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😷 | "Matsuyama Port Festival / Mitsuhama Fireworks Festival" "Postponed" for XNUMX consecutive years ... The date is undecided [Ehime]


"Matsuyama Port Festival / Mitsuhama Fireworks Festival" "Postponed" for XNUMX consecutive years ... The date is undecided [Ehime]

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Every year in early August, the "Matsuyama Port Festival / Mitsuhama Fireworks Festival" is held at Mitsu Pier in Matsuyama City, where about 8 fireworks color the night sky.

Due to the influence of the new corona, it was postponed last year, and the Mitsuhama fireworks display scheduled to be held in September this year has been postponed again this year ... → Continue reading

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Matsuyama Port Festival

Matsuyama Port Festival(Matsuyama Minato Festival) isEhimeMatsuyama City OfMitsuhama PortIt is a summer festival fireworks display that is held on the first Sunday of August every year.

1951It is a fireworks display with a long history in Ehime prefecture, which is held from the beginning and celebrates 70 times this year.It has been changed to be held on the first Saturday of August from the first year of Reiwa.

Including Shikoku's largest No. 15 ball, the composition of land, sea, and underwater fireworks is devised so that it looks three-dimensional no matter where you look.

Temporary parking lot and transportation access

On the day of the event, large-scale traffic restrictions will be placed around the venue, and temporary parking lots will be set up in parks and other places.

Also, the roads around the venuePedestrian heavenTo becomeTransit BusHowever, the time may change or it may be cut off in front of the venue.

Iyo RailwayTakahama LineRecommends the use of public transportation as much as possible because it will increase the number of trains (3-car train) and increase the number of flights.

For viewing from the seaPleasure boat,Cruise shipIs operated.

外部 リンク

Early August every year


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