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😷 | New Corona XNUMX new people in total XNUMX people in the prefecture


New Corona XNUMX new people Total XNUMX people in the prefecture

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In addition, for men in their 30s and women in their 80s who were found to be infected, Akita City is investigating the infection route and the presence or absence of close contacts.

In the prefecture, seven new infections with the new coronavirus were announced on the XNUMXst.Of these, five are in Akita City. ... → Continue reading

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It is a local broadcasting station affiliated with Nippon Television.We will deliver the latest news in Akita prefecture.

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Transmission route

Transmission route(Kansen Keiro,British: route of infection) IsinfectionPresent in the individual or environment that caused thePathogen, Is a route to reach an uninfected individual and cause a new infection. Depending on the pathogen, infection may occur via multiple routes of infection.EpidemicOutbreaks such asNosocomial infection Ofpreventionな どInfection controlAbove isPathogenFind outSource of infectionIt is important to find out, but above all, it cannot be completed unless the infection route is cut off.

  • Airborne infection-Microparticles (0.5 μm or less) stay in the air for extended periods of time and continue to contaminate even after the patient leaves[1].
  • Droplet infection-Small moist particles (0.5 μm or larger) remain in the air for a short period of time. Usually infected with the patient.
  • Direct infection-by touching the infected patient directly. Including sexual contact.
  • Indirect infection-by touching contaminated soil.
  • Fecal Mouth Path-Unwashed hands, contaminated plants and water sources.

Main infection routes

Infected belowRouteOf infectious diseases inAn exampleIs mentioned, but the infection route isMultipleIt should be noted that there may be cases and there is no one-to-one relationship.


Splash nuclear infection,Dust infection,Aerosol infectionand so on.English is airborne transmission(Air-mediated propagation), abbreviatedAirborneAlso called.Airborne infections are simply infectiousaerosolFrom the standpoint of being transmitted through[2], There is a position to limit the propagation by droplet nuclei among aerosols[3].

The epidemiological dictionary published by the International Epidemiological Society adopts the former definition, which defines that microbial aerosols are transmitted by entering the respiratory tract.Examples include droplet nuclear infection and dust infection.In chemistry, aerosol (also translated as aerosol) is a general term for a state in which solid or liquid fine particles are dispersed and suspended in a gas, such as smoke or fog. Such a state is called a gas. Solid or liquid in the mediumColloidal particlesDispersedSolIt was named aerosol because it was regarded as a kind of aerosol. "[4].

Droplet nuclear infection is infectiousPathogenDroplet nuclei includingdroplet nuclei: Refers to those that diffuse through the evaporated droplet residue)[1]..These pathogens maintain infectivity in vitro for long periods of time.Moisture evaporates in the air 5MicrometerThose that remain infected even with the following light particles (droplet nuclei) remain suspended in the air for a long period of time, 3フ ィ ー ト(91Centimeter) Travel longer distances and infect others via the upper and lower respiratory tract[5]..Particles in the air are less than 5 micrometers[6]..This generally requires a high level of isolation.Therefore, a negative pressure environment is required to avoid pollution.

tuberculosis,Varieg,measles,smallpox,Herpes zoster[Annotation 1]Etc. are infected by air.These are often in the wardNosocomial infectionTo causeInfection controlIs an important disease.influenza,CoronavirusThere is always debate as to whether such things cause airborne infections or are the main transmission route.[7].

Splash infection

English is droplet transmission(Small drop infection).This is due to respiratory droplets that occur during coughing, sneezing, conversation, etc., and is a common route of infection.Due to the large droplets, they cannot float in the air for long periods of time and are usually scattered at close range.[8]..Splash particles are 5 micrometers or more[6]..Infection by droplets can occur when it adheres to the surface of sensitive mucous membranes such as the eyes, nose, and mouth, or when it touches the face with a hand that touches the contaminated surface.

Respiratory infectious disease pathogens transmitted by dropletsInfluenza virus,Parainfluenza virus,Adenovirus,Rhinovirus,RS virus,Human metapneumovirus,Pertussis,Pneumococcus,Streptococcus pyogenes,diphtheria,rubella[9],CoronavirusCan be mentioned[10]..Splash diffusion can be reduced by wearing a surgical mask[11].

