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😷 | Iga's 20-something male cohabiting family who was infected by participating in a dinner outside the prefecture is also positive


Iga's 20-something male cohabiting family who was infected by participating in a dinner outside the prefecture is also positive

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In Iga City, a man in his twenties participated in a dinner held outside the prefecture and was confirmed to be infected, but a new woman in his seventies who lived with him was also confirmed to be infected.

Mie Prefecture announced on the 20th that 20 men and women in their 70s and 4s were newly infected with the new coronavirus.new… → Continue reading

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Women in their thirties

Iga City

Iga City(Iga) isMieLocated in the northwest ofCity.


京都-Nara,IseTieNara Highway-Iga Kaido-Hatsuse KaidoFrom ancient times, the capital (Asuka, Nara, Kyoto, etc.) and as a transportation hubEdo PeriodTodo familycastle town,Ise ShrineOf the worshipers toPost townHas prospered as.Although strongly influenced by the Kyoyamato culture from its geographical and historical background, it fosters its own culture.EspeciallyFormer Ueno CityBecause the center of the city succeeded in converting historical assets into tourism resources from an early stageIga流NinjaVillage,Matsuo BashoIt became known as the birthplace and was rebuilt in the early Showa period.Ueno CastleAndNinja mansion,Basho House,Tsuji of the key shopSuch asAttractionsThere are special products.In addition, the urban area escaped destruction due to war damage,Little KyotoThere are many dwellings called machiya, which are counted as one of the houses.

In recent years, you can experience farming and camping in the mountains and multiple hot spring facilities in the suburbs.Iga Village Mokumoku Handmade FarmIs also operated.OsakaとNagoyaIt is located in the middle of the city and is relatively close to the city center by car in about 1 hour and 30 minutes, so it is easy to access from the Osaka / Nagoya area.

Shiga prefecture adjacent to the northKoka CityIsIga styleとKoga styleA ninjutsu showdown is held in connection with.The losing city is supposed to post a PR poster for the winning city for a year. Iga City won the confrontation in March 1, and Koka City won the confrontation in November 2007 in a direct confrontation by the mayor.

Over the city name

City name selection process

In the Iga Creation Plan formulated in 1990, "Iga CityThe wording "to aim for" appears, etc.Great Heisei mergerFrom before the flow ofIga CityWas preceded by the name.When deciding the actual name of the city, we will openly solicit as the name of the city including Nabari City, and based on the resultIga CityI decided.The results of the open call for participants were 1st place "Iga City", 2nd place "Iga Ueno City", and 3rd place "Iga City".[1]..After that, Nabari CityReferendumAlthough the merger was withdrawn from the merger concept based on the result of the merger being rejected in[2], Even at the legal merger council after Nabari City left, the name of the city was changed as the result of the open call for participants.Iga CityDecided[Annotation 1].

In response to this decision, "The name of Iga City is strange because it is not a merger of Iga as a whole." "High name recognitionIga UenoThere was an opinion that the name of the city should be "Iga Ueno City" as part of the former Ueno City Council.In addition, there was a signing campaign by residents so that the name of the city would not be "Iga City".[3][Annotation 2]Finally, I settled down in "Iga City".

Impact of city name decision

By the way, Ueno City is the sixth town in Mie Prefecture to have a city system.Great Showa mergerIt also existed at times.Among the cities that existed in Mie Prefecture from this time, it is the only city whose name has changed after the merger as a result of the Great Heisei Consolidation.[Annotation 3]..Ueno City was the first case where cities that existed in Mie Prefecture before the Great Heisei Consolidation merged, and the name of the local government changed.Local government codeChanged to the last city.Therefore, it was the last city to appear in the prefecture's statistical data.

Also, in the area that used to be Iga-cho, there was a risk of being confused if the name of the facility in the former Iga-cho after the merger was given the name "Iga", so it is called "Igamachi" or "Tsuge". Many facilities have a crown in their name.

