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😷 | Infected 4 new students at high school in Nabari Inspected 272 students and faculty members


Infected 4 new students at a high school in Nabari Inspected 272 students and faculty members

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In addition, at a high school in Nabari City, where one male student had been confirmed to be infected, four students who had contact with this student in class or club activities were confirmed to be infected.

Mie Prefecture announced on the 13th that 90 men and women from preschoolers to those in their 18s were newly infected with the new coronavirus ... → Continue reading

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Student 4


Nabari(Nabari) isMieWestern,Iga regionに 位置 す るCity.


Iga basinLocated in the south, around the mountainsAkame 48 Waterfall,Kagari ValleySurrounded by beautiful nature including the canyon, you can live while feeling the sounds of nature such as the barking of birds in each season.
Nabari CityKintetsu Osaka LineAlong the line ofOsaka prefecture citiesIt is located about 60 minutes to.so thatOsaka OfBed townDeveloped as, for a long timeOsaka metropolitan areaWas included in.Also,1980 eraFrom the first halfNabari Todo familyWas the family crest of "Chinese bellflower""KikyogaokaMany large-scale residential areas have been created, including the development of "", and the population has increased rapidly.Since it was named "Kikyougaoka" in the early days, the residential area that will be developed after that is also "Kikyougaoka".Tsutsujigaoka"Umegaoka," "Yurigaoka," "Satsukidai," "Suzurandai," and other residential areas bearing the name of flowers will be created.

But,2000Closer to the Osaka area since around (12)NaraKashibaIn addition to the progress of housing development, there is also a tendency to return to the city center, and both households and population continue to decline, and the population is aging.As a result, in recent yearsCensusThen it is no longer included in the Osaka metropolitan area.





Opened as a post station from the old days of ManyoRebellionOn the occasionOmijin PrinceAlso passed through here when he escaped to the eastern country.

Konden Einen Shizai LawSince the enforcement ofTodaiji Temple OfManorAs the population began to increase, it began to develop as a village.After that, the autonomous forces were armed and "Kuroda'sVillainIt is an area that has made a name for itself in the history of medieval Japan by fighting against the landowner in an attempt to escape from the rule of the villa.Although he resisted the rule of the villa, he actually has a deep relationship with Todaiji Temple and is an annual event.Taking waterThen, the timber harvested here is used, leaving a remnant.However, religious culture is not actually blooming here, and besides the ornately decorated modern religious facilities, there are only scattered mountain temples that decorate the withered landscape in the mountain village area.

VillainLater, with a background of unique combat knowledge and pharmacy systemNinjaIt becomes an existence called.Among themIga NinjaThe birthplace is adjacent to the north because the name of is so famousIga CityAlthough it is misunderstood that it is, in reality, traces of ninja life and activities can be seen widely throughout the Iga area.Exhibits of Iga Ninja's techniques, techniques, tools, etc.Akame 48 WaterfallIt is held at the exhibition facility near the entrance.

1579From (Tensho 7)1581(Tensho 9), a conspiracy by a ninja startedOda NobunagaIga Ninja annihilation strategy by parents and children,Tensho Iga RebellionWas unfolded twice, and the land of Nabari literally became scorched earth.Currently, the situation at that time is told by folklore such as "Tensho Ran Taiko".

The current city isIse visit OfPost townIs the prototype.In 1922 after the Meiji eraIga Ueno StationThe local railway was only connected from the station, but in 1930, the Sangukyu Express Railway (currently the Kintetsu Osaka Line) opened, improving the convenience of transportation to and from the Osaka area, and it became the cornerstone of development. Become.1954(29)May 3Municipal system enforcement[1].

After that, a large-scale housing complex was formed for commuters to the Osaka area, and large suburban commercial facilities were opened one after another in response.For this reason, it has become the center of commerce in the Iga region along with Iga City (formerly Uenoshi City).


