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😷 | <New Corona> Confirmed 31 infections in Okayama Prefecture Of these, 15 were infected in Okayama City


<New Corona> Confirmed 31 infections in Okayama Prefecture Of these, 15 were infected in Okayama City

If you write the contents roughly
Of these, Okayama City has 15 people, Kurashiki City has 3 people, and Takahashi City has 7 people.

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Of which, Okayama City


Takahashi(Takahashi)OkayamaIt is inCityIs.Located in the central western part of the prefectureHiroshimaBorder with.The city centerBitchu Matsuyama Domain Ofcastle townAndYamashiro OfBitchu Matsuyama CastleKnown in.


Since ancient timesChinaOccupy the core,The early modern periodThen.Bakuhan systemUnderBitchu Matsuyama DomainIt was the center.Flow through the cityTakahashi River,Nariwa RiverAnd so onTakase boatByTamashima Port(Kurashiki), It developed as a center of logistics because of the active transportation of goods.

12 existing castle towersThe onlyYamashiroIsBitchu Matsuyama CastleSpread under your eyes,Samurai residenceandMachiya,ShrineBuddhist templeLine upcastle townIs located in the center of the city.In addition, Nariwa Town is located on the north side of the city.Fukiya districtOncecopper mineとRed iron oxideProspered as a huge production area of ​​BengalaPlasterYou can see the red cityscape on the wall.From this, the Fukiya district2020As the birthplace of "Japan Red"Japanese heritageCertified by[1].

Besides this,1648The largest dance in the prefectureBon danceIsMatsuyama Dance (Binaka Takahashi Matsuyama Dance), Takahashi is the birthplacetraditional culture OfBitchu Kagura, At festivals in some areasDedicationIt is adorned with a rich historical heritage and culture, such as the time signature of the pilgrimage.

In the morning(I.e.Is likely to occur, especiallyFall:からWinter:SunnyWindIn a high place on a weak daysea ​​of ​​cloudsCan often be seen.From the Unkai Observatory, which is located away from Bitchu Matsuyama Castle, you can see Bitchu Matsuyama Castle floating in the sea of ​​clouds depending on the conditions.[2][3], Its appearanceCastle in the skyCalled[4]..Besides, in the city, KawakamichoYatakayama ParkThere are famous seas of clouds such as Matsubara Kiriumi Observatory Hill in Matsubara Town and Ohirayama Observatory in Ukancho.

The current Takahashi city2004In Takahashi City,Kamifusa-gunUkancho,Kawakami DistrictNariwa Town,Kawakami Town,Bichu Town1 city 4 townsmergerThen,Newly establishedIt is a city that has been built.


OkayamaLocated in the Midwest, most of the city areaKibi plateauConsists of upper hillsMountainous area.Great Heisei mergerByHiroshimaThe city area has expanded significantly, such as coming into contact with.It is 35km east-west and 30km north-south, accounting for 7.7% of Okayama prefecture, and has the fourth largest area of ​​any municipality in Okayama prefecture.HoweverOkayama City,KurashikiSince there was no merger across the old countries like, the whole areaGeneral corporationSame old asChinaBelong to.


The cityTakahashi RiverFlows from north to south, and is a tributary of the Ukan River.Nariwa RiverJoins.

City centerSpreads to the north of the point where the Nariwa River joins the Takahashi RiverbasinLocated incastle townThe old townscape of is left.The center of the Nariwa district was also a castle town in the basin along the Nariwa River. elevationThe basin is 50 to 100 meters, hillsThe part is 300 to 500 meters.

The western part of the cityGeology LimestoneQuality and peculiar to limestone areasValley,plateauCan be seen.especiallyBichu TownAroundlimeIndustry is thriving.It is also rare in the world in the Bitchucho Fuka district.HenmiliteIncluding,Bicchuliteな どNew mineralIsmineral-OreIs discovered and produced.

The area around Nariwa consists of five layers called the Nariwa Group.Strata[Note 1]There,plantfossil,ShellfishProduces fossils, but many plant fossilsNariwa TownIt was produced from the Hinabata Formation in the south of Japan.Many fossils of plants that are more perishable than animals have been identified, and many new species have been produced.[Note 2][5].

