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😷 | [Breaking news] 1 person died in Hiroshima city, 12 people infected, new corona on the 24th

Photo Hiroshima City Hall

[Breaking news] One person died in Hiroshima City, 1 people were infected, and the new corona on the 12th

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At the same time, one person who was hospitalized at a medical institution in Hiroshima Prefecture died on the 1rd.

Hiroshima City announced on the 24th that 12 new people have been infected with the new coronavirus.At the same time, he was admitted to a medical institution in Hiroshima prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Medical institution

Viewed by creatorJapan OfMedical institution(November 2019)[1]
Public medical institution1,2023,5222614,985
Social insurance affiliates514507508
Medical Corporation5,72043,59314,76264,075

Medical institution(Irikyokan) is a facility that provides medical care.

Medical institutions in Japan

What are medical institutions in Japan?Medical lawStipulated inMedical facilitiesRefers to.AdministrationInhospital,pharmacy,Visiting nursing stationIt is the institution for secondary medical examinations and prosthetic limb type instructors. In a narrow sense, a hospital,Clinic,Nursing care health facility,DispensingRefers to the pharmacy and other facilities that provide medical care (hereinafter referred to as "medical care facilities"). Although there are many misunderstandings, osteopathic clinics, osteopathic clinics, acupuncture and moxibustion clinics, chiropractic clinics, and chiropractic clinics are practicing medical institutions and are not medical institutions.

Established by the provisions of each law related to medical insuranceInsurance medical institutionIs different from the definition.

Classification in medical law

Classification by creator

Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareClassification of establishments of medical facility surveys by the statistical information department

Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareNational Hansen's Disease Sanatoriumな どCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
National Hospital OrganizationNational hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (National Hospital Organization)
National University CorporationNational University HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (national university corporations)
Incorporated Administrative Agency Workers Health and Safety OrganizationLabor accident hospitalCategory: Medical institutions in Japan (Institute for Health and Safety of Workers)
National Center for Advanced Medical ResearchNational Cancer Center Hospitalな どCategory: Japanese medical institutions (National Center for Advanced Medical Research)
Incorporated administrative agency regional medical function promotion mechanismFormer Social Insurance Hospital (National Federation of Social Insurance Associations), Welfare Pension Hospital, Crew Insurance HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Regional Medical Function Promotion Organization)
Institutions in other countriesMinistry of Defense(SDF hospital,National Defense Medical College Hospital),Ministry of Justice(Medical prison),Imperial Household Agency(Imperial Household Agency)SuchCategory: Japanese medical institutions (institutions in other countries)
Public medical institution
PrefecturesPrefectural hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (prefectures)
市町村Municipal hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (municipalities)
Local independent administrative corporationSome prefectural hospitals and some municipal hospitals have movedCategory: Japanese Medical Institution (Local Incorporated Administrative Agency)
Public university corporationPublic university hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (public university corporations)
Japanese Red Cross SocietyRed Cross HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Nisseki)
SaiseikaiSaiseikai HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Saiseikai)
Hokkaido Social Work AssociationCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Hokkaido Social Work Association)
KoseirenJA Koseiren HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Koseiren)
National Health Insurance Association
Social insurance affiliates
Mutual aid associationAnd its federationNational Public Employee Mutual Aid Association, Local Public Employee Mutual Aid Association (Local Employee Mutual Aid Association, Public School Mutual Aid Association, Police Mutual Aid Association, Metropolitan Employee Mutual Aid Association, Designated City Employee Mutual Aid Association, Municipal Employee Mutual Aid Association, etc.) and National Municipal Employee Mutual Aid Association of Associations, Japan Private School Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation
Health insurance association and its associationHealth insurance union hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (Health insurance association and its federation)
National Health Insurance SocietyGeneral Hospital Welfare Central HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (National Health Insurance Society)
Public interest corporation
Public interest corporationPublic interest group corporation corporation,Public interest incorporated foundationStanding hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (public interest corporations)
Medical Corporation
Medical CorporationSocial medical corporation,Specific medical corporationCategory: Japanese medical institutions (medical corporations)
Private school corporation
School corporationPrivate university hospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (private school corporations)
Social welfare corporation
Social welfare corporationCategory: Japanese medical institutions (social welfare corporation)
Medical co-op
Medical co-opMedical Co-op HospitalCategory: Japanese medical institutions (medical co-op)
CompanyLtd.Standing hospital (Corporate hospital)Category: Japanese medical institutions (company)
Other corporations
Other corporationsInstitute,General Foundation,Religious corporationStanding hospital, etc.Category: Japanese medical institutions (other corporations)
IndividualCategory: Japanese medical institutions (individuals)

Public medical institution

Medical lawThen prefectures, municipalities, etc.Minister of Health, Labour and WelfareThe hospital or clinic opened by the person (see below)Public medical institution(Article 31), Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare orPrefectural governorCan order the following matters to its creator or administrator: In addition, it is possible to give necessary instructions regarding the operation of the relevant medical institution (Article 35).

