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😷 | Confirmed infection of XNUMX people including XNUMX people in Koriyama City ・ New coronavirus <announced in Fukushima Prefecture on July XNUMX>


Confirmed infection of XNUMX people including XNUMX people in Koriyama City ・ New coronavirus <announced in Fukushima Prefecture on July XNUMX>

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The number of infected people (until 7nd) confirmed in Koriyama City in July was 22, which accounts for about one-third of the prefecture as a whole, and the infection is spreading at a pace higher than June, which was 3.

On July XNUMX, XNUMX new cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in Fukushima Prefecture.By municipality, Koriyama City XNUMX ... → Continue reading

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7(Shichigatsu, Nagatsu)Gregorian calendarYearsThe ninth ofMonthThere are 31 days.

JapanThen,Lunar month septemberTheJulyCalled (Fumuki, Fumizuki), nowNew yearAlso used as an alias for July. The origin of the moon is July 7TanabataIt is a dogma that there is a tradition of offering poetry and exposing books to the night breeze. However, the Tanabata eventNara periodIt was introduced from China and is not originally found in Japan. Therefore, there is also a theory that the meaning is "included month" or "included month" because it is the month that the ear of rice contains. There are also aliases for "Akihazuki" and "Nanayozuki".

EnglishThe month name July inJulian calendarCreatedRepublic RomeTerminal politicians,Julius Caesar (Julius Caesar). Caesar45 BCToJulian calendarAt the same time as adopting, the name of July was changed from "Quintilis" which means "fifth month" to his family name. The August name is AugustAugustusNamed after (in Greek August Represents August). Detail is8See.

September is the year4Same asDay of the weekBegins with.leap year The1Also starts on the same day of the week.


Mina Shizuki / Mina Shizuki (Jyo Kazuki), Kenshin Gentsu (Kenshin Moon), Shingentsu (Parent Month), Tatanabazuki (Tanabata Moon), Tougetsu (Kiritsuki), Nanayoki ( Seven night moon), Hatsuaki (early autumn), Fuzuki (July/Bunetsu), Fumihirogezuki (Bunjou), Meizuizuki (Aitsuki), Rangetsu (Rantsuki), Ryugetsu Suzutsuki)

"7" and "XNUMX" are also called "Nana" in addition to "Shichi", but historically "Shichi" is older. Of "seven"Large print"quality"Or"lacquerIs sent because "1" is read as "shichi". For these reasons, people who have traditionally been called "Shichigatsu" in Japan, but who have been deliberately called "Ichigatsu" in recent years, intentionally call it "Nagagatsu". The number is increasing, especially among young people, and even when officially announced by the government, it is sometimes called "Nanagatsu".

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  • sign - Cancer(Until July 7),Leo(From around July 7)

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2021 7(July
365 days
Each month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12


Koriyama(Koriyamashi) isFukushimaNakadoriLocated in the central partCity.Core cityIs specified in.

It is a commercial and industrial city that represents Fukushima Prefecture,Tohoku regionHas a second scaleKoriyama metropolitan areaTo form.


The city area isCentral watershedHas becomeOu MountainsAcross the east and west. The western part of the citySea of ​​JapanOn the sideLake InawashiroLocated on the south bank, the eastern partAbukuma HighlandsRanging.

The urban area isTochigiUtsunomiya CityMiyagiLocated in the middle of Sendai city,Tohoku Shinkansen-Tohoku Main Line-Tohoku Expressway-National Route 4Are connected by. Also, in the west (Sea of ​​Japan side)Aizuwakamatsu,NiigataAnd to Iwaki city on the eastern (Pacific side),Banetsu Expressway,Banetsu West Line-Banetsu East LineandNational Route 49It is possible to move with. As a result, it has become a hub for traffic crossroads in eastern Japan, and has the second largest population and economy in the Tohoku region as an important point for economy, inland industry, distribution, and transportation.Koriyama metropolitan areaIs formed.

Due to the base of the city,Prefectural broadcastThere are 2 TV stations and 1 FM stationPrefectural office locationNotwithstanding, it also functions as one of the information gathering centers in Fukushima Prefecture. Number of private establishments: 15,927; number of commercial establishments: 4,341;Annual product salesWith 1 billion yen (FY4913), both are No. 2007 in Fukushima prefecture (No. 1 in Tohoku region) in the economic field.Commercial cityIt is also called "economic capital"[1].

Edo PeriodIsOshu Kaido OfKoriyama lodgingHowever, the development of the cityMeiji EraCarved intoAzumi CanalHas a large contribution. Azumi Kansui is promoting the development of the area as agricultural water,Hydropower・Used for drinking waterUrbanizationAdvanced. Also,Koriyama StationBecomes a branch station on the railway line, where people and things gather andTaishoIn timesMunicipal systemAs a result, the city became the largest city in Fukushima prefecture.

Post-warHigh economic growthIn the periodKeihin Industrial AreaMany companies have made inroads,Kanto regionThe connection with

West of the cityNunobiki PlateauThen, "Koriyama Nunobiki Kogen Wind Power Plant" with 33 windmills and power plant output of 65,980 kW (2nd in Japan)Power Development Co., Ltd.It was built by and started operation in December 2006.

In October 2014AISTThe Fukushima Renewable Energy Research Institute opened, and the city introduced solar power generation equipment to public facilities.再生 可能 エネルギーAre actively working on the introduction and promotion of

September 2013, 9Estimated populationWas 328,112, the largest ever in Fukushima PrefectureIwaki(327,993), it returned to the prefecture's largest city for the first time in 1966 years since 47. However, as of January 2016, 1, it has reclaimed the largest city in the prefecture to Iwaki City (1 people). Meanwhile, 349,190CensusAccording to the population density is the highest in the prefecture.

December 2018, by the governmentTokyo extreme concentrationAs a central base for regional revitalizationCentral citySelected as one of 82 cities nationwide.

In January 2019, tackle common issues of each local government such as administrative services and measures to reduce populationCentral city areaConcluded a cooperative agreement with 14 neighboring municipalities for the formation of[2].


Located in the central part of Fukushima prefecture.Azumi Wilderness orKoriyama BasinThe city area is centered on a flat land called 245m above sea level.

To the westLake Inawashiro,To the eastAbukuma Mountains, NorthAdatarayamaBordering the city center from south to northAbukuma RiverFlows.

The city area is wide, and the city area around Koriyama Station isBig eyeYou can see from the observatory.


The weather is windy and dry all year round,Heat island phenomenonIs also strongly affected.

In winter, the lowest average temperature in January is -1°C, which is rarely below -2.7°C. On the other hand, the average maximum temperature during the day is as low as 10℃,真 冬日Is not uncommon.

In addition, in our cityWeather stationThere is no weather stationAmedusOnly.Since no snow gauge is installed at AMeDAS, it is not possible to accurately grasp the snow cover situation.In winter, the average rainfall in January (AMEDAS) is 1 mm in Fukushima, 49.4 mm in Shirakawa, and 38.9 mm in Koriyama.FukushimaNakadoriKoriyama City is the least in the region.

Summer in a typical basinFukushimaIt is not as hot as it is, rarely exceeds 35 degrees,Tropical nightIt is relatively easy to spend around the morning and evening as it is rare.

The highest temperature ever1994(6) 8℃ observed on August 9, the lowest temperature ever1984(Showa 59) It is -3℃ observed on March 2.

Koriyama (1981-2010) Climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F14.5
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F4.4
Average daily temperature ° C (° F0.8
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−2.7
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−12.0
Precipitation amount mm (inch)37.4
Average monthlyDaylight hours127.2137.8165.3178.4187.8145.1134.3160.2119.0133.8128.1127.21,739.8
Source 1:Japanese Meteorological Agency[3]
Source 2:Japanese Meteorological Agency[4]


Successive mayors

License plate

Koriyama CityLocal numberKoriyama number (Fukushima Transport Branch) Has been issued since November 2014, 26 (Heisei 11), and the target area is this city only.


