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😷 | [29th] 10 people infected with corona in Sasebo, 2 people in Nagasaki Expanded JMSDF cluster

Photo Hospitalization status of new coronavirus infected persons (as of 28:7 pm on the XNUMXst)

[29th] 10 people infected with corona in Sasebo, 2 people in Nagasaki Expanded JMSDF cluster

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Both of the two in Nagasaki City had contact with positive people in the prefecture.

Sasebo City and others announced on the 29th that they have confirmed a total of 12 new coronavirus infections.The breakdown is Sasebo City 10 ... → Continue reading

 Nagasaki Shimbun

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Nagasaki(Nagasaki) isNagasakiLocated in the central partCity.. NagasakiPrefectural office locationAndCore cityIs specified in.


"IsolationIt was a systemEdo PeriodIs the only one in the countryEdo ShogunateAuthorized International Trade Port (vs. Netherlands,versusChugoku)・DejimahavePort townMet. For this reason, it is famous as a port town full of exoticism, starting with the remains of Dejima. It is also known for its relatively large number of Catholics due to its historical background, especiallyCatholic church TheOne Archdiocese of Nagasaki PrefectureForm (JapaneseArchdioceseThere are three, including Nagasaki,Archdiocese of TokyoIs in Chiba, Tokyo,Archdiocese of OsakaConsists of Osaka, Hyogo and Wakayama).

Also used in actual battlenuclear weapons(Atomic bomb)asHiroshima citySecond and last in world history afterA-bombcityAlso known as Based on the belief that it is misleading to other countries to assume a nuclear attack by a neighboring nuclear-armed nation, the only national government in the national government plans a nuclear attack from another country based on the proposed national protection plan. We have intentionally deleted it (May 2007, 5 Mayor's statement). Nagasaki Prefecture describes the countermeasures against nuclear attacks in its plan.


First in 1920CensusAlthough it was the largest city in Kyushu, its relative status has declined since then, and the population is still declining significantly. From 2018 to 2019, the population declined by 4,832, with the highest social decline in cities across the country.[1].

One of the factors behind the remarkable population decline is housing difficulties due to the "hill town".Nagasaki cityApartment,ApartmentRent and sale prices are high compared to the size of the city because there are few suitable sites for the city. Average monthly rent for private housing in 2019Fukuoka CityHigher thanNagoya cityIt was the same level as.Therefore the cityFloor-area ratioAiming to eliminate the rise in rent[2].

Nagasaki City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Nagasaki City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Purple-Nagasaki City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Nagasaki City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Nagasaki PeninsulaandNishisonogi PeninsulaIs the city area.Isahaya,Saikai City,Nishisonogi-gunTogitsu Town-NagayoAdjacent to. The shape of the city is rare even in JapanMortar". The center of the city is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the city of women (Menoto), Mihara, Motohara, Nishiyama, Katabuchi, Koshima, Inasa, Koebaru, Nishimachi・Many residential areas such as talc use the slopes of mountains. Therefore, it is famous as "Stairs Town" and "Slope Town". Because there are many slopesBicycleThere are few people who ride a bicycle, and there are few problems such as illegally parked bicycles, which are often a problem in other cities.In addition, there are many stores that sell only mopeds while calling themselves "bicycle shops".Due to the location of elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools in Nagasaki City, bicycle commuting is prohibited at all schools, and even bicycle storage does not exist.

The river flowing through the center of the city flows south from the north to Nagasaki Port.Urakami RiverAnd pour from the northeastern part of the city to Nagasaki PortNakajima RiverThere is. There are flat land and landfill along the river, and commercial areas and public facilities are concentrated there.

The open sea of ​​Nagasaki PortGoto Nada,Tachibana BayThere are many steep coastlines, but fishing ports and villages are scattered on a small flat area such as the river mouth.

  • Eastern (Tachibana BayAmakusa Nada)-Miyazuri, Mogi, Ikaura, Himi, Yagami, Toishi etc.
  • West (Goto Nada)-Kamiura, Shizu, Kurosaki, Mie, Akari, Shikimi, Koe, Fukuda, etc.
  • South (Goto Nada-Amakusa Nada)-Fukahori, Koyaki, Kayaki, Takahama, Nomo, Wakimisaki, Kabashima, Kawahara, Chiji, etc.
  • Northern (Omura Bay)-Nishiumi, Muramatsu, Oishi, Tone, Nagaura, Katagami, small lot, etc.