  • 1954(Showa29 years)May 3 - Naga-gunNabari Town-Takigawa Village-Minowa Village-Kunitsu VillageWas established by the merger.
  • 1957(32)May 7 --Naga-gunFuruyama Village(Oaza Minami) was incorporated (the rest of Furuyama Village was incorporated into Ueno City (currently Iga City)).
  • 1961(36)May 3 --A poisonous substance was mixed into the wine served at a social gathering held at a public hall in the Kuzuo district of our city, causing poisoning in 17 participants and killing 5 of them.The suspect is arrested and sentenced to death is finalized, but false accusations are suspected (Nabari Poison Wine Case).
  • 1964(39) --Shinjiro Takakita becomes an honorary citizen.
  • 1965(40) --Started moving into Kikyogaoka housing complex.
  • 1973(48) July- National Route 165Opening
  • 1978(Showa 53) June- Mihata Ancient TombsIs designated as a national historic site
  • 1990(Heisei 2 years) September-Population surpasses 9
  • 1992(4) October-Nabari Todo Residence is open to the public
  • 1994(6) October-Population surpasses 10
  • 2003(15) February --Conducted a referendum asking whether or not to merge with 2 municipalities in Iga.The result was a large number of opposition and withdrew from the council.


Population distribution of Nabari, Mie, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Nabari City and the whole country (2005)Nabari City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
Purple-Nabari City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Nabari City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



Successive mayors

NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
First generationTotaro Kitada1954(Showa29 years) April 41974(Showa 49) January 4Honorary citizen(Certified in January 1976)
2 feeShigeyuki Nagaoka1974(Showa 49) January 41990(2) April 4Honorary citizen (certified in October 1992)
3 feeEisuke Tominaga1990(2) April 42002(14) April 4
4 feeToshikatsu Kamei2002(Heisei14 years) April 4Incumbent

Municipal status

In response to the financial problems of the third mayor, Eisuke Tominaga, the city system has been actively disclosing information since then.

City hall is the old city[2]From currentKonodaiMoved to[3]However, as major government offices moved from the old town one after another, the old town area, which had been the economic center until then, could not maintain its position as the economic center even though it retains its old appearance, and the center of the commercial area becameNational Route 165It moved to the area along the railway line and Kikyogaoka, which is a large-scale reclaimed land.Currently, the city is considering using it as a cultural and tourism resource with the goal of revitalizing the economy of this old city block.

NowIga CityThe city authorities are reviewing all expenditures in order to secure financial resources for the stable enforcement of the city system in the future by vetoing the referendum asking for the approval or disapproval of the merger with the area.

City council

Term:2018May 8から2022May 8

As of July 2019

  • Number of lawmakers: 18
  • Chair: Mayumi Tomita
  • Vice Chairman: Naoji Sakamoto
Parliamentary nameNumber of members
Seifu Club4
Freedom club3

*In addition, the constituencies of the lower house election areMie Prefecture 2th ward'[4], The constituency for the Mie Prefectural Assembly election is "Nabari City constituency" (constant: 2)[5]It has become.

Logos and mascots

1999It was established in commemoration of the 11th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system (45).List

  • Mascot character "Nabari no Nacky" (designed with the motif of the city flower, Kikyo)
  • Many logo marks of kanji, hiragana, katakana, and romaji are set.



Rice farming, grapes, strawberries, etc.Grape and strawberries are used as a tourist farmLake SeirenjiIt is done in the surrounding area.There is also attracting customers from the Keihanshin and Nagoya areas.In addition, the water is clean and sake is being brewed.There are multiple sake breweries.


Taking advantage of the geographical advantage of being located between the Kansai area and the Chukyo area, multiple industrial parks have been created in the city (Yawata Industrial Park, Kuramochi Industrial Park, etc.).Showa Denko Materials,KOKUYO,Fujimori Industry,Nobel confectionery,Nitta, Fujiseal,TostemEtc. build and operate the factory.

  • Companies whose head office is located in the city
    • Borg Warner・ Morstec Co., Ltd. (manufacturing of automobile parts)
    • Ltd.Takakita(Agricultural machinery and precision parts manufacturing listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
    • Okitsumo Co., Ltd. (paint manufacturing)
    • Token Thermotech


A tourism-related business that takes advantage of the fact that it was a post town, and that many tourism resources and nature remain.Since it is the midpoint between Kansai and Tokai, Kansai (Manyo, Sundi) and Tokai (Aeon Maxvalu Tokai, Uny [Apita], Viva Home) have opened stores respectively.Nissin Food OfDonbuYou can buy Kitsune Udon / Tempura Soba in the same city as East Japan and West Japan.Similarly, Kansai limited items and Tokai limited items can often be purchased at the same time.