City council

  • Constant number: 38 people
  • Term: September 2015, 23 (September 9)-September 4, 2019 (Reiwa 9)
  • Chair: Masaki Sato (Shishokai, 3rd term)
  • Vice-chairman: Toshiro Endo (5th term, new political society)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is chairman)
Shishokai16◎Kikuo Nanami, Masayoshi Sato, Daizo Baba, Hideyuki Morii, Eisaku Sato, Nobuo Yamaguchi, Susumu Oki, Tetsuya Sato, Mitsunori Kawamae, Yoshitomo Shiota, Yu Morocoshi, Toshio Kuno, Mitsuo Kuno, Yoshiaki Ouchi, Yuji Suzuki, Takao Takahashi
New government8◎Koichi Hashimoto, Ryuji Watanabe, Kazuo Aida, Tadashi Orikasa, Akira Kurihara, Koichi Hirota, Yoshikazu Ishikawa, Toshiro Endo
Koriyama City CouncilKomeito4◎Hiroko Kojima, Satoru Yamane, Mitsuo Kajano, Shoji Tagawa
Social Democrats3◎Yoshiaki Tobita, Yuichi Iizuka, Koyoko Yaegashi
Japan Communist PartyKoriyama City Council3◎Yoshiharu Takahashi, Tetsuo Okada, Mariko Iwasaki
Rainbow and green society1Ikuko Snakeishi
Independent society1Yoshihiko Yanai
Fresh greenery1Goji Imamura
Sokyukai1Hiroyuki Oshiro

Fukushima Prefectural Assembly(Koriyama City Election District)

  • Constant number: 10 people
  • Term: November 2019th, 11 (Reiwa 20st year)-November 2023th, 5 (11th year of Reiwa)
NameParliamentary nameNumber of winsRemarks
Hisai ImaiKomeitoFukushima Prefectural Assembly4
Suzuki YukiLDPFukushima Prefectural Assembly1
Etsuko KamiyamaJapan Communist PartyFukushima Prefectural Assembly6
Masayuki TeshigawaraLiberal Democratic Party Fukushima Prefectural Assembly4
Noriho SatoLiberal Democratic Party Fukushima Prefectural Assembly7
Nobuo YamaguchiLiberal Democratic Party Fukushima Prefectural Assembly1
Nagao TomokoLiberal Democratic Party Fukushima Prefectural Assembly5
Takeshi ShiinePrefectural Union Assembly3Belonging partyNational Democratic Party
Toshio SakumaPrefectural Union Assembly3Affiliation is National Democratic Party
Yamada HeishiroLiberal Democratic Party Fukushima Prefectural Assembly3

House of Representatives

*As of October 2017, 10.

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Fukushima Prefecture 2nd Ward(Koriyama City,Nihonmatsu,Motomiya,Adachi-gunNemoto TakumiLDP8Constituency

sister city


sister city


sister city
1988(63)May 6 Sister city tie-up


Ancient times

Since the establishment of Azumi-gun in the 7th century in ancient times,Adachi・Until the 10th century was divided into two Tamura-gunNihonmatsu-TamuraIt seems that it was functioning as the center of a vast area including, and is thought to be related to the Shimizudai, Sakita, and Toramaru sites located directly below the central city area. Also in the 8th centuryStone countryWas installed in HohamachiKokufuThere is a theory that[5].. By the way, ancient times at that timeRitual systemUnder the county official (Gunji) Was the government officeCountyHowever, the current place name "Koriyama" is derived from the fact that this county was located here.

中 世

In the 11th century, Fujiwara and Kumano's manor were set up mainly in the eastern part, and the development proceeded to the arborescent lowlands.Kamakura PeriodIt is presumed from the literature that it was land owned by Mr. Ito in the eastern region at the end of the Kamakura period.North-South DynastyIt was a zone.

Muromachi PeriodTo Azumi TownShinokawa Imperial PalaceWith the establishment of, the place name of the area will appear frequently in the literature as the political center of the South Tohoku region.However, Mr. Ito in the Koriyama city area was in a state where the branch family was separated from early on, and he did not grow into a warring lord who held independent power throughout the Middle Ages.Therefore, the political situation here has a position of inspection after the middle term.Yuuki ShirakawaBelongs toMr. Nana,DateWas under the influence of. On the other hand, economically,Route 4Large scale carried out in the area alongExcavationIt turns out that this area was functioning as a distribution base.The survey detected ancient and medieval roads, as well as numerous building ruins, moats and ditches, and the excavated relics give a chronological view of the 12th to 16th centuries.

The early modern period

Toyotomi AdministrationUnderUesugiThroughEdo PeriodTo become and,Nihonmatsu CastleWas an Oda DaimyoNiwaKoriyama was one of the few towns alongside the main shrine except for the castle. At the end of the Edo periodPost townIt was Koriyama where people began to gather, but the population at that time was only about 5,000, and the surrounding area was for farmers.HataThe fields and the wilderness were widespread.


However, the Meiji government noticed that this wilderness was suitable for clearing,1877(MeijiFrom around 10), Koriyama was selected as the first development project funded by the Meiji government.[6][7]..This is what the world calls "Asaka development."

Meiji governmentSamuraiThe state-owned Asaka reclamation project, which was decided based on the policy of vocational aid and breeding industry, crossed the mountain in this area where water use was originally poor.Lake InawashiroThe plan was to excavate the canal and develop the wilderness, and to settle the unemployed people who lost their jobs due to the abolition of the feudal system.With the decision to excavate Azumi Suimizu, about 5,000 households from 9 clan and about 500 settlers came to the area around the town of about 2,000 people at that time.Old as the first teamKurume DomainPeople from the Okayama, Tosa, Tottori, Nihonmatsu, Tanagura, Aizu, Matsuyama, and Yonezawa clan gathered on this occasion.It was a big project that took three years with a total of 85 people involved.

Koriyama was transformed into a fertile land by Azumi Canal and Azumi reclamation, which were conducted as agricultural water. However, the significant impact on the local economy is due to the canalHydropowerThe business was bigger. Used as the "Numagami Hydroelectric Power Station", the first hydroelectric power station in the country to carry out long-distance power transmission to the city of Koriyama. A large number of spinning factories opened in Koriyama with capital from various places including Shinshu, and modernization was accelerated with the expansion of the railway network.

Eventually, the manufacturing industry such as the yarn manufacturing industry, the kiln industry, the machine industry, and the chemical industry flourished, and the population continued to grow.1924(Taisho 13) In September, the municipal system was enforced and "Koriyama City" was born. Enter Showa periodPacific WarWith the start of, industry in the city centered on military demand,1944(Showa 19)Military capitalIs designated. Koriyama will continue to develop due to the government's military city development project and military industry,1945(20) In April,B-29 bomberReceived a large-scale air raid by.After that, there were three bombings by the end of the war, and the city area around Koriyama Station and the factory area were devastated and caused many casualties.


After the end of the war1946(Showa 21),War Reconstruction CityHas received the designation of the1964(Showa 39),New industrial cityDesignation, 1986 (Showa 61), Koriyama areaTechnopolisAfter the designation of1997(9) First in Tohoku in AprilCore cityMoved to.

Music City/Rakuto Koriyama

Beginning with the development of Azumi in the Meiji era, it rapidly developed as a commercial and industrial city during the period of high economic growth, while the population increased rapidly and various people gathered.Boryokudan ConflictOccurred one after another, and the insecure city "TohokuChicagoThe name has spread as[8][9].

Meanwhile, the "Amateur Throat Tournament" became popular all over the country, and in Koriyama, music activities became popular at the performances of neighborhood associations, and eventually music became the heart of the citizens. Eventually, the momentum of citizens who wanted to hold a full-scale orchestra concert increased,1954(Showa29), "Koriyama Music Association and Koriyama Youth Cultural Association"NHK Symphony Orchestra"Performance" was held at the large dining hall of the JNR Koriyama factory. After that, chorus, instrumental music, school music activities and concerts, was said to be Japan's largest rock festival at the time.1974(Showa 49)One step festivalBy holding such events, "From Chicago in Tohoku to TohokuViennaTo improve the image,2008(HeiseiIn 20 years), the "Music City Declaration" was made, and information is being disseminated as a town with active music activities, with "Rakuto Koriyama" as the catchphrase.