In the northwestern part of Mie and Fukari district and in the eastern part of Yagami and Kakimichi district, development has progressed in recent years and the number of residential areas has increased.

2005May 1In the merger of municipalities, the island became an uninhabited island due to the decline of the coal industry, such as the southwestern part of the Nagasaki Peninsula and the remote islands of Iojima, Takashima, and Ikeshima.Hashima(Common name: Gunkanjima) was merged. further2006In the merger of municipalities on January 1,Omura BayThe former Kinkai town on the coast was merged.

2005May 12In addition, it connects the goddess district and the wooden pot district on both sides of Nagasaki Port.Goddess Ohashi(Aka: Venus Swing)" was completed. It has a central span of 480 meters and a total length of 1,289 meters.Cable-stayed bridgeasYokohama Bay BridgeIs the sixth longest in Japan. Nagasaki Minami Bypass completedNagasaki ExpresswayIt became a part of the Nagasaki Minami Loop Line, which is connected to the southern part of Nagasaki city.

There are Urakami water source, Honkawachi water source, Kao dam, Kamiura dam, etc., but the environment is bad at water sources near the city,Water supplyThe situation is not so good. From the suburbsOmuraThere is also water from the Kayase Dam. Also, because there are many slopesSewerThe maintenance of is currently under way.

Place name

The place name of Nagasaki was derived from the fact that the Hiratake Muhei family Kyushu Chiba Honke, who used to be located in the cape at the tip of the present prefectural government, was named Nagasaki because of the length of the cape. It is said that[Source required], Branched from Mr. Nagasaki, Kamakura, who was a Hojo in charge of the house in Misaki, NagasakiMr. Nagasaki, KyushuThere is also a theory that it is said to be derived from[Source required].. The town name isNagasaki city place namereference.


The average annual temperature is 17.4,YearPrecipitation amountIs about 1,894.7mmIs. The effect of the warm current is strong, and the difference in temperature is small compared to other cities in Kyushu. In recent years, heavy snow has been increasing. Especially2016(28)May 1Has recorded 17 cm of snow.[3] In NagasakiLocal songIt is easy to think that Nagasaki has a lot of rain because there are many things that appear in the area, but the annual rainfall is not particularly high.[4]Kyoji NagataAccording to the statement, "The rain first appeared in the local song in Nagasaki1939The song "Nagasaki Monogatari"1947"A rainy Dutch hill" hit will bring Nagasaki and rain together."[5].

Climate of Nagasaki Local Meteorological Observatory (Minamiyamatemachi, Nagasaki City, altitude 27m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F21.3
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F10.7
Average daily temperature ° C (° F7.2
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F4.0
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−5.6
Precipitation amount mm (inch)63.1
Snowfall cm (inch)3
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)10.410.211.410.310.114.311.910.
Average number of snowfall days7.
Average monthlyDaylight hours103.7122.3159.5178.1189.6125.0175.3207.0172.2178.9137.2114.31,863.1
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1878-present)[6][7]


Chronological Table

Sengoku periodからTenshoUntil the term
Edo Period
MeijiFrom the periodWorld War IIUntil
After World War II

*Changes in administrative areas are shown separately.

The beginning

Tenryo Nagasaki

  • City and town
Nagasaki, as a territory under the control of Nagasaki Magistrate, consisted of inner and outer towns called "city" and rural areas called "go." In the inner town, Junta Omura1571(Former turtleIncluding 2 towns (Shimabara town, Omura town, Sotoura town, Hirado town, Yokozeura town, Bunchi town) built in 6 years)1593By then, there were 23 towns such as Motokozen town. Outer towns are timber towns, Honkonaya towns, Fukuro towns, sake towns, etc.1597(KeichoIn 2 years), the town area with Uchimachi was established.
Nagasaki, which thrived in trade with Portugal, gradually expanded its area, but its territory was mixed with the shogunate and Omura territories,1605In (10th year of Keicho), a part of the shogunate territory and a part of the Omura territory were exchanged to enable smooth control.
This established Tenryo Nagasaki, which consisted of "the city" and "town", but the town area of ​​Togamachi continued to expand,1672(KanbunIn 12) 26 towns in Uchimachi and 51 towns in Sotomachi were added, making a total of 77 towns in both towns. Furthermore, with the outer town of DeshimaPlaygroundMaruyama-cho and Yorii-cho were added, and it became 3.1676(Enpo4 years)InspectionWas carried out, and the town area of ​​Nagasaki was decided by this.1699(GenrokuIn 12), the division between inner town and outer town was resolved.

