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😷 | Kuro-chan is infected with corona From "hot" in the evening to chills at night

Photo Kuro-chan is refraining from a current blast match one month later ...

Kuro-chan is infected with corona From "hot" in the evening to chills at night

If you write the contents roughly
Kuro-chan energetically tweeted on the 18th, walking early in the morning at 6:45 am → personal training.

Shochiku Geino officially announced on the XNUMXth that Kuro-chan from the comedy trio "Yasuda Dai Circus" was infected with the new coronavirus ... → Continue reading

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Training(Kunren,TrainingAlso called)

  • Actually doing something to master[1]
  • Practical educational activities to reach a certain goal[1].
  • A systematic way to get animals to learn something[1].

CompanyThen.trainingAlso called (kenshu).


Training is basically training until you get used to it.Unlike a "professor" who only conveys "knowledge" expressed in the form of letters and words, it is to master something to the point where it can actually be done by actually doing something. ..

For students

As an educational term, "training" is used in contrast to "professor"[2].. While "professor" is mainly aimed at transmitting and acquiring knowledge, "training" (training) has a deeper practical and physical meaning and focuses on practical and intentional aspects. Is hitting[2]..Especially when the strictness is emphasized, it is also called "training".

Student, education related terms
For professionals

In private companies, training is occasionally conducted to improve the various abilities of employees (employees).The content of the training depends on the type of business and occupation.

For example, new employees such as retail chain chains are trained in the basics of customer service in line with the actual conditions of each industry.

For example, for new employees who have just joined a company, it seems to be an employee of the company that is the basis of the behavior of the employees of the company.挨 拶How to doBowDifferent ways to use, how to handle, how to answer the phone, and what to use for customers and bossesHonorificTrain how to use, how to report / contact other members in the organization, etc., and repeatedly train to a level that can be done naturally, and let them learn. Work mainly in the office (finished the new employee stage)ClerkFor PC applications (word processor,SpreadsheetTraining is conducted with the goal of being able to freely use applications such as).Sales・ ・accounting-logistics(logistics) Etc. The necessary training is provided for each occupation.ManagementTraining for managers is provided for such things, accurately understanding what is required by the management team, bundling the subordinates who are entrusted with themselves, drawing out their abilities well, and achieving results as an organization Train to get out.Also,ManagementIn that case, for example, by using a management simulation (game), you can play the role of a manager of a fictitious company, create various situations fictitiously, and use your own resources (people, equipment, etc.). Training will be conducted to make appropriate management decisions for the situation, taking into account the capital).

Corporate training may be conducted at an external training center of a contractor specializing in training, or it may be conducted in a conference room or training room within the company by inviting a lecturer or trainer.

Among civil servantsFire-Policemen-軍隊Especially in occupations that require physical toughness, quickness of action, judgment, and mental tenacity, physically, practically, and mentally, while assuming various situations that can actually occur. Training is repeated.

Training example

(Example of training)


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