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😷 | Two teenagers infected in Okayama prefecture, new corona on the 10th

Photo Okayama Prefectural Office

Two teenagers infected in Okayama prefecture, new corona on the 10th

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For one person in Akaiwa City, three family members living together are said to be subject to inspection.

On the 30th, Okayama Prefecture announced two new coronavirus infections.One person each in Satosho Town and Akaiwa City.Both are teenagers ... → Continue reading

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Device under test

Device under test (Testing device,British: device under test,DUT) Is continuousFunctional test,calibrationThe device to be used for.The test may be pre-shipment or post-repair test to ensure that the equipment is functioning according to the original product specifications, later in the post-shipment product life cycle.

Another name is different depending on the industry.The following is an example.

  • DUT (Device under test) --Device under test, machine to be inspected, device under test, object to be tested, subject to be measured, object to be measured, target to be measured
  • EUT (Equipment under test) --Equipment under test
  • UUT (Unit under test)-Unit under test

Electronic device testing

In the electronics industry, DUT is an electronic assembly under test.[1][2]..For example, a cell phone coming out of an assembly line undergoes final testing in the same way that individual chips were previously tested.In this case, each mobile phone to be tested is called a DUT.

Circuit boardIf, the DUT is(English edition) Of(English edition)Is connected to the test equipment using.

Semiconductor test

In semiconductor testing, what is the device under test?wafersThe upper die, or the resulting packaged part.A connection system is used to make parts automatic or manualTest equipmentConnect to.The test equipment then powers the component, supplies the stimulus signal, and then measures and evaluates the output from the device.In this way, the tester determines whether the particular device under test meets the device specifications.

(English edition)(ATE) is connected to individual units using a series of fine pins while being packaged as a wafer.When the chip is cut and packaged, the test equipment(English edition)(Contactor(Sometimes called) to connect to the chip.

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