  • Mountain : Gagyuzan, Mt. Atagoyama, Mt. Inari, Mt. Takakura, Mt. Utari, Mt. Takamura, Mt. Kino, Mt. Tsurushu, Mt.Mt., Mt. Hino, Mt. Inotsuji, Mt. Nagamatsuji, Mt. Takayama, Mt. Kobuki, Mt. Tenjin, Mt. Sarukami, Mt. Ooyama, Mt. Oike
  • River: Takahashi River, Ukan River,Nariwa River
  • Lakes: Lake Bitchu (Shin-Nariwagawa Dam), Shinshiro Pond, Nagashiro Pond
  • Dam: Shin-Nariwagawa Dam, Tahara Dam, Kurodori Dam, Otake Dam, Narai Dam
  • Canyon: Ban Cave Valley, Hayama Valley


Throughout the year(I.e.Often occurs.so thatDaylight hoursIs less than in Okayama City.Day and night in the hillstemperatureThe difference is large, in winterSnowfallIt can also be seen.While the basin is relatively warm,early summerからSummer: Oversolar radiationIt is easy for the heat to build up, especially in the prefecture.temperatureRise and the maximum temperature exceeds 35 ℃Extremely hot dayThere are many days when it becomes.2020May 8からMay 9It was a hot day for 24 consecutive days, setting a new record in Japan.[6][Note 3][7]..Also, in the meantime 2020May 8The maximum temperature was 39.3 ℃, which is the highest in Okayama prefecture.[Note 4][8].

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIn the classification of, it belongs to "Takahashi area" and is treated as "Southern part of Okayama prefecture" (south of prefecture) together with Okayama area, Tobi area, Kurashiki area and Igasa area.[9].

Climate of Takahashi (approximate to Ochiai Town)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)17.0
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)8.5
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)−1.2
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−8.3
Precipitation amount mm (inch)39.4
Average monthlyDaylight hours135.2130.7164.7186.1193.8134.8148.1182.0146.0154.4135.1124.11,831.2
Source 1:Japanese Meteorological Agency[10](Statistical period: average temperature, precipitation, sunshine hours are 1991-2020)
Source 2: Japan Meteorological Agency[11]


Administrative area2004Like the old municipalities before the merger, Takahashi (former Takahashi city area),Ukan(Kan),Nariwa(Nariwa),(I.e.(Kawakami),BitchuIt is divided into 5 areas of (Bichu)[12].

The center of the cityBichu Takahashi StationSurroundings, Ochiai Town (approximate, Abe),Nariwa Town OfNational Route 313Urban areas are formed along the railway lines and the population is concentrated, but in other areas it is small.VillageIs widely distributed[13].

The address notation after the merger will be the same as before for the former Takahashi city area, and the former 4 towns (Ukancho, Nariwacho, Kawakamicho, Bichucho) will also be written in the form of "Takahashi City 〇〇machi 〇〇". The letters "large" are omitted.Example: "Oaza Shimohara, Nariwa-cho, Kawakami-gun" → "Shimohara, Nariwa-cho, Takahashi-shi"[14].

Takahashi City Address List
Takahashi(Former Takahashi Town)Uchisange, Kawabatacho, Odakashitacho, Okumandacho, Wadacho, Ainomachi, Honmachi, Shinmachi, Kataharacho, Nakanomachi,Ishibiyacho, Yorikuji Town, Onzakicho, Igamachi, Teramachi, Nakamachi, Shitamachi, Ujicho, Daikumachi, Kojinmachi, Kokacho, Yawatacho, Kakinokicho, Mukaicho, Guncho, Yuminocho, Minamimachi, Higashimachi, Sakaemachi ,Matsubara, Masamune Town, Hama Town, Asahi Town, Kamidani Town, Shimotani Town, Harada Kita Town, Harada Minami Town, Nakahara Town, Yoko Town, Dan Town, Matsuyama
Tsugawa TownHachikawa, Imazu
Nakai townTsutsu, west
Tamagawa TownTama, Masuhara, Shimogiri
Uji TownTohara, Uji, Anada, Hongo
Matsubara TownOtsu Yori, Matsuoka, Haruki, Kamihara
Takakura TownHachicho Ose,Tai, Iibe
Ochiai TownApproximation, Abe, Harada, Fukuchi
NariwaNariwa TownShimohi name, Kamihi name, Shimohara, Hoshihara, Sasaki, Nariwa, Hayama, Hane, Koizumi, Aisaka, Nagachi, Nunoyori,Fukiya, Nakano, Sakamoto
(I.e.Kawakami TownJito, Nanachi, Misawa, Ryoke, Kazu, Yoshiki, Niga, Kamiotake, Shimootake,Takayama, Ohara, Takayama
BitchuBichu TownShito Mochigase, Fuka, Nagaya, Fuka,Hirakawa, Higashi Yuno, Nishi Yuno, Nishiyama