Due to the rapid increase in population for more than 165 years, the number of companies planning to open large stores along National Highway XNUMX as a growth market continues, but the expansion of population and trade area has tended to stop growing these days. Many stores are closed unknowingly due to things that have been seen and intensifying competition between large stores.

Shopping center supermarket

  • MEGA Don Quijote UNYNabari store-Opened on October 1998, 10 as "Apita Nabari store"[6].. Free bus service started on June 2010, 6[7].. In 2019, the business format was changed to MEGA Don Quijote UNY.
  • ionNabari store-The plan to relocate the former Jusco Nabari store to the suburbs was withdrawn by the local side.[8], Redevelopment including the area around the former store site[8], As a core store in a shopping center[8]March 1996, 8[9]Opened as a new Nabari store[10].
  • Super centerOkuwaNabari store --Opened in 1996 (Okuwa Park City Nabari store), and on April 8, 2002, a large-scale renovation was carried out to halve the area of ​​the directly managed sales floor.[11].. Closed on October 2016, 28 (Heisei 10).
  • Kintetsu Plaza Kikyogaoka --Opened in 1965 (Showa 40) as a store of Kinsho Store[12], From general merchandise storeDepartment storeReopened as "Kikyougaoka Kintetsu Department Store" on September 9th of the same year.[13]..It stopped operating as a department store and reopened as "Kintetsu Plaza Kikyogaoka" on March 2012, 24.[14]However, it closed in March 2018.
  • Many generations --Moved to the current store (Sekoguchi) from Harade, Kuramochicho
  • Maxvalu
    • Nabari store --Opened on October 2007, 19[15].
    • Nabari Nishi Store --Opened on the site of the former Super Center Okuwa Nabari Store on September 2017, 29.
    • The Big Express Natsumi Bridge Store-Moved from the current store (Flex Natsumi Bridge Store). Opened Maxvalu Natsumibashi store in the fall of 2000[16]After working at the discount store "Value Center Natsumibashi Store", the format was changed to "The Big Express Natsumibashi Store" on September 2013, 25.[17].
    • During the flex era, the Higashimachi store and Kikyogaoka store (currently Maxvalu Kikyogaoka Higashi store) were also open.[18].
  • SandyNabari store- OsakaIt is a discount supermarket based on, and is the only store in Mie prefecture.
  • Super Yaohiko Nabari store- NaraIt is a food supermarket based on, and is the only store in Mie prefecture.

Large specialty store

  • Super viva homeNabari store (in Nabari Garden Plaza) --Opened in the fall of 2000[19].
  • K's DenkiNabari Powerful Building --Opened on April 2009, 21[20]..Moved to the current store from Natsumi.
  • Yamada Denki
  • Joshin --Moved to the current store from Harade, Kuramochicho.Go through Joshin Outlet Nabari store.

Financial institution

Japan Post Group

(As of 2015 year 3 month)

  • Japan Post Co., Ltd.
    • Nabari Post Office(Sakaemachi) --Collection and delivery station.
    • Takigawa Post Office (Joroku Akamecho = Akamechojoroku)
    • Nishinabari Post Office (Kiyamachi)
    • Nabari Yurigaoka Post Office (Yurigaoka Higashi)
    • Nabari Tsutsujigaoka Post Office (Tsutsujigaoka Kita)
    • Nabari Umegaoka Post Office (Umegaoka Minami)
    • Nabari Kikyogaoka Post Office (Kikyougaoka)
    • Nabari Kikyooka Minami Post Office (Kikyougaoka)
    • Mihata Post Office (Nitta = Shinden)
    • Hinachi Post Office (Shimohinachi)
    • Kunitsu Post Office (Nagase)
    • Nabari Kinsei Simple Post Office (Abeta)
    • Akame Waterfall Simple Post Office (Nagasaka, Akamecho)
    • Nabari Kuramochi Simple Post Office (Kuramochicho Harade)
    • Komohara Simple Post Office (Komoo)
    • Nabari Higashitawara Simple Post Office (Higashitawara)
    • Nabari Suzurandai Simple Post Office (Suzurandai Higashi)
    • Nabari Takinohara Post Office (Takinohara)
* The postal code in Nabari City is "518-04xx""518-05xx""518-06xx""518-07xx(In charge of collection and delivery at the Nabari Bureau).
  • Japan Post Bank
    • Nagoya Branch Riverna Shopping Center Branch Office (Motomachi) (ATM only / Holiday service)
    • Nagoya Branch Nabari City Hall Branch Office (Konodai = Konodai) (ATM only)
ATMs are installed at each post office except for other simple post offices, and holiday services are provided at each post office in Nabari and Nabari Kikyogaoka.