Bakumatsu Of1857Omura Ryodo Machimura was confiscated by the shogunate in order to build a foreign settlement in Japan, but the above system continued until this time.

*Changes in administrative areas are shown separately.


Changes in administrative areas

Successive mayors

City hall

  • Nagasaki City Hall
    • Central Office (Main Building/Annex) (2-22 Sakuramachi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture)
      • General Office (4)-Central General Office, East General Office, South General Office, North General Office
      • Regional Center (20)-Central, Ogakura, Doi Neck, Kosakaki, Nishiurakami, Taseki[Annotation 1], Fukuda, Fukahori, Himi, Mogi, Shikimi, Higashi Nagasaki, Mie, Koyaki, Iojima, Takashima, Nomozaki, Sanwa, Sotokai, Kinkai
      • Consumer Center (inside the town with Merca)-Passport counter[11]
2017(29) Since October, Nagasaki City has renamed and reorganized its branch offices and administrative centers into "regional centers".[12].. In addition, "Chuo area center" was set up on the first floor of Nagasaki City Hall main building, and "general office" in charge of civil engineering, health, welfare, etc. was set up at four locations in the city (city hall, Higashi Nagasaki, Sanwa, Kinkai).[12].

Prefecture agency





Sister cities/partner cities


sister city
Friendship city[14]


Partner city


City council

  • Constant: 40[17]
    • Initially, it was stipulated by the regulations of Nagasaki City to be 44, but the special merger of municipalities from 2005 (17) to 2006 (18) resulted in 51 (one seat from 44 + former 7 towns). In February 1 (Heisei 2009), the bill for reviewing the number of members of the city council was passed, and the number was reduced to 21. This constant has been applied since the election in April 2.[18]
  • Chair: Masahiro Sato (Meisei Club)
  • Vice Chairman: Kazuki Umehara (Citizen Club)
Parliamentary nameNumber of members
Civic club (National Democratic Party-Constitutional Democratic Party-Social Democrats9
LDP creation (LDP9
Meisei Club (Liberal Democratic Party)9
Reiwa Nagasaki (Independent4
Japan Communist Party3

*As of May 2019, 5.

Prefectural assembly (Nagasaki city constituency)

  • Constant number: 14 people
  • Term: June 2019, 31-June 4, 30 (Reiwa 2023 years)
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Nakamura TaisukeReform 21Party membershipNational Democratic Party
Takashi AsoKomeito
Masumi AsadaLDP・Citizens' meeting
Hitomi HorieJapan Communist Party
Nakayama IsaoLiberal Democratic Party/Prefectural Assembly
Yukihito AkagiReform 21Party membershipConstitutional Democratic Party
Kawasaki ShojiKomeito
Emi ManamiLDP
Fukahori HiroshiReform 21Party status is National Democratic Party
Hirofumi ShimojoLDP
Tetsuya MaedaLDP
Hiroshi SakamotoReform 21Party membershipSocial Democrats
Urakawa MototsuguLDP

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Nagasaki Prefecture 1nd Ward(OldKinkai Town, OldTokai TownNagasaki City excluding districts)Hideoka NishiokaNational Democratic Party1Constituency
Tsutomu TomiokaLDP4Proportional revival
Nagasaki Prefecture 2nd Ward(Former Kinkai Town, Nagasaki City in the former Tokai Town area, etc.)Koji KatoLDP3Constituency

National agency

International organization


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Nagasaki Shipyard,Mitsubishi ElectricFactories are concentrated. Nagasaki’sCastle townThat is why it is also said.
IsolationIt has been known as an exotic town because it has been open to foreign countries since the times. Also, because it is an atomic bombed area,School excursionThere are many schools that are destinations of the school.
Fishing industry
Nagasaki fishing port Thewhaling,East China SeaProsper as a base for the "western bottom dragnet" with a fishing ground.1989The main fishing port function was moved to the furrow and Mie area in the northwestern part of the city. There are many fishing ports other than the Nagasaki fishing port.
Animal husbandry
Beef and dairy cattle are raised in the southern part of Nishisonogi Peninsula.

Major companies with headquarters

Financial institution


Credit, credit union, labor, etc.

