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😷 | Former sexy actress Ai Uehara's "speculative affiliate" pros and cons ... Adult industry and crypto assets

Ai Uehara, a former famous sexy actress who attracted attention this time in a classic case involving photo affiliates. What happened to her who retired in 2016 and is now active as a YouTuber? (The image is from the top page of his official You Tube channel)

Pros and cons of former sexy actress Ai Uehara's "speculative affiliate" ... Adult industry and crypto assets

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"Unlike Yui Hatano's case, this is just a crypto asset, and it's an affiliate that has been around for a long time.

Bitcoin, a virtual currency, is often reported to have fluctuations in prices.The most recent big drop is Tesla CE ... → Continue reading

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Yui Hatano

Yui Hatano(Yui Hatano[2],1988May 5[3] -) isJapan OfAV actress[4].Anison-VocaloidMembers of Unit T ♡ Project[5].

KyotoBackground[1].Tea powersBelongs.Height: 163 cm,three size: B88cm, W59cm, H89cm[1]..My hobby is games[6].


2008AV debut.

SKY PerfecTV! Adult Broadcast AwardIn 2013Naruse ShinobiAs he takes a restJia MiaoyuとFujikita AyakaIt was announced that he would join the idol group "me-me *" with him, and he performed live.[7].

Won the Actress Award and the Yukan Fuji Award at the Skapar! Adult Broadcasting Awards 2014 on March 3, 5.[8][9].

From April 2014,Republic of China(Taiwan) Acts as an image character for the smartphone game app "Kamiki Genso"[10].

DMM ranked first in the 2014 annual AV actress ranking[11].

February 2015, 8 in TaiwanTaipei City,New North City,Matsu IslandsIt is mainly popular inYu cardAnnounced that it will be released in September on the premise that the card using Hatano will be donated in full.[12]..There were two versions of the card, "Angel" and "Devil", but it was pointed out that the photo used for "Angel" was "AV cover and two melons in which Hatano appeared". , The collection was decided in a hurry.EasyCard announced that it will sell newly designed photos while emphasizing that it is "no problem" to use in the photos provided by the Japanese side.[13]..In addition, the appointment of Hatano, an AV actress, has become a controversial situation from the general public.Some people disagree with "I doubt the good sense of the publisher" because they can buy it even for minors, while others advocate "What is the sin of her work?" And "It's okay if you wear clothes." Is[14]..By the way, Hatano himself said about this uproar, "Because I am an AV actress, can I cooperate with and contribute to a well-meaning event? Can I give back to my favorite Taiwanese people?" ..EasyCard announced that it will hold a press conference on the morning of August 8th and will not release it on September 27st.It also revealed that it will reconsider purchasing conditions such as sales channels and age restrictions.The representative of Higashisakura Creative Marketing Co., Ltd., the sole agency in Taiwan who attended the press conference, apologized for the difference in perception of the rights of photographs.[15].

However, a few days later, on August 8, the policy of EasyCard changed.The company announced that it will not sell or produce a new version, but will sell the original version of the card, which has been criticized, only by telephone reservation.Then, from midnight on September 31st, the next day, when I started making reservations for 9 sets of 1 discs of "Angel" and "Devil", applications flooded.Regarding card purchases launched by Hatano fansFacebookPosts such as "I can't connect at all" and "I couldn't do it 100 times" were posted on this page one after another.As a result, it sold out in 4 hours and 18 minutes.The price of the card is NT $ 1 per set (about 500 yen)[16].

In March 2016, the activity of the idol group "me-me *" ended.[17].

Started activities as a member of T ♡ Project in October 2016 (other members areHibiki Otsuki,Jia Miaoyu)[18].

Following 2014, DMM ranked first in the 2016 annual AV actress ranking[19].

Received the Most Appearing Actress Award at the SKY PerfecTV! Adult Broadcasting Awards 2018 on March 3, 1.[20].. March 2019, 3, SKY PerfecTV! Adult Broadcasting Award 12 won the most appearance actress award for the second consecutive year[21].

2019 year 10 month,Geo TV×Men's Cyzo ADULT AWARD 2019 Nominated for Dirty Talk Star Category[22]..The two names are "Ingo Hatano".In December of the same year, won the Grand Prix in the same category (the award ceremony was on January 12 of the following year)[23][24].