If the infected person's droplets contain a large amount of virus, it is observed as if they were infected by air.[12].

Direct infection

Contact infectionAlso called.English is direct contact(Direct contact).Infection is caused by direct contact between living organisms carrying pathogens.

It typically refers to skin-to-skin contact, kissing, and sexual intercourse.It also refers to contact with soil and plants containing pathogens.[13].Faeces routeIs mainly regarded as an indirect contact route, but in some cases, it is transmitted by direct contact with feces.[14][15]

Infectious impetigoSuch as skin diseases.In the medical field, such as MRSADrug resistanceIt is the main route of bacterial transmission.

Mucosal infection

Infection occurs when the infected person's blood or body fluid adheres to the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose.Transmission routes can be direct or indirect through vectors.It may be included in the next transdermal infection.

Epidemic keratoconjunctivitisOphthalmic diseases such as.

Transcutaneous infection

Normally, the skin has the ability to prevent the invasion of pathogens, but the pathogens invade the body by being bitten or bitten by mosquitoes, insects, or dogs.Parasites may invade the body directly through the skin.In addition, pathogens invade from areas where the protective function of the skin has been lost due to wounds and burns.Especially theseTranscutaneous infectionMay be called.Needlestick accidents are also included in percutaneous infections.

scabies,Rabies,Ebola,tetanus,Gas gangreneetc.


Blood infection(Cross infection) Tomo.Injection ortransfusion,such asMedicalIn addition to actions, bleeding due to trauma touches mucous membranes such as the eyes of others, causing infection of pathogens in the blood.Again, the route of infection can be direct or indirect through a vector.

Sexually transmitted

It is a sexual contact infection.There are aspects of mucosal and oral infections.

syphilis,Toxoplasmosis,Hepatitis B,AIDS,Genital chlamydiaetc.

Saliva infection

Especially when pathogens in saliva are transmitted by mouth transfer or deep kiss through saliva.Saliva infectionIt may be said.According to the clinical transmission route classification theory, plaque infection and breath infection are included in oral infection, but saliva infection is not included.Caries fungus,EB virusSaliva infection occurs due to such factors.

Vertical transmission

Both mother-to-child transmission and vertical transmission.It is further classified as follows.

Indirect infection

Indirect contact infection(Indirect contact transmission, vehicle-borne transmission) is a route transmitted by contact with non-living organisms.Examples include food, water, biological products (blood, etc.), mediators (handkerchiefs, bedding, surgical scalpels), etc.For example, improperly manufactured canned foodsClostridium botulinumbyBotulinum toxinIt provides an environment suitable for production.

Oral infection

Especially for infections through food and drink contaminated with pathogensOral infectionMay be called.If the cause of pollution is fecesInfection(Faeces route, See below).In addition, food and drink itself becomes a source of infection and is transmitted orally.BSEThere is.

Vector infection (horizontal transmission)

Other animals (especiallyArthropod) Becomes a vector (vector), and the infection is established by transmission. (1) As part of the life cycle of the pathogen, when the vector grows and propagates in the body and is infected from it (biological transmission), (2) the pathogen simply attached to the body surface of the vector is mechanically It may be transmitted (mechanical transmission, mechanical vector infection).

Faeces route

InfectionAlso called.It may also be regarded as a type of oral infection (water-borne infection, water-borne epidemic).

Infection is established by ingestion of food and drink contaminated with feces.

Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli(Such as O157),Staphylococcus,Vibrio parahaemolyticus,Clostridium botulinum,Salmonella,typhoid,Paratyphoid,Bacillary dysentery,cholera,Campylobacter,Listeria,Helicobacter pylori,Amoeba dysentery,Norovirus,Rotavirus,Polio,Hepatitis A,Hepatitis E,Weyl's disease,Keratoconjunctivitisetc.