  • All or part of the building, equipment, instruments and appliances should be used by a doctor or dentist who does not work at the public medical institution.Medical treatmentorResearchTo be used for.
  • Doctor lawOrDentist lawOn-the-job training according to the provisions ofClinical trainingTo prepare the conditions necessary for the above.
  • Take necessary measures for securing medical care pertaining to emergency medical care securing business specified in the medical care plan of the prefecture in which the location is located.

In addition, "the person who the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare defines" among the establishments of the public medical institutions prescribed in Article 31 of the Medical LawnoticeAccording to the following (“Opener of public medical institution prescribed in Article 26 of the Medical Law” August 8, 22 Ministry of Health and Welfare Notification No. 167).CountryNote that is not included in the public medical institution if is the person who opened.

Medical institution bond

Medical institution bond TheMedical lawCan be issued by a medical corporation that establishes a medical institution prescribed in Article 39Evidence securities.Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareMedical bureau"Guidelines for issuing "medical institution bonds" etc. notified by the long name"[2]Then, according to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act,Securities"Is not applicable,"Civil lawCreated for the purpose of proving that you borrowed money when borrowing money as a consumer loanEvidence securitiesIs defined as

Medical institution bonds are used because they can procure relatively small funds (about tens of millions of yen to XNUMX million yen) without any collateral or guarantee.[3].. The financing method is a method in which all financial institutions buy between "medical corporations" and "neighboring financial institutions" (total loan type), "medical corporations" and "neighbors with medical corporations" and "neighborhoods with transactions, etc." There is a method in which local people such as a "company" buy it (regional open type), and both are issued at interest rates below the normal loan rate of banks and welfare medical institutions.

However, around 23, the names of some medical corporations (or medical corporations in the dormant state) were abused and issued to a level (investors nationwide) that deviated from the regional open type. There was a problem with the solicitation of agency bonds (later this case was a fraud case).[4]Therefore, the financial council (prime minister・The "Investment Service Bill," in which the first subcommittee of the Financial Subcommittee is proceeding with deliberation on legislation, had a debate on the regulation of monetary consumption loan contracts including medical institution bonds.[5]There were things.

Regarding the consumer problem regarding medical institution bonds in September 24, the “Proposal on the consumer problem regarding medical institution bonds” was taken from the perspective of preventing the spread of damage.[6]As for "ascertaining the actual conditions of issuance of medical institution bonds," "promotion of cooperation between related institutions," and "consideration of reviewing guidelines from the perspective of consumer protection."

Overview of issuing medical institution bonds

Regarding medical institution bonds, the following is stipulated by the Medical Administration Bulletin 0420 No. 7 April 28, 4 Notification by the Director of the Medical Policy Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

  • External audit required if the issue amount is large
  • Issuance purpose is limited to acquisition of assets
  • Notification of issuance requirements etc. to the supervisory agency before issuance
  • There are restrictions on information disclosure, interest rates, solicitation methods, etc. when issuing
  • Medical corporations can purchase medical institution bonds issued by other medical corporations, but in that case there are certain restrictions

Issue record of medical institution bonds

厚生労働省が実施した医療機関債 の発行状況を調査(平成25年3月8日公表)によると18 の医療法人が、計 41 件の医療機関債を発行しており、発行総額は43億900万円である(平成24年9月1日時点)。[7]

Examples of medical institution bond issuance since 23 include:[8]According to the number of news releases (the number of searches) in the first year of Reiwa, Kyushu Financial Group (Kagoshima Bank・Higo Bank),Joyo BankYou can check 15 cases of contracting/underwriting at Saga Bank.

Number of medical institution bonds issued each year[7]

Closed day

It is possible to set the days to be closed and the hours to be treated according to the policies of each medical institution.[9].. It should be noted that this is not something that the government can be involved in[10].

Many medical institutions are closed on Sundays. This is allegedly due to problems with coordination with other services and staff[11].

practitionerThere are some small-scale medical institutions (clinics, clinics) operated on Wednesdays or Thursdays that are closed for half a day or all days. This is due to the fact that there are many medical institutions to be examined on Saturdays, and there are also transfers, and some academic societies and study groups to which medical institutions belong are held on Wednesdays or Thursdays.[12].

However, to the doctorDuty to serveHas been defined (Doctor lawArticle 19,Dentist law(Article 19), it is said that it is not permissible to refuse medical treatment for emergency cases by limiting the medical treatment time (September 24, 9, Medical Departure No. 10). Regarding examinations outside the hours,Out-of-insurance combined medical expensesIt is possible to collect additional charges as a target.


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Hiroshima(Hiroshima Ken,(British: Hiroshima Prefecture) IsJapan OfChugokuに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheHiroshima city.


Seaside area (Seto Inland Sea Industrial Area)Industrial(automotive industry, Steelmaking, shipbuilding) developed.Hiroshima metropolitan area,Fukuyama metropolitan areaAnd has two large metropolitan areas in the prefecture.Prefectural office location OfHiroshima city TheGovernment-designated cityIsChugoku / Shikoku regionBiggestcityIs.On the other hand, it is blessed with abundant nature of the sea and mountains,Agriculture:-Fishery:Is also popular.From this, the industrial distribution is close to the Japanese average, and the prefectural income is also in the middle.A microcosm of JapanSometimes called ".