Koriyama City and Prefectural Office

By citizens who complain that it is inconvenient not to have a prefectural office in the geographical middle of the prefecturePrefectural officeThe movement to move to Koriyama has been moving since modern timesIt remains deeply rooted in Fukushima Prefecture until now.[Source required]..This was once passed by the prefectural assembly in 18 with a big difference of 37 in favor and 16 against, and at that timePrefectural orderIsMishima MichiruFrom the petitionMinistry of InteriorWas submitted toThe fact that it was rejected after an unclear process is trailing[Source required]..Prefectural office and prefectural office in Fukushima City, the northernmost part of Fukushima PrefectureNational university,Prefectural library,Prefectural Museum of Art,Fukushima Medical University, Because public facilities such as affiliated hospitals are concentratedThe voices of the citizens of the prefecture who complain of inconvenience and unfairness are persistent[Source required],Great East Japan EarthquakeAfter that, the petition is still submitted to the prefecture from local governments in the Aizu region and the prefecture south/prefecture central regions.

Chronology (modern / modern)

Administrative region transition

  • Timeline of transition
Transition of Koriyama city area (chronological table)
YearsDateTransition of administrative areas related to the current Koriyama city area
(22th year of Meiji)
May 4Municipal systemWith the enforcement, the following towns and villages will be established respectively[11][12].
  • Azumi-gun
    • Koriyama Town ← Koriyama Village alone enforces town system
    • Ohara Tamura ← Koharada Village / Yokotsuka Village
    • Kuwano Village ← Kuwano Village alone enforces village system
    • Otsuki Village ← Otsuki Village alone enforces village system
    • Tomita ← Tomita Village alone enforces village system
    • Yamanoi Village ← Hiwada Village, Takakura Village, XNUMX-chome Village, Umesawa Village
    • Fukuyama Town ← Fukuhara Village, Kubota Village, Yatsuyamada Village
    • Minowa ← Nakano Village / Miyo Village
    • Tsukigata Village ← Nakafunatsu Village, Tate Village, Yokosawa Village, Hamaji Village
    • Fukura Village ← Fukura Village / Banyu Nitta Village
    • Akatsu Village ← Akatsu Village alone enforces village system
    • Yongsheng Village ← Hideyama Village, Sasagawa Village, Arai Village
    • Toyota Village ← Narita Village / Kawada Village
    • Marumori Village ← Shimo Izu Island Village, Kami Izu Island Village, Yasuko Island Village, Nagahashi Village
    • Hozumi Village ← Otani Village, Yamaguchi Village, Komaya Village, Yawata Village, Noda Village
    • Sanwa Village ← Tomioka Village, Shimomoriya Village, Nabeyama Village
    • Kawachi ← Kawachi Village / Natsuide Village
    • Tadano Village ← Tadano Village alone enforces village system
    • Kikuta Village ← Horinouchi Village, Maedazawa Village, Waseda Hara Village
    • Katahira Village ← Katahira Village alone enforces village system
  • Adachi-gun
    • Takagawa Village ← Nakayama Village, Ishibane Village, Takatama Village, Tamakawa Village
  • Tamura-gun
    • Ganje Village ← Shiroiwa Village, Shimo Shiroiwa Village, Kamimaiki Village, Shimo Maigi Village, Negiya Village, Akutsu Village, Yasuhara Village,
      Yokokawa Village, Yamada Village, Serizawa Village, Minamikoizumi Village, Kitakoizumi Village
    • Moriyama Village ← Moriyama Village, Yamanaka Village, Daiku Village, Yazako Village, Daizenji Village, Miyota Village, Honest Village, Tokusada Village, Kanazawa Village, Hosoda Village
    • Takase Village ← Taihei Village, Shimoyuki Village, Ascending Go Village, Kanaya Village, Ogawa Village, Teshiro Kimura
    • Futase Village ← Nukazuka Village, Tamogami Village, Kawamagari Village, Tochiyama Kamimura, Tochimoto Village, Shimomichi Watari Village, Kamido Watari Village, Yatagawa Village
    • Takano Village ← Ita Village, Tsuchiya Village, Takashiba Village, Itabashi Village
    • Aikuma Village ← Oni Tamura, Kimura, Mimachime Village, Ota Village
    • Miyagi Village ← Akanuma Village, Takakura Village, Kamiishi Village, Ebine Village
    • Otachi Village ← Shimoeda Village, Yanagibashi Village, Kurogi Village, Komaita Village, Kimesawa Village, Ushiku Village, Hongo Village, Nakatsugawa Village
(26th year of Meiji)
May 2Part of Futase Village (Shimomichi Watari, Kamido Watari, Yatagawa) is separatedYatagawa VillageWas launched.
(27th year of Meiji)
May 7Part of Iwae Village (Minamikoizumi / Kitakoizumi and part of Serizawa) is separatedKoizumi VillageWas launched.
(Taisho 13)
May 9Koriyama Town and Koharada Village mergedKoriyamaWas launched.
(41th year of Meiji)
May 1Moriyama village enforces town systemMoriyama Townbecome.
(Taisho 14)
May 6Kuwano Village was transferred to Koriyama City.
May 8Yamanoi Village, Asaka District enforces town system and renamesHiwada TownBecomes
May 4Tokuyama village enforced town systemFukuyama TownBecomes
May 4
  • Takagawa village enforces town system and renamesAtamiBecomes
  • Otsuki village enforces town systemOtsuki TownBecomes
May 10Nagamori village enforces town systemNagamori TownBecomes
1954(29) May 2Atami TownAzumi-gunMigrate to.Became Atami-machi, Asaka-gun.
May 3Koizumi Village was incorporated into Fukuyama Town.
May 9Atami Town and Marumori Village mergedAtamiWas launched.
May 11
  • Part of Tomita Village was transferred to Kikuta Village.
  • The rest of Tomita Village was transferred to Koriyama City.
May 12Nagamori Town and Toyota Village mergedAzumi TownWas launched.
May 1
  • Part of Moriyamamachi / Yatagawa Village and Takase Village (Ascending Go / Kanaya / Ogawa / Teshirogi and the rest of Shimoyuki)
    MergedTamura TownWas launched.
  • The rest of Takase Village (a part of Ohira and Shimoyuki) was transferred to Koriyama City.
May 3Futase Village was incorporated into Tamuramachi.
May 3Hozumi Village / Sanwa Village and part of Asaka Town (Kawata) mergedMihoda VillageWas launched.
May 3
  • Nakano Village, Miyo Village, Tsukigata Village, Fukura Village, and Akatsu Village mergedKonan VillageWas launched.
  • Otsukimachi was incorporated into Koriyama City.
May 4Takano Village and Okuma Village mergedNishida VillageWas launched.
May 4Kawachi Village and Tadano Village mergedAize VillageWas launched.
May 11
  • Part of Iwae Village (part of Yamada and Kamimogi)Miharu TownTransferred to.
  • Part of Iwae Village (Serizawa / Negiya) was transferred to Nishida Village.
  • The rest of Iwae Village (the rest of Shiraiwa, Shimoshiraiwa, Shimomogi, Akutsu, Yasuhara, Yokokawa and Kamimogi) was transferred to Koriyama City.
  • Part of Miharu Town (Kabanokura / Arai) was transferred to Koriyama City.
May 9Miyagi Village and Otachi Village mergedNakataWas launched.
May 5Koriyama City and Fukuyama Town, Hiwada Town, Atami Town, Asaka Town, Mihota Village, Kikuta Village, Ose Village,
Katahira Village, Mihota Village, Konan Village, Tamura Town mergedKoriyamaWas launched.
May 8Nishida Village and Nakata Village were transferred to Koriyama City.
  • Transition chart before the municipal and municipal system
Transition table of Koriyama city area before municipal system