Adjacent municipalities


2CensusAccording to breaking newspopulationIs 29,101 (2020[15]), The decrease continues.

Looking at the distribution by age, it is typicalMountainous areaAs a feature ofAging rateIs 38.6% (2015[16]), Which is the third highest number in 15 cities in Okayama prefecture.On the other hand, in the city centerKibi International University,Junseikotokangyo Nursing and Welfare CollegeDue to the influence of, the population by age from 19 to 23 is outstandingly large,StudentIt can be seen that it is a town of.

Occupy in the populationForeignerThe ratio is about 3.2% (estimated, 2020)[17]), Which is the highest among 27 municipalities in the prefecture.

Population distribution of Takahashi, Okayama, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Takahashi City and the whole country (2005)Takahashi City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Purple-Takahashi City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Takahashi City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Before modern times

1240(En'o2 years),UkanOf the townGroundShigenobu Akiba built the first castle on Omatsuyama.1331(HiromotoFrom the first year)MiyoshiBy the time the clan lived in the castle, the territory was expanded to the third Komatsuyama.The place name around here used to be "Takahashi", but the owner of the castle is his own.Last nameMaybe because I didn't want to call him, I changed it to "Matsuyama"[18].

After that,ChinaAs a key point located almost in the center of the city, many battles were fought over its control.Such a battle1600(Keicho5 years)Battle of SekigaharaWhen the end was announced, Bitchu MatsuyamaShogunate OfDirect controlNextKuni BugyoEntered.1617(Genwa3 years)Daming OfMr. IkedaIs sealedBitchu Matsuyama DomainWhen is established,Mr. MizutaniIn the age of Bitchu Matsuyamacastle townWas completed[19].Takahashi River OfWater transportationUsedTakase boatIt was from this era that Takahashi established itself as a distribution base due to the traffic.BakumatsuThe feudal lordKatsushika Itakura Yamada HoyaAchieved results in the industrial field by appointingMeijiLay the foundation for subsequent prosperity[20].

TakahashiShikoku OfIyo Matsuyama DomainAgainstBitchu Matsuyama DomainIt was called,Boshin WarIn BtsuchuFormer Shogunate ArmyOn the other hand, the Iyo sideNew Government ArmyI arrived at.so thatMeiji RestorationAfterAbandoned DomainThen Iyo Matsuyama feudal clan is called Matsuyama feudal clan, and Bichu Matsuyama feudal clan1869(Meiji2 years) The name was changed to the Takahashi clan and it became the predecessor of the current Takahashi city.

NariwaTsurushu CastleIt is,1189(Bunji5 years)Hidekiyo KawamuraIs reported to have built a castle.1617(3th year of Genna),Naruha DomainLord'sIeji YamazakiBuilt Nariwa Castle and Tsurushu Castle was abandoned.1639(Kanei16 years)Katsutaka MizutaniEven though1642(Kanei 19) Moved to Bitchu Matsuyama CastleNaruha DomainIs once abolished.1658(ManjiXNUMXst year) Yamazaki IejiBranch houseIsToyoji YamazakiEntered the Nariwa domain, and the Yamazaki family subsequentlyAbandoned DomainRuled up to.

Abandoned Domain

In the current city areaTakahashi RiverMost of the eastern partKayo-gun, Most of the westShimoda-gun(Depending on the timeOda District-Gogetsu-gunWas also mixed).Later, the eastern part was separated as Jobo-gun and the western part as Kawakami-gun.