Ueno City and Aoyamacho disappeared as municipal names due to the establishment of Iga City, but there are some that did not affect the names, such as the fact that they still exist as station names. (Detail isUenoshi Station-Aoyamacho Station(See section)


Iga City is located in the northwestern part of Mie Prefecture.NortheastSuzuka Mountains, Northwest, SouthwestYamato Plateau(Murou Volcanoes), SoutheastNunobiki MountainsBasin surrounded by (Ueno basin).There are few lowlands and plateaus, and there are many hills.YodogawaBelongs to the water systemKizu RiverIt is the upper reaches ofShiga,Nara,KyotoBecause it comes in contact with Mie PrefectureTokai regionIncluding Nabari City even when classified asIgaArea isKinki(Kansai region) May be treated.



Main mountain


Main river

Both are from the Kizu River system.


Main dam
  • Takigawa Dam
  • West American river dam
  • Midoro dam
  • Kawakami dam(Under construction)


Typical of winter cold bottom and daily temperature differenceInland climateIs.However, it is hot and humid in summerPacific climateWhen included in, or when precipitation is relatively lowSeto Inland Sea climateIt may be included in. Average temperature in January is 1 Â° CIt is the coldest area in Mie prefecture, and the annual rainfall is the lowest in the prefecture.40 in some places in summer Â° CThere is a record that exceeds.In winter, when the pressure distribution is strong, it may be hit by heavy snow due to the influence of snow clouds from the direction of Koka.South coast lowIt often snows heavily when it passes over the Pacific Ocean off the Kii Peninsula.In addition, it should be noted1997Ueno in the city until February 2Weather stationAlthough the amount of snowfall was observed in Japan, the amount of snowfall was not observed after the weather station moved to the special area meteorological station on March 3, the following day, and only the presence or absence of snowfall was observed.There is a lot of fog throughout the year.The weather classification isNabariIt is also classified as "Mie Prefecture> North Central> Iga".

Climate of Ueno Special Area Meteorological Observatory (Midorigaoka Honcho, Iga City, altitude 159m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)17.8
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)8.3
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)3.5
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−0.6
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−9.6
Precipitation amount mm (inch)50.9
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)8.08.811.410.911.213.313.110.111.610.38.08.2125.0
Average monthlyDaylight hours125.0121.0154.7174.8183.4132.8155.3191.7142.0143.4136.1135.01,806.9
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1937-present)[4][5]


In Iga CityMunicipal systemThe town / village unit at the time of enforcement is called the "XX district".The administrative side has established a "district citizen center" on a district-by-district basis, and an organization called the Residents' Autonomy Council has been organized.[6]..Currently, there are many districts that do not exist on the residential display.Although it is based on the range of the old towns and villages, there are some cases where the district allocation has been changed due to the construction of large-scale housing complexes.

Main office area

  • Kume
  • Tomo
  • Yumegaoka
  • Inako
  • Hijiki
  • Inoda
  • Furuyama
  • Hananoki
  • Hanagaki
  • Kobe
  • Pheasant stand (Kiji ga Dai)

Ueno area

  • Ueno
    • east
    • Western part
    • Southern
  • Fuchu
  • Nakase
  • Mita
  • Suwa
  • Oda
  • New house
  • Nagata

Igamachi area

  • Boxwood
  • Nishitsuge
  • Mibuno

Ayama area

  • Kawai
  • Tomoda
  • Tamataki
  • Marubashira

Shimagahara area

  • Shimagahara

Mt. Ooyama rice field area

  • Yamada
  • Nunobiki
  • Awa

Aoyama area

  • Abo
  • Kirigaoka
  • Uezu
  • Hakuyo
  • Takao
  • Yamochi

Town name / character name

When Iga City was established, as a general rule, the town name and character name of the old municipality were followed ([Example] Asahigaoka Town, Ueno City → Asahigaoka Town, Iga City).However, there are exceptions as follows[7].

  • Former Ueno City-Since there were many requests to "keep the place name of Ueno", the town name with the title of "Ueno" remains in the urban area.
  • Former Shimagahara Village-Because there was no town name or character name in the past, the character name is "Shimagahara" in the whole area.
  • Former Aoyama Town --- Because the place name of "Hane" also existed in the former Ueno City, it became "Aoyama Hane".
  • Former Iga Town, Former Ayama Town, Former Mt. Ooyama Tamura --- "Large printWas attached, but it was deleted due to the establishment of Iga City.


