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😷 | To a long-established store Gelato using buckwheat tea, founded 98 years ago, Yabuya in Hanamaki

Photo: Hibiki Nishinaka (middle) and others introducing buckwheat gelato

A new style to a long-established store, gelato using buckwheat tea Founded in 98 years, Yabuya in Hanamaki

If you write the contents roughly
The idea was created by Hibiki Nishinaka (4), a 21th year student at Hiroshima University of Economics, who visited the store all around Japan.

Yabuya, a long-established soba restaurant in Fuppari-cho, Hanamaki City (President Yasuaki Horiai) is on the 98th, which marks the 10th anniversary of its founding. → Continue reading

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Around Japan

Around JapanWhat is (Nihon Isshu, Nippon Isshu)?JapanIt is to go around Japan and go around Japan.


In a broad sense, it means traveling around Japan, but there are various interpretations of "going around Japan" in one word.

As the main thing

  • Go around the outer circumference of Japan (along the coastline) (described later)
  • All in JapanPrefecturesTo traverse (47 prefectures)
  • Around all the specific events in various parts of the country (allRoad StationGo aroundStamp RallyTo do, etc.)

And so on.For this reason, the round of Japan does not always refer to the same process, but rather the process depends on the individual who performed the round of Japan.RulesIs also various.However, for exampleHonshuThere are some restrictions, such as not usually calling this a round of Japan.

By transportationBicycle,オ ー ト バ イ,AutomobileThe rule is to use only specific means such asTrain,Transit BusSuch asPublic transportThe rule is to use only, or conversely, the whole processWalkVarious restrictions may be set, such as making it a rule to move only by itself.

As for the process, those who have to go around from the start to the goal without interruption (in this case, it is quite organized)Leisure timeThere are various restrictions on the process, such as those who interrupt the trip in the middle of the route but only need to resume from the interruption point later.There may be a time limit, but it is not constant either.Therefore, the period spent around Japan varies.

Around the coastline

Japan TheIsland countryAndcoastlineIf you follow along, you can go around Japan and return.Along the coastlineYoshimaIt can be said that it goes around (or Mishima) and goes around Japan.In some cases, they simply traverse the coast, but in many cases they pass on the road (or public transportation) closest to the coast.In addition, there are cases where one round is made by passing through the main road along the coast.other than this,Sea of ​​Japan-The Pacific OceanBy going through both ofboatDepending on the situation, it may go around the Japanese archipelago from the sea.

However, in this case it does not face the coastlineKyoto CitySuch asInland cityIt will be around Japan even if it does not go around.Even if you look at each prefecture, it does not face the seaTochigi-Gunma-Saitama-Yamanashi-Nagano-Gifu-Shiga-NaraEight prefectures will be out of the round of Japan (as a round of the coastline).

Also, in this caseOkinawa IslandsThe treatment of remote islands such as these varies from person to person.Many people exclude remote islands,Naoki TanemuraLike the serialization "The whimsical train around Japan"Nansei Islands-Iki-TsushimaThere are not a few people who traverse including specific islands.

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