Municipal system enforcement

Takahashi City (first generation)

Heisei merger

2001(13) On September 9, Takahashi area merger problem study group was established in 28 city and 1 towns of Takahashi City, Ukancho, Jobo-gun, Hokubo-cho, Kayo-cho, Nariwa-cho, Kawakami-gun, Kawakami-cho, and Bichu-cho. And2002On June 14, 6,Voluntary merger councilWas provided.Meanwhile, on July 7thKayo TownIt is,Mitsu-gunKamogawa TownIn 2 towns withLegal Merger CouncilInstalled[Note 5], Withdrew from the Takahashi area on November 11th.Also,Kitafusacho TheReferendumThe result ofManiwa areaThere were many votes requesting a merger with[Note 6]For,2003(15) Withdrew on April 4[21]..The remaining 1 city and 4 towns of Takahashi City, Ukancho, Nariwa Town, Bitchu Town, Kawakami Town, and Bitchu Town established the legal merger council "Takahashi Area Merger Council" on May 5 and held concrete discussions. It was.Of the basic matters to be discussed, the merger method isNew mergerThe name of the new city is "Takahashi City"[Note 7][22], The new city office will be located at Takahashi City Hall before the merger[23].2004(16) Signing ceremony on March 3, voted by each municipal council on March 12, and merger application to the prefecture on March 3[24], A new city was launched on October 10st[25].

Takahashi City (2nd generation)

Changes in administrative areas

Municipal systemThe table below summarizes the changes in the administrative areas of the current Takahashi City since the enforcement.However, some boundary changes are omitted.

Transition table of Takahashi city area
Before 1889October 1889, 6-1906-1929-1954-20042004-Present
Takahashi[Note 8]Takahashi Town1929/5/1

Takahashi Town

Songshan VillageSongshan Village
ImazuTsugawa Village
Hachikawa Village
Kawamen VillageKawamen Village
Giant villageOsemura
TamamuraTamagawa Village
Shimogiri Village
Masuhara Village
Uji villageUji village
Anada village
Part of Nakano Village

Part of Iibe Village

Matsuoka VillageMatsubara
Kamihara Village
Haruki Village
Otsu Yadoriki
TaimuraTakakura Village
Part of Iibe Village

Part of the approximate village

Part of the approximate villageOchiai Village
Abu village
Fukuchi Village
Nishikata VillageNakai Village1955/2/1

Transferred to Takahashi City

Part of Kayo Town1970/5/1

Transferred to Takahashi City

Ukan VillageUkan Village1956/4/1
Kamiukan VillageKamiukan Village
Shimohara VillageHigashinari Hamura1901/4/1

Nariwa Town


Nariwa Town

Nariwa Town
Kamihi Namura
Shimohina Village
Part of Sasaki Village

Part of the village

Nariwa VillageNariwa Village
Hayama Village
Osachi Village
Aisaka Village
Koizumi Village
SakamotoFukiya Village1901/2/6
Fukiya Town
Transferred to Nariwa Town
Fukiya Village
Part of Nakano Village
Jito VillageTeso Village1950/4/1


Kawakami Town
Misawa Village
Ryoke Village
Part of the village

Part of Sasaki Village

NigamuraOga village
Kamiotake Village
Shimo Otake Village
Takayama City
Ohara Village
Fuka villageFujiacun1956/9/30
Bichu Town
Fuse Village
Nagaya Village
Part of Sasaki Village
Hirakawa VillageHirakawa Village
East Oil NomuraYuno Village
West Oil Nomura
Xishan Village



Successive mayors
代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
Former Mayor of Takahashi
First-2Sadaichi Kashiwagi1954/5/251961/3/17Former Okayama Prefectural Assembly.Died during term
3 5Yusho Suzuki1961/5/31972/11/4yuanAssistant..Died during term
6 81972/12/151984/12/14Former assistant
9 111984/12/151996/12/14Former assistant
12 13Daio Tachiki1996/12/152004/9/30Former assistant
Mayor Takahashi
-Daio Tachiki2004/10/12004/10/24Temporary mayor agent
FirstTakeshi Akioka2004/10/242008/10/23yuanNariwa Townlong
2 5Takanori Kondo2008/10/24IncumbentFormer city employee

municipal office

City centerThe main government building will be located in, and one regional bureau will be set up in each of the four former towns before the merger.There will be nine regional civic centers in the former Takahashi city area and three liaison offices under the jurisdiction of the Naruwa Regional Bureau.again,Civil engineering businessOf the work related to this, some of the work in Nariwa Town, Kawakami Town, and Bitchū Town is under the jurisdiction of the Western Civil Engineering Office.