Population distribution of Iga, Mie, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Iga City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Iga City (2005)
■Purple-Iga City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Iga City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan
Number of registered foreigners
Manufacturing industryThe ratio of the number of registered foreigners to the total population is high because there are many factories such as.As a nationalityFederal Republic of Brazil-People's Republic of ChinaThere are many[8].

Adjacent municipalities

Mie prefecture flagMie
Shiga prefecture flagShiga
Kyoto Prefecture FlagKyoto
Nara prefecture flagNara



JR in the northern part of Iga cityKansai Main Line Kamo StationからKameyama StationTo againTsuge StationFrom JRKusatsu Line Kyoto Station,Kusatsu StationDirectly to.In the southKintetsu Osaka LineRuns on both linesIga Railway Iga LineIs tied.Among the stations existing on these lines, the central station of Iga City is not Iga-Ueno Station, but Uenoshi Station.However, the nearest station to the city hall is Shijuku station, not Uenoshi station.However, Iga-Kambe Station has the largest number of passengers.Uenoshi Station and Aoyamacho Station have not been changed as they were before the merger.

Along the Kintetsu-Osaka Line, there are medium-sized residential areas developed for commuters to the Osaka area.

By the way, Iga City is known as the Iga-ryu Ninja Village, and the Iga Railway Iga Line is not only nicknamed the "Ninja Line".[9], Iga Railway Iga Line is a cartoonistReiji MatsumotoPainted a ninja designed byNinja trainIs in operation.The JR Kusatsu Line also operates the ninja wrapping train "SHINOBI-TRAIN".Furthermore, at Iga-Ueno Station and Uenoshi Station, imitation "ninjas" are lurking near the ceilings of these stations.[10].

JR logo (west) .svg West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
KintetsuLogo.svg Kinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu)
Iga Railway Logo.svg Iga Railway



Available for freeMeihan National Highway(National Route 25) But paidHigashi Meihan Expressway-Nishi-Meihan ExpresswayBecause it is directly connected to the former Ueno city area, it is more convenient to use the expressway than the railroad, and you can reach Osaka and Nagoya in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.In addition, when it snowsChain regulationMay be carried out.

2009March 3Shinmeishin Expressway OfKonan ICAs a result of the new establishment (Koka City, Shiga Prefecture), it has become possible to go in a shorter time than going from the Hokuriku area or the Kusatsu / Kyoto area via a general road.

Planned road

National road

National Route 163You can move to Tsu City by line.Connected from Nabari City from the former AoyamachoNational Route 165You can move to Tsu City with.On this occasion,Aoyama PassIt is necessary to exceed the above, and from autumn to winter, there are many days covered with thick fog, and the road surface may freeze, so caution is required depending on the time of day.Although the Aoyama-cho section has one lane on each side, trucks used for forestry often slow down when climbing slopes, which is a bottleneck on Route 165.

Prefectural road


Transit Bus

Express Bus

From Uenoshi Station to Osaka (Umeda-Shin-Osaka),Meitetsu Bus CenterThere is a highway bus route to.In addition, the night bus "Iga-go" runs to the Kanto area.

General bus


The chronological table before the establishment of Iga City is only for those related to the new merger of Iga City.[11]..See also articles on old cities, towns and villages and old counties.


  • 1990(Heisei2nd year) February-Iga creation plan "Iga Hokuto Plan" was formulated by the Iga District Wide Area Municipal Area Office Association. Set the goal of "Iga City".
  • 2001(13)
    • February --Iga District Municipal Merger Problem Council (Voluntary merger council) Established.
    • May-Designated as a merger priority support area.
  • 2002(14) June-Nabari City participates in the council.
  • 2003(15)
    • February-Nabari City withdraws from merger talks as a result of referendum[2].
    • April-Iga District Municipal Merger Council (Legal Merger Council) Established.
  • 2004(16) March-Merger-related bills passed by each municipal assembly.
  • 2019(31)May 1 --Moved the city hall to Shijukucho.