Following the old national system, the western part of the prefecture centering on Hiroshima city is roughlyAki"In the eastern part of Fukuyama City, which is adjacent to Okayama Prefecture in the eastern part of the prefecture,"Bingo, And still show some differences in terms of dialects and culture (for dialects,Hiroshima dialect-Bingo valvechecking). However, due to the urban functions and living spheres that Hiroshima's policies have in recent years,Hiroshima area(Western part of prefecture),Bingo areaIt is often divided into three areas: (eastern part of the prefecture) and Bihoku area (northern part of the prefecture).

Second World WarIn the world for the first timenuclear weaponsIt is known internationally because it has Hiroshima city that was attacked by. AlsoAki no MiyajimaとAtomic bomb domeTwo unescoworld HeritageHas[2]There are also many tourists from outside Japan.



Seto Inland SeaTowards the coast,Chugoku MountainsIt is characterized by the formation of a staircase-like topography from a highland to a lowland in parallel with the above. The open plains are limited to the river basin and the mouth of the river.[3]Although it is not high above sea level, it is also a terrain with many mountains. This is also the case in coastal areas, and it is not uncommon for mountains to approach the coast.graniteAnd granite weathered Masa (masa sand) are widely distributed and spread under the topsoil.Masa soilLayers reach a maximum thickness of several tens of meters[3].. But for that reasonEarth and stone flowThere are many dangerous areas of dangerous mountain streams and steep landslides, and the number of designated areas is the highest in Japan.[3].

  • River

Within Hiroshima PrefectureOta RiverWith water systemEnokawaIn addition to the two major water systems, from the east to the Setouchi coastal areaTakahashi River,Ashida River,Numata River,Kurose River,Hachiman River,Kosegawaand so on. The Ota River basin is almost equivalent to the western part of the prefecture (Aki), and the Eno River basin is the northeastern part of the prefecture (Bihoku). In the eastern part of the prefecture (Bigo), the Ashida River and the Numata River system are formed.

  • Yamano

Although there are plains such as Hiroshima City and Fukuyama City that have been reclaimed, it is a mountainous landform and is located inland.Miyoshi basin,Saijo basinand so on. In the eastSera Kogen,Kamiishi PlateauIs spreading.

  • Islands

Seto Inland SeaThe total size is about 140(I.e.Have.

Wide skirt

Geospatial Information Authority of Japan According to Hiroshima, the north, south, east, and west ends of the prefecture are located at the following locations, with a east-west length of 131.62km and a north-south length of 118.79km. According to the Geographical Survey Institute's national prefectural areas by area, Hiroshima has an area of ​​8479.63 square kilometers.[5].

Northern end
North Latitude 35 Degrees 6 Minutes 20 Seconds East longitude 132 degree 53 min 18 sec /35.10556 degrees north latitude 132.88833 degrees east longitude / 35.10556; 132.88833 (Northernmost part of Hiroshima prefecture)
Center of gravity
North Latitude 34 Degrees 36 Minutes 2 Seconds East longitude 132 degree 47 min 6 sec /34.60056 degrees north latitude 132.78500 degrees east longitude / 34.60056; 132.78500 (Hiroshima center of gravity)
West end
North Latitude 34 Degrees 30 Minutes 5 Seconds East longitude 132 degree 2 min 11 sec /34.50139 degrees north latitude 132.03639 degrees east longitude / 34.50139; 132.03639 (The westernmost part of Hiroshima prefecture)←
Center point
North Latitude 34 Degrees 34 Minutes 12.5 Seconds East longitude 132 degree 45 min 13 sec /34.570139 degrees north latitude 132.75361 degrees east longitude / 34.570139; 132.75361 (Hiroshima prefecture center point)
Eastern end
→North Latitude 34 Degrees 18 Minutes 54 Seconds East longitude 133 degree 28 min 15 sec /34.31500 degrees north latitude 133.47083 degrees east longitude / 34.31500; 133.47083 (The easternmost point of Hiroshima prefecture)
Southern tip
North Latitude 34 Degrees 2 Minutes 5 Seconds East longitude 132 degree 29 min 7 sec /34.03472 degrees north latitude 132.48528 degrees east longitude / 34.03472; 132.48528 (The southernmost tip of Hiroshima prefecture)


NorthSea of ​​Japan side climate, Other areasSeto Inland Sea climateare categorized.

In the coastal areas, there are many sunny days even in winter, but part of the north is a heavy snowfall area.

In the north, the temperature is low in winter for the latitude, and there is a lot of snowfall mainly in the mountains.In particularChugoku MountainsAlong the mountainKitahiroshima TownObserved at Higashiyawatahara (elevation 774m) in Japan at -28.0 ° C (1977(Showa 52) February 2),Shobara-26.0 ° C in the Takano area of1977(February 52, 2), etc. -19 ° C or less[6] It's a very cold area, where it can even go down. There is a heavy snowfall area where the amount of snowfall reaches from 592m to 582m in the vertebra part with the Sea of ​​Japan side, such as 3cm in Hachiman, Kitahiroshima-cho and 6cm in Takano, Shobara-shi. Even in urban areas such as Shobara City and Miyoshi City, there is about 80 cm to 120 cm of snowfall.