Main government building

The current government building was constructed in the old parking lot and the old passage area due to the deterioration of the old main government building.2013Start of construction in December,2015May 5The business of the old government building was completed atMay 5Started operations at the new government building[27].

Due to the relocation of the government building, the former main government building, which used to have most of the departments and meeting places, the former branch office building, which had the supervision section and the settlement measures section (currently the Takahashi Promotion Section), and the Industrial Economy Department (current industrial economy) Most of the departments and civil engineering departments, the former second government building where the Board of Education secretariat was located, the purification center where the water and sewage section was located, and the departments scattered in four places are concentrated in the new government building.The old main government building has been demolished and removed, and the site is being used as a parking lot along with the site of the adjacent former civic center.[28]..In addition, the road on the premises was relocated to the north side.The old branch office building was demolished and a public car parking lot and warehouse were constructed.The former Second Government Building is currently used as the Takahashi General Counseling Center for Persons with Disabilities.The purification center facility itself is still in operation.

Tourism Division, Japan Heritage / History Town Promotion Office
  • Location: 1335-7 Asahimachi, Takahashi City
  • Access: 1 minute walk from JR BitchÅ«-Takahashi Station

2021Moved from the main government building on June 6st[29]..Originally a vacant store[30], Located near the entrance of Sakaemachi Shopping Street.

Western Civil Engineering Office
  • Location: 29-2 Fuka, Bitchu-cho, Takahashi-shi (inside the Takahashi-shi Bitchu area bureau office building)
  • access:Bihoku bus1 minute walk from the Bichu area station square stop
  • Jurisdiction:Nariwa Town,Kawakami Town,Bichu Town(Part of civil engineering work)
Regional Bureau
Ukan Regional Bureau3387 Ukan, Ukan-cho, Takahashi-shiUkanchoInside Takahashi City Ukan Area Center
Naruwa Regional Bureau606 Shimohara, Nariwa-cho, Takahashi-shiNariwa TownInside Taikomaru Plaza[Note 9]
Kawakami Regional Bureau1819-1, Kawakamicho, Takahashi CityKawakami TownFormer Kawakami Town Hall
Bichu Regional Bureau29-2 Fuka, Bitchu-cho, Takahashi-shiBichu TownFormer Bitchū Town Hall
Takahashi Community Center
Tsugawa Community Center1801-1 Imazu, Tsugawa-cho, Takahashi-shiTsugawa TownTakahashi City Tsugawa General Hall
Kawakami Community Center2212-1, Kawamo-cho, Takahashi-shiKawazurachoInside the Kawakami Community Welfare Center
Kose Community Center4864-1, Kose-cho, Takahashi-shiKosechoInside the Ose Community Welfare Center
Nakai Community Center3158 west of Nakai-cho, Takahashi-shiNakai townInside the Hodani no Sato Fureai Center
Tamagawa Community Center1550 Tamagawa-chotama, Takahashi-shiTamagawa TownTakahashi City Tamagawa General Hall
Uji Community Center1690 Uji, Uji-cho, Takahashi-shiUji TownTakahashi City Uji General Hall
Matsubara Community Center669-1, Haruki, Matsubara-cho, Takahashi-shiMatsubara TownInside Matsubara Town Community House
Takakura Community Center4532-2 Tai, Takakura-cho, Takahashi-shiOf Takakura TownTai, IibeTakahashi City Takakura Life Improvement Center
Ochiai Community Center2303-2 Abe, Ochiai-cho, Takahashi-shiAbe, Fukuchi, Harada in Ochiai TownTakahashi City Ochiai Training Hall 1st floor
Nariwa Regional Liaison Office
Medium contact office1247 Nagachi, Nariwa-cho, Takahashi-shiNariwacho Fuyori (excluding Tahara and Abeyama), Aisaka, Koizumi, Nagachi, FeatherInside the middle community center
Fukiya Liaison Office838-2 Fukiya, Nariwa-cho, Takahashi-shiNariwa TownFukiya, Nakano
Sakamoto Liaison Office1061 Sakamoto, Nariwa-cho, Takahashi-shiNariwacho SakamotoInside the Sakamoto Community Center

City council

  • Number of people: 18 people
  • Term: April 2024, 10
List of parties or parliamentary groups
Affiliation party or parliamentary groupNumber of members
Takahashi Masashikai4
Japan Communist PartyTakahashi City Council2

Prefecture agency

National office

Government office
裁判 所
Special corporation


  • Takahashi Police Station
    Has jurisdiction over the entire Takahashi city.See the article for police boxes (2 locations) and police boxes (12 locations).


