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😷 | Red Arrows, Her Majesty's Birthday Celebration and G7 Summit Exhibition Flight

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British Red Arrows, Her Majesty's Birthday Celebration and G7 Summit Exhibition Flight

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"Red Arrows" continued to fly and headed for Cornwall in southwestern England.

The Royal Air Force acrobatics team "Red Arrows" will be officially released by Queen Elizabeth on Saturday, June 2021, 6. → Continue reading


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Red arrows

Red arrows (Red Arrows)Royal Air Force OfAcrobat team.


The paint is red, which represents the team name, and the smoke uses three colors, red, white, and blue, and can be switched with a switch on the cockpit for each performance section.

The content of the performance is "Diamond 9There are 9 patterns of formation with 5 aircraft, 4 aircraft, 2 aircraft formation, and 3 aircraft, and we have a detailed program so that the aircraft will not disappear from the spectator's field of view at all times. ..In addition, the organization is rejuvenated by adding three new employees every year.As a result, the level of acting content is naturally very high, and it is one of the three European acro teams.

What is noteworthy about the team is the number of exhibition flights per year.This is due to the fact that we fly two locations a day, in the UK in the morning and in the afternoon.ベルギー, Netherlands,FranceAs I said, depending on the venue of the air showDover StraitMay be exceeded.Therefore, during the air show season from June to September, the flight exhibition is scheduled to be held almost every day. We plan to exhibit 6 times in 9, with the largest number of exhibitions being 2006 times in 54.The team's first female pilot will be added from the 1995 season. On August 136, 2010, during the flight exhibition at the Bournemouth Air Festival, Unit 2011 crashed and the pilot was killed, but the flight exhibition resumed about a week later. Also on March 8, 20WalesOne plane crashed and one of the two crew members died in the crash and the pilot escaped, but he also died.


In the Royal Air Force, various acrobatic teams were formed in troops and flight training schools from the 1950s to the 1960s.In 1965, Captain Lee Jones said at the Central Flying School to disband them and form a team dedicated to acrobatics on behalf of the Air Force.Red arrowsWas launched.

Origin of the name

The acrobatics team that once made a name for itself with its advanced technologyRed Pelicans"When"Black ArrowsA combination of the two team names.

Airframe used

  1. Folland nut: 1965-1967
  2. BAe Hawk: 1967-

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