Normal values ​​in various parts of Hiroshima prefecture (statistical period: 1981-2010, Source:Meteorological Agency / Meteorological Statistics Information)
Average price
South (Seto Inland Sea Island)South (Seto Inland Sea coast)Central part (inland part on the Seto Inland Sea side)
Kure City
(° C)
Warmest month26.6
Coldest month4.0
(January, February)
Precipitation amount
Most months233.7
Minimum month32.8
Average price
Central part (inland part on the Seto Inland Sea side)Northern (Kibi Kogen, Chugoku Mountains)
HigashihiroshimaAsakita Ward
Three pieces
Hatsukaichi Tsuda
Kamiishi Plateau
Oily tree
Shobarathree timesShobara
(° C)
Warmest month25.6
Coldest month2.1
Precipitation amount
Most months236.8
Minimum month41.4
  • For Kuhi, Toyomachi, Kure City, the average value from 1971 to 2000 (because the observation was completed on February 2009, 2).
  • Kure City There is no normal value for Kure City Kamari because observation started on February 2009, 2.
  • Observation of Hongo in Mihara City started on January 2003, 1, so there is no normal value.

nature Park

National park
Seto Inland Sea National Park
National park
Hiba Dogo Taishaku Quasi-National Park,West China Mountains Quasi-National Park
Prefectural nature park
Namwonkyo Prefectural Natural Park, Yamanokyo Prefectural Natural Park, Mikuradake Prefectural Natural Park, Bamboo-ji Temple Kurayama Prefectural Natural Park, Butsutsuji Ocho Hachimangu Prefectural Natural Park,Jinosekyo Prefectural Natural Park


There are 14 cities, 5 counties and 9 towns in the prefecture.The village2004May 11Disappeared in.

In the past, the prefectural office divided it into eight wide-area administrative areas, one area around a large city and seven wide-area municipal areas.However, this wide-area administrative area was different from the actual metropolitan area framework.Within the prefecture, there are the Hiroshima metropolitan area centered on Hiroshima City and the Bigo metropolitan area centered on Fukuyama City, each of which extends beyond wide-area administrative areas and prefectural borders.The wide-area administrative zone policy itself was abolished at the end of March 1.[7].

Below, the municipalities are listed for each regional administrative area and the population is added (2015 census population).

Hiroshima 1,310,256
Hiroshima West 142,771
Kure 252,891
Geihoku 54,878
Hiroshima Central 227,325
Ozo 251,157
Fukuyama/Fuchu 514,097
Bihoku 90,615

Search for a merger with Yue prefecture

Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture (former Mohei Village)

1963(38)OkayamaKasaokaThe former Mohei village of Jomi village (which was incorporated into1889(Established Jomi Village together with 22 other villages in 2) separated from Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture,Fukuyama CityI was looking for a transfer to.[8]

The former Mohei Village area has historically been geographically (adjacent areas do not have natural barriers such as rivers at the boundary) and socially (most of the relatives of Fukuyama City are living in Fukuyama City and many are from Fukuyama City). It was an area with strong ties to the city.1963(Showa 38) In Okayama PrefectureNissa TownFukuura's strong resident movementHyogo OfAko CityResidents who were inspired by the merger started a large-scale merger movement (there were several merger proposals before). Hiroshima Prefectural AssemblyHiroshi NakagawaWith the approval of (after becoming the mayor of Fukuyama), the approval of several members of the Fukuyama city council was obtained. In Jomi Village, the former Yonoe Village district, which has the same circumstances as the former Mohei Village district, also started a joint campaign in support of the merger with Fukuyama City. After that, the former Mohei village district submitted a merger petition to Fukuyama City in collaboration with the former Yonoe village district.

When the petition for merger was submitted to Fukuyama City, opposition movements from the Okayama Prefectural Assembly and the Kasaoka City Assembly took place. Also next year (1964(39)) A local governor of Okayama PrefectureTakenori KatoWhen he took office, the governor also opposed the merger movement and the turmoil ended.

Ehime Prefecture (Ochi-gun, Kamijima Islands)

Great Heisei mergerAt the time ofEhimeOchi-gunUeshima Islands OfYuge Town-Namina Village-Iwaki Village-Uoshima VillageSeparated from Ehime prefecture, Hiroshima prefectureInnoshima CityWas looking for a merger with.

  • The Ueshima Islands, Ochi-gun, Ehime Prefecture, has been included in the cultural sphere centered around Innoshima City since ancient times.
  • The routes connecting the islandsInnoshimaIs operated mainly.
  • InnoshimaHitachi ShipbuildingMany islanders work in Innoshima City centering on the Innoshima Factory.