Some office associations

Sister cities, affiliated cities, partner schools


sister city

Educational exchange agreement with high school


Friendship city



Main hospital

Hospitals and clinics in the city are listed abovePsychiatricThere are 4 hospitals (2016) and 25 clinics (2017) including a single department.[31].

In addition, in the citychildbirthSince there are no hospitals or clinics that handle childbirthObstetricsSecuring a system that can be carried out while coordinating with facilities is progressing.The city's "Mama Support 119" will help secure access to obstetric facilities in an emergency.Pregnant woman medical examinationCan be received locally[32].


There are 1 rooms in 4 building as a municipal library.Takahashi City Library TheMobile libraryIt is carried out.

Cultural facility

Museums and museumsTakahashi City #Museum / MuseumSee

  • Takahashi General Cultural Center(The large hall can accommodate 1,008 seats)
  • Takahashi City Cultural Exchange Center (Middle Hall can accommodate 250 seats)
  • Takahashi City Ukan Social Education Center
  • Takahashi City Ukan Lifelong Learning Center (Multipurpose hall accommodates 308 seats)
  • Taikomaru Plaza (Ito Memorial Hall can accommodate 156 people including 250 mobile seats)
  • Takahashi City Naruha Cultural Center Annex
  • Takahashi City Youth Training Center
  • Takahashi City Kawakami Comprehensive Learning Center (Multipurpose hall is mobile (fixed on the 2nd floor) with 519 seats)

Sports Facilities

post office


Takahashi has long been enthusiastic about education.Edo PeriodToClan schoolA large number of human resources have been produced from the end of the building.Meiji EraWas the earliest founded Junsei Girls' School in Okayama Prefecture and the former Takahashi Junior High School (both are nowOkayama Prefectural Takahashi High School) Has an educational soil.With this as the foundation, Takahashi City aims to create a school cultural city.[20], We are working on cooperation between the school and the community and creating an environment that supports its activities[33].

Higher educationAs an institutionprivate university1 school, privateVocational schoolIt has one school.However, these schools are nominallyprivate schoolHowever, it was established with the investment of Takahashi City.School corporation Junsho GakuenAt the school below, in effectThird sectorOperated (semi-municipal) school.Therefore, the former mayor of Takahashi (after the second generation of the old city) also served as a director of Junseikotokang.A department called the University Cooperation Office is set up in Takahashi City.

Secondary educationAs an institutionPrefectural high school2 schools,Municipal high school(Part-time system) 2 schools, 1 private high school, municipalJunior high schoolIt has 6 schools.Primary EducationMunicipal as an institutionprimary schoolIt has 15 schools.Preschool educationMunicipal as an institutionAuthorized child institution3 gardens, municipalKindergartenIt has 8 gardens.



Vocational school


high school


Junior high school

primary school

Authorized child institution

  • Takahashi City Ukan Children's Garden
  • Takahashi Municipal Nariwa Children's Garden
  • Takahashi City Kawakami Children's Garden


  • Takahashi Municipal Takahashi Kindergarten
  • Takahashi City Takahashi Minami Kindergarten
  • Takahashi City Tsugawa Kindergarten
  • Takahashi Municipal Kawamo Kindergarten
  • Takahashi City Kose Kindergarten
  • Takahashi City Tamagawa Kindergarten
  • Takahashi City Nakai Kindergarten
  • Takahashi City Ochiai Kindergarten
  • Takahashi Municipal Fukuchi Kindergarten

Facilities other than educational facilities


  • Takahashi City Takahashi Nursery School
  • Takahashi City Bichu Nursery School
  • Takahashi Central Nursery School
  • Ochiai nursery school


Total production in Takahashi city is about 1,480 billion yen (FY2018, same below[34]), Which is the ninth largest in 27 municipalities in Okayama prefecture.The breakdown isPrimary industryIs about 55 billion yen (3.7%),Secondary industryIs about 695 billion yen (47.0%),Tertiary industryIs about 722 billion yen (48.8%),TariffOthers are about 8 million yen (0.5%).