First year of the Meiji era--22nd year of the Meiji eraMeiji 22
May 4
Azumi-gunKoriyama VillageMeiji 9
Koriyama Village
Meiji 12
Koriyama Village
Koriyama Town
Yokotsuka VillageMeiji 12
Yokotsuka Village
Ohara Tamura
Ohara TamuraMeiji 9
Yongsheng Village
Meiji 12
Ohara Tamura
Hideyama VillageMeiji 12
Hideyama Village
Yongsheng Village
Sasahara Village
Sasagawa VillageMeiji 12
Sasagawa Village
Arai VillageMeiji 9
Toyota Village
Meiji 12
Arai Village
Narita villageMeiji 12
Narita village
Toyota Village
KawataMeiji 12
Fukuhara VillageMeiji 9
Tokuyama Village
Meiji 12
Fukuhara Village
Tokuyama Village
Kubota VillageMeiji 12
Kubota Village
Yatsuyamada VillageMeiji 12
Yatsuyamada Village
Horinouchi VillageMeiji 9
Part of Kikuta Village
Meiji 12
Horinouchi Village
Kikuta Village
Maedazawa VillageMeiji 12
Maedazawa Village
Waseda Hara VillageMeiji 12
Waseda Hara Village
Hiwada VillageMeiji 9
Yamanoi Village
Meiji 12
Hiwada Village
Yamanoi Village
Takakura VillageMeiji 12
Takakura Village
XNUMX-chome villageMeiji 12
XNUMX-chome village
Umesawa VillageMeiji 12
Umesawa Village
Otsuki VillageOtsuki Village
Meiji 9
Kuwano Village
Kuwano Village
Adachi-gunNakayama VillageTakagawa Village
Ishibane Village
Gao Yucun
Yokokawa VillageMeiji 9
Tamagawa Village
Aoki Hamura
Azumi-gunShimo Izu Island VillageMeiji 9
Part of Kikuta Village
Meiji 12
Shimo Izu Island Village
Marumori Village
Kamiizujima VillageMeiji 9
Part of Marumori Village
Meiji 12
Kamiizujima Village
Yasukojima VillageMeiji 12
Yasukojima Village
 Nagahashi VillageMeiji 12
Nagahashi Village
 Meiji 9
Hishigata Village
Katahira VillageKatahira VillageKatahira Village
KawachiMeiji 12
Natsuide VillageMeiji 9
Part of Marumori Village
Natsuide Village
Tadano VillageSeptember Meiji
Yamanobe Village
Meiji 12
Tadano Village
Tadano Village
Otani VillageMeiji 12
Otani Village
Hozumi Village
Yamaguchi VillageMeiji 12
Yamaguchi Village
Komaya VillageMeiji 8
Hozumi Village
Meiji 12
Komaya Village
HachimanMeiji 12
Noda NittamuraMeiji 12
Nabeyama VillageMeiji 12
Nabeyama Village
Sanwa Village
Tomioka VillageMeiji 8
Inatsu Village
Meiji 12
Tomioka Village
Shimomoriya VillageMeiji 12
Shimomoriya Village
Nakachi VillageMeiji 8
Asano Village
Three generations village
Funatsu VillageTsukigata Village
Yokohama VillageMeiji 9
Yokohama Village
Meiji 17
Yokohama Village
Hamaji VillageMeiji 17
Hamaji Village
Fukura VillageFukura Village
Akatsu VillageAkatsu Village
Tamura-gunYamada VillageGanje Village
Kamimaigi Village
Shimo Maigi Village
Shiroiwa Village
Shimo Shiroiwa Village
Yokokawa Village
Nekoya Village
Serizawa Village
Minamikoizumi Village
Kitakoizumi Village
Ohira VillageTakase Village
Shimoyuki Aimura
Ascending Gomura
Kanaya Village
Teshiro Kimura
Moriyama VillageMoriyama Village
Yamanaka Village
Daiku Village
Yazako Village
Daizenji Village
Miyota Village
Honest village
Tokusada Village
Kanazawa Village
Hosoda Village
Shimomichi WatarimuraFutase Village
Kamido Watarimura
Yatagawa Village
Nukazuka Village
Tamogami Village
Kawamagari Village
Tochiyama Kamimura
Tochimoto Village
Tan ItamuraTakano Village
Takashiba Village
Oni TamuraAikuma Village
Mimachime VillageMeiji 12
Takashiba Village
Sanjome Village
Ohata VillageMeiji 14
Akanuma VillageMiyagi Village
Takakura Village
Ebine Village
Shimoeda VillageOtachi Village
Yanagibashi Village
Kuroki Village
Kimesawa Village
Ushiku Village
Hongo Village
Nakatsugawa Village
  • Transition table after municipal and municipal systems
Transition table of Koriyama city area after city system / town / village system
Meiji 22
May 4
Meiji 22-1920-64XNUMX-presentNow
Azumi-gunKoriyama VillageKoriyama TownMay 13, 9
KoriyamaShowa 40 years 5 month 1 Date
Ohara TamuraOhara Tamura
Yokotsuka Village
Kuwano VillageKuwano VillageMay 14, 6
Otsuki VillageOtsuki VillageShowa 15 years 4 month 1 Date
Town system
Showa 30 years 3 month 31 Date
Transferred to Koriyama City
 TomitaTomitaTomitaShowa 29 years 11 month 1 Date
Transferred to Koriyama City
 Showa 29 years 11 month 1 Date
Kikuta Village
Horinouchi VillageKikuta VillageKikuta Village
Maedazawa Village
Waseda Hara Village
Hiwada VillageYamanoi VillageMay 14, 8
Hiwada TownTo
Town system renamed
Hiwada Town
Takakura Village
XNUMX-chome village
Umesawa Village
Fukuhara VillageTokuyama VillageShowa 12 years 4 month 1 Date
Town system
Fukuyama Town
Kubota Village
Yatsuyamada Village
Tamura-gunMinamikoizumi VillageGanje Village
A part of
April 27, 7
Koizumi VillageSeparation
Showa 29 years 3 month 31 Date
Transferred to Fukuyama Town
Kitakoizumi Village
Part of Serizawa Village
Shimo Maigi VillageGanje VillageA part ofShowa 30 years 11 month 15 Date
Transferred to Koriyama City
Shiroiwa Village
Shimo Shiroiwa Village
Yokokawa Village
Part of Kamimaigi Village
Adachi-gunNakayama VillageTakagawa VillageShowa 15 years 4 month 1 Date
Town system renamed
Showa 29 years 2 month 1 Date
Moved to Asaka-gun
Showa 29 years 9 month 1 Date
Ishibane Village
Gao Yucun
Tamagawa Village
Azumi-gunShimo Izu Island VillageMarumori VillageMarumori VillageMarumori Village
Kamiizujima Village
Yasukojima Village
Nagahashi Village
Hideyama VillageYongsheng VillageShowa 18 years 10 month 1 Date
Town system
Showa 29 years 12 month 10 Date
Azumi Town
Sasagawa Village
Arai Village
Narita villageToyota VillageToyota Village
KawataShowa 30 years 3 month 10 Date
Mihoda Village
Otani VillageHozumi VillageHozumi Village
Yamaguchi Village
Komaya Village
Tomioka VillageSanwa VillageSanwa Village
Shimomoriya Village
Nabeyama Village
KawachiKawachiKawachiShowa 30 years 4 month 23 Date
Aize Village
Natsuide Village
Tadano VillageTadano VillageTadano Village
Katahira VillageKatahira VillageKatahira VillageKatahira Village
NakanomuraMinowaApril 25, 7
Showa 30 years 3 month 31 Date
Konan Village
Three generations villageApril 25, 7
Three generations villageSeparation
Funatsu VillageTsukigata VillageTsukigata Village
Yokohama Village
Hamaji Village
Fukura VillageFukura VillageFukura Village
Akatsu VillageAkatsu VillageAkatsu Village
Tamura-gunOhira VillageTakase VillageTakase VillageShowa 30 years 1 month 1 Date
Transferred to Koriyama City
 Shimoyuki Aimura
 Showa 30 years 1 month 1 Date
Tamura Town
Ascending Gomura
Kanaya Village
Teshiro Kimura
Moriyama VillageMoriyama VillageApril 41, 1
Town system
Yamanaka Village
Daiku Village
Yazako Village
Daizenji Village
Miyota Village
Honest village
Tokusada Village
Kanazawa Village
Hosoda Village
Shimomichi WatarimuraFutase VillageApril 26, 2
Yatagawa VillageSeparation
Kamido Watarimura
Yatagawa Village
Nukazuka VillageFutase VillageApril 26, 2
Transferred to Tamura Town
Tamogami Village
Kawamagari Village
Tochiyama Kamimura
Tochimoto Village
Tan ItamuraTakano VillageTakano VillageShowa 30 years 4 month 1 Date
Nishida Village
Showa 40 years 8 month 1 Date
Transferred to Koriyama City
Takashiba Village
Oni TamuraAikuma VillageAikuma Village
Takashiba Village
Nekoya VillageGanje Village
A part of
Ganje VillageA part ofShowa 30 years 11 month 15 Date
Transferred to Nishita Village
Part of Serizawa Village
Akanuma VillageMiyagi VillageMiyagi VillageShowa 31 years 9 month 1 Date
Takakura Village
Ebine Village
Shimoeda VillageOtachi VillageOtachi Village
Yanagibashi Village
Kuroki Village
Kimesawa Village
Ushiku Village
Hongo Village
Nakatsugawa Village