Agricultural Cooperative/Fishing Cooperative/Co-op

post office


The commercial districts of Nagasaki City can be broadly divided into four areas (central Nagasaki City, central Nagasaki City, Sumiyoshi District, Higashi Nagasaki District, etc.).

Central part

There are many cultural properties such as Meganebashi, and trams run in the center of Nagasaki City.Nagasaki StationThere is also a bus terminal in the vicinity, Shinchi Chinatown.

A large-scale arcade shopping streetHamamachi ArcadeAnd againYoume Town Yumesaito,Amu Plaza NagasakiIt is a district with many large commercial complexes such as Hamamachi-Tourist Street, which has long been the number one downtown area in Nagasaki, Shianbashi(I.e.District since the Edo periodRed light district.

There are many high-rise buildings, and Nagasaki Port has been rapidly developed in recent years, and Nagasaki Port Terminal, Matsugae International Terminal, Mizube no Mori Park, etc. have been constructed XNUMX years ago to recent years.There are also Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum and AIG in the waterside forest park.In addition, land development is progressing due to the relocation of the Nagasaki Prefectural Government Building and the Prefectural Police Headquarters to the site of the Nagasaki Fishing Port behind Nagasaki Station.

Central part of Nagasaki City (around Urakami Station)

The northern part is the center of the atomic bomb fall, and there is the Atomic Bomb Museum and Peace Park.

JRUrakami StationThere are all trains passing through this station. Operated by a local bus companyMirai Nagasaki Coco Walk(Integrated with the bus terminal) opened in 2008.

Close toNagasaki Shimbun,Nagasaki Cultural BroadcastingThere are many cultural facilities such as local media stations and Nagasaki Brick Hall.

Nishiurakami district

There are Nakazono Shopping Street and Sun Mall Sumiyoshi.Redevelopment is progressing in the vicinity, and there are commercial complexes Chitosepia and Joyful Sun.Since it is close to Nagasaki University's educational campus, there are many shops and apartments for students.

There are three trams, one or more every three minutes in the daytime (for Matsuyama, Nagasaki station square, and the central area), and the bus is a stopover for buses from each residential area in the Sumiyoshi area. It never ceases.

Higashi Nagasaki district

Until March 1963, 4Higashi Nagasaki TownMet. Adjacent to the center of NagasakiHimi districtMay be included.

The Himi Bypass on Route 34 passes.There are no trams, and the JR railway line also runs through northern Higashi-Nagasaki (JR).Present river station,Hizen Koga Station), The center of public transportation is the bus.

In 2012, the eastern district Nico Nico Center (with branch office) opened.

Major large-scale commercial facilities

  • Hamaya Department Store(Hamacho) 1 basement floor, 9 floors above ground
  • NagasakiDaimaru(Hamacho)-Closed on July 2011, 7.
  • Nagasaki Tamaya (Sasebo TamayaNagasaki branch. Shin-Carpentry Town)-Closed in February 2014.
  • ionHigashi Nagasaki Shopping Center (the largest in the Higashi Nagasaki area, approximately 30 tenants)




Junior college


*About the closed junior collegeList of abolished Japanese junior collegesRefer to.

high school


*About closed high schoolNagasaki high school closed list # NagasakiRefer to.

Junior high school

(*Marked as a secondary school)


*For junior high schools that have been consolidated due to scale optimization,Nagasaki junior high school closed list # NagasakiRefer to.

primary school

(*Marked as a secondary school)


*For elementary schools that have been consolidated or abolished due to scale optimization,Nagasaki Elementary School-List of closed schools # NagasakiRefer to.


