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😷 | Creation of usage list Based on our own standards Prefectural corona countermeasure restaurant certification system


Creation of usage list Based on original standards Prefectural corona countermeasure restaurant certification system

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In addition to installing acrylic boards and disinfecting hands, it also included the creation of a list when using the store.

Criteria have been set for the prefecture's system for certifying restaurants that have taken measures against infection with the new coronavirus.Acrylic plate… → Continue reading

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Creating a list

Acrylic plate

Acrylic plate(Akuriruban)acrylic resinBoard made of[1][2].


High transparency[1][3]..The light transmittance of the acrylic plate is 93%, and the light transmittance is 92%.ガ ラ スSurpass[1][3][4][5].

Easy to cut, drill, bend, chamfer, polish, etc.[1][3]..You can also engrave and print.[4].

Strong, hard to break, debris does not scatter even if broken[3][5][6]..Excellent impact resistance[1]..Surface hardness is similar to aluminum[7].

Excellent weather resistance[1]..Durable[3]..Extremely low decrease in transparency and strength[5].

If it is a shallow scratch, it can be refinished with an abrasive.[7].

Easy to be charged with static electricity and easy to get dust[7].


Extruded board

Acrylic board made by extruding clay-like melted acrylic resin with a roller[3][8]..The thickness of the board can be made up to 20 mm[3]..The thickness of the board is constant[4]..Cheaper than cast board[2][4][5][8].

Coarse molecular weight[4], The molecular weight of the extruded plate is 1/15 of the cell cast plate[7]..Easy to stick when cut[4]..Therefore, it is suitable for use as a board.[4]..In addition, the heated part is easy to melt and is not suitable for high-speed cutting.[8].

Easily soluble in solvents[8][7]..Suitable for solvent bonding[3][8][7]..Easy to bend by applying heat[3].

Sensitive to chemicals[4]..Cracks with solvents and chemicals[Note 1]Is likely to occur[8].

Lack of durability[2]..Sensitive to changes in temperature and environment[3]..Sensitive to heat[3], Thermal deformation temperature is low and softens early[7]..Easy to crack[3]..Fine cracks may occur on the surface depending on the type of solvent.[7].

Cast board

Acrylic plate made by stacking two upper and lower glasses, pouring acrylic raw material between them and curing[3][8]..Higher hardness than extruded material[3][4][8], Hard to warp[3][8]Suitable for machining[4][5],expensive[2][4][5][8]There are features such as.It is also possible to make a large board.[2]..Due to the manufacturing method, there are variations in the thickness of the board.[4][8]..Acrylic color boards are mostly cast boards[4].

Fine molecular weight[4]..Therefore, it is difficult to dissolve in a solvent when adhering.[4][8]..Solvent adhesion process takes time and adhesion is weak[3], Also low strength[8]..Suitable for high speed cutting[8].

FX board

A type of cast board[5]..Fewer binding molecules than regular cast boards[5]..Therefore, processing such as solvent bonding, polishing, cutting, and drilling is easy.[5]..Suitable for solvent bonding[5].

Less deterioration over time like extruded plates[5].


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  1. ^ Fine cracks on the surface


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