Urban development

There are many dozens of apartments in the central city area. SkyscrapersKoriyama StationThe former common name "Big eye(Big-i)" (24 building with 1 floors,Pedestrian deckDirectly connected to Koriyama station) has become established as a landmark in front of the station.2005Is a symbol road of the station square main street,arcadeRebuilding work of2006It was completed in summer.

In the southern part of the cityKoriyama south baseDevelop land readjustment project,Big Palette FukushimaWe are carrying out maintenance projects centered on. In addition, here is the Fukushima Prefecture Koriyama Joint Government Building (currently located at the foot of Mt.Former Koriyama City Hall) Was planned, but it was not realized due to the financial difficulties of the prefecture. In 2014, the prefecture formulated a basic concept including the construction site and scale of the new joint government building in FY2015, and indicated a policy of aiming to open it within the next 10 years.[13].

In Omachi, which is located in the central city area, a land readjustment project has been underway since 2005, and a budget of nearly 60 billion yen has already been invested. There is a former Topos Koriyama store (Koriyama Omachi Center Building) in the same area, and the land and buildings were seized by the city due to tax delinquency since the store closed in 1994. Sale to real estate agent announced[14].. After dismantling, it will be used as a parking lot for the time being.

Regarding the improvement of the transportation system, January 2019,Tohoku Expressway OfKoriyama Central Smart InterchangeHas started operation,Banetsu West LineAbout halfway between Koriyama station and Kikuta stationKoriyama Tomita StationWas established and opened in April 2017.[15].. In Fukushima prefectureJRThe new station was built in March 1987.Banetsu East LineEda StationSince then.


2007Degree statistics[16]At 15,927 private establishments, 4,341 commercial establishments,Annual product salesThe total is 1 billion yen, which is the largest in Fukushima Prefecture, and the second largest in the Tohoku region after Sendai.

The prefecture's share of annual merchandise sales is 40.8% of the wholesale business and 20.4% of the retail business, which is why Fukushima Prefecture's “commercial capital” and “economic capital”[1]Also calledKoriyama metropolitan areaIs formed.

The key point of transportation "land port"

Tokyo areaLocated within 200 km ofTokyo StationKoriyama StationConnect in a minimum of 77 minutes1982Opening of businessTohoku ShinkansenStartedTohoku Expressway,Banetsu Expressway, In the neighborhoodFukushima AirportThe high-speed transportation network has been developed one after another, and it has become a base as a crossroads for transportation in eastern Japan.[17]Also known as, it has developed.203,000m of land area, one of the largest in the city2haveKoriyama Freight Terminal StationAlso, in recent yearsModal shiftAs a result, the importance as a logistics base is increasing.

Located in the center of Fukushima prefecture, 5Interchange(The largest number in Fukushima Prefecture) intersects with the Tohoku/Banetsu ExpresswayKoriyama JunctionIf there are geographical advantages, and companies that expand on a national scale are based in Fukushima Prefecture, most of them choose Koriyama City, and branch offices, branches and regional subsidiaries are concentrated.Branch economy cityBut also.

Convention city

In Koriyama City, in order to expand the exchange population and promote regional development, we are actively engaged in attracting various exhibitions and academic societies,ConventionThe policy is to aim at a city. Big Palette Fukushima,Koriyama Urax AtamiSince convention facilities such as hotels and ryokan are also substantial, events, meetings, and training are actively held. The number of conventions held in 2014 was 850[18].

Promotion of new industry

Than beforeFukushima Prefecture High-Tech Plaza,Nihon University Faculty of EngineeringInstalled in the siteKoriyama area Technopolis manufacturing incubation centerWe have been working on industry promotion and entrepreneurial support through ventures, etc.再生 可能 エネルギー,Medical equipmentPositioning industry as a pillar of industrial recovery after the earthquake[19],AISTFukushima Renewable Energy Institute (Opened in 2014)Fukushima Medical Device Development Support CenterWith the installation of the above as a catalyst, we are focusing on attracting companies by holding large-scale exhibitions and seminars.

Primary industry

  • Agricultural output: 146 billion yen (2015, third largest prefecture)[20]
  • Rice production: 69 billion yen (2015, No. 1 prefecture)
  • carpAquaculture production: 550 tons (2014, No. 1 nationwide by municipality)

MeijiExcavated in the timesLake InawashiroWater sourceAzumi Canal(Asakasosusui), andMeiji RestorationA vast paddy field was developed by the settlement of Azumi by the settlement of lower samurai from all over Japan. With these big projectsAbukuma RiverSloping toward the river, there are few rivers that serve as water sources, and there are many valleyshillsZone is most landAzumi wildernessHowever, it was reborn as a vast paddy field represented by Mihoda Town, and the city produced the most rice in Japan. However, the newNiigataWas deprived of its position in the year 2006, was ranked 17th nationwide.

In recent years, through the efforts of producers on “Koriyama brand vegetables” and the investment by the Mitsubishi Corporation Reconstruction Support FoundationFukushima Aize Winery[21]AtWine,LiqueurManufacturing and sales of agricultural products6th industrializationIs focusing on.

またHiwada TownToFukushima Agricultural Research CenterIs located and is the base for agricultural research in Fukushima Prefecture.

Secondary industry

Manufactured product shipment amount: 8,544 billion yen (2014. 2nd in prefecture, 3rd in Tohoku region)[22]

Main industrial park

Industrial parkMajor companies/industries
Koriyama West Daiichi Industrial Park Under sale
West Koriyama Industrial ParkAISTFukushima Renewable Energy Laboratory,Anritsu,Kyocera,Komatsu,Japan Digital Institute,Mitsubishi Electric,Mitsubishi Chemical,other
Koriyama West Soft ParkTosei Electro Beam, Tosei EB Tohoku, etc.
Koriyama Central Industrial ParkAsaka RIKEN,ClarionManufacturing and Service, Tohoku Anritsu,Panasonic,Hitachi, Ltd.,other
Koriyama Northern Industrial ParkMurata Manufacturing,Mitsubishi Fuso Truck/Bus,Yamato Transport,other
Koriyama Distribution Business ComplexPrologis,Nippon Logitem,Japan Post Transport, Daito Logistics, etc.