Identification of infection route

When the pathogen can be identified

Wipe the surfaces of handrails and medical equipment shared by patientscultureHowever, if a pathogen is detected, it is presumed that the object is one of the infection routes. In addition, in the case of bacterial infections,Pulse field gel electrophoresisWhen the closeness of the genotype is examined byHorizontal infectionSince the temporal order of can be estimated, it is not uncommon to find out how the pathogen was first introduced into the population.

When the pathogen cannot be identified

EarlySARSIf the pathogen cannot be identified, as described above, the sick and healthy individuals are first isolated, and detailed information is collected on their behavior patterns, life backgrounds, and contact history with others. Among them, factors that correlate with the presence or absence of infectionEpidemiologyInfected routes are estimated by identifying them.

Example: If multiple people in the same room away from the sick person are affected, it is suspected that a droplet nuclear infection (air infection) occurs.


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注 釈

  1. ^ Shingles usually develops in the oral cavity and is limited to the spread as droplets.


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Akita City

Akita City(Akitashi) isAkitaLocated in the central coast ofCity.. In AkitaPrefectural office locationso,Core cityIs specified in.


Municipal systemEnforcement1889(Meiji22 years).It is one of the 31 cities that were first enforced in Japan.1997(HeiseiFirst year in Tohoku in AprilCore citySpecified to (KoriyamaAt the same time).

In AkitaPrefectural office locationIt is the center of politics, economy and transportation of the prefecture.Kubota DomainFrom the timescastle townAs well asTsuchizaki Port TheKitamaebuneFlourished as a port of call. In the Tsuchizaki areaAkita PortThere,Akita Thermal Power StationOn behalf ofIndustrial parkSpreads. Also,Yahashi-TerauchiThe largest oil field in Japan centered on the districtYahashi oil fieldSpreads.

As a high-speed transportation networkAkita StationTo and fromTohoku ShinkansenThroughTokyo StationGo straight toAkita Shinkansen"Komachi"Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismBased on Article 4 of the Airport LawSpecified regional management airportHas been designatedAkita Airport,AlsoAkita Minami IC-Akita Chuo IC-Akita Kita ICAroundAkita Expressway-Sea of ​​Japan Tohoku ExpresswayHas been maintained.

City symbol



  • Motozumi Hozumi,2009May 4(3rd term of office)
Successive mayors


City council

ElectionUnified local electionsCarried out as.

Parliamentary nameNumber of membersRemarks
Autumn water society16
Civic club4
Komeito Akita City Council4Komeito
Frontier Akita4
Society/Citizens' Union3
Japanese Communist Party Akita City Council2Japan Communist Party

Akita Prefectural Assembly (elected to Akita City)

  • Constant number: 12 people
  • Term: May 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 11st year) to May 2023 (5th year of Reiwa) May 5th
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Kenta SuzukiLDP
Jun NumayaMeeting for the next generationNo party membership
Toyotomi MatsudaKomeito
Yoshinori KudoLDP
Hitomi IshikawaSocial Democrats
Chiguru KagayaJapan Communist Party
Takeshita HirohideLDP
Osamu ToriiMiraiIndependent
Koji KobayashiLDP
Shigeto MiuraMiraiIndependent
Yusaku ImagawaLDP
Yasuto UsamiLDP

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Akita Prefecture 1rd Ward(Akita City)Hiroyuki TogashiLDP3Constituency



Adjacent municipalities


Extreme value[3]Observed valueObservation date
(I.e.38.2 ℃1978May 8
(I.e.-24.6 ℃1888May 2
Daily precipitation186.8 mm1937May 8
Deepest snow117 cm1974May 2