At public elementary and junior high schools in the city2020There are plans to introduce integrated elementary and junior high school education at all schools by[21].. From the fall of 2015, Nabari Municipal Minami Junior High School and Nabari Municipal Tsujigaoka Elementary School will be designated as model schools, and junior high school teachers will conduct classes at the elementary school.sports festivalWe are making efforts such as having 5th and 6th grade elementary school students participate in[21].

University/Junior college

  • Imperial CollegeNabari Gakusha (2009<21> Withdrew due to the selection of students enrolled in April.Integrated into Ise Campus)

College of technology

high school

Junior high school

primary school

  • Nabari City Nabari Elementary School
  • Nabari City Kuramochi Elementary School
  • Nabari City Recommended Hara Elementary School
  • Nabari City Hinachi Elementary School
  • Nabari Municipal Mihata Elementary School
  • Nabari Municipal Minaga Elementary School
  • Nabari City Kinsei Akame Elementary School
  • Nabari City Kikyogaoka Elementary School
  • Nabari City Kikyogaoka Minami Elementary School
  • Nabari City Kikyogaoka Higashi Elementary School
  • Tsujigaoka Elementary School in Nabari City
  • Nabari Municipal Suzurandai Elementary School
  • Nabari City Umegaoka Elementary School
  • Nabari City Yurigaoka Elementary School

Closed elementary school

  • Nabari Municipal Nagase Elementary School- 2008It was integrated into Hinachi Elementary School in 20.
    The school buildingYamato TransportIt is used as a call center for.
  • Nabari City Kinsei Elementary School- 2014It was integrated into Akame Elementary School in (26).
    The school building is the Nabari City Local Museum[22], The school lunch room is used as a mushroom village / Kinsei production center.
  • Nabari City Takinohara Elementary School- 1872It was the oldest elementary school in Nabari City, which was founded in (Meiji 5), but closed in March 2014 (Heisei 26).[23].. Integrated into Hinachi Elementary School in April[23].
    Invited the data center of "Matsusaka Electronic Computing Center" to the site[24].
  • Nabari Municipal Kunizu Elementary School- 1875Founded in (Meiji 8) and closed in March 2014 (Heisei 26)[25]..Integrated into Tsutsujigaoka Elementary School[26].
    The school building was developed by the food manufacturer "Japan Gourmet" in 2015 as a new product development and distribution base (central kitchen).[22].. 2016 (Heisei 28) contract cancellation[27].
    2018 (Heisei 30) Kunizu Fruit Wine Brewery Co., Ltd. developed as a winery-related facility[28] .

Special school

Vocational school

  • Nabari Municipal Nursing College

public facility




  • Nabari Central Park(Natsumi)
    • Nabari Central Park Observatory "Buena"
  • Hiraoyama Culture Park (Sakuragaoka)


Hospital / welfare facility

  • Nabari Municipal Hospital (Yurigaoka)
  • Nabari City Health Center / Emergency Clinic (Asahi Town)
  • Nabari City General Welfare Center "Fureai" (Marunouchi)
  • Nabari City Nursing Care Health Facility for the Elderly "Yuri no Sato" (Yurigaoka)

Historical facility

Exercise facility

  • Nabari City General Gymnasium (Matsuyama SSK Arena) (Natsumi / Nabari Central Park)
  • Nabari Citizens Tennis Court (Natsumi / Nabari Central Park)
  • Nabari Athletics Stadium (Natsumi / Nabari Central Park)
  • Nabari Municipal Baseball Stadium (Natsumi / Nabari Central Park)
  • Nabari Civic Pool (Natsumi / Nabari Central Park)
  • Nabari City Target Bird Golf Course (Natsumi / Nabari Central Park)
  • Nabari City Martial Arts Exchange Center "Ikiiki" (Kuramochicho)
  • Nabari Citizen's Hockey Stadium (Hananosato Stadium) (Yurigaoka)