  • Inasa Kindergarten
  • Walnut west kindergarten
  • Hikari Koehara Kindergarten
  • Guanghua kindergarten
  • St. Mary Kindergarten
  • Second Hikari kindergarten
  • Nagasaki Nanzan Kindergarten
  • Hikari kindergarten
  • Fuji Kindergarten
  • Futaba Kindergarten
  • Hoju Kindergarten
  • Yuai Social Hall Kindergarten
  • Yuri kindergarten
  • Rosary kindergarten
  • Ayame Higashi Kindergarten
  • Kodaiji Kindergarten
  • Walnut kindergarten
  • Suwa kindergarten
  • Virgin Knight Kindergarten
  • Knight of Our Lady Higashi Nagasaki Kindergarten
  • Tendo kindergarten
  • Nagasaki Women's Junior CollegeAttached first kindergarten
  • Second kindergarten attached to Nagasaki Women's Junior College
  • Himi Kindergarten
  • Yagami Kindergarten
  • Redemptor Kindergarten
  • Umino Hoshino Kindergarten
  • Ozono Kindergarten
  • Walnut north kindergarten
  • Kobato Kindergarten
  • Pure heart kindergarten
  • Sumiyoshi Kindergarten
  • St. Antonio Kindergarten
  • Nagasaki Shinai Kindergarten
  • Second Woman's City Kindergarten
  • Nameshi Central Kindergarten
  • Minorigaoka Kindergarten
  • Miyama kindergarten
  • Women's City Kindergarten
  • Lumbini Kindergarten
  • Oura Shinai Kindergarten
  • Otori Kindergarten
  • Ogakura Kindergarten
  • Sanwa Kindergarten
  • Sakura kindergarten
  • Diamond land blue bird kindergarten
  • Nomozaki Kindergarten
  • Deep digging kindergarten
  • Fukaku Junshin Kindergarten
  • Daini Futaba Kindergarten


  • Midorigaoka nursery school
  • Tomachi nursery school
  • Yamazato nursery school
  • Ogakura nursery school
  • Major nursery school
  • Nita nursery school
  • Irabay Nursery School
  • Central nursery school
  • Koyaki nursery school
  • Mosquito yaki nursery school
  • Kawahara nursery school
  • Tamishi nursery school
Private (authorization)[24]
  • Wakamiya Nursery School
  • Akenohoshi Nursery School
  • Yuai Hachiman Town Nursery School
  • Jiko Nursery School
  • Constellation nursery school
  • Our Lady Nursery School
  • Shirayuri nursery school
  • Kaminagasaki nursery school
  • Nishiyama nursery school
  • Nishiyamadai nursery school
  • Atago nursery school
  • Kojima nursery school
  • Tagami nursery school
  • Choshoji nursery school
  • Hiyoshi Preschool
  • Himi nursery school
  • Toishi nursery school
  • Kakimichi Pinocchio Nursery School
  • Gyosuji nursery school
  • Tsubasa nursery school
  • Ohisama nursery school
  • Daylight nursery school
  • Tendo nursery school
  • Chick nursery school
  • Chinese garden
  • Asahi nursery school
  • Inasa nursery school
  • Tree pot Futaba garden
  • Sayurien nursery school
  • Kaminoshima Aikoen
  • Fukuda nursery school
  • Koehara nursery school
  • Nagasaki St. Mary nursery school
  • Shikimi nursery school
  • Furrow nursery school
  • Sankyo Enoki Nursery School
  • Mie nursery school
  • Kashiyama nursery school
  • Kurosaki Our Lady nursery school
  • Detsu Aikoen
  • Tokai Madoka Nursery School
  • Odo nursery school
  • Katagami nursery school
  • Central nursery school
  • Kinkai Nursery School
  • Nishiumi Nursery School
  • Oura Nursery School
  • Oura Children's Garden
  • Kirinoki Nursery School
  • Dandelion nursery school
  • Tomachi nursery school
  • Rosary nursery school
  • Cherry nursery school
  • Diamond land nursery school
  • Yuinenji Nursery School
  • Tsurumidai Nursery School
  • Forest Wind Nursery
  • Dana Nursery
  • Rape blossom nursery
  • Mogi nursery school
  • Koyaki nursery school
  • Tsubakigaoka Nursery School
  • Takahama nursery school
  • Nomo nursery school
  • Joka Nursery School
  • Iojima Kindergarten
  • Shotoku nursery school
  • Sanno nursery school
  • Moto nursery school
  • Mihara nursery school
  • Sakura nursery school
  • Uminohoshi Nursery School
  • Pure heart nursery school
  • Rosa Nursery
  • Tateiwa nursery school
  • Virgin nursery school
  • Aoyama nursery school
  • Shiroyama nursery school
  • Yuai Fujimi-cho Nursery School
  • Nishiurakami Nursery School
  • Blue Bird Nursery School
  • Ayumi nursery school
  • Sumiyoshi Nursery
  • Akakosako nursery school
  • Hayama nursery school
  • Cosmos nursery school
  • Talc nursery school
  • Nameshi Center Nursery School
  • Nagasaki Kita Nursery School
  • Pippala Nursery School
Private (not authorized)[25]
  • City nursery school Zabon-chan main store
  • City nursery school Zabon-chan Hamacho store
  • 24-hour childcare facility Petit nursery school
  • Smile nursery school
  • Arum Wind Nursery School
  • Kinderfield
  • Fuji nursery school
  • Shishinoko nursery school
  • Childcare center Moritsuko Land
  • Smile Kinder
  • Nijigaoka bean tree nursery school
  • Skye International Preschool
  • Childcare is TON☆TON
  • Iojima Symbiosis Infant Garden Hometown

