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😷 | Fukushima Prefecture, 10 new corona infections confirmed Prefectural total 4785, 2 males died


Fukushima Prefecture, 10 new corona infections confirmed Prefectural total 4785, 2 men died

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The breakdown of the 10 people is 5 in Koriyama City, 2 in Iwaki City, 1 in Aizuwakamatsu City, XNUMX in Hirata Village, and XNUMX in Tomioka Town.

On the 21st, the prefecture was infected with the new coronavirus and two men in their 80s and 70s who had been hospitalized at a medical institution in the prefecture were 2 ... → Continue reading

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A news site of the local newspaper "Fukushima Minyu Shimbun" that represents Fukushima Prefecture. Since it was first published in Meiji 28, we have been transmitting the latest community-based news as a “friend of the people of the prefecture”. The prefectural news covers a wide range of local news by connecting 25 news bases in Fukushima prefecture. We are also focusing on recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and articles related to TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. We will deliver a variety of articles such as gourmet, sightseeing, events, readable serials.

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Koriyama City 5

Hirata Village

Hirata Village(Hiratamura) isFukushimaNakadoriLocated in the east,IshikawaBelongs tovillage.


FukushimaSoutheast,Abukuma HighlandsAgricultural land spreads like weaving mountains.

Adjacent municipalities

Statistical data

Current villages

  1. Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Municipalities in Statistics 2007" 2007


Changes in the population of Hirata Village (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Chronological Table

Administrative region transition

  • Timeline of transition
  • Transition table


The core industry is agriculture, and we are also focusing on tourism and attracting companies.


Junior high school

primary school



There are no railroad lines running in the village.The nearest station when using the train isEast Japan Railway OfBanetsu East LineOno Shinmachi Station,andMizugun LineIzumigo Stationetc.



Road Station


Historic site

  • Houda Tate Ruins
The ruins of a castle built during the civilization year (1469-86) by Hidemitsu, the second son of Shigemitsu Ishikawa, the lord of Ishikawa Castle.
  • Nakakura Rokujizo
  • Kohayashi Temple Hoden

Intangible cultural property

  • Komagata Jangara Nenbutsu Dance
Traditional performing arts that have been handed down from ancient times in the Komagata area


  • May 10 --Pioneering Anniversary

Main graduate


Villager customs

Mutton dishes are often eaten in Hirata Village.Often when the family returns homeGenghis KhanIs being eaten.In the village, it is regarded as << mutton dish = treat >>.this is1934~ 1935Cold injuryBad cropbyfamineAt that time, a successful businessman from Hirata VillagesheepThe villagers have a history of donating 200 animals and thereby eradicating hunger.The villagers have a deep love for lamb dishes and are served in this village.Genghis KhanHas gained a reputation for being very delicious and is now a village specialty[5][6][7].

Great man who contributed to the development of the village

  • Yoshisada Abe (1855-1939)
  • Kuji Kubogi
  • Eikichi Endo
  • Munezo Kingo
  • Kizaemon Yoshida


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