  • Nabari City Workers Welfare Hall (Natsumi / Nabari Central Park)
  • Toretate Nabari Exchange Center (Kiodai)
  • Nabari Children's Center (Yurigaoka)
  • Nabari City Youth Center (ads Hall) (Matsuzaki Town)

Public competition

  • Mini Boat Pier Nabari (Boat racingOutside boat ticket office)



City center station:Nabari Station

Kinki Nippon RailwayKinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu)
DOsaka Line: (NaraUda City)- Akameguchi Station - Nabari Station - Kikyogaoka Station - Mihata Station -(Iga City
  • On the Kintetsu Osaka LineMeihanko Limited ExpressAll trains except Kintetsu, Han Iko Limited Express, and "Shimakaze" stop.Also, depending on the time of day, KikyogaokaSome limited expressStops.Using the limited expressTsuruhashi(Osaka Loop LineTransfer station) Arrival time is 48 minutes on average, no express charge requiredRapid expressThe average time to reach Tsuruhashi is 59 minutes.ExpressThe average time to reach Tsuruhashi is 1 hour and 10 minutes.If you use the direct limited express train to Tsu / Nagoya, you can reach Tsu in 32 minutes on average, Yokkaichi in 55 minutes on average, and Nagoya in 1 hour and 24 minutes on average.On the way except for the Meihan Otsu Limited ExpressIse NakagawaIt is necessary to make a connection at, but the diamond is set up so that the connection will be smooth.It takes an average of 50 minutes to reach Tsu by an express train that does not require a limited express charge, an average of 1 hour and 25 minutes to Yokkaichi, and an average of 1 hour and 58 minutes to Nagoya.
Abolished section:Kintetsu Iga Line Iga Kobe Station - Mihata Nitta Station - Nishihara Station - Kuramochi Station - Hatchōnawate - Nishi Nabari Station(1964(Abolished in 39)
  • Nishi Nabari initially called himself Nabari.Sangukyu Electric RailwayAt the time of construction, it was originally planned to go through this first Nabari, but at this time the land was bought up by a concessionaire around the station, so Sangukyu Express Railway set up a line on the south side of this station on the outskirts of the city. , I put the current Nabari here and changed the first Nabari to Nishi Nabari.

Express Bus

General route bus

  • Mie traffic

Community bus


Media etc.

Local media, etc.

News (Chinese)

National newspaperIs in Mie prefectureNagoya cityThe ones issued in Japan are sold, but in Nabari City, the Osaka head office (Osaka) Is on sale (Iga CityandKumano CityThe same applies to the south).Chubu region OfBlock paperIsChunichi ShimbunIs also on sale.Alsosports newspaperAlso issued in Nagoya CityChunichi SportsExcept for, the Osaka version is on sale.

Sankei Shimbun,Ise ShimbunDoes not have a branch office or communication department.

Area code

  • Throughout the city0595(UenoMA) Is used[30].
    • The city code is mainly in the 60s.

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sights and historic sites



  • Japan Salamander Center


  • Ebisu (Ebisu Shrine, Blacksmith Town): May 2-8 days
  • Atago Fire Festival (Shinmachi / Atago Shrine): Late July

Special event

  • NaraNigatsu-doTorch-like proceedings (Akamecho Ichinoi ...Todaiji Temple): May 2-May 3-May 3
  • Nabari Sakura Festival (Natsumi / Nabari Central Park): Late March to early April
  • Nabari River Fireworks Festival (Nabari River Shinmachi Riverside): Late July
  • Nabari Highway City: Early November

Specialty dishes

Famous people

"Shoji Maruyama"

Related person

  • Kan'ami-A Noh performer.Founded in Obata, Iga Province (currently Obata, Nabari City).
  • Ken Hirai -Singer
  • Takami Ito - Writer
  • Mafia Kajita --Writer (grandparents live)

Works set in the vicinity of Nabari City

Local hero


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