For this reason, 4 municipalities are considering merger with Innoshima City in Hiroshima Prefecture. Of the four islands, Ikina Village, which is closest to Hiroshima Prefecture, once sought to merge into Hiroshima Prefecture in the 4's.[9].. However, not only in the island, but in Ochi-gun, which feared losing a large fishing area,ImabariFishermen conducted a large-scale maritime demonstration. In addition, Ehime Prefecture and Ochi-gun also opposed and there was a history of not being decided.[9].. In Ikuna village, the distance to Innoshima is 300m. In addition, the village-run ferry operates nearly 1 round trips a day, which was like a bed town of Innoshima City.

2000(12)5Even though a collaborative exchange council was established among the five municipalities, coordination between the two prefectures was difficult. After all, in four towns and villages on the Ehime sideUeshima TownThe merger proposal was virtually frozen.

Up to now, Ueshima Town is not connected to Ehime Prefecture by bridges or ferries, so it is necessary to once pass through Hiroshima Prefecture to reach Shikoku by vehicle.[Annotation 2].

Sediment disaster danger point

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismAccording to the reports of 10 and 14,Landslide,Earth and stone flowによる土砂災害危険箇所が31,987箇所あり、これは都道府県の中で最多である。2位以下は、島根県(22,296)、山口県(22,248)、兵庫県(20,748)、大分県(19,640)、和歌山県(18,487)、高知県(18,112)、愛知県(17,783)となっている。危険箇所の少ない地域は、沖縄県(1,032)、山形県(3,771)、東京都(3,786)、青森県(4,005)などで全国に525,307箇所ある[10].. The top three prefectures are Hiroshima, Shimane, Yamaguchi and the western part of the Chugoku region.Since this is a mountainous landform, the residential area approaches the foot of the mountain, and the residential land has been developed to the hillside, and the granite is weathered It is due to the weakness of the geology due to the soil[11].


Origin of prefecture name

The prefecture name comes from Hiroshima City, which is the prefectural capital. The origin of Hiroshima is1589From (Tensho 17)Terumoto MoribyHiroshima CastleWhen building a castle,1591(Tensho 19) It was named.Hiroe OeEver since (Mori's ancestor), Mr. Mohri has also used "Hiro" as one of the characters used for the shrine, in addition to the original "Letter".Motonari MoriIn the age ofYoshikawa Motoharu, Amano Motosada, Dewa Motosuke, etc.) were given the word "gen" as a single character,Hirohisa Hiraga, Asonuma Hirohide, etc.) is said to have been given the word "wide", avoiding the word "original" which is clearly incorporated under the umbrella. This custom is passed on to Terumoto Mouri (Hirokawa Yoshikawa,Hiromichi Yamauchi,Hirokane MasudaEtc.), and "Hiro" given by Mr. Mohri (especially Terumoto) had an important meaning. Therefore, "Hiroshima" is the "Hiro" and the locals of this area,Building serviceThe theory that the "islands" of former Fukushima was combined is influential. Another theory is that it came from a "wide island" due to the Delta.


PaleolithicIt is thought that people lived inHiroshima University(Higashihiroshima City) Has a Western Gala ruins dating back about 2 years[Annotation 3].Kurahashi Island(KureOff Kashima (Kurahashi Town)Naumann ElephantThe fossils and so on have been raised.

Kotatsu burial moundThere are also burial mounds such as Ishitsuchiyama Burial Mounds,Asuka PeriodIn the second halfBingo countryToAbandoned templeTemples such as (Miyoshi City) were erected.

Ryotaro ShibaIs considered to be Hiroshima prefecture in his book, but its physiographic area is really small, leaving the city.Ota RiverAnd if you go north 20km upstream, the river is alreadySea of ​​JapanIt's not just the thing that flows towards.Hiroshima prefectureOld tombIn the distribution of, there are very few on the Seto Inland Sea side, and in the north of the prefecture.three timesThe burial mounds are densely packed in the region where the river flows to the Sea of ​​Japan.Most of the old shrines in those regions were also Izumo gods, and he pointed out that the ancient Hiroshima prefecture might have belonged to the Seto Inland Sea culture rather than the Seto Inland Sea culture, without fear of a leap.[12].

中 世

The early modern period

Edo period clanAbout BingoFukuyama Domain, Aki countryHiroshima Domain,Hiroshima Nitta Domain.. Also, a branch of the Hiroshima clan of the Asano family of the BingoMihara CastleWas placed.