In October 2020, Geo TV won first place in the popular AV actress ranking in the first half of 10[25]..Also in October of the same year, achieved the first place in the Geo TV popular AV actress weekly ranking for 10 consecutive weeks.[26].

"FLASH 2020 active strongest sexy actress BEST12" announced in December 2020 reader vote, 100th place[27].. FANZA Announced 2020 Annual AV Actress Ranking 5th[28].

In January 2021, adult video entertainer Revolver Head introduced him as an actress with expectations for 1 as he expected "3 unprecedented appearances".[29].

In February 2021, won the 2th place in Geo TV "AV actress who wants to get Valentine's chocolate! Questionnaire"[30].. Announced in April 2021Asahi Entertainment2021th place in "3 active AV actress SEXY general election"[31].

Participated as "T ♡ Project" for the first time in about 2021 years at the live event "LADY MADONNNA Vol.7" held at RizM in Aoyama, Tokyo on July 8, 13.[32].


TaiwanActress / modelLin Chi-lingIt is nicknamed "Chi Lin of the AV world" in Taiwan because of its similar appearance.[33]..Also known as "Hatano of the World" based on its popularity in Asia[34].

The lack of a sense of plain clothes becomes a hot topic among production staff and fans who participate in autograph sessions.The gray hooded dress has been called "Nezumi Otoko"[35].

Entered the industry as a scout.At first, he wasn't interested and refused, so when he made his debut, he said he hated it as a job.[36].

Although he was originally from Kyoto on the official profile, he has declared that he is actually from Okayama on the TV program from around 2019.[37].


Adult videos

Image Video

  • Ero Cute / Yui Hatano (May 2014, 5, Olstuck Pictures)
  • Aphrodite / Yui Hatano (December 2017, 12, Fine Pictures)
  • Yui4 Erotic master (January 2019, 1, REbecca)
  • Aphrodite / Yui Hatano 2 (February 2019, 2, Fine Pictures)
  • Yui5 Endless evolution (December 2019, 12, REbecca)

Trading cards

titleRelease dateSelling agencyRemarks
AVC Juicy honey Vol.252014/2/22mintDeity Shiori,AsohiAnd set
AVC Juicy Honey Vol.282014/10/12mintAino Kishi,Marina ShiraishiAnd set
AVC Juicy Honey Luxury Edition2014/12/20mintAi Uehara,Angel moeAnd set
AVC Juicy Honey 10th Anniversary2015/10/3mintTomorrow Flower キ ラ ラ, Kishi Aino,Jessica Kizaki,Mana Sakura,Minami KojimaAnd set



Web tv

original video

  • Female Crime History (October 2012, 10,All-in Entertainment)
  • SEX and the PACHINKO 2 (September 2013, 9,Line Communications)
  • Married Woman Observation Committee (August 2014, 8,Albatross)
  • Eros story in the world (2018) "Indecent I wake up" Yui


  • Mayonaka no Furin Wife (December 2013, 12, OP Eiga) as Masumi Uehara[45]
  • Sashimi (2015, Director: Pan Chi Yuen (Ban Shien)) AV actress Natsumi
  • Agent Mr Chan (2018, English title: Agent Mr Chan, Hong Kong movie) Shuo / Yui Hatano



  • Geo TVx Men's Cyzo Special Award "Dirty Talk Star Category" 1st Place Yui Hatano Interview! (With message video) (January 2020, 1, Geo TV adult news media MANGO)[48]


Photo album


Trading cards

  • AVC Juicy honeyCollection Card PLUS # 7 (June 2020, 6, Mint Co., Ltd.)



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currency > Digital currency > Virtual currency

Virtual currency(CurrencyBritish: virtual currency, Virtual money)Digital currencyIs a type of, unregulated, published by the developer, usually controlled, and specificVirtual communityIt is accepted and used within. In 2014European Banking Authority"Not issued by a central bank or public institutionFiat currencyIt may not be backed byNatural person(Individual)CorporationIt is accepted as a payment method and is electronically moved, stored and traded in an electronically valuable manner. "In contrast, digital currencies issued by central banksCentral Bank Digital CurrencyIt is called (CBDC).