Takahashi citizen income is about 760 billion yen, and per person is about 1 yen.The breakdown is about 249 billion yen in employee compensation, about 9 billion yen in property income, and about 527 billion yen in corporate income.

Among Takahashi citizens, over 15 years oldEmploymentThe number of people is 14,830 (2015,same as below[35]), The ratio of workers by industry is 1,874 (12.8%) in the primary industry, 4,361 (29.9%) in the secondary industry, and 8,365 (57.3%) in the tertiary industry.


The number of establishments is 461 (2016,same as below[36]) And of theseWholesale trade67 offices,Retail tradeIs 394 establishments.The number of employees is 2,180, of which 336 are in the wholesale business and 1,844 are in the retail business.Annual product sales are about 396 billion yen, wholesale business is about 118 billion yen, and retail business is about 278 billion yen.

RepresentativeLarge-scale retail storeAs,1990Opened inYoume Town TakahashiとPolka Temmaya Happy TownThere is[Note 13], Citizen's favorite shopping destination survey (multiple answers allowed, 2019)[37]) But these two stores are especially large.

Home centerChain store TheJuntendo,DCM Daiki,NafcoBut the main largeDrug storeChain storesZag Zag2 stores,Discount drug cosmosBut,Consumer electronics store TheEdion,Yamada Denki Tech LandBoth stores are located on the site of Youme Town Takahashi or Polka Temmaya Happy Town or within a straight line of 500m.

In addition,supermarketIs in Nariwa Town in addition to the aboveSundi Shopping ParkAnd the Ikeda main store in Kawakami-cho are also often used by citizens.[37].

Bichu Takahashi Station100m west fromArcade shopping streetSakaemachi Shopping Street was onceBihokuThe best in the districtShopping districtProspered as.Before the station opens1925It was called "one-day road" because the residents completed the road in one day (Taisho 14), but as the town grew, many shops and shopsMovie theater,Pachinko parlorsLined up the eaves.Two along the main street in front of the stationRebarThere is a building, Takahashi department store on the west side, and the east sideBihoku busThe head office and Bihoku Kaikan are included (currently neither building is available).1956There were 31 movie theaters around (Showa 4)1973After disappearing in (Showa 48), the shopping streets in the city, including Sakaemachi Dori,Private carPopularization and suburban typeShopping centerThe number of customers was far away due to the opening of stores, etc.[38].

Chamber of Commerce
  • Takahashi Chamber of Commerce (formerly Takahashi City)
  • Bihoku Chamber of Commerce (Ukancho, Nariwacho, Kawakamicho, Bichucho)


Manufacturing industryThe number of business establishments is 57 (2020,same as below[39]), The number of employees is 3,899.The shipping value of manufactured products is approximately 1,412 billion yen (2019,same as below[39]).Looking at the shipment value of manufactured goods by industry, transportation machinery and equipment was the highest at about 741 billion yen, followed by金属Products are about 333 billion yen, non-ferrous metals are about 90 billion yen,Furniture・ Equipment is about 37 billion yen,Steel industryContinues at about 36 billion yen.Furniture / equipment has a higher percentage of employees than the national average[40].

The products manufactured in the cityLorryTransported by[41].


TotalFarmerThe number is 3,212 (2015, same below[42]), Of which 1,722 are sold.The area of ​​cultivated land is 1,270 ha.Agricultural output (estimated) is 88.9 billion yen (2019, same below[43]).The most common by classificationchicken28.6 billion yen, thenfruit25.2 billion yen,Rice9.5 billion yen,Dairy cow7.9 billion yen,Vegetables7.2 billion yen,Beef cattleIt continues with 5.2 million yen.

FarmlandManyplateauLocated in the area, fruit trees and vegetables are actively cultivated in the cool climate.in particularNew Pione, Summer AutumnTomatoIs one of the best producing areas in the prefecture[44]..Originally one of the leading in the prefectureTobacco leafProduced in New Pione, which is highly profitableTransferDue to the difficulty of successors and successors, the shipment volume of leaf tobacco is decreasing year by year.[45].