Modern and contemporary

Meiji and Taisho

  • 1867: Satsuchogei 3 feudal clan alliance established
  • 1871(4th year of Meiji)
    • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Abandoned DomainHiroshima, Fukuyama, and Nakatsu prefectures are established by the Imperial Court
    • May 8Former lord Asano Naganori withdraws from Tokyo. People's turmoil (Geibi 16 group Ichiboku) spreads around the former Hiroshima clan.
  • 1875(Meiji 8): February,Fujii Tsuzo(Yamaguchi Prefecture Clan) is appointed by the Prefectural Ordinance
  • 1876(9th year of Meiji)
    • May 4: Former Bingo country from Okayama PrefectureNumakuma,Fukatsu,Anna,Cure,Ashida,God stone6 counties were transferred to Hiroshima prefecture, and the current Hiroshima prefecture area was confirmed.
    • May: Established Fukuyama branch office. Bingo 5 counties were assigned.
  • 1878(11th year of Meiji): In April, a new government building was completed in Hiroshima Suisho Town (Kako Town, Naka Ward).
  • 1880(13th year of Meiji): Prefectural Ordinance, Tsuzo FujiiSadaaki SendaIs appointed
  • 1884(17th year of Meiji): Ujina Port (Hiroshima Port) Groundbreaking ceremony is held
  • 1885(18th year of the Meiji era): Commencement of official immigration. After that, immigrants from Hiroshima began (Hiroshima Prefecture immigrants)
  • 1889(22th year of Meiji)May 4: Hiroshima cityMunicipal systemEnforcement
  • 1891(24th year of Meiji) Sanyo RailwayExtended to Fukuyama in September and Onomichi in November.
  • 1894(Meiji 27) 6Mt. Gassan Yang Railway extends to Hiroshima.
  • 1897(Meiji 30) September: Sanyo RailwayTokuyama CityStretched to. In May 1901 (Meiji 34)UmasekiOpen to (Shimonoseki).
  • 1898(Meiji 31):OnomichiMunicipal system enforcement
  • 1899(Meiji 32): The first hydroelectric power station in the prefecture, the Kurosegawa Hiro power station (750 kW), started power generation.
  • 1902(35th year of Meiji)May 10: KureMunicipal system enforcement
  • 1903(Meiji 36) November Kure Navy ArsenalEstablished.
  • 1909(Meiji 42): It is the first tram in the prefectureKure tram(Kure Electric Railway) opens.
  • 1912(45): Large-scale hydroelectric power generation begins in the Ota River system.Kameyama Power Station(2100 kW)
  • 1912(First year of the Taisho era): Tram opened in Hiroshima city (Hiroshima Electric Orbit)
  • 1916(Taisho 5)May 7: Fukuyama CityMunicipal system enforcement


Enrichment of social welfare assets since the late 1950s
The target of post-war reconstruction has shifted from rebuilding/maintaining basic infrastructure such as life and industrial base to culture/physical education. Hiroshima Reconstruction Expo held in 1958 (S33), in 1960 (S35)Hiroshima Prefectural LibraryOpening,Hiroshima Port1 tonsバ ー スCompletion, 1961 (S36)Hiroshima AirportOpen port,Ondo BridgeOpening, 1962 (S37)Hiroshima Prefectural GymnasiumOpened,National railwayElectrification between Tokyo and Hiroshima, 1965 (S40)Hiroshima Women's UniversityOpening school, 1968 (S43)Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of ArtOpening[13].



  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa), Hiroshima University developed a method to estimate the amount of sediment that collapsed due to debris flow in a short time using satellite image data.As a result, Hiroshima Prefecture says, "It will be possible to respond quickly to recovery and disasters."[17].


Hiroshima Prefecture and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Hiroshima Prefecture Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Hiroshima prefecture
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Prefectural government 

Change of prefectural office


  • Fiscal strength index 0.54
    • Group I (Financial Power Index 0.5 or more, less than 1.0) 16th out of 10 municipalities
  • Standard financial scale 5309 billion yen
  • General account revenue 9814 billion yen
  • General account expenditure Â¥9767 billion
  • Current account ratio 91.5% (prefecture average 92.6%)
  • Real balance ratio 0.5
  • Real debt service ratio 15.6% (prefecture average 14.7)
  • Municipal bond per capita current outstanding amount 64 yen (only for ordinary accounts. Prefecture average 2081 yen)
  • Number of employees per population 100,000 1,083.17 (prefectural average 1,173.11)
    • In the five years from 17 to 21, we are working on personnel reduction with a goal of reducing about 5%, about 1 people in 2,800 years.
  • Personnel expenses per person, property expenses, etc. settlement amount 11 yen (prefectural average 4872 yen)
    • By reducing personnel costs and reducing internal management costs, etc., we have reduced about 2,556 yen from the previous year.
  • Laspeyres index 100.2 (Prefectural average 99.6)
  • Average staff salary (ordinary account) Salary 451 yen Staff allowance 3691 yen Term-end and diligent allowance 84 yen
    • Average staff salary (annual amount) 728 yen

Local bond balance

  • Municipal bond amount for one ordinary account Current amount of JPY 1 billion
  • 2 Local bonds for special accounts other than the above, current amount of Â¥2854 billion
    • In addition, there is a debt balance related to debt guarantee for the third sector, etc. (3 groups)

Local bonds for ordinary account and special account total ¥2 billion

  • Fiscal strength index 0.48
    • II Group (Financial Power Index 0.4 or more, less than 0.5) 8th among 3 municipalities
  • Fiscal strength index 0.46
    • II Group (Financial Power Index 0.4 or more, less than 0.5) 10th among 7 municipalities

National politics

Economic and industrial

In the Edo periodTatara steelmakingWas one of Japan's leading producers of iron. In modern timesJapanese Army-NavyHiroshima, where the main base ofKure OfNavy ArsenalAnd many munitions facilities were set up. Even after the war, engineers and craftsmen who were involved in these techniques inherited their techniques, and manufacturing is active.automotive industry-shipbuilding, And later joinedSteel industryCentered onSetouchi Industrial AreaDeveloped as the core of.1994Until (6), the industrial shipment value was the top in 17 prefectures in western Japan in Chugoku and Shikoku,Bubble economyThe heavy industry was greatly affected by the collapse of Japan, and the factories of three automakers were invited.FukuokaIt was overtaken by the shipment value of manufactured goods.

