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😷 | 1 person in Fukushima Delta strain or Fukushima prefecture, 14 new corona infections


1 person in Fukushima Delta strain or Fukushima prefecture, 14 new corona infections

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Of the 14 people, 5 were from Koriyama City, 3 were from Aizuwakamatsu City, 1 was from Motomiya City, Sukagawa City, Minamisoma City, Kawamata Town, Ono Town, and Tenei Village.

On the 16th, the prefecture has a "L452R" mutation, which is likely to be a mutant strain of the new coronavirus "Delta strain" derived from India. → Continue reading

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Koriyama City 5

Tenei Village

Tenei Village(Teneimura) isFukushimaNakadoriLocated inIwase-gunBelongs tovillage..The name of the village was taken from Mt. Tenei, which rises in the center of the village during the 1955 merger.[1].


The village areawatershed(Central watershed) IsOu MountainsAcrossAbukuma RiverWater systemShakado RiverBasinThe Pacific OceanSide andAgano RiverWater systemTsurunuma RiverBasinSea of ​​JapanThe distance from east to west straddles the side is about 36km, and it has been around for a long time.AizuとNakadoriIt was an important transportation hub connecting the two.Also,Agricultural waterOf the Agano River system that supplies agricultural water to the Shirakawa area of ​​the Abukuma River basin, which tends to be in short supplyHatori Dam TheEarth damBoasting one of the largest scales in Japan, the area around the gentle dam lake is accessible to golf courses, campgrounds, ski resorts, and English.British HillsIn addition to resort facilities such as these, there are many old hot springs scattered throughout the village.In the Köppen climate classificationWest coast marine climateBelong to.

Adjacent municipalities

Environment issues


Chronological Table

  • 1955(30)May 3 --Makimoto Village, Yumoto Village, Osato Village and part of Hiroto Village (Iitoyo, Shirako, Ogawa and Kakinouchi, Takabayashi) mergedTenei VillageWas launched.
  • 1971(Showa 46) July 10- Sukagawa, Nishishirakawa-gunYabuki TownChanged part of the boundary with.
  • 1975(Showa 50) July 4- National Route 294Mashiko Town-Established by Aizuwakamatsu City.
  • 1993(5)May 4 - National Route 118Established between Sukagawa City and Aizuwakamatsu City.

Administrative region transition

  • Timeline of transition
Changes in the Tenei Village area (chronological table)
YearsDateTransition of administrative areas related to the current Tenei village area
1889(22th year of Meiji)May 4Municipal systemWith the enforcement, the following villages were established.[2][3]
  • Makimoto Village ← Makinouchi Village, Shimomatsumoto Village, Uematsumoto Village
  • Yumoto Village ← Hatori Village, Tarao Village, Yumoto Village
  • Oya village ← Shimogoya Village, Kumato Village, Ozato Village
  • Hiroto Village ← Kakinouchi Village, Takabayashi Village, Iide Village, Shirako Village, Ogawa Village
1949(24)May 4A part of Oya village (Osato) is separatedOsato VillageWas launched.
1955(30)May 3Makimoto Village, Yumoto Village, Osato Village and part of Hiroto Village (Iitoyo, Shirako, Ogawa and Kakinouchi, Takabayashi) mergedTenei VillageWas launched.
  • Transition table
Transition table of Tenei village area
First year of the Meiji era--22nd year of the Meiji eraMeiji 22
May 4
Meiji 22-64XNUMX-presentNow
Makinouchi VillageMakimoto VillageMakimoto VillageShowa 30 years 3 month 31 Date
Tenei Village
Tenei VillageTenei Village
Shimomatsumoto Village
Uematsumoto Village
Hatori VillageYumoto VillageYumoto Village
Tarao Village
Yumoto Village
Shimo-Ozato VillageMeiji 9
Osato Village
Oya village
A part of
Showa 24 years 4 month 1 Date
Osato VillageSeparation
Kamiozato Village
Anyoji Nittamura
Part of Kakinouchi VillageHiroto VillageHiroto Village'
Part of Takabayashi Village
Iitoyo Village
Shirako Village


Changes in the population of Tenei Village (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


  • Village Mayor: Katsuyuki Soeda (2011-current 3rd term)


Village council

  • Constant number: 10 people
  • Term of office: March 2012-March 24
  • Chair: Katsuhiko Koyama (non-parliamentary group, 3rd term)
  • Vice-chairman: Osamu Goto (non-parliamentary group, 3rd term)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name
Japan Communist Party1Tokiko Oura
Abandoned9Keihito Osuga, Akira Hattori, Kazuyoshi Hirose, Kazuo Yangtsuma, Tsutomu Watanabe, Kihachi Kumada, Masataka Sudo, Osamu Goto, Katsuhiko Koyama

*As of October 2014, 6.