Special school





Sports Facilities


  • The nearest airport isOmuraIt is inNagasaki Airport.Nagasaki BypassViaDejima RoadIt is connected by a limousine bus consisting of two routes.
  • The bus is prefectural (Nagasaki Transportation Bureau) And private bus companies (Nagasaki Motor) Operated by. Nagasaki City operatesCommunity busThere are 8 systems (business is Nagasaki Motor,Traffic, Entrusted to Bucheon Transport). The bus that goes from Sakuranosato Terminal to the direction of the old Sokaimachi is operated by Saikai Kotsu. As for the route buses, large vehicles mainly run around Nagasaki Station, Takaracho, and Chuo Bridge, and run into steep hills and narrow roads throughout the city. There are also 5 shared taxis operating as public transportation to the narrow roads where regular buses cannot enter, and Nagasaki City operates by consigning each taxi company.
  • In the cityTram(Nagasaki Electric Orbit), which is the foot of the public. There are 5 lines and 4 (5) lines connecting the city center, the northern subcenter, the southern tourist areas (Minami Yamate, etc.) and the central east (new carpentry area). Most trams run on national roads, and some sections near Matsuyama-cho are tram lines (Dedicated track).
  • In front of JR Nagasaki Station, there are bus, electric and bus terminals that many tourists use. Elsewhere in the cityMirai Nagasaki Coco WalkBus terminal,Nagasaki Shinchi Terminal, There are bus terminals such as Nagasaki Kotsu Kaikan Bus Terminal.
  • JRNagasaki Station,Urakami StationEtc. are in the city. "Kamome", a limited express train connecting Fukuoka and Nagasaki, connecting cities in the prefectureYC1 systemRapid by "Seaside linerVarious trains are operating.
  • RoadNagasaki ExpresswayAnd other than national highways,Nagasaki Dejima Road,Nagasaki Bypass,Kabira Toll Road,Nagasaki Goddess BridgeThere are many prefectural roads in addition to each toll road.
  • There are many city roads with stairs due to the city with many slopes, and the monorail for residents "Slope transfer systemIs installed in only 3 places (about 200m in total).
  • #GeographyAs mentioned in the section, due to the reason of the terrain with many slopes and the effect of the fare service, among the ratio of household expenditure in the city, the bus fee is the most nationwide from 2011 to 2019. (Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsSurvey)[28].


Central station of JR line, Nagasaki Electric RailwayNagasaki Station.

Main Station/Transfer Station/Terminal Station
Other stations
Excluding freight routes.



General toll road

General national road

Prefectural road

Main local road
General prefectural road

List of prefectural roads in NagasakiRefer to.

Bypass etc.

  • Nagasaki Bypass(National Route 34)-Direct connection with Nagasaki Expressway Nagasaki Tarami Interchange.
  • Himi Bypass (Route 34)
  • Dejima Bypass (Route 324)-Direct connection with Nagasaki Expressway Nagasaki Interchange. Most are Nagasaki Dejima Road.
  • Nagasaki Minami Bypass (Nagasaki Prefectural Road No. 51 Nagasaki Minami Loop Line)-Direct connection with Nagasaki Expressway Nagasaki Interchange. Take the Nagasaki Goddess Bridge toll road on the way.
  • Yagami Ohashi -Originally, it was a general toll road, but it was made free in April 2012.

City planning road

  • Urakami River Line -The section that connects the original ship and Matsuyama Town.2010(22)May 11Opened toCity planning roadIs. There are two elevated tracks on the way, and there are three-level crossings at the Shirimachi ramp. The Inasabashi ramp was originally an underground crossover, but as of 2 it is a level crossing. The prefecture's homepage also has a forecast for the completion of underground grade separation.

City road

  • Aburagicho Nishimachi Line-The section connecting the Oebara and Nishimachi districts- 2011(23)May 3Opening.
  • Nagasaki City Road Aioicho Uedacho Line 2(Glover Sky Road)-A public road constructed as the nation's first elevator (a combination of slope and vertical).