However2004These industries recorded unprecedented economic boom due to economic recovery around 16 and special demand in China.2004Manufacturing manufacturing shipments (16) increased by 6.3% to 7 billion yen, and manufacturing shipments increased by 4153% to 5.7 billion yen, surpassing Fukuoka Prefecture for the first time in 21 years and west of Kansai. Came back to the top. Also, from the reflection that was heavily focused on the heavy industry,semiconductorManufacturingElpida memory,Nitto DenkoWe are actively inviting IT/digital related equipment manufacturers to respond.

After the Meiji era, in Hiroshima CityOmotoSince the historical history of the area centered around Hiroshima City since the beginning of the period has been synchronized with the history of Japan since the Meiji era, it has been frequently featured in economic magazines. The Bingo region in the eastern part of the prefectureTsuneishi ShipbuildingShipbuilding industry represented byJFE Steel West Japan WorksIron and steel industry mainly in Fukuyama area, IC/semiconductor industry such as Sharp Fukuyama factory, and textile industry, which has been an old local industry, are concentrated.

Major companies headquartered in the prefecture

Major companies originating in Hiroshima Prefecture

A company that has moved its base to another prefecture.

Building industry
Financial industry
Manufacturing industry
Retail trade

Major companies in Hiroshima that have disappeared

Life and transportation


Hiroshima Prefectural PoliceIt is under the jurisdiction of the headquarters and has the following 26 police stations.



Railway line

There are few private railway lines for the size of the population, and private railway linesTram,New transportation system,Third sector railwayOnly in 1967Igasa RailwayHowever, there were no private railway lines for ordinary railways from the discontinuation of the line until the opening of the Ibara Railway in 1999.[Annotation 4].

*The sleeper limited express "in the timetable revision on March 2009, 21 (Heisei 3)Hayabusa""Fuji”Was abolished, and since then, no regular express trains or express passenger trains have been running on conventional lines in Hiroshima Prefecture (as of April 1, in 2020 prefectures with JR routes)Iwate[Annotation 5]-Tochigi[Annotation 6], Also applies)

Abandoned railway line


National road
Prefectural road

Medical and welfare

Disaster base hospital


Vocational school
Special school
high school
Junior high school
primary school


From the already retired generation to the baby boom generation,NikkyogumiThe faculty members had a strong organizational strength. With the cooperation of the Buraku Liberation Alliance Hiroshima Prefectural Federation, the weight was placed evenly over the principle of competition (eg, entrance examination for comprehensive selection system). However, with the aim of correcting it, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology dispatched the superintendent of education in order to make a reform of the upper-ranking (2007(19) Appointed superintendent of education for the first time in more than 4 years from April). From the 2005 entrance examination, the barriers to school districts have disappeared in all prefectures, and competition for examinations is intensifying.

At elementary schools, the basic basics have become more firmly established, as symbolized by the "100 Masu Calculation." A common scholastic ability test was conducted for elementary school fifth graders and middle school second graders, and the results are published on each school's website. In addition, because of the fact that peace education was flourishing in the A-bombed prefecture, there remains a difference in opinion on the handling of national flags and national anthems during the ceremony. The suitability of disposal is being entrusted to the judiciary.

Choice and concentration

School selection system started in junior high school, etc.High school consistent schoolStarted multiple times. If the principle of competition affects the budget, it is unknown whether the taxpayer can understand.

Mass media

News (Chinese)

Local newspaper
National newspaper


TV station/radio station
TV station
Radio stations
Community FM broadcasting station
Cable tv station



Dialects in Hiroshima PrefectureChinese dialectThere are differences between the east and west of the prefecture.

  • Hiroshima dialect -Sometimes refers to the dialect of the entire Hiroshima Prefecture, but generally refers to the dialect of the western part of the prefecture, which is the former Aki nation centered on Hiroshima City (Akiben).Yamaguchi dialect,Iwami dialectIt is classified in the same category (West Chinese dialect).
  • Bingo valve -A dialect in the eastern part of the prefecture, which is the former Bingo country centered on Fukuyama City and Onomichi City.Fukuyama dialectetc.Okayama dialectIt is classified in the same category (Higashiyamayo dialect).

Food culture:

local cuisine

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Traditional crafts

Specialty goods

Music band


2020Summer olympicRelationship
at firstHiroshima city-NagasakiProposal for co-sponsored OlympicsInternational Olympic CommitteeNagasaki City abandoned its bid due to the decision that the co-sponsorship was not possible. After that, we aimed to invite Hiroshima City alone, but the opponents of the Hiroshima Olympics won the mayor of Hiroshima.Great East Japan EarthquakeThe city of Hiroshima also abandoned the bid because of the later public opinion.