Fukushima Prefectural Assembly (Sukagawa City / Iwase District Electoral District)

  • Constant number: 3 people
  • Term: April 2011, 23-April 11, 20 (Heisei 2015)
NameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Munekata YasushiDemocratic and Prefectural Union Parliamentary Assembly4
Kenji SaitoLDPFukushima Prefectural Assembly1
Masanari KawadaFukushima Future Network6

*As of October 2014, 3.



Tenei VillageYaconIs a special product, and PR activities are carried out in Tokyo and other places.Fried buns and sake buns are also famous and can be bought at shopping malls in Sukagawa City.

RiceRice / Taste Analysis Appraisal Contest: International ConventionIt is the only brand rice in Japan that has won the gold medal for 9 consecutive years.[4]


primary school
  • Tenei Village Hiroto Elementary School (Oaza Iitoyo Shinyama 28)
  • Tenei Village Osato Elementary School (25 Osato Hatada)
  • Tenei Village Makimoto Elementary School (Makinouchi Bunsha 35)
  • Tenei Village Yumoto Elementary School (Oaza Tarao Aza Nonaka)
Junior high school
  • Tenei Village Tenei Junior High School (Large Shiroko character Nishihara 5)
  • Tenei Village Yumoto Junior High School (Oji Tarao, Gorinbayashiyama 10)



There is no train station in the villageTohoku ShinkansenPasses through the eastern part of the village, and the nearest station from the village office isJR EastTohoku Main LineKagamiishi StationOrYabuki StationBoth are about 10km away from the village office.



Tohoku ExpresswayKagamiishi Smart IC,Yabuki ICIs the closest, and both are about 15 minutes by car.


Road Station

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events


Ski resort

  • Grandee Hatoriko Ski Resort
  • Ski Resort Tenei

ゴ ル フ 場

  • Taiheiyo Club & Associates Shirakawa Resort
  • Shirakawa Meadow Golf Club

Celebrity from Tenei Village

Works set in this village

Yoshiharu Tsuge Museum

2018Than,NPO corporation"Yudagumi" became the designated manager of the village and started to improve the boxwood museum.In the Yumoto area2014There is a 140-year-old village-rural exchange facility (also known as "Chieko's House"), which has won a special category award at the Fukushima Prefectural Architecture and Culture Award. In addition to exhibiting materials such as the complete works of Yoshiharu Tsuge and the magazines published at that time, it will be a base for disseminating the appeal of Tsuge's works, and it aims to open in June of the same year with the intention of making it a place for exchange between fans.Part of the Japanese-style room will be opened as a free rest area "Engawa Cafe"[5].

Tsuge was in the village in the 40sNiki OnsenIwase Yumoto Onsen, a manga modeled after an existing Yumoto ryokanNiki Valley』And magnificentThatched roofThe streets of Iwase Yumoto Onsen at the time whenイ ラ ス トI have left it in.Regarding the Yukoya Ryokan, there was talk of demolishing it due to aging, but in response to the persistent voice of Tsuge fans who wanted to keep it as it is, it was decided to build a new inn in another place while repairing the old building. Taking advantage of the fact that it is a place related to Yoshiharu Tsuge, such as being consideredRegional revitalizationIs progressing[6][5].

Impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Occurred in 2011Great East Japan Earthquake(Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake) Caused great damage such as damage to many houses in the village.Also, it occurred at the same timeTEPCOFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentAccompanyRadioactive materialThe outflow is also affecting Tenei Village.Social problems such as sluggish sales of agricultural products, falling prices, and impact on the tourism industry (hot springs and resort facilities) are occurring. As of May 2012, the air dose in the village can be confirmed in real time by the radiation monitoring information of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.[7][8].



  • "Municipal Name Transition Dictionary" published by Tokyodo, 1990.

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