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😷 | <New Corona> Saitama City opens two vaccine mass inoculation venues Bus service from the nearest station such as Omiya Station

Photo Saitama City opens two vaccine mass inoculation venues

<New Corona> Saitama City opens two vaccine mass inoculation venues Bus service from the nearest station such as Omiya Station

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According to the City's New Coronavirus Vaccine Countermeasures Office, inoculation will be given every day from the 21st at the Sakuragi parking lot and every day from the 29th at the Urawa Racecourse except for about 10 days on the horse racing day.

Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, announced on the 8th that it will open two special mass inoculation sites for the new coronavirus vaccine.city… → Continue reading

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Urawa Racecourse

Urawa Racecourse(Urawa Racecourse)SaitamaSaitamaSouth wardOyabaLocated in XNUMX-chomeLocal horse racing OfRacecourseIs.The organizer isSaitama Urawa Horse Racing Association(Composed of Saitama Prefecture and Saitama CitySome office associations).SPAT4Affiliated racetrack.Funabashi Racecourse,Oi Racecourse,Kawasaki RacecourseWithSouth Kanto Public Horse RacingMake up.

In this section, it is attachedCentral horse racing OfOut-of-field Katsuma Voting Ticket Sales OfficeIsWinds Urawa (inside Urawa Racecourse)Is also described.


Existed before the warKasukabeIn the form of a racetrack relocation1947 (Showa22 years)May 10ToUrawa OfUrawa Memorial ParkIt was installed inside.First held1948 (23)May 4..Postwar currentHorse racing lawOn the basis of the,Local governmentWas first held as a sponsor ofLocal horse racingRacetrack[1].

Equipment outline

Course outline

Source: [2][3]

  • Baba: 1m per lap, counterclockwise flat
  • Straight line (from the 4th corner to the goal board): 200m (previously it was 220m, but the goal board was moved to the front due to the new 1500m pocket.)
  • Distance setting: 800m, 1300m, 1400m, 1500m, 1600m, 1900m, 2000m
    • 1500m2007 Added from the 12th meeting in December.
    • 1900m after 2019Saitama Shimbun AwardIt has been used only, but it is unknown whether it will be used in the future because it will be used at 2021 m from 2000.
  • Course width: 16m (front), 24m (front)
  • Maximum number of runners (full gate): 1400 in 1500m, 2000m and 12m, 11 in others.

The starting point (pocket) of 1600m is in the middle of the third corner.Normally, the starting point pocket has a certain amount of straight line, but this 3m starting point pocket has almost no straight line, and you have to turn at a right angle to get to this course.It cannot be said that the width of the course is sufficiently secured, and "every time you go outside one frame, the distance of half a horse isHandicapThe outer frame is disadvantageous enough to be described as.Therefore, many jockeys, including those belonging to the Japan Racing Association, have described it as "the most difficult starting point in Japan."Official recognition in the hallTipsterThey even say, "The prediction that ignores the advantages and disadvantages of the frame order in the 1600m battle is reckless."

Jockeys are killed near the 3rd cornerFallen horseTwo accidents have occurred since 2000 (Tatsuya Matsui,Takashi Sato).Since the straight line from the end of the 4th corner to the goal is short and the width of the course is narrow, positioning from the 3rd corner to the final (4th) corner is an extremely important point in the race, so the ability of the racehorse At the same time, the shape of Urawa's course, which requires extremely high skills for bargaining during jockey races and maneuvering racehorses, is also a factor.

In the courseFirst-class river OfFujiemon RiverFlows parallel to the front from the 3rd corner (northwest) to the 2nd corner (southeast), and there are two bridges on the course.The 2m race mentioned above also starts from the bridge past the 1600rd corner.

2019 yearsJBC raceIn preparation for the event, the width of the course will be expanded and the third corner will beSpiral curveWas made[4]..As a result, the 30m race will be expanded from 12 full gates to 2000 from the 11th event in 12.