2012 years,European Central BankThe (ECB) defines cryptocurrencies as "a type of digital currency that is unregulated, usually issued and managed by developers, and used and accepted by members of a particular virtual community." .. [1] : 13

2013 years,US TreasuryThe US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), in contrast to its regulatory definition of "real currency," "acts as a medium of exchange in some environments, like currency, but of real currency. It does not have all the attributes, "he said, especially that it does not have fiat currency status in any region (currently Bitcoin has fiat currency status, as in the case of El Salvador). .. [2]

2014 years,European Banking AuthorityCryptocurrencies are "issued by central banks and public institutions, not necessarily fiat-backed, but accepted by natural persons or legal entities as a digital representation of value and transferred electronically. It can be stored or traded. " [3]

In 2018, of the European Parliament and the Board of DirectorsDirective (EU),2018/843Defined to mean "a digital representation of value that is not issued or guaranteed by a central bank or public institution, is not necessarily associated with a legally established currency, and has no legal status in the currency." It can be accepted by a natural person or legal entity as an exchange medium and can be transferred, stored and traded electronically. " [4]

Therefore, the virtual currency may include in-game currency and the like.[5]

Term history

The term "virtual currency" is a digital currencysocial gameIt is said that it was built around 2009 in parallel with the development of. [6]

Originally,BitcoinThe correct classification of is "Digital currencyHowever, in the past, especially in the US government, the term "virtual currency" was preferred and adopted uniformly.Specifically, it started with FinCEN mentioned above, and in 2012FBI [7] General Accounting Bureau in 2013[8] , In the US Senate in November 2013BitcoinGovernment agency testified at a hearing aboutHomeland Securityetc),US Securities and Exchange Commission,Attorney GeneralUse examples can be seen in, etc. [9]

The concept itself was discussed at a 2013 US Congress hearing by an economist and former Fed chairman.Ben Bernanke"We see it as a form of'electronic money'or payment system technology that has evolved over the last two decades," he said. "Banking and financial services" about the "future of currencies" in 20. He mentioned that there was a discussion at the parliamentary hearing by the "Future Committee of Japan". [10]


in Japan,2016May 6Established in2017May 4Enforced revisionFund settlement lawIn Article 2, Paragraph 5 of the above, crypto assets (the name at the time of enactment was virtual currency) were defined as one of the following:[11][12]..Although the name has cryptography, it is a cryptographic asset even if cryptography is not used, and there is no need to be decentralized.

  1. When purchasing, borrowing, or receiving services, it can be used for unspecified persons to pay these prices, and it is purchased and sold to unspecified persons. A property value that can be transferred using an electronic information processing organization.
  2. Property value that can be exchanged with an unspecified person and can be transferred using an electronic information processing organization.

However, the following two requirements are required.

  1. Prescribed in Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange ActElectronic record transfer rightExcept.
  2. Property values ​​are limited to those recorded electronically on electronic devices and other objects, and exclude Japanese yen and foreign currencies and currency-denominated assets.

Traditional cryptocurrency names are confusing with existing fiat currencies and exclude currency-denominated assets, which can be misleading, so at the 2018 international conferenceCryptocurrency(British: crypto asset) Was used, and on May 2019, 5, the Diet passed a revised law on the Funds Settlement Law and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, which included a change in the name to crypto assets.[13][14]..It is a crypto asset without using crypto, and it is confusing.It is a requirement whether it is electronic information processing rather than whether it is cryptographic.Since it excludes currency-denominated assets, those with stable value in legal tender are excluded.

Bitcoin(BTC) andOrtho coinEtc.Cryptocurrency(Cryptocurrency), which is a type of virtual currency and a type of Japanese legal crypto asset.

El SalvadorIn, the Bitcoin Law was enacted on June 2021, 6, and Bitcoin became legal tender.[15], Enforced on September 2021, 9[16].Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade LawIf it falls under the foreign currency stipulated in Article 6,Fund settlement lawIt does not fall under the crypto assets specified in Article 2, Paragraph 5, Item 1, but whether it falls under foreign currencyForced powerIt becomes a standard whether to have[17], El Salvador's Bitcoin Law Article 7 stipulates that it has compulsory power, but Article 12 states that those who cannot access Bitcoin are exempt from Article 7.[18]In the Japanese government's reply on June 2021, 6, Bitcoin is not a foreign currency of El Salvador, and Bitcoin is included in crypto assets.[19].