Tertiary industry

Sales of merchandise: ¥1 billion (4,913: 2007st in the prefecture, 1nd in the Tohoku region)

Wholesale market

Major department stores and commercial facilities in Koriyama

Department storeAs for the thin department store (currentlyIsetan Mitsukoshi HoldingsAffiliates), large stores are Ito-Yokado, Aeon,SeiyuThere is a (LIVIN) store. Once in a large store,DaieiThe Koriyama store (later Topos, closed in November 1994) is a specialty store series,MaruiThere was a Koriyama store (closed in February 2008). Besides this, the above-mentioned Ito-Yokado and Seiyu (Koriyama Seibu store) existed around Koriyama station before the relocation.

Consumer electronics storeIt is,Yodobashi Camera,Kojima(Currently Kojima x BicCamera),Yamada Denki(YAMADA web.com Koriyama Main Store, Techland New Koriyama Minami Store, Yamada Outlet Koriyama Store),K's Denki(Two stores, Koriyama Main Store and Koriyama Kita Main Store[Annotation 1]) Is open.

Seven-ElevenKoriyama Toramaru Store (1975Opened) is the first store that opened 24 hours in Seven-Eleven in Japan.

Major companies headquartered in the city

(Listed company)


  • Light department store(Department store,Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings(Under umbrella)
  • York-Benimaru(Grocery Supermarket / Formerly listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
  • Nippon Zenyaku Kogyo(Medical drugs for pets and livestock)
  • Tohoku Murata Manufacturing(Production of silver oxide batteries, primary batteries such as lithium coin batteries, lithium ion batteries)
  • Kashiwaya (Manufacture and sale of Japanese sweets)
  • XNUMX stones(Manufacture and sale of Japanese sweets)
  • Kannoya(Manufacture and sale of Japanese sweets)
  • Aoki store(Fruit bar AOKI, fruit juice workshop Karin, Fruit Peaks, etc.)
  • Dairy industry(Dairy products such as dairy cafe au lait)
  • Clarion Manufacturing and Service (Car audio navigation production)
  • Big rental (construction equipment rental business)
  • Fukushima Kanko (bus, taxi)
  • Koriyama central transportation (bus)
  • Sato(Food wholesale business)
  • Sasanokawa Brewery(Brewing and selling alcoholic beverages)
  • Sato Fuel (sales of petroleum products)
  • Shiki Kobo (custom house)
  • Fukushima computer system(Computer, software development, engineer dispatch)
  • Maruichi Group(Management of gas stations, taxis, etc.)
  • Tohoku Alfresa (pharmaceutical wholesale business)
  • パ ス テ ル(Sales of miscellaneous goods)
  • Gin Corporation(Beauty and hair removal specialty salon "MUZE PLATINUM") ・Food and drink ("Hiromoto Hashimoto", "Menya Kusabi", "Ichishintei branch store", "Aa Hakata Humanity").

OnceTokyo Stock ExchangeListed on part, thenSeven & i HoldingsBecame a wholly owned subsidiary of Food SuperYork-BenimaruAnd a sports equipment sales giantXebio Holdings,Second regional bank OfDaito BankOf the ramen store chainKorakuenEtc. have their head office and main store.

Also, the largest in Fukushima prefectureLocal bank-Toho Bank The1946Until the car purchaserGulliver International The1996It had its headquarters until.

Major companies that have factories in the city

Financial institution

A financial institution with a head office in the city
Financial institutions with branches in the city
Financial institutions with sales offices in the city

Mass media

TV/Radio stations

Newspapers and news agencies

free paper

Statistical data

Current market


  • Total population-335,444 (2015)


  • Number of households-131,548 households (2010)
  • Area of ​​habitable area --337.34km2
  • Percentage of young children (under 15)-12.60% (2019)
  • Proportion of working-age population (15-64)-61.82% (2019)
  • Elderly population ratio (65 years old and over)-25.58% (2019)
  • Daytime population -352,462 (2010)
  • Population growth rate (3 years ago) -0.98% decrease (2019)
  • Daytime population ratio-105.07% (2019)
  • Labor force population -157,283 (2010)
  • Female labor force participation rate-51.7% (2019)
  • Unemployment rate-4.8% (2019)
  • Total fertility rate --1.43 (2019)
  • Number of commuters to other municipalities-16,293 (2010)
  • Commuters from other municipalities-29,613 (2010)
  • Primary industryEmployee composition ratio-2.9% (2019)
  • Primary industryEmployee composition ratio-23.5% (2019)
  • Primary industryEmployee composition ratio-65.9% (2019)
  • Agricultural output-171 billion yen (1,000)
  • Manufactured product shipments, etc.-¥7,759 billion (2012)
  • Commercial annual product sales -1 billion yen (4,913)


As of July 2009

District namepopulationareaThe population density
Old Koriyama190,46256.53km23,369.22 people / km2
Azumi35,08517.45km22,010.60 people / km2
Mihoda4,77644.55km2107.21 people / km2
Aize4,68472.01km265.05 people / km2
Katahira7,17118.76km2382.25 people / km2
Kikuta10,50115.75km2666.73 people / km2
Hiwada10,15722.52km2451.02 people / km2
Fukuyama35,06116.35km22,144.40 people / km2
湖南4,043167.73km224.10 people / km2
Lake Inawashiro area of ​​Hunan area 26.01km2
Atami6,742151.17km244.60 people / km2
Tamura20,35591.73km2221.90 people / km2
(I.e.4,72127.28km2173.06 people / km2
5,72855.23km2103.718 people / km2
Total number339,486757.06km2448.43 people / km2

As of July 2021

District namepopulationareaThe population density
Old Koriyama180,29856.53km23,184.35 people / km2
Azumi33,05717.45km21,926.39 people / km2

People / km2

Aize4,40372.01km255.58 people / km2
Katahira6,27118.76km2334.28 people / km2
Kikuta11,95915.75km2768.08 people / km2
Hiwada10,15222.52km2450.60 people / km2

People || 16.35km2|| 2,200.48 people / km2

湖南3,145167.73km218.75 people / km2
Lake Inawashiro area of ​​Hunan area 26.01km2
Atami5,264151.17km234.81 people / km2
Tamura17,06991.73km2186.04 people / km2
(I.e.4,31427.28km2158.08 people / km2
4,59755.23km283.22 people / km2
Total number321,394757.06km2424

.45 people / km2


Koriyama City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Koriyama City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Koriyama City (equivalent area) Population Changes
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Public institutions

City agency

  • Koriyama City Hall
    • Citizen Service Center (Koriyama Big Eye)
    • Tomita Administration Center
    • Otsuki Administration Center
    • Azumi Administration Center
    • Mihoda Administration Center
    • Aize Administration Center
      • Kawachi Liaison Office
    • Katahira Administration Center
    • Kikuta Administration Center
    • Hiwada Administration Center
    • Fukuyama Administration Center
    • Hunan Administration Center
      • Lunar contact
    • Atami Administration Center
    • Tamura Administration Center
      • Takase Contact
      • Futase contact
    • Nishida Administration Center
    • Nakata Administration Center
    • Koriyama City Waterworks Bureau
    • Koriyama City Public Health Center
    • Koriyama City Children's Support Center (Nico Nico Children's Center)
    • Koriyama City Child Care Support Center
    • Koriyama City General Welfare Center
    • Koriyama City Regional Comprehensive Support Center
  • Koriyama area wide area firefighting association Koriyama Fire Department
    • Atami Branch Office
    • Hiwada Branch Office
    • Fukuyama branch office
    • Tamura Branch Office
    • Otsuki key branch office
    • Akane station
    • Kikuta key branch office
    • Needle first aid
    • Konan branch office
    • Nakata Branch Office