  • Admission is 100 yen when horse racing is held, and free when off-track betting.
  • Parking LotComplete.Free of charge when held at home or off-track betting.There is a charge for off-track JRA sales on Saturdays and Sundays (Later).
  • There are two entrance gates, the main gate (west gate) and the north gate.The free shuttle bus to / from Minami-Urawa Station departs at the main gate.There is a parking lot adjacent to the north gate, but the number of cars that can be accommodated is small (the bicycle parking lot can be used for general purposes) because the people involved and owners have priority during the event.
  • There are two stands, No. 2 and No. 3.Previously, there was a No. 2 stand in front of the goal, but it was dismantled in 1 due to deterioration (completed in 1959), a commercial building was built on the site, and a lawn area was vacant at that time. It was set up (free entry except when using the event). The old No. 2009 stand, which was completed in 1968, was finally used only on the 2st floor (unreserved seats on the Baba side and polling place) and the 1th floor (President Ma). The Saitama Prefecture Urawa Racecourse plans to rebuild the No. 5 stand in June 2017, and will place an order for the main construction in FY6.The scale is 2 basement floor, 2017 floors above ground, totaling about 1 m4[5].. Construction work began in January 2018, and the old stand was demolished by the spring of the same year.New stand completed on July 1, 2019[6][7].. Operation will start on September 2019, 9[8].
  • Reserved seats are reserved seats on the 2nd and 2,3rd floors of Stand 2 and box seats on the 3nd floor, and reserved seats on the 4,5th and XNUMXth floors of Stand XNUMX.[9].
  • Horse racing newspaperOnly sells at the main gate.Although it is not sold at the North Gate, there will be about one stall of the horse racing newspaper on the day of Urawa Horse Racing.
  • The 3th polling place, which is a one-story building, is adjacent to the west side of Stand 7.


There are many types of fried foods as a specialty gourmet in the hall,deep-fried horse mackerel, Rice balls with tempura, chicken cutlets, cucumbers (one salted cucumber stuck in disposable chopsticks) and yellowCurry and rice[10],croquetteEtc. are introduced in horse racing-related reading materials, the Internet, and sometimes gourmet books and gourmet sides.Also tuna cutlet[10](Mainly sold from spring to autumn) is also very popular and may sell out early when there are many visitors, especially on the day of Urawa Horse Racing.

There is a maternal and child welfare shop in the hall[10], A part of the sales is used to improve the assistance of the lives of children and toddlers and their guardians who are placed in harsh environments such as single-mother families.In addition, stores with the same purpose are in the same prefectureKawaguchi Auto Race GroundAlso exists.

From June 2011, the restaurant at Stand No. 6 has opened.Hegi sobaIt was renewed to the store.Open on off-track betting days (however, closed on Saturdays and Sundays when the 3rd floor of Stand 3 is closed).

Inside the course (park)

There are two general roads (walking only) that pass through the course, and you can cross the course on non-horse racing days and off-track betting days.

UchibabaUrawa Memorial ParkIt is possible to enter the Uchibaba except on horse racing days.It will be open to the public during the available hours on non-horse racing days and off-track betting days.The available opening times are as follows:

  • May 5st-September 1th ... 9am-15pm
  • May 9st-September 16th ... 4am-30pm
  • 5 days before the horse race (eg April 4-26 for the first day of April 4)… 21:25 am-9 pm
  • Ability testDate ... 9:7 am-XNUMX pm
  • During Urawa Horse Racing ... Closed all day
  • In addition, depending on the usage of the dirt course and the park, the opening time may be longer or shorter, and it may be closed (although it is rare, if you plan to run a big prize at the home or other places, you can train at Urawa Racecourse instead of Tresen is there).

A large monitor is installed inside the off-track betting, and although it is in operation on the off-track betting date, access is not restricted.Therefore, visitors to the racetrack can see betting tickets on a large monitor, children and dogs playing in front of the race, and running people crossing the race. ..

For emergencies such as disastersheliportThere is.This was the first facility in the racecourse in Japan.Urawa Racecourse Retention Pond is also installed in the central part to prevent flood damage.


Located in a densely populated areaLight pollutionInstead, at Urawa Racecourse, where there is no night game equipment that causes insect damageTwilight raceが導入され、2005年度から実施されている(開始当初は3 - 6日間開催、2007年度より4月下旬から20日間前後の開催となる)。2017年度より最終競走の発走時刻を17時10分に、2018年度からは第1競走の発走時刻も11時10分に統一していたが、2021年度は5・7月開催を通常より1時間程、8月開催を30分程遅らせる[11].

  • 2008 will be held from April to August (4 holdings for 8 days).
  • 2009 will be held from April 4th to August 27th (8 holdings for 7 days).
  • 2010 will be held from April 4th to August 26th (8 holdings for 5 days).
  • 2011年は5月30日から9月9日まで開催(当初は4月24日から9月9日の5開催19日を予定していたが、Great East Japan EarthquakeAs part of the measures to save electricity and energy, the event was postponed in April, so the number of events was reduced to 4 days.)
  • 2012 will be held from April 4th to August 23th (9 holdings for 14 days).
  • It is also held from 2014 to March.Also, August 3st will be held during the day from the initial twilight.Oi RacecourseHeld a relay with "Minami Kanto Special Day"[12]
  • In 2018, we will hold a relay with Oi Racecourse for the first time in 4 years (June, August, September, December, 6 holdings for 8 days, June and December held in the daytime, August and September held in twilight). After 9, the name "Urawa x Oi XX Relay" will be attached.