Currency classification table

Digital currencyIs a currency that has a specific form of being transferred and stored electronically, and is different from a currency that has a physical entity such as coins or banknotes.According to the European Central Bank, cryptocurrencies are "generally digital" but their pioneers with a long history.CouponIs physical.[1]

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses cryptography to protect transactions and control the creation of new currency units.[20] Not all cryptocurrencies use cryptocurrencies, so it does not mean that all cryptocurrencies are cryptocurrencies.

Definition of the European Central Bank[1]: 11based oncurrencyClassification table (the range with a green background is the virtual currency)
Form of money
Physicalデ ジ タ ル
CipherDoes not depend onCipherDepends on orCryptocurrencyIs
Legal positionNo regulationCentralizedCouponInternet coupon
Mobile coupon
Local currencyIn-game virtual currency, centralized virtual currency
DistributedphysicallyReal moneyDecentralized virtual currencyCryptocurrency
Be regulatedbill,coin,cashElectronic money (so-called Japanese meaning)
bankDeposits inDeposit currency)

World virtual currency

The total number of virtual currencies in the world tends to increase year by year. In the edition of "Encyclopedia Nipponica" (Nipponica) edited around 2016, it was stated that "there are more than 600 types of virtual currencies" and "the estimated market capitalization of them is about 2016 as of April 4." 80 million dollars "[21].. In the Asahi Shimbun's "Keywords" article published on January 2018, 1, it was explained that "there are more than 27 types in the world, and the total market capitalization reaches about 59 trillion yen."[22].

Centralized virtual currency

Decentralized cryptocurrency

  • AAVE
  • ADA (Cardano)- Cardano (blockchain)See.
  • ADX (AdEx)
  • AE (Aeternity)
  • AION (Aion, Aion)
  • AMB (Ambrosus)
  • ARK (Ark)
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  • BCPT (Blockmason Credit Protocol)
  • BNB (Binance Coin)
  • BNT (Bancor)
  • BRD (Bread)
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  • BVS (Bitcoin Silver)
  • CDT (Blox, Blokus)
  • CND (Cindicator)
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  • DASH (Dash)-Can be used like cash and has strong anonymity.
  • DNT (District Zero X, district0x)
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  • DOGE (Dogecoin)
  • DOT (Polkadot)
  • EDO (Eidoo)
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  • ENJ (Engine Coin, Enjin Coin)
  • ELF (elf)
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  • ETH (Ethereum[21] , Ethereum)- Real estate,trustUsed for[21].
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  • FUN (FunFair)
  • GAS (Gas)
  • GTO (gift, Gift)
  • GVT (Genesis Vision)
  • GXS (GXChain)-A virtual currency originating in China. It was closed by Chinese police in 2019.
  • HSR (Hshare, Hshare)
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  • LUN (Lunyr)
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  • MANA (Decentraland)
  • MCO (Monaco, MONACO)
  • MOD (Modum)
  • MONA (Monacoin [21], MonaCoin)-originating in JapanCryptocurrency.
  • MTH (Monetha)
  • MTL (Metal)
  • NANO (Nano)
  • NAV (NavCoin)
  • NCASH (Nucleus Vision)
  • NEM (Nem,NEM)--A virtual currency that does not have a mechanism for new issuance.[23]
  • NEO (NEO)-Called the Chinese version of Ethereum.
  • NEBL (Neblio)
  • NULS (Nuls)
  • OMG (Omisego)
  • PIVX (Pivx, PIVX)-Anonymous cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin and DASH.
  • POE (Po.et)
  • PPT (populous)
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  • RYO (Koban, c0ban) --Cryptocurrency assets originating in Japan.
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  • VET (VeChain)
  • VIB (Viberate)
  • WABI (WaBi)
  • WAVES (Waves)
  • WTC (Waltonchain)


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