Mie Prefecture Iga Government Building




Basic Autonomy Ordinance
City's ownBoardTo advance the policy, the cityConstitutionConsideration was made for the enactment of the Basic Autonomy Ordinance, which is also regarded as, and was promulgated and enforced on December 2004, 12.It consists of 24 articles in total, and the chapter that stipulates the mechanism of resident autonomy in Chapter 58 is to promote narrow-area autonomy such as the resident autonomy council (establishment, authority, community development plan, etc.) and the resident autonomy district federation. It stipulates the mechanism of the above in relatively detail.
PR with ninja clothes
Every year from April to MayNinjaThe Iga Ueno Ninja Festa is being held to promote the fact that it is an old village.During the period, city officials wear ninja clothes and work at the city counter to promote public relations.[12].
Shinobi gymnastics
Former Ueno City created a unique health exercise that incorporates the movement and spirit of ninjaLocal gymnasticsIs.It was used to promote the city's health business.It has been taken over after the merger of Iga City and is being used at city events, etc.[13].

Citizen's Charter

2004It was enacted at the same time as the establishment of Iga City on November 11.

  • We citizens promote autonomy based on the following six principles, and establish this charter with the aim of realizing the town development of Iga City where "the area where people shine".
    • We will share information about town development with everyone. (Information sharing)
    • We will make it possible for everyone to participate in community development. (Citizen participation)
    • Town development will be carried out based on a plan made by everyone. (Planned implementation)
    • Town development is done by oneself first, and then we help each other in the area. (Complementary autonomy)
    • Town development will proceed in cooperation with each other. (Collaboration of subjects)
    • We evaluate the implementation of town development and utilize it for the next activity. (Evaluation of results)


Term:2021May 4から2025May 3


  • After the merger of Iga City, before the mergerSpecial in officeDue to the application of the regulations, 78 former municipal members remained until March 2005.
  • Constant: 22
  • March 2021, 3 The fifth city council election was held after the merger.28 people ran for the fixed number of 5 people.As a result of the election, 22 incumbents, 28 newcomers, and 14 ex-employee were elected.The three incumbents were rejected.The number of winners by partyFairness3,Communist2, grassroots movement 2,維新1, independent 14 was.


  • Chair: Taketo Ichikawa
  • Vice Chairman: Hisami Akahori


As of July 2021

Parliamentary groupNumber of seats
Meisei Club5
Grassroots Independent Forum3
Citizens' parliamentary group is a lab3
Liberal Democratic Iga2
Liberal Democratic Bonds2
Japanese Communist Party Iga City Council2

*In addition, the constituencies of the lower house election areMie Prefecture 2th ward"so[14], The constituency for the Mie Prefectural Assembly election is "Iga City constituency" (constant 3)[15].


Assembly Basic Ordinance
In February 2007, the city council embodied "the role and responsibilities of the council" in Iga City.Assembly Basic OrdinanceEstablished.Japan's municipal council stipulates the granting of the first "right to question administrative members" (right to question questions), the implementation of "parliamentary debriefing sessions" to 37 districts in the city, and the implementation of "policy debates" among members of the Diet. It attracted attention.In response to this, inspections were conducted by other municipal councils in Japan.
Ninja Assembly
In April 2007, Iga CityIga styleIn order to appeal that it is the birthplace of ninja, the mayor and city council hold a ninja council to discuss by wearing ninja clothes.[16].
Ninja City Declaration
February 2017, 2, as "the birthplace of ninja"Ninja CityWas declared.The aim is to put more effort into attracting domestic and foreign tourists.[17].

City hall/branch

At the time of the new merger, the former Ueno City Hall was designated as the main government building of the city hall, and the other former town and village halls were designated as branch offices.However, on January 2019, 1, the main government building moved to Shijukucho.

  • Iga City Hall: 3184 Shijukucho, Iga City (〒518-8501)
    • Ueno branch (Haitopia Iga) 500 Uenomarunouchi, Iga City (〒518-0873)
    • Iga branch (formerlyIga TownGovernment office): 728 Shimotsuge, Iga City (〒519-1412)
    • Ayama branch (formerlyAyama TownGovernment office): 1128 Baba, Iga City (〒518-1395)
    • Shimagahara branch (formerlyShimagahara VillageGovernment office): 4913 Shimagahara, Iga City (〒519-1711)
    • Mt. Ooyama field branch (formerlyMt. Ooyama TamuraGovernment office): 652-1, Hirata, Iga City (〒518-1422)
    • Aoyama branch (formerlyAoyama TownGovernment office): 1411 Ao, Iga City (〒518-0292)

City hall relocation problem

Iga City Hall Main Government Building (South Government Building)[18]) IsShockproofIt does not meet the standards and is aging[19]..Therefore, it was decided to rebuild during the time of Mayor Hirohito Uchibo.[19], Plans were in progress for new construction at the current location[20]..Because of this, the North Government Building was demolished[18].2012January,Junzo SakakuraWas conducting a conservation campaign for the city hall designed bySakae OkamotoWithdrew the plan when he was elected mayor,20132.5 from the current government building kmAnnounced construction on the adjacent land of the remote Iga Government Building in Mie Prefecture[20].