Sea of ​​Japan side climateHowever, there is not much rainfall in winter, with the most rainy months being July and the least rainy months being February. As mentioned earlier, due to low winter precipitation and windy coastal areas, normal snowfall is 7.cm・The deepest snow is 38 cm, both of which are relatively small on the Tohoku Sea of ​​Japan side.1888It recorded -21 ℃ in (Meiji 24.6), but the average minimum temperature is in Kita-Kantou because there is usually a lot of cloudy weather and radiative cooling is weak in winter.Utsunomiya City,MitoIs about the same. In the Heisei era, it almost disappeared even below -10℃, and the year when the temperature below -10℃ was observed1990(2) and1999(11) only.summerIs hot and humid and dull, and has a lower latitude than Akita City.Sendai cityAnd in northern KantoNasushiobara,Kitaibaraki CityThe average maximum temperature and daily average temperature are higher than.After the rainy seasonIt is not uncommon for autumn to come without it.Blow from the Pacific side(I.e. TheOu MountainsBlocked by the mountains ofFern phenomenonMay occur.1882(15th year of Meiji)10Of the top 10 highest temperature records observed, 9 observation records were recorded after 1999 (Heisei 11). )[4]..Akita Local Meteorological Observatory1989On September 9th in Akita cityYahashi Sports ParkHas moved to Sanno XNUMX-chome Akita Second Joint Government Building.

Climate of Sanno, Akita City (Akita Local Meteorological Observatory, altitude 6m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)13.7
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)3.1
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)0.4
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−2.1
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−19.8
Precipitation amount mm (inch)118.9
Snowfall cm (inch)100
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)23.820.017.413.212.711.413.211.713.516.019.623.6196.0
Average number of snowfall days28.725.319.
Average monthlyDaylight hours39.064.3121.5168.6184.9179.5150.3186.9160.8143.183.245.31,527.4
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1882-present)[5][6]
Former Akita Local Meteorological Observatory (Yahashi Sports Park, Akita City) 1961-1990 average climate
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)2.4
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)−0.4
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−3.2
Source: Science Chronology


Asuka Period

Nara period

Heian period

Kamakura Period

Muromachi Period

Edo Period

Meiji period

Taisho period

Showa period

Heisei period

Reiwa period

History of merger of municipalities

Merger with Kawabe-gun

2005(17)May 1, Akita City has incorporated Kabe Town and Yuwa Town, and the new "Akita City" has been born. The merger was requested by both towns, and the merger ceremony was held on the same day in Akita City.Akita Center AlveMade in.

Akita City HallThe location (No. 1-1-XNUMX, Sanno) has not changed, and the old town halls of Kawabe and Yuwa are the civic centers (2011May 5Since then, it has been used as a citizen service center).

For details Akita City Home Page See.

Friendship City/Sister City

Overseas Friendship City/Sister City

Domestic sister cities and affiliated cities

  • AkitaSemboku City --With the merger of cities, towns and villages in Hitachiota City, Akita City, and Semboku City, exchanges in various fields such as inheritance of historical culture and promotion of wide-area tourism based on the sister city relations and related friendship city relations so far. To promote2007(19), signed the three-city cooperation exchange tie-up.
  • Ibaraki
    • Hitachiota City
    • Kuji-gunDaigo Town --To commemorate the fact that Mr. Satake built a castle and prospered as a castle town for about 450 years.1977(52) July 7 Sister city tie-up started.
  • SagaTakeo City - Akita War150 years from2018(Heisei 30), "Agreement on exchange between Akita City and Takeo City" signed[11].



Akita City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Akita City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Akita City (equivalent area) Population Changes
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Base general hospital

Emergency hospital notified to the prefectural governor
  • Medical CorporationShowakai Igarashi Memorial Hospital
  • Medical corporation Koizumi Hospital Koizumi Hospital
  • Medical corporation Seikankai Onoba Hospital



  • Akita City Fire Department
    • Akita fire station (Ushijima branch office, Kappei branch office, Shinya branch office)
    • Tsuchizaki Fire Station (Terauchi Branch, Shogunno Branch, Iijima Branch, Sotoasahikawa Branch)
    • Joto Fire Department (Hiro- surface branch office)
    • Akita Minami Fire Department (Kawabe Branch/Yuwa Branch Office)

裁判 所

Prosecutor's office

National administrative agency

Other city facilities

Citizen service center

Other community facilities

  • Shimoshinjo Exchange Center, Akita City
  • Akita City Shogunno Elderly Learning Center, Matsubayashikan
  • Akita City Yuwa District Northern Community Facility Chojayamaso



