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😷 | Road officials responding to citizens who oppose the vaccine are infected

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Road officials responding to citizens who oppose the vaccine are infected

If you write the contents roughly
Some members of civic groups did not wear masks when they visited the request.

When citizens who opposed the vaccination of the new corona visited Michi and Sapporo City for a request, several staff members responded to the new model ... → Continue reading

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Civic groups

Civic groupsWhat is "Shimindantai"?CitizenUnite to improve their profits, improve their lives, etc.motionOr cause社会To move society by appealing to the upper layers ofSocial movement) Aimed atGroup.Nongovernmental organization,Non profit organizationThere is a big point that both overlap. In the early postwar period, the name "democracy" was also used.

A civic organization has a specific city (Municipalities) May be the group. At this time, with the name of the local government, the townsman group[1], Villagers' organizations[2], Ward groups[3]Sometimes referred to as. The residential areas are sometimes collectively referred to as a resident group. On the other hand, civic groups do not target specific citiesCitizenThere are groups based on groups called layers,memberIn some cases, the place of residence and nationality are not limited.

Civic groups and municipalities

Some local governments may give certain benefits to their civic groups. For example, you have the right to preferentially use the facilities of the local government[4].. In addition, we may hear opinions of civic groups when creating a city.[5].. In such cases, organizations that do not engage in political or religious activities are usually covered.


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