In response, President Ryuhei Kizu of the Ueno Chamber of Commerce and Industry insisted on rebuilding at the current location.[20],2014In 2 monthReferendum OrdinanceCollected 7180 signatures for enactment[18]..This signature was invalidated due to incomplete documentation[18]..However, Mayor Okamoto himself submitted a draft referendum ordinance and it was passed.[20].. same yearMay 8, A referendum was held asking whether it was the current location or relocation, but the vote was not counted at a turnout of 50% because the ordinance stipulated that "a referendum is not established if the percentage is less than 42.51%."[20]..In response to this, the mayor decided to propose the relocation of the government building to the parliament in September[20],May 9The relocation of the government building was approved by 16 people in favor and 8 people in opposition.[21]..However, at the December regular meeting of the Iga City Council on December 2014, 12, a member of the Diet proposed to delete the budget for formulating the South Government Building utilization plan included in the general account supplementary budget, and it was approved by 24 people in favor and 12 people in opposition. Ta[18].

The old government building will be used as a complex facility consisting of a library and an art museum, and the current Igashi Ueno Library will be used.Sakai Memorial HallThere is a concept to[18].

National agency

裁判 所

  • Tsu District CourtIga Branch --Renamed from "Tsu District Court Ueno Branch" on November 2004, 11.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Ministry of Finance

National Tax Agency

Ministry of Defense


Ministry of Justice







Major medical institutions

Iga Medical Association と Naga Medical Association Two ofMedical associationThere is.


post office

Main post office

(As of 2012 year 12 month)

  • Japan Post Co., Ltd.
    • Ueno Post Office(Uenomarunouchi)
    • Ayama Post Office (Baba)
    • Mt. Ooyama Post Office (Hirata)
    • Iga Post Office (Shimotsuge)
    • Shimagahara Post Office (Shimagahara)
    • Aoyama Post Office (Abo)
The above are collection and delivery stations, and there are 27 other post offices (including 4 simple post offices) that only carry out counter operations.
ATMs are installed at each post office except for other simple post offices, and holiday services are provided at each post office in Ueno, Ayama, Mt. Ooyamada, Iga, Shimagahara, and Aoyama.
Zip Code

The postal code in Iga city is as follows.

  • "518-00xx""518-01xx""518-08xx""518-11xx"= Former Ueno city area.In charge of collection and delivery at the Ueno station.
  • "518-02xx"= Former Naga-gun Aoyama-cho area.Aoyama station collection and delivery charge.
  • "518-13xx= Former Ayama-gun Ayama-cho area.In charge of collection and delivery of Ayama station.
  • "518-14xx= Former Ayama-gun Mt. Ooyama Tamura area. Mt. Ooyama In charge of collection and delivery of rice fields.
  • "519-14xx"= Former Ayama-gun Igamachi area.In charge of collection and delivery at the Iga station.
  • "519-17xx= Former Shimagahara Village, Ayama District.In charge of collection and delivery of Shimagahara station.


Vocational school

  • Okanami Nursing College

high school


Junior high school


primary school

Early childhood education

  • Ayama nursery school
  • Inoda nursery school
  • Mt. Ooyama rice field nursery school
  • Kobe nursery school
  • Kibogaoka nursery school
  • Sakura nursery school
  • Shimagahara nursery school
  • Shironami nursery school
  • Arai nursery school
  • It happens to be a nursery school
  • Tsuge nursery school
  • Tomoda nursery school
  • Nishitsuge Nursery School
  • Igashiritsumibuno Nursery School
  • Tosenooka Kindergarten
  • Aoyama Yosami Kindergarten
  • Inako nursery school
  • Akira nursery school
  • Nagata nursery school
  • Nakasejoto Nursery School
  • Hakuho Kindergarten
  • Hananoki nursery school
  • Hikari nursery school
  • Fuchu nursery school
  • Mita nursery school
  • Green nursery school
  • Midori Daini Nursery School
  • Mutsumi nursery school
  • Tomono nursery school
  • Yumegaoka nursery school
  • Yono nursery school

