Management Center
  • Koshigaya Meat Sanitation Inspection Center

National office

Prefecture agency

  • Koshigaya Joint Government Building
    • KoshigayaPrefectural taxThe office
    • Koshigaya Prefectural Land Maintenance Office
    • Koshigaya Building Safety Center
    • Koshigaya Environmental Management Office
  • Omiya Park Office Shirakobatosui Park Management Office
  • Koshigayachild consultation center
  • Eastern Regional Rehabilitation Center

Other institutions

  • Higashi Saitama Resources and Environment Association First Factory (Cleaning Factory)

Wide area administration

Some office associations
Local public enterprise
  • Saitama Prefecture Southeastern City Liaison and Coordination Meeting: With Soka City, Misato City, Yashio City, Yoshikawa City, Matsubushi Townpublic facilityMutual use,libraryWide area use,Severely disabled childThe facility Nakagawa no Sato Rehabilitation Center is jointly established, and the Saitama Prefecture Southeastern Area Public Facility Reservation Information System (Manmaru Yoyaku) is operated.Also,Government-designated cityIt holds meetings on mergers with the goal of transition and holds projects in which residents of the constituent local governments can participate.

License plate

Local numberIsKoshigaya number(Saitama Transport Bureau) Will be issued.


裁判 所


City council

  • Constant number: 32 people
  • Term: September 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 14) to September 2023th, 5 (5th year of Reiwa)[14]
  • Chair: Masako Hashizume (Komeito Koshigaya City Council)
  • Vice-chairman: Reiko Shimada (Liberal Democratic Party Koshigaya City Council)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is representative)
LDPKoshigaya City Council6◎ Koji Noguchi, Osamu Ito, Naoki Kanai, Reiko Shimada, Tadashi Hattori, Mikio Kiyota
KomeitoKoshigaya City Council6◎ Kyoka Moriya, Hidemi Okano, Masako Hashizume, Eiji Takeuchi, Kyoko Sega, Shigeru Hataya
Constitutional Democratic PartyAnd Group of Independents6◎ Takae Goto, Koichi Takahashi, Akira Fukuda, Tetsutoshi Hashimoto, Takeshi Hosokawa, Noriko Matsuda
Autonomy Mirai4◎ Hidetsugu Shirakawa, Takamitsu Kikuchi, Koji Tsuji, Yuko Yamada
Koshigaya Renewal Club4◎ Takao Matsushima, Satoshi Muto, Takashi Asako, Junpei Kurokami
Japan Communist PartyKoshigaya City Council3◎ Masayuki Miyakawa, Daisuke Yamada, Hideji Kudo
Maintenance Group3◎ Yasushi Ohno, Chieko Ehara, Toyoko Kobayashi

Saitama Prefectural Assembly

  • Electoral district: East 8th district (Koshigaya city)
  • Constant number: 4 people
  • Term: April 2019, 31 (Heisei 4)-April 30, 2023 (Reiwa 5 years) April 4, 29
NameParliamentary nameRemarks
Akira AsaiLDPSaitama Prefectural Assembly
Masano YamamotoDemocratic forumParty membershipConstitutional Democratic Party
Masako HashizumeSaitama Prefectural AssemblyKomeitoLegislature
Koji TsujiDemocratic forumParty membershipKoshigaya Citizen Network

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Saitama Prefecture 3th Ward(Koshigaya City, etc.)Hitoshi KyotaLDP3Constituency
Yuriko YamakawaConstitutional Democratic Party1Proportional revival


Financial institution

Major companies headquartered in Koshigaya

Special product

sister city



  • Mean age:43.83Years old (male 42.96 years old, female 44.69 years old) [as of January 26, 1]

Community health

  • Koshigaya Public Health Center
  • Koshigaya City Health Center
  • Koshigaya City Night Emergency Clinic (Internal Medicine / Pediatrics (Internal Medicine Only))

Main hospital


primary school

Junior high school

high school

Vocational school

Junior college


Special school

Local information

  • Tobu Yomiuri Shimbun: Distributed to the entire area of ​​Soka City, Soka City, Misato City, Yashio City, Yoshikawa City, Matsubushi Town and parts of Kasukabe City, Kawaguchi City, and Saitama City.
  • Tobu Asahi Shimbun: Distributed to all areas of our city, Soka City, Misato City, Yashio City, Yoshikawa City, Matsubushi Town, Kasukabe City, Iwatsuki Ward, Saitama City and part of Kawaguchi City.
  • Tobu Shimbun: Information on our city, Soka city, Misato city, Yashio city, Yoshikawa city, Matsubushi town
  • Higashi Saitama Shimbun: Information on our city, Soka city, Misato city, Yashio city, Yoshikawa city, Matsubushi town
  • FM Koshigaya(Community FM): August 2015, 10Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsKanto General Communication BureauGrant a more preliminary license. Opened on March 2016, 3.frequency: 86.8MHz



  • Eastern Mobile Center
  • Shonen Support Center East Branch Office Koshigaya Counseling Room (April 2018, 4 Kasukabe Counseling Room moved to Saitama Prefecture Koshigaya Joint Government Building)
  • Koshigaya Police Station
    • Koshigaya station square police box
    • Minamikoshigaya station square police box
    • Gamo police box
    • Kitakoshigaya station square police box
    • Obukuro police station
    • Sengendai station square police box
    • Sengendainishi police box
    • Akayama police box
    • Osagami police box
    • Ogishima police box
    • Yajuro police box
    • Dewa station
    • Koshigaya Police Station
    • Koshigaya Police Station



