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😷 | Development of a mask that can determine new corona infection just by wearing it for 90 minutes MIT and Harvard University


Development of a mask that can determine new corona infection just by wearing it for 90 minutes MIT and Harvard University

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A paper on biosensors has already been published in Nature Biotechnology.

A joint research team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University wears it for 90 minutes and it's a new model ... → Continue reading


To the Japanese medical community, which is facing the super-aging society and the tightness of medical resources at the same time, from each viewpoint, we will convey the voice of medical personnel striving to provide better medical care as it is, from a clinical perspective, a field perspective , This is a blog site for patients.

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Biosensor (biosensor) is a general term for chemical sensors that utilize molecular recognition mechanisms of biological origin.[1].. That is,酵素,Ion channelBy etc.Substrate specificityWith the change and movement of various substances,Chemical potential,heatOrOpticsChange with a signal converterelectoronic signalsConvert toapparatus.

For example,Ion-sensitive field-effect transistorCover the (ISFET sensor) with an enzyme membrane andEnzyme reactionDepending on the ion species concentration (eg H+If the device is made so that) is increased in the membrane, the sensor can obtain an electric signal proportional to the concentration of the substrate having specificity for the enzyme, even if there are many inclusions in the sample.

The principle of biosensor was in 1962(English edition)Proposed by Updike and Hick in 1967.[2]..The report is an enzyme (glucose)OxidaseIt was about a system for detecting the presence or absence of a substrate (glucose) by an electrode on which) was supported using a gel.


The types of typical biosensors are listed below.

  • Enzyme sensor
  • Immune sensor
  • Microbial sensor
  • Ion channel sensor

Electrochemical biosensor

Electrochemical biosensorElectrochemical sensorIt is roughly divided into an amperometric sensor that detects current and a potentimetric sensor that detects potential changes, depending on the nature of the basic electrodes.[3].

Amperometric biosensor

As for amperometric sensors, glucose sensors based on oxygen electrodes and hydrogen peroxide electrodes have already been put into practical use, but there are still problems with stability, etc., to solve them.酵素There are reports that spacer molecules are introduced by the immobilization method and polymer molecules are simultaneously immobilized.In principle,酵素Depends on the reaction ofoxygen,hydrogen peroxideInstead of the conventional method of detecting the change in the concentration of the electrode active material as an electrolytic current, many attempts have been made to convert the flow of electrons in the enzyme reaction into an electrical signal by directly transferring electrons between the enzyme molecule and the electrode. Has been broken[3]..Sensors based on this principle are not affected by dissolved oxygen in the object to be measured, have the advantage of being applicable to other oxidoreductases, and are also attracting attention in the sense that they electrochemically control the enzymatic reaction. Is[3].

Potentiometric biosensor

Potentiometric sensors aiming for miniaturization and integrationIon-sensitive field-effect transistorResearch on the application of (IFSET) to biosensors is underway, and in combination with ion-selective electrodes, urea sensors based on ammonia electrodes and pebutide sensors based on H + -electrodes with proteolytic enzymes immobilized.Invertase,glucoseA sucrose sensor that combines multiple enzymes such as ,, has been reported.[3].

Nintendo64 Extended Options

Once NINTENDO64 As an extended option ofSetaFrom the name "biosensor"Heart rate monitorWas on sale.This was to measure the heart rate by attaching a clip to the earlobe.[4]..The principle and purpose are different from the above biosensors.


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