Prefecture agency

  • FukushimaPrefectural Chubu Promotion Bureau
  • Fukushima Prefectural Central Agriculture and Forestry Office
  • Fukushima Prefectural Education Office
  • Fukushima Prefectural Naka Construction Office
  • Fukushima prefecturechild consultation center
  • Fukushima Prefectural Police
    • Koriyama Police Station
      • Station square police box
      • Haga police box
      • Furudate police box
      • Choja police box
      • Foothill police box
      • Kurume police box
      • Kaiseiyama police box
      • Sasakawa police box
      • Otsuki police box
      • Iwae Office
      • Miyagi Office
      • Yanagibashi Office
      • Tamura Office
      • Futase station
      • Mihoda Office
    • Koriyama north police station
      • Tomita police box
      • Fukuyama police box
      • Atami station
      • Aize branch
      • Katahira Office
      • Kikuta Office
      • Nishida Office
      • Hiwada Office
      • Fukura Office
      • Funatsu station
    • Koriyama Driver License Center

Institutions such as countries

Independent administrative corporations and special corporations

research Institute

Medical institution

A general hospital with the largest number of beds in Fukushima PrefectureUniversity hospitalPlay the role of "family doctor" who conducts daily medical examinations and health management, etc.clinicMany are accumulated. The number of beds per 10 people is 1815.5 beds (national average 1236.3 beds), the number of doctors is 237.5 (226.5) and the number of dentists is 111.6 (78.2).[25].

The Koriyama City Children's Medical Expense Subsidy Program provides free medical expenses for citizens under the age of 18.[26].

Major medical institutions



Museums, museums, etc.

In the buildingplanetariumIs the highest place in the world, counting from the ground,Guinness World RecordsCertification.
NowFukushima Prefectural Azumi High SchoolFormer Fukushima Prefectural Ordinary Middle School Main Building on the premises. country'sImportant cultural property.







Other facilities


post office
  • Koizumi Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Miyagi Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Yanagibashi Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Nishida Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Moriyama Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Yatagawa Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Lunar post office (collection office)
  • Nakano Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Fukura Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Yasukojima Post Office
  • Atami Post Office
  • Katahira Post Office
  • Kikuta Post Office
  • Kubota Post Office
  • Koriyama Kaisei Post Office
  • Koriyama Nakamachi Post Office
  • Koriyama Kibogaoka Post Office
  • Koriyama Otsuki Post Office
  • Koriyama foot mountain post office
  • Koriyama Hohamachi Post Office
  • Koriyama Honcho Post Office
  • Koriyama Kurume Post Office
  • Koriyama Choja Post Office
  • Koriyama Wholesale Town Post Office
  • Koriyamadai New Post Office
  • Koriyama City Office Post Office
  • Koriyama Toramaru Post Office
  • Koriyama Kakuike Post Office
  • Koriyama Hosonuma Post Office
  • Koriyama Station Post Office
  • Koriyama Wakaba Town Post Office
  • Koriyama Obarada Post Office
  • Koriyama Gohyakubuchi Post Office
  • Koriyama Ekimae Odori Post Office
  • Koriyama Shibamiya Post Office
  • Koriyama Arai Post Office
  • Koriyama Fukasawa Post Office
  • Koriyama Kanaya Post Office
  • Koriyama Midorigaoka Post Office
  • Koriyama Sasakawa Post Office
  • Koriyama Namiki Post Office
  • Takase Post Office
  • Takano Post Office
  • Tadano Post Office
  • Tomita Post Office
  • Tomitahigashi Post Office
  • Fukuyama Post Office
  • Mihoda Post Office
  • Sanwa Post Office
  • Maiki Post Office
Simple post office
  • Shimoeda Post Office
  • Tamogami Simple Post Office
  • Ishibako Simple Post Office
  • Akatsu Simple Post Office
  • Azumi Kawachi Post Office


From fiscal 2015, about 61 cars were installed in all elementary and junior high schools in the city (28 elementary schools and 89 middle schools, totaling 2500 schools).Tablet terminalHave been deployed. This is the first attempt in a core city to introduce it to all schools[27].

University/Junior college


high school


Junior high school

  • Atami Junior High School
  • Kikuta Junior High School
  • Hunan Junior High School
  • Azumi Junior High School
  • Azumi second junior high school
  • Moriyama Junior High School
  • Midorigaoka Junior High School
  • Takase Junior High School
  • Nise Junior High School
  • Mihoda Junior High School
  • Meiken Middle School
  • Miyagi Junior High School
  • Odate Middle School

Compulsory education school


primary school

  • Gyoken Elementary School
  • Gyoken Daini Elementary School
  • Koizumi Elementary School
  • Kintoru Elementary School
  • Yoshiyama Elementary School
  • Taisei Elementary School
  • Tachibana Elementary School
  • Owarada Elementary School
  • Haga Elementary School
  • Momomidai Elementary School
  • Akagi Elementary School
  • Gyotoku Elementary School
  • Shibamiya Elementary School
  • Asahigaoka Elementary School
  • Meiken Elementary School
  • Oshima Elementary School
  • Kuwano Elementary School
  • Tomita Elementary School
  • Tomita Higashi Elementary School
  • Tomita Nishi Elementary School
  • Oyamada Elementary School
  • Kaisei Elementary School
  • Otsuki Elementary School
  • Shiraiwa Elementary School
  • Toho Elementary School
  • Kaoru Elementary School
  • Sakura Elementary School
  • Azumi Daiichi Elementary School
  • Azumi Daini Elementary School
  • Azumi Third Elementary School
  • Nagamori Elementary School
  • Moriyama Elementary School
  • Miyoda Elementary School
  • Takase Elementary School
  • Yatagawa Elementary School
  • Hiwada Elementary School
  • Takakura Elementary School
  • Atami Elementary School
    • Ishihama Branch School
  • Yasukojima Elementary School
  • Kamiizujima Elementary School
  • Tamogami Elementary School
  • Tochiyamagami Elementary School
  • Hozumi Elementary School
  • Sanwa Elementary School
  • Tadano Elementary School
    • Horiguchi branch school
  • Kawachi Elementary School
    • Summer school
  • Katahira Elementary School
  • Kikuta Elementary School
  • Miyagi Elementary School
  • Ebine Elementary School
  • Odate Elementary School
    • Shimoeda Branch School
  • Midorigaoka Daiichi Elementary School
  • Hunan Elementary School

Special school

  • Fukushima Prefectural Koriyama Support School
  • Fukushima Prefectural Abukuma Support School
    • Fukushima Prefectural Abukuma Support School Akane School
  • Fukushima Prefectural Sukagawa Support School Koriyama Branch School (for long-term hospitalized children and students)
  • Fukushima Prefectural Hearing Support School

Vocational Development Junior College

Vocational school

Various schools

Driving school


Tohoku ShinkansenTokyo StationIt is connected in a minimum of 77 minutes fromKoriyama StationからBanetsu East Line,Banetsu West Line,Mizugun LineBranches,Tohoku Expressway,Banetsu Expressway,National Route 4,National Route 49,National Route 288,National Route 294"Land Port" is one of the most important transportation hubs in eastern Japan.[28]Is called.

Also from the Banetsu ExpresswayHokuriku ExpresswayViaKansai regionIt is possible to move to the shortest route to.


Koriyama StationThere are lines in the east-west and north-south directions as well as in the south-east direction. There is no private railway, and all passenger and freight transportation is handled by East Japan Railway Company (JR East).

East Japan Railway
(Tokyo/Omiya area- Koriyama Station -Fukushima, Yamagata, Sendai, Shin-Aomori, Shin-Hakodate Hokuto)
The eggplant issue isNasushiobara StationGoing further north, the daytime diamond is centering around Tokyo.
(Tokyo/Omiya area- Azumi Nagamori Station -(Koriyama Freight Terminal Station)- Koriyama Station - Hiwada Station
(Iwaki area- Maiki Station - Koriyama Station
(Koriyama Station - Koriyama Tomita Station - Kikuta Station - Yasukojima Station - Bandai Atami Station - Nakayamajuku Station -Aizu-Wakamatsu / Niitsu area)
(For Mito- Yatagawa Station - Iwaki Moriyama Station- Azumi Nagamori Station - Koriyama Station
The terminal station of the Mizugori line is Azumi Nagamori station, but all the trains get on the Tohoku main line to Koriyama station.