Express Bus

() is a joint operating company

Transit Bus

Shared taxi

  • In Nagasaki City, there is a so-called "bus blank area" where there are no route buses, due to topographical restrictions, etc. As a means of solving this, we operate "shared taxis".[29]
  • Maruzen housing complex area (in front of Chitosepia---Mihara Elementary School)-LuckyTaxiRuns.
  • Yanodaira/Irabayashi area (Shin-Carpenter Town/Suwa Shrine---via Yanohira---Kazato)-Maruju taxi operates.
  • Kitaoura area (Shinchi route, hall route, Ishibashi route)-A cultural taxi operates.
  • Kinbori area (Matsuyama---Kanabori pass)-Shiroyama taxi operates.
  • Northwest district (Iwaya route, northwest route, Wakatake route, Yanagiya route)-Sumiyoshi taxi operates.

Slope transfer system

  • Glover Garden(Ground installation type)
  • Tenjin Town (suspended type) "Tenjin-kun"
  • Tateyama district (suspended type) "Sakura"
  • Mizunoura district (suspended type) "Mizutori-go"

Harbor/sea transportation


Except for NHK, the head office and headquarters are all located in the city.

tv set

Cable TV


Community FM

News (Chinese)


Sights and historic sites

* The above "historical sites" and "important cultural properties" refer to historic sites and important cultural properties designated by the country.

Festivals/annual events


local specialty

  • Crow
  • Nagasaki Kakuni Manju
  • Butaman Nagasaki
  • Pickled pomelo
  • Chinese vegetables
  • Ekiben Chinese lunch

Sports team

Works set in Nagasaki




TV drama




-"Tsukigahama" in the process.

Local song

other"Take a boat from Nagasaki(Lyrics:Yoko Yamaguchi, Composition:Hirao Masaaki,singing:Hiroshi Itsuki) Is also a song that is especially famous for singing, but Nagasaki itself is not sung as the content.


An actor

Voice actor



manga artist










World leaders and dignitaries who visited Nagasaki City


  • The postal codes used are 850, 851 and 852.
  • The area code is 095.
  • There is only one crematorium at the foot of Mt. Inasa (Momijiya Funeral Hall).

Local test

Phrasebook with "Nagasaki"

  • Defeating the Edo Era in Nagasaki-Clearing the old grudges in unexpected places. Or, revenge with incorrect content.
  • Nagasaki Batten Edo Berabo-Country Language (dialect)proverb.. Synonyms such as "Nagasaki batten Kyoto dosue".

Song and folk song

  • 1900ToKenki OwadaWritten byRailway song] In the 2nd Sanyo-Kyushu edition, Nagasaki is the ending point of this song, so I sang the fifth.
    • 64. The prosperous Miyo that prospers from Chiyo to the end of Yachiyo is Momochibune in the port of Nagasaki The beauty of port lights at night
    • 65. Going out of the train and seeing travelers first pass the mountain temple town of Suwa, and if you enter the settlement, you'll endure it.
    • 66. Guided my opening of the port Aranda (Netherlands) The ship's gathering is here in Nagasaki, a long-standing nation (Kunitami).
    • 67. In the front, there is no ocean, and it is possible to build up to a foreign country.
    • 68. Tomorrow is Arashiyama, a flower Yube is the moon of Chikushigata Kashiko is fun to see here
  • Seven Wonders of Nagasaki (Folk Song)
  1. Daitokuji Temple even though there is no temple
  2. Maruyama on the plain
  3. The old shrine to Wakamiya
  4. Sakurababa without cherry blossoms
  5. To the north is Nishiyama
  6. There are no cannons in the large wharf but Tama
  7. A pine tree descending from a standing pine tree with Shan

2020 Summer Olympics invitation relationship

at firstHiroshima city・Also propose to hold the Olympics in Nagasaki CityInternational Olympic CommitteeNagasaki City abandoned its bid due to the decision that the co-sponsorship was not possible. After that, we aimed to invite Hiroshima City alone, but the opponents of the Hiroshima Olympics won the mayor of Hiroshima.Great East Japan EarthquakeThe city of Hiroshima also abandoned the bid because of the later public opinion.


  • 1949May 8, A stamp with a face value of 8 yen was issued to commemorate the construction of the Nagasaki International Cultural City.


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