University/Junior college

College of technology

high school

Junior high school

primary school

    • Hamada Elementary School
    • Toyoiwa Elementary School
    • Niida Elementary School
    • Yotsuya Elementary School
    • Kamitate Elementary School
    • Shimokitate Elementary School
    • Shimohama Elementary School
    • Kinshi Nishi Elementary School
    • Yahashi Elementary School
    • Higashi Elementary School
    • Izumi Elementary School
    • Ozumi Elementary School
    • Sakura Elementary School
    • Iijima Minami Elementary School
    • Terauchi Elementary School
    • Goshono Elementary School
    • Iwami Sannai Elementary School
    • Kawabe Elementary School
    • Tojima Elementary School
    • Yuwa Elementary School

Special school

College of technology

UniversityQualify for admissionSenshu High SchoolCorresponds toVocational school.


Akita City is a monopolistically concentrated leading city in Akita Prefecture, the so-calledPrimate CityIs. With the main government offices of the prefecture,Akita Bank,Hokuto Bank,Akita Kaishin ShimpoHeadquarters of companies whose main activity bases are in the prefecture are concentrated. Also, each countryOfficeAndInternational Oil Development TeishiAkita mining plant,JR East Akita BranchMany branch offices of companies with headquarters outside the prefecture are also concentrated. It serves as a base for local administration, economy and industry.

Height 30 in Akita citymMore thanskyscraperIt is,2006(18)4At the time of, there were 145 buildings including buildings under construction[12].

Local independent administrative corporation

Public enterprise

The public enterprise that once existed

Financial institution

(Unified financial institution code・Order by branch code)

In AkitaDesignated financial institutionIt is,Akita Bank(The collection store isAkita City HallBranch).

A financial institution that used to exist (name when it was abolished)

(Unified financial institution codeorder)…1960 eraThe financial institutions that have been abolished since then, and the financial institutions that have merged with each other within the prefecture are limited to financial institutions that have disappeared due to their legal personality.





Highway national road

General national road

Main local road

General prefectural road

Bicycle path


Long time agoAkita City Transportation Bureau(Akita City Bus) was operating in the city,2006(18)May 4Was abolished and the line was transferred to Akita Chuo Kotsu.



Mass media



(Radio 1503st 774kHz, Radio 86.7nd XNUMXkHz, NHK FM XNUMXMHz Remote control key ID Overall 1, E Tele 2)
(ABS radio 936kHz or 90.1MHz remote control key ID4) (Latte)
(Remote control key ID8)
(Remote control key ID5)
(Remote control key ID6 on Akita Cable TV)

PR program

  • Good morning from Akita (Akita Asahi Broadcasting Mon-Thu 10:30-10:35)
  • Hello from Akita (Akita Broadcasting Fri 11:20-11:25, Sat 11:45-11:50, 15:55-16:00, Sun 11:55-12:00)
  • Good evening from Akita City (Akita TV Wed 22:54-23:00 / However, when the program such as night game is extended, it is postponed and broadcast.)
Contents, "Good morning -" and "Hello -" is almost the same.

Zip Code

In Akita cityZip CodeIs as follows (in parenthesesJapan PostBy the responsible branch or collection and delivery center).


Commitment to tourism

Akita City Red Brick Local Museum(Important cultural propertyThe name above is "Former Akita BankMain store main building"), various museums and memorials and museums, many outdoor spots,KiritanpoIncludinglocal cuisineAkita City, which has many tourism resources, has been working to attract tourists from within and outside of Japan with the "Tourism Akita Restoration". With the cooperation of Yasushi Yoshii, who has been appointed as an Akita City tourism advisor since 2010, we have built a citizen participation tourism information site "Akitouch" and invited a Chinese broadcasting station to introduce Akita regional products and tourist destinations to China and ASEAN countries. While delivering programs through satellite broadcasting, we are making various efforts such as expanding sales channels for Akita products and planning inbound travel development. It will also build a system for smartphones in other language tourist guides for inbound tourists.

