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😷 | Kagawa Prefecture restaurant certification system "field survey" begins June 6th, applications are being accepted 


Kagawa Prefecture restaurant certification system "field survey" begins June 6th, applications are being accepted 

If you write the contents roughly
If it is confirmed that the criteria are met, a sticker will be issued and the store will be posted on the dedicated website.

Kagawa Prefecture is accepting applications, including a system to certify restaurants that are taking measures against the new corona. 21st, Shin ... → Continue reading

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Website(British: website) IsWorld Wide Web (WWW) and generally specificDomain nameUnder the multipleWeb pageA group of people.サイトSometimes called. Sites that companies and other organizations have built to introduce themselves are called official websites of the organizations.

Home PageSometimes called, but this usage is sometimes misused. Further, only the top page of a website may be called a home page.


1990 era OfWWWWas in the era of experimental operation. In this era,WWWStatic, with comprehensive information about the organization, with reference to centralized ideas prior to the proposalcontentLaunched a website by and managed manuallyPortal siteThere were many cases of requesting registration from. However, since the 2000s robot typeSearch engineMoved to automatic website registration by the organization, acquired multiple domains and separated the site by service, etc.WWWIs the original thought ofDistributedI went to the system of.

The United Kingdom Of(English editionAccording to a survey by1995In August, there were about 8 sites on the Internet.2006As of November 11, the number of sites exceeded 2 million.[1].. In addition, in the real-time statistics of Internet Live Stats on the Internet statistics site,2014On September 9, the number of sites in the world exceeded 16 billion. Be considered a WWW thinkerTim BernersleyIt is,Mini blog OftwitterI'm happy about this[2].

Website configuration example

hereMuseumThe official website of is illustrated.

  • Home Page, Main page, front page,Top PageOr index page: the "face" part of the website
  • Outline: Introduction of painters, entrance fees and opening hours, history of the museum, etc.
  • Facility information:FacilityA plan view ofTransportationDirections and Parkingetc.
  • Event Information: Announcement of planned exhibitions, etc.
  • Work introduction:DatabaseMay have been published.
  • Electronic bulletin board: Sometimes people browse websites to write their impressions.
  • Links: Links to related external organizations.

Treating a website that has lost its admin

Websites created by individuals,BlogHowever, there is a problem of how to manage and save the person after his death. This problemSpace of interestIn “”, I registered it as a keyword of “Internet Gravekeeper”. Such as personal grave markers on the Internet,Memorial serviceIt's different from things like recollections. To the end, this is to leave the form in which an individual was active in life.

Currently in Japan, there is no commercialized service such as a service to directly maintain a personal website after the person died.Intractable diseaseDoctor of the website of an individual who died in a fighting illness, orvolunteerThere are some things that are managed and maintained while respecting the intentions of the deceased.

In this movement, for exampleHiroo YamagataAdministrators themselves, such as "wills" on the site ofsudden deathTherefore, activities to express the intention of the post-death policy on the site are also carried out.[3][4].Social networking services(SNS)mixiInformation is also exchanged within the Web wills community within the company[5].

Social interest in this issue is gradually increasing,Nihon Keizai ShimbunAlso featured in the evening edition of "A Homepage Forever" on April 2006, 4.[6].

However, before the administrator died, the administrator got tired of managing and operating his website, and[7]Cases that are left on the way, orserverThe management company changes the access method to the management system[Note 1]However, there are many cases where management became impossible because the administrator did not support switching.South KoreaThen in 2006Korea Ministry of Information and CommunicationAnd Korea Information Security Agency (KISA) (current:Korea Internet Agency) Protects sites that have not been updated for a long time in order to prevent misuse of abandoned sites.clean up[Note 2]Was done.


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