The Tobu Isesaki Line (Tobu Sky Tree Line) crosses the center of the city area from north to south, and the Musashino Line crosses the southern part of the city area from east to west.JTB publishing,Kotsu Shimbun OfTimetableThe representative station of the city in Japan is Koshigaya Station, which is the closest station to the city hall. Shin-Koshigaya Station and Minami-Koshigaya Station, where the two lines intersect, have a particularly large number of passengers getting on and off, and the total number of passengers getting on and off each day is about 2.Koshigaya Lake Town Station, which is the closest station to Aeon Lake Town, has a high non-regular usage rate, accounting for about 30% of the total number of passengers getting on and off.

The section north of Kitakoshiya Station on the Tobu-Isesaki Line is a ground section, but all other sections are elevated sections. With the opening of the Hashigami station building at Obukuro station in 2013, barrier-free access has been completed at all stations in the city.Each station has a station square, and local buses run to all stations except Gamo station.

Tobu Railway
East Japan Railway(JR East)

Besides this,Freight stationIsJapan Freight Railway(JR Freight)Koshigaya Freight Terminal StationExists.


In the past, Tobu Bus was the sole bus operator in the city, but due to business contraction, Asahi Motor was transferred from October 2000, and Ibakyu Motor was transferred from October 10. The Japan Taro's route was newly opened in 2001, and the Global Transportation route was newly opened in 10.On the other hand, the late-night express bus, which has been operating since September 2004, remains after the company split to Tobu Bus Central, and all lines can be boarded from the east exit of Shin-Koshigaya Station.

Highway bus onceTohoku Express Bus OfSuite No.,RainbowWas stopped in front of Shin-Koshigaya station.


Taxi business area TheSoutheastern part of the prefectureso,Kasukabe-Soka-Kuki-Yashio cityIt is the same area as.

The railway that once passed


General national road
Prefectural road
Main roads with plans

Tourism / Commerce / Culture


The annual number of tourists attracted to Koshigaya City is about 5,706 million (2018), which isSaitama(About 2,572 people)Kawagoe-shi(Approximately 734 million people) is suppressed, which is the highest value in the municipalities of Saitama Prefecture.However, most of themAEON Lake TownIt is occupied by the surrounding facilities and the centripetal force of other tourism resources is low.Although it is a core city with a population of over 30, there are few characteristic tourism resources, and establishing a brand image is an issue.Adjacent to the north for referenceKasukabe TheCrayon Shin-chanAdjacent to the south as the stage ofSokaAs a specialtySoka rice crackerIt has been known.

Commercial facility

Festivals and events

  • Minami Koshigaya Awa Odori
    AuthenticTokushima, In TokyoKoenjiTogether with it, it is called Japan's Three Great Awa Odori.Headquartered in Minamikoshigaya districtPorusThe hometown of Shunzo Nakauchi, the founder of the group, is Tokushima Prefecture, and it started in 1985 as a tribute to the community.It is held every Saturday and Sunday in late August, and the eve of the festival is held on Friday, the day before.The number of tourists is about 8 every year.
  • Koshigaya Fireworks Festival
    It is held every Saturday in late July in front of Koshigaya City Hall (Kasai Irrigation Riverbed).The number of tourists is about 7 every year.
  • Kitakoshigaya Sakura Festival
    About 350 Yoshino cherry trees are in full bloom on the meandering former Arakawa bank around the west exit of Kitakoshiya station, and it is known as a famous place for cherry blossoms.Held every year from late March to early April, it is lit up at night during the period.

Sights and historic sites

Nearby Tourist Spots

Physical education facility / sports team

Hot bath facility 


  • SenbiyaBirthplace ("Senbiki" at Senbiya Sohonten refers to Senbiki no Sato, Saitama-gun, Musashi Province (currently near 4-chome, Azumacho, Koshigaya City))
  • National Health InsuranceA monument of the birthplace (on the premises of Koshigaya City Hall).
  • White pigeon: Inhabits near Koshigaya.country'sNatural treasure.

Works associated with Koshigaya (city)

Works set in Koshigaya (city)

  • emperor
  • Very lucky man (Gamou Hiroshi) --The main character, Yoichi Pursuit, lives in the Gamo area.In addition, a character called "Taro Koshigaya" will appear.
  • Bakuman.(Tsugumi Oba-Ken Obata) --The stage is "Yatsuka City" (Koshigaya + Soka).Both the original and the anime version use stations and facilities in Koshigaya city in the background.
  • Ball poem(Mountain Pukuichi) --The baseball club to which the main characters belong is set as a high school club activity called "Shin-Koshiya High School".The regulating pond in Koshigaya Lake Town is also drawn.
  • Kobayashi's Maid Dragon ――The actual scenery of Koshigaya city is used.However, it has been replaced with a fictitious place name "Oborozuka".
  • Koshiya Saiko - NHK Saitama Broadcasting StationProduced TV drama.The whole story is on location in Koshigaya City.

Works that use the place names and names of Koshigaya (city)

Native celebrity








Person with connection


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