Foreign relations

Sister city/affiliated city



sister city
  • Shiga prefecture flagKoka City(Shiga)
    After the merger of Iga City, we deepened exchanges with neighboring Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, and since both cities are the hometowns of ninja, from March 2007, "Iga Koga / Ninja Village Heisei no Yori" (Iga City / Koka City) We are holding a ninjutsu confrontation event called (sponsored by the Wide Area Cooperation Promotion Committee).In this confrontation, the losing city will post a PR poster of the winning city for one year, and the mayors of both cities have participated in the competition twice in the past. Iga City won the confrontation in March 3, and Koka City won the confrontation in November 1.Also, with Kameyama CityIkoka(ThereBut·ThisOrOrMeyama) We have a tie-up.
Partner city


Especially because Iga City is geographically located between Osaka and Nagoya.Meihan National HighwayDue to the convenience of logistics, the number of factories located along the Meihan National Highway is increasing.The ratio of employees is increasing mainly in the service industry, and it is desired to revitalize the tourism-related industry.

According to the 2015 census, 48777 people, or 15% of the 8 people aged 39472 and over who are working or attending school in Iga City, are working or attending school in the city, and the number of people commuting to Nabari City in the prefecture is 3275 people, 957 people commuting to work / school in Tsu City,North group786 people commute to work or school in the district, Shiga PrefectureKogaThere were 672 commuters to work and school in the district.The number of people commuting to work or school in big cities was 627 in Osaka City and 109 in Nagoya City.


As of 2016, there are roughly two areas in Mie prefecture where rice cultivation is flourishing, the Ise Plain and the Ueno Basin.[22].. As of 2016, the yield of rice in Mie Prefecture is 21st in the ranking by prefecture in Japan, and Iga City is listed next to Matsusaka City as the municipality with the highest rice yield in Mie Prefecture.[22][Annotation 4]..Furthermore, as of 2016, while the ratio of paddy fields to the cultivated land area is conspicuous in Mie Prefecture, Mie Prefecture is ranked 8th in the ranking of wheat yield by prefecture in Japan, and the planted area of ​​wheat in Mie Prefecture is , Matsusaka City is 24.0%, Tsu City is 14.3%, Suzuka City is 9.9%, Mie Town is 8.0%, and Iga City is about the same rate of 8.0%.[23]..In addition, as of 2016, Iga City is listed as the main production area of ​​adzuki beans in Mie Prefecture.[23]Regarding the yield of adzuki beans, Hokkaido is overwhelmingly over 9% in Japan.[24]Looking at Japan as a whole, Iga City is not the main production area for adzuki beans.In addition, as of 2016, in Mie Prefecture, along with Matsusaka City, Tsu City, Komono Town, and Suzuka City, Iga City is also named as the main production area.[23]In Japan, the yield of soybeans from Hokkaido accounts for 35.4%, followed by Miyagi, Akita, Fukuoka, and Saga prefectures.[25], Mie Prefecture is finally ranked 14th in the soybean yield ranking by prefecture.[23]Looking at Japan as a whole, Iga City is not the main soybean producing area.

In addition, although agriculture is positioned as a core industry in the city administration and an agricultural park has been developed, there are problems such as the aging of agricultural workers, the shortage of successors and bearers, and the deterioration of profitability.

Chamber of commerce

Due to the merger of cities, towns and villages, the former towns and villages' business and industry associations have merged, but they have not yet merged with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Primary industry

Major agriculture and forestry organizations

Secondary industry

Main crafts
  • Iga ware
  • braid ――The production volume is the highest in Japan.

Tertiary industry

Main commercial facilities

Large-scale general shopping facilities are concentrated in the city area.

Financial institution

Old timesCity bankThere was also, but the bankLocal bankOnly.Regionally, there are also regional bank branches with their head offices in the Kinki region.