"*" is inserted at the beginning of the text for facilities in the prefecture.

Cultural property

world Heritage
20th century heritage of Japan
Japanese heritage
  • A medieval miniature city spun by Onomichi Suido(Onomichi City)
  • Guardian Office Yokosuka/Kure/Sasebo/Maizuru-A town where you can experience the dynamics of Japanese modernization-(Kure City)
  • Home of "Japan's largest pirate": Geiyo Islands-Reviving Murakami KAIZOKU's memory-(Onomichi City)
National treasure
  • Itsukushima Shrine-Headquarters main hall/Shinden/Haiden, Headquarters Shrine, Senshakushrine Shrine/Shinden/Worship hall, Senshakushrine Shrine Shrine, Corridor (East Corridor), Corridor (West Corridor)
  • Kojoji Temple(Setoda Town, Onomichi City)-Triple Tower
  • Jodo Temple(Onomichi City)-Tahoto, Main Hall
  • Fudoin(Hiroshima City)-Kondo
  • Meioin(Fukuyama City)-Five-storied pagoda, main hall
Important traditional buildings preservation area

Historic Sites/Old Sites

Sightseeing spot

Festivals and events

Hiroshima's three major festivals
  • Toka-san(6 days from the first Friday of June) (Hiroshima City, Charity Temple Enryuji Temple)
  • Sumiyoshi Festival (June 6/14, Hiroshima City/Sumiyoshi Shrine)
  • Koko Ko(November 11-November 17) (Koshi Shrine, Hiroshima City)
Other than the three major Hiroshima festivals

Sights and theme parks

Museums and art galleries

Exhibition facility

Multipurpose hall

For convenience, the facility for more than 1000 people is described.

Foreign relations

Hiroshima Prefecture1984(59)May 9ToPeople's Republic of ChinaSichuan ProvinceWhen,1997(9)May 5In United StatesHawaiiWe have concluded a friendly alliance with and have exchanges. Also,South KoreaThere are also exchanges with Gyeongsangnam-do.

Works set in Hiroshima Prefecture

Detail is"List of works set in Hiroshima PrefectureSee.Atomic bombFor the relationshipA work on the theme of Hiroshima atomic bombSee also.


Honorary citizens of Hiroshima

The title of honorary citizen of Hiroshima prefecture is given to those who "have outstanding achievement in the rise of social culture and are equally respected as the pride of the citizens"[18].

Name of winnerOccupationSelection dateRemarksSource
Issey Miyakefashion designer2011/12/1Order of CultureAward[19]
Hirayama IkuoJapanese painter2011/12/1Received the Order of Culture[19]
Yoshio OkadaBiologist2011/12/1Cell fusionResearch, Received the Order of Culture[19]
Masuji IbuseNovelist2011/12/1Received the Order of Culture[19]
Katsuzo Enba彫刻家2011/12/1Received the Order of Culture[19]
Mikio OdayuanTrack and field athletes2011/12/11928 Amsterdam OlympicsWin gold medal[19]
Kiichi Miyazawa政治家2011/12/1yuanPrime Minister[19]
Okuda GensoJapanese painter2011/12/1Received the Order of Culture[19]
Hiroo IguchiChemist2011/12/1Organic semiconductorResearch, Received the Order of Culture[19]
Kento ShindoFilm director2012/5/30Received the Order of Culture[19]
Hiroyuki AgawaNovelist2015/8/6Received the Order of Culture[19]
Masayuki ImaiPotter2018/12/17Received the Order of Culture[19]

Hiroshima Prefecture Honor Award

The Hiroshima Prefectural Citizen's Honor Award is given to those who have "achieved brilliant achievements and have widely given dreams and hopes to the citizens of the prefecture."[20].

Name of winnerOccupationSelection dateRemarksSource
Koji YamamotoyuanProfessional baseball player1987/1/12at that timeHiroshima Toyo CarpAffiliation: "Mr. Red Hell"[21]
Kinugasa YoshioFormer professional baseball player1987/6/15"Tetsujin", Hiroshima Toyo Carp at the time[22]
Ayako OkamotoProfessional golfer1993/9/141993Japan Women's Open Golf ChampionshipWin[23]
Kitabeppu studiesFormer professional baseball player1994/11/10At that time belong to Hiroshima Toyo Carp[24]
Yoko Morishitaballerina2000/11/2Japan's first international prima ballerina[25]
Kenjiro NomuraFormer professional baseball player2005/7/9At that time belong to Hiroshima Toyo Carp[26]
Maeda SatoshiFormer professional baseball player2007/9/12At that time belong to Hiroshima Toyo Carp[27]
Hiroki KurodaFormer professional baseball player2016/9/22At that time belong to Hiroshima Toyo Carp[28]
Takahiro AraiFormer professional baseball player2016/9/22At that time belong to Hiroshima Toyo Carp[29]
Rie KantoyuanSwimmingplayer2016/11/202016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsWin gold medal[30]


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