Off-site sales office

As of 2017Outside betting ticket counterAlthough it does not manage and own, it participates in mutual off-track sales at some dedicated off-track sales offices nationwide.

Off-track betting date in South Kanto

Night gameOff-track betting is ahead of other races, and especially at Oi Racecourse, there are visitors who are comparable to or exceed the time of Urawa Racecourse throughout the year.

On the off-track release date, the place where the stand can be used is restricted depending on the day of the week.In addition, some shops will be closed[13]..On the off-track release date, in addition to the conventional parking lot, the parking lot capacity and convenience will be used as a general parking lot in front of the stand, the north gate parking lot, and a part of the south side (from the goal) of the inner Baba. Is greatly increased.

As a general rule, the parking lot inside the Uchibaba can only be used outside the night game of Oi Racecourse and Kawasaki Racecourse, and cannot be used during the daytime (all year of Funabashi Racecourse, during the winter daytime of Oi Racecourse and Kawasaki Racecourse) (however, many). It may be available on race days and public holidays where visitors can be expected).

In addition, it is often closed when a puddle is formed on a rainy day or after the rain.Some parking lots will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Winds Urawa

2012 May 2ThanJapan Central Horse RacingJRA's off-track betting ticket has been released on consignment from.The name of the sales office isWinds Urawa (inside Urawa Racecourse).

Release dates are Sundays, public holidays, Saturdays of the GI race enforcement week, and January 1 (Nakayama Kimpai-Kyoto KimpaiDate) and December 12 (date)Hopeful stakesDate). GI races will not be released on Fridays, Saturdays of weeks without GI races, and alternative (continue) horse race dates will not be released or refunded.

The sales areas are as follows.

  • Stand 2st floor of No. 1 (However, if there is no race with a large GI level, the automatic ticket vending machine and window in Stand 2 may be closed. Stands can be used)
  • Stand No. 3 1st-5th floors
  • 7th polling place * If the product is sold off-track betting, it is not possible to purchase a betting ticket for central horse racing.

* If it overlaps with the off-track sale of local horse racing (mainly held on Sunday night of Oi horse racing), in principle, local horse racing will be sold at the 7th polling place, and the selling place of central horse racing will be separated.Therefore, betting tickets for central horse racing cannot be purchased or refunded at the 7th polling place on the day of the local horse racing.
If the local horse racing is held at night, it can be used as a resting place from the opening to the sale of local horse racing tickets and the start of refunds (however, the monitor does not operate).In addition, the snack bar in the 7th polling place is also open from the opening time.
It is desirable to check the official website of Urawa Horse Racing as it may be changed.

Reserved seats will be sold at the reserved seat ticket office at the main gate on a first-come, first-served basis from 20 minutes before the opening time.

Parking lot ・ ・ ・ Paid (1,000 yen).You can use the parking lot in front of the stand, the second parking lot, and the north gate.
If a night game such as Oi Horse Racing is held at the same time, it can be used free of charge from around the time when the local horse racing ticket is released and the refund starts (as of 2012, in the case of Oi Horse Racing Sunday Night Game, around 15:40). It will be free from).

Treatment as J-PLACE

Later, "J-PLACE", which uses the local horse racing joint totalizer system to sell JRA-sponsored races off-track at local horse racing facilities, began to be held at other racecourses, but JRA betting tickets were released at Urawa Racecourse. It continues to be done in the JRA system.

It is possible to get a refund at Urawa Racecourse for betting tickets sold at another "J-PLACE" (including Sundays operated as WINS Urawa, Urawa Horse Racing Home Dates, and in principle other South Kanto Off-track betting dates only).However, it is necessary to use a prescribed refund machine.[14]

Types of betting tickets to sell

○… Release ×… No release

WinDouble winFrame number seriesFrame number seriesHorse number reamHorse number ream singlewideTriple3 singles
Urawa Racecourse○○○○○○○○○

Major races

Dirt grade race

Group race

  • Sakura Flower Award(SI) --The first of the South Kanto Mare Triple Crown Classic,GRANDAME-JAPAN(3-year-old season) Target race.
  • New year cup(SIII)
  • Saitama Shimbun Award(SIII) --Enforced as "Saitama Shimbun Cup" until 2007 and "Saitama Crown Award" until 2011.
  • Shirasagi Award(SIII)
  • Gold cup(SII) --Resumed in 2008 for the first time in 7 years. It will be promoted to SIII until 2016, SII from 2017, and SI from 2021.
  • Jungfrau Award(SII) --A big prize newly established in 2008.Previously, it was a semi-group race.Oka Sho Trial.
  • Platinum cup(SIII) --Semi-group race until 2017, promoted to SIII from 2018[15].