Sights and buildings

Sights and historic sites

Municipal building

Buildings such as third sector

Prefectural building



  • Kanto Festival: A summer festival that represents Tohoku. (8/3-6 every year, Kanto Boulevard)
  • Cherry Blossom Festival/Azalea Festival: Cherry blossom festivals such as Chiaki Park (mid-late April), Chiaki Park Azalea Festival. (Mid May-Late)
  • Yuwa Hana no Sato Spring Fair: Ueki City and product exhibitions. (Late April-Early May)
  • Navel Festival: A festival held at Navel Park in the Kawabe district. Mainly to the umbilical cord. (Early June)
  • Butterbur cutting photo session:butterburAkita Aunt's photo session in the field. (Mid June every year, Niida area)
  • Yatuse Akita Festival: Akita and other placesYosakoiGroups come together,Sapporo OfYOSAKOI Soran FestivalOf AkitaYosakoiEvent. Akita Ondo and other Akita folk songsSoran section,Yosakoi SectionIt dances with a 5 minute song that arranges rock, techno, orchestra, etc.Perform stage-style and parade-style performances. (Scheduled for Omachi / Tsumachi in late June every year)[18]
  • Tsuchizaki Port Hikiyama Festival,: A magnificent festival in which floats carrying warrior dolls are pulled. (7/20・7/21 every year)
  • Yojiro Ekiden: A citizen's Ekiden tournament held in the city center. (7rd week of July)
  • Akita Nagachikuuta National Convention[19]: Akita Nagamochi song originated in Yuwa area (7rd Sunday of July every year)
  • Omonogawa Rafting Tournament: The Summer Ogawa Riverraft,CanoeContest to go down. (Every 8th Sunday of August)
  • Omono River Fireworks Festival: Held at the riverbed of the Omono RiverFireworks display.. (8/10 each year)
  • Iwami River Seiryu Festival: Kawabe Iwami district. For example, catching fish. (8/15 every year)
  • Taisho-ji Oke-sama Festival: Yuwa Taisho-ji district. Okesa total dance, entertainment show, fireworks display, etc. (Mid August every year)
  • Mt. Takaosan Festival: Held at Yuwa Mt. Takaosan. School and adult sumo competitions and Ginko haiku competitions. (Early September each year)
  • : (Early October)
  • Owaka no Sato Autumn Festival:DahliaAutumn festival in Hana-sato where peacock grass blooms. (Early October)
  • Boatpia Kawabe Fureai Festa Autumn Harvest Festival: Selling locally grown autumn vegetables and a meal corner. (Every late October)
  • Children's Snow Festival: Held on the first Saturday of every February,Horse zori,MochiTsuki, you can experience small New Year's events in the prefectureWinter festivalWas,2006 TheHeavy snowAs a result, the venue, Yabase Sports Park, became unusable and was canceled.In addition, it was decided to cancel the event in the next fiscal year as it was not expected to be held.2005(17) The event ended in February with a 2-year history.2013 TheArea NakaichiHas been revived as "Nakaichi Dokko Snow Festival".
  • Snow Dream: City tour bus for winter only. Experience making a Kiritanpo, experiencing a lantern, and visiting a sake brewery. (Usually Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in February)

Sports team



Cultural person



Mass media



Adult talent


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注 釈

  1. ^ originally,Bank of Japan→Daiichi Kangyo Bank→ OldMizuho BankStore inherited from. In July 2013, the former Mizuho BankMizuho Corporate BankHas been merged intoFuji BankIt was a re-entry since the Akita branch was abolished.
  2. ^ Nomura SecuritiesThere is a transaction with the Akita branch,Online tradeAvailable only to customers with a contract. Therefore, there is no physical store.
  3. ^ 2020May 4From Akita CityStorage agency financial institutionIt is out of the range.Akita City Waterworks Bureau OfStorage handling financial institutionAs for the storage at the counter, the withdrawal from the branch account is still supported.December 2019, 12 Regarding the end of storage operations for public money, etc. (PDF: 11KB)See.
  4. ^ 2017May 3Closed on April 4, and merged with the head office corporate sales department on April 3 of the same year.
  5. ^ Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking CorporationAfter the transition to2011May 2, Tokyo service branch integrated into the head office.


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