Major companies based in the city

Mass media


tv set

Incidentally,Chubu Electric PowerSystemCommufa Hikari 2012It was also available in Iga City in July.However,Commua optical tv(CATV using optical fiber) was not available in the whole area at first,2014Older thanAoyama TownIt became available for viewing except in the area of.However, although the Internet and IP phones are available in the Aoyama-cho area, they are still out of service with the neighboring Nabari city and cannot be viewed.


News (Chinese)

National newspaperIs generally in Mie prefectureNagoya cityAlthough the items issued in Iga City are on sale, the Osaka head office (in Iga City)Osaka) Is on sale (Nabari City andKumano CityThe same applies to the south).Chubu region OfBlock paperIsChunichi ShimbunIs also on sale.Alsosports newspaperAlso issued in Nagoya CityChunichi SportsExcept for, the Osaka version is on sale.


Since Iga City was hardly damaged by the war damage, historic sites remain.However,Tensho Iga RebellionDue to the thorough destruction by, there are few buildings before that.

Sights and historic sites

Nearby Tourist Spots

The mountains extending to the east are used for driving and villas, and are sometimes used as summer resorts in the Kansai and Tokai regions.Murou Akame Aoyama Quasi-National ParkIn the area that occupies a corner, you can see the nature and flora of the mountains.


Festivals and events

  • (May)
  • Iga study test(March: Sponsored by Ueno Chamber of Commerce)
  • (March-May)
  • Sacred Mountain Sakura Festival (April)
  • Yono Park Azalea Festival (May)
  • Aoyama Highlands Azalea Quarter Marathon (May)
  • Ueki Shrine Gion Festival (July)
  • Yabuta Shrine Gion Festival (July)
  • Ueno Castle Takigi Noh (September)
  • Iga-ryu Shuriken Championship (October)
  • Basho Festival (October 10)
  • Ueno Tenjin Festival(October 10-23: "Ueno Tenjin Festival Danjiri Event" is a national eventImportant intangible folk cultural properties-UNESCOIntangible cultural heritage)
  • Kenzu Festival (November)
  • Mt. Ooyama Rice Harvest Festival (November)
  • Takiyama Valley Autumn Leaves Festival (November)
  • Iga Ueno City Marathon (November)

Special product / gourmet

  • Iga beef
    Beef cattle, Iga beefMatsuzaka beefAlthough not as well known, the quality is not inferior, and it is evaluated not only locally but also in neighboring big cities.Iga beef is consumed in large quantities especially in Iga City and Nabari City.
  • Iga rice
  • Iga sake
  • Katayaki
  • Dakuraku
  • Iga ware
  • Pickled liver
  • braid
    It is a craft that assembles a high seat, knits silk thread, and assembles it into a single string with decoration.It is a small item used for kimono as a decoration for the kimono obi, but there are also voices that threaten its survival due to the aging of craftsmen and the decline of internal employment.
  • Japanese umbrella
  • Ninja udon
  • Igamochi

Sports team

サ ッ カ ー

Tourism Association

In addition, on February 2008, 2, the virtual world "second Life』, Opening a ninja experience-based theme park[28].


It is a kind of Kansai dialect in the areaIga dialectTo saydialectIs used.Meihan National Highway OfUeno Higashi InterchangeFor those heading from the city to the city, "Ninja Village Igaue no Yokoshi (Welcome)", and for those heading from the city to the Ueno-higashi interchange, "Matakita Dako (Please come again)" There is a written signboard.

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  • There is a local character "Iga ☆ Griot" that was devised by the Iga Youth Council and was designated as a city's regional activity support project in 2009.TV Champion 2"Yuru CharaAdvance to the final in the championship, "You can laugh!』Also introduced as" Yuru-chara popular number one ", is active for the purpose of Iga city tourism PR.
  • In the former Ueno City, a resident tax reduction measure was implemented for some Koreans living in Japan.This measure was applied to the city and locals from the 30's to the 40's.Korean nationals in Japan(Mindan) AndFederation of Koreans in Japan(Korea Federation), And the payment amount was halved, but it was abolished in 2007.In the city's view, of the cityOrdinanceThe amount was reduced based on "there is a special reason" in the exemption and exemption provisions of[32].
MorePrivilege to stay in Japan #Resident taxSee.


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