Semi-group race

  • Tiara Cup
  • Twilight cup
  • Musashi Province Open

Jockey invitation race

JRA 2-year-old certified race

Until 2011, JRA-certified races for new horse races and unwinned races were held.However, even from 2012, when the designation of certified races is removed, the remaining 1st prize money is maintained as a "selection race" for unwinning races.
  • JRA certified 2-year-old new horse (certified first run: 1st place 2,000,000 yen)
  • JRA certified 2-year-old horse (certified unwinned: 1 yen per horse)
Since 2012, there are no JRA certified races for new horse races and unwinned races, but instead, a certified race called "(name of birth system) special" is being held. The first prize is 1 million yen.

Person to belong to

Currently as a local horse raceSouth Kanto blockIn Kita-Kantou, which belongs to, but is currently abolished at the time of openingUtsunomiya Racecourse-Ashikaga Racecourse-Takasaki Racecourse・ There was an exchange of humans and horses.In the 20'sTrainerAnd Groom (currently calledClerk) Towed a horse and walked to each racetrack in Kita-Kantou.

Regarding human resources, regarding the people involved in the stables in Urawa,Takasaki RacecourseThere are many people who draw the genealogy of the family tree who was a master trainer of.By the way, in the South Kanto region, Oi'sFumio MatobaEtc. are also Shiono's grandchildren,Central horse racingTurned toHiroyuki UchidaIs also a great-grandchild of Shiono.

After the abolition of Utsunomiya Racecourse, he became a de facto free jockey.Toshio Uchida 2012 May 4Became a member of Ichiro Kojima stables (currently belongs to Tomoyuki Fujiwara stables).[16]

yuanNagoya Horse RacingBelonging to a stable,2012 May 6I reacquired a jockey license.[17][18]

Affiliation jockey

Retired jockey

Affiliation trainer

Affiliation racehorse

Central region designated exchange race (currentDirt grade race), The victory of the local horse has not been long in the exchange grade race of Urawa Racecourse, but in the 2018 Teletama Cup Oval Sprint, the local horseNobu WildWon the championship.The owner of the horseMaeda WataruIs.At other racetracks, Ftesatch in 1998Funabashi Racecourse OfMarine cupIn 2014Jajau Manarashi Sonoda Racecourse OfHyogo Junior Grand PrixIn 2017JRA OfBulldog boss Morioka Racecourse OfCluster cupIs winning.In addition, there were times when it was difficult to find a horse that could win the South Kanto Group Race, but in recent years it has been a leading trainer in Minami Kanto for eight consecutive years from 2012 to 2019.Satoshi KokuboThere are many high-ranking winners from stables.

Noda Training Center

Stables for training etc.1969 Until then, it was in and around Urawa Racecourse, but in 1974, the area became a residential land and complaints such as odors occurred.UrawaKaminoda(Current:Green DistrictUenoda) Nodatraining center(North Latitude 35 Degrees 54 Minutes 41.9 Seconds East longitude 139 degree 41 min 44.9 sec /35.911639 degrees north latitude 139.695806 degrees east longitude / 35.911639; 139.695806 (Noda Training Center)) Was consolidated and relocated.

This training center1967 OfSaitama National Athletic Meet (New National Athletic Meet) OfEquestrianCreated as "Noda Equestrian Stadium" for competitionNational Athletic MeetAfter the end, the site was expanded more than doubled, assuming that it would be used as a training center for Urawa horse racing.Initially, the racetrack itself was later relocated along with the stables due to noise problems, and moved to the site.Prefectural stadiumThere was also a plan to make it a relocation destination, but it did not come to fruition.In addition, in the case where the training center moved first and the racetrack itself also moved laterNagoya RacecourseThere is (1977 Stable relocation,2022 Scheduled to relocate to the racetrack).The former stables around the racetrack have been converted into residential areas and parking lots for the racetrack.RacehorsesHorse trailerWill be taken to Urawa Racecourse.

The course is on the north side of the stables section and is 1 meters per lap.Due to the shape of the land, the course is extremely tight in corners, and it is difficult to run horses at full power in the corners, which is said to be an obstacle to strengthening horses belonging to Urawa.Also after the move1980 , In the neighborhoodTohoku ExpresswayIs open and traffic jams occur frequentlyUrawa Main Line Toll OfficeAs it gets closer to the center, the atmospheric conditions around the center have deteriorated compared to when it was first installed, and some people are worried about the impact on racehorses.