* In addition, JR and Koriyama City are requesting/planning to install the following new stations (tentative name).

  • Koriyama Minami Station
    • Between Azumi Eimori Station and Koriyama Station on the Tohoku Line


Highway bus route

Number of passengers in 2005 (PDF) Also added.
Fukushima prefecture
Adjacent prefecture
To Tokyo
To Nagoya
  • Koriyama~ Higashi Okazaki Station/Tomei Toyota/Sakae/Nagoya: From July 2013, 7
For Osaka


The area around Koriyama Station and the city center is central, but there is also a certain number of tourist demand such as Bandai Atami. Most of them are small taxis. Saijo taxi groupUberTaxiavailable.

  • Major taxi companies based in the city
  • Hikari taxi
  • Fukushima Kanko
  • Koriyama sightseeing traffic
  • Club car
  • Saijo taxi group
  • Hunan Transportation Group
  • Tomita taxi
  • Kikuta taxi
  • Hiwada taxi


  • Hunan Port
Lake InawashiroLocated on the south bank. Currently mainly for tourism.Local portAs a result, it is at the highest point in Japan alongside the Okinoshima Port.


An airport used by Koriyama City.

AdjacentSukagawaTamagawa VillageThere is a 2500m runway that spans all over. On domestic flightsNew Chitose,Osaka, On international flightsSeoul,ShanghaiIn addition to having a regular route toHong Kong,TaipeiAlthough charter flights were operated from such sources, international flights are not currently operated.in the pastObihiro,Hakodate,Central part,Hiroshima,Fukuoka,Kansai,OkinawaWas also in service.
Tohoku ShinkansenIt takes 1 hour to 1 hour and 10 minutes. OrhighwayIt takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.Sendai Airport Access LineWith the opening of the, convenience has been improved.
Chiba KotsubyLimousine busThere is service. In addition, an airport liner for low-cost door-to-door transportation by Fukushima Kanko will also be operated.
Access by Tohoku Shinkansen.



General national road

Main local road

General prefectural road

Bicycle path

Main common name in the city

For detailsStreet in Fukushima PrefectureSee.



The tallest building in Fukushima prefecture, which is about 133m high.Koriyama City Fureai Science MuseumEtc. move in. You can see the city area around Koriyama Station from the free admission zone on the 22nd floor.
A plateau with a height of about 1,000 m. You can overlook Mt. Bandaisan and Lake Inawashiro. There are 33 windmills lined up for wind power generation, also called the Wind Plateau, and there are observation decks and walking courses.
Lake with the fourth largest area in Japan. It is also called "Tenkyo Lake" because the surface of the lake is beautiful like a mirror.ウ ォ ー タ ー ス ポ ー ツIt is one of the leading outdoor spots in the prefecture, such as lake bathing and camping.
Miharu Koma,Miharu Hariko DollIs the birthplace of, and is a village of craftsmen with a history of over 300 years from the Edo period. Four workshops stand side by side and produce local folk crafts.
Muromachi period painterSnow villageWhere I spent my last years.
Largest in the Tohoku regionFront and rear circleIs a nationally designated historic site. AroundOyaba Historic Site ParkIt has been maintained as, and hands-on learning events are also held. There were cracks in the Great East Japan Earthquake, but restoration was completed in July 2013.
Top XNUMX waterfalls in JapanA waterfall with a height of 48m.Autumn leavesIt is also a spot.
The road that connects Atami-cho Seki and Nakanozawa Onsen. There are tourist attractions such as Shikake Fureai Farm and Choshigataki along the line. It used to be a toll road, but since 2006 it has been opened for free.
The only prefecture in the prefecture managed and operated by Koriyama Cityamusement park.. Admission is free because the city manages, and vehicles can be used at a low price.
A vast area of ​​about 103 haTourist ranch.. You can interact with livestock and animals, and enjoy cycling, horseback riding, and barbecue of locally produced lamb meat. The animals bred include cows, horses, rabbits, donkeys, sheep, goats, ducks, and peacocks.
Leisurely hot springA ranch in the village of Ivana.alpacaBesides, miniature horses and sheep are also bred.




A hot spring area also known as the Oku-zashiki of Koriyama. OnceOshu BattleBecame the lord of this land afterYoritomo GengenVassal ofYucho ItoThere is a legend that (also with the ancestors of Yucho Ito and descendants of the Azumi-gun lord, Mr. Ito) remembered the hometown of Izu hot springs and named it Atami. From that spring qualityTsukioka Onsen,Iwaki Yumoto OnsenIt is also counted as "Ban-etsu Expressway".In the hot spring town, from popular inns to emperors, empresses and royal families,英国 OfWilliam, Duke of CambridgeThere are various inns and hotels ranging from large to small, such as the long-established luxury inns where the dignitaries have stayed.
In addition, there are many day-trip hot spring facilities around the city, and you can use them at a low price comparable to a public bath.



Festivals and events

traditional culture

  • Yanagibashi Kabuki[30](Koriyama City Nakata Town)
  • Aizu Manzai in Konan
  • Tate's Saotome Dance (Tateno Saotome Odori)
  • Takashiba Seven Lucky God Dance (Takashibashi Chifukujin Odori)
  • Lion dance (in various parts of the city)
  • Fukaya's Yosa Dance (Fukaya no Yosa Dance)

Famous spot of cherry blossoms

Miharu Taki SakuraThe weeping cherry tree of about 400 years old, said to be the daughter of. City natural monument.
Planted at the time of pioneering AzumiSomei Yoshino,YamazakuraAbout 1300 cherry trees are in full bloom. It is one of the most famous cherry-blossom viewing spots in Fukushima Prefecture, with light-ups and outdoor stalls open during the flowering season.
Centering around the Sasahara River Myojin Bridge, it is about 2km up and down, and about 1000 cherry trees line up.

Gourmet and specialty products

Kashiwaya,XNUMX stones,KannoyaA confectionery maker representing Fukushima Prefecture such as has a main store in the city,Cream boxThere are also local sweets such as, and new opening of cafes and sweets stores is also active[31]Therefore, the city introduces sweets as a specialty.[32].

There are about 600 ramen shops in the city and it is a fierce battle area where you can compete for unique ramen.[33].

Also few in JapanLocal whiskeyTo sellSasanokawa BreweryThere are also many sake brewing companies. And JRKoriyama StationWest Exit Station is one of the most downtown areas in Fukushima Prefecture, and in the neighborhood called "Jinya" in XNUMX-chome in front of the stationsnackAnd so on,Hinode streetThe retro izakaya that opened during the period of high economic growth in the 30s and 40s is still alive in the Omachi neighborhood from the XNUMX-chome in front of the station. There are also many authentic bars in the local cities.[31].

In recent yearsGreen curryIs on sale as a new specialty[34].

Confectionery and food
Agricultural and marine products
  • Asaka Mai (Special A rank brandRice
  • Woolly beef (brand of Japanese black cow)
  • Carp farming(Production volume is the highest in Japan by municipality[36]
Industrial products


Professional sports team

OUR TEAMTypeleagueArenaEstablishmentNumber of wins
Tohoku Free BlazeIce hockeyAsian LeagueBandai Atami Ice Arena20083 times
Fukushima Fire BondsbasketballB.LEAGUEKoriyama General Gymnasium2013
Fukushima Red HopesbaseballBC League:East districtKaiseizan Baseball Stadium etc.2014

Amateur sports team

Famous graduates (in alphabetical order)

Artist living in our city
  • SOH (GReeeeN
  • Takayuki Fujii (Sonic linevocal). I am from Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture
  • Yutaka Takashi (former STRIKE PER MINUTES drummer)

Works set in our city








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