Broadcast in the hall

At the request of local residents, outdoor on-site broadcasting is performed at a slightly lower volume.

The fanfare sounds when the order of arrival is confirmed. Horses that are not accustomed to Urawa horse racing (which is also found in some racetracks that are on sale outside the venue) may get confused when they hear this.

The "Hot Stage Urawa Keiba" described later will also be broadcast on the venue.

From the first event held in 2011, the master of on-site broadcasting (ITV) has been renewed, and it has become "HD on-site television (ITV)".Along with this, when entering the paddock or Baba, the display "Urawa ○ R" is displayed in the upper left of the screen, and the horse weight table etc. are now compatible with HD (odds / refund screen remains 1: 4 / SPAT3). CM / race course CG has bands on both sides).Initially, it was distributed on the Internet distribution site, and for the outside, it was distributed at 4: 4 as before (SPAT3 from June 2012, changed to 6: 4 distribution on all Internet distribution sites from April 2014). Was done).

From the off-track betting of Funabashi Racecourse from October 2012, 10, the odds screen of the on-site broadcast has been renewed, and information such as popularity order, high dividend order, and non-voting group number for each hanging ceremony has been incorporated. There is.Except during the actual race, there are various odds on the left side of the screen and the inside image on the right side, which is a "reverse U-shaped" screen. When Kawasaki was held from November 29, the odds screen inside Kawasaki Racecourse was similar to Urawa.

PR activities

  • SaitamaPublic competition information program "BACH Plaza』Broadcasts the race prospects and videos of the high-ranking races and the results of the day of the event. Previously, the digest of the race that was held on the day and the race prospects that were held the next day were broadcast, but due to circumstances, 2008-2010 In the year, the sponsorship of the program and the information on the race information were suspended. Returned to sponsorship in 2011.
  • 2010 From March 3st, the Urawa Racecourse's own homepage was opened in addition to the previous South Kanto 31 Racecourse homepages.
  • CityFM SaitamaThe public relations program "Urawa Keiba Heaven" (started in April 2011) and "Hot Stage Urawa Keiba" are being broadcast on.

Business conditions

In the past, the cumulative deficit was 13 billion yen in 25, which was a slump, but it turned into the black in the 21 financial results.[19]、平成23年度には埼玉県とさいたま市に1億5千万円の配当を実施、平成25年度は2億8千万円、平成26年度は3億円、平成27年度は3億2500万円、平成28年度は3億5千万円と毎年度配当額が増加している[20].

Surrounding environment

When it was first opened, it was a racetrack in the fields, but now it is located in the middle of a densely populated residential area, and private houses can be seen through the fence from the main stand.In particular, between the fence in front of the front (back stretch) and the site of a private house, a fairly narrow unpaved gravel road that allows pedestrians and bicycles to pass (a gutter lid concrete block is laid in some sections toward the north. There are only enough widths for bicycles as well as pedestrians to pass each other), and there are many houses where the fence and the site of a private house are not 10 meters apart.


  • 2008 May 12A three-headed race was held in the first race of[21][22]..This was originally planned to be done with 6 horses, but 3 horses canceled the race.At the time of the run-up vote, five or more horses registered for the race, so the race was completed.
  • The mascot character is "Urawar" produced with the 2019 JBC.Before that, there was no character as a racetrack, instead the prefecture's mascot.Cobaton(Pakapaka Kobaton) was used.
  • In the past at the parking lot in front of the main gate of Urawa RacecoursewrestlingThere was also a box office.in particularPro Wrestling NoahIs the founder of三 æ²¢ 光 晴 1981 May 8 OfAll Japan Pro WrestlingIt is known as the venue where the debut match was held at the box office[23].

Directions and Parking

Broadcast system

SKY PerfecTV! OfSouth Kanto Region Horse Racing Channel (Ch.120, Ch.678) broadcasts all races (Ch.120 will end broadcasting on May 2014, 5 due to the shift from standard definition to HD broadcasting. For detailsSouth Kanto region horse racing broadcastSee).

2012 From 4 monthDirt grade race, And from October of the same year, a high-ranking raceGreen channelBroadcast on (DetailsGreen Channel Local Horse Racing BroadcastSee).

From January 2017, 4SaitamaOn the 2nd channel (032ch) of the program, the program title of "Fantastic Dirt Urawa Horse Racing Broadcast" will be broadcast in a 2-hour frame centered on the main race. In 2017, it will be broadcast 13 times, mainly on Wednesday, the day of the big prize.[24].. From 2018, it will be broadcast on the entire schedule.


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