Area (Takahashi City andKibichuo-choFormer Kayo town area)Japanese beefHas been called Btsutyuu beef for a long time and is nowJA Sunny Country OkayamaIs promoting branding[46]..Once in the city centerEdo Periodから牛,(I.e.Was being bought and sold.From the old feudal erastreetThe transaction was taking place above,1874Banned in (Meiji 7)1885(Meiji 18)wellTakahashi livestock in Minamimachi in the same year because it was banned nearbyMarketWas installed.The market then traded[Note 14]It became the largest model market in Okayama prefecture and one of the four major markets in Kansai.However, the number of cattle admitted continues to decrease year by year due to the decrease in breeding farmers.1991(3)Kuse Town(Maniwa) Was integrated into the comprehensive livestock market, and the Takahashi livestock market was abolished.[38].

Main agricultural products
Agricultural cooperative

Financial institution

Company headquartered or based

Manufacturing (food)



Central station: Bichu Takahashi Station

At Bichu-Takahashi Station,Limited express"YakumoIn addition to stopping all of them, we have been working on the realization of the stop from before.Express train with sleeping berths"Sunrise IzumoAlso about2015(Heisei27 years)May 3 OfTimetable revisionIt is stopped from.

From Bichu-Takahashi Station to OkayamaordinaryLocal train1-2 bottles per hour (2021, The same applies below), one limited express yakumo every two hours.The time required is normalOkayama stationIt takes 51 minutes to 64 minutes, and about 35 minutes to Okayama station by limited express Yakumo.To the Shinmi area, there is usually one local train every hour and one limited express Yakumo every two hours.The time required is normalNiimi Station33 minutes-51 minutes, about 30 minutes to Niimi station by limited express Yakumo,Yonago StationIt takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)


Transit Bus

In Takahashi cityTransit BusIs mainlyBihoku busIs operating.Takahashi City ComplexOn the 1th floorTakahashi Bus CenterAround the cityKibichuo-cho,ManiwaA route network is formed toward.Also, from Kawakami Town via Nariwa Town and Ochiai Town AbeOkayama CityCentral part(Tenmaya Bus Station) 1-3 round trips a day.From Nariwacho SakamotoNiimi CityThere is also a route to the center.

Besides Bihoku BusNorth swing busIs in KawakamichoIbaraIt operates from the border area to the center of Ibara city.[Note 15].

Community bus

Community busAs,Takahashi City Life Welfare BusThere is.The operation is outsourced to Bihoku Bus.

Express Bus

Express BusCurrently, there are no routes that start and end in Takahashi City.However,Okayama ExpresswayUkan ICVia the main line stopOkayama-Katsuyama LineTheChutetsu Northern BusIs operating.


General taxi

  • Bihoku taxi
  • Pione traffic
  • Taketaku Transportation
  • Nariwa taxi
  • Bicchu Transportation

Shared taxi

For residents' lives

Takahashi City and taxi operators will take the lead in reducing the burden of transportation for the elderly in areas with no traffic, and as an alternative means of transportation in areas where the use of living welfare buses is sluggish.Shared taxiIs operating[47].

  • Btsutyuu Fureai Taxi
  • Kawakami Fureai Taxi
  • Tamagawa Fureai Taxi
  • Matsubara Fureai Taxi
For sightseeing

Two routes to and from Bichu-Takahashi Station will be operated.If you want to use it, make a reservation at the Takahashi City Tourist Information Center (Takahashi City Complex 2nd floor) by the day before.[48].

  • Bitchu Matsuyama Castle sightseeing shared taxi
  • Unkai Observatory Sightseeing Shared Taxi (October-March only)



General national road

The main trunk road is on the east side of the cityTakahashi RiverPenetrate north and south alongNational Route 180And five Takahashi river basins from the southwest to the northeast of the city[Note 17]Penetrate alongNational Route 313Is. Also,National Route 484From the city centerKayo ICHas an access function to.

The places with the most traffic in statistics are National Highway 180 and National Highway 313.Heavy duty sectionOf these, Ochiai Bridge East Intersection-Kawabatacho Intersection (observation point is near Ochiai Bridge East Intersection), about 1 vehicles a day (2)[49]).

Main local road

General prefectural road

City road

Takahashi City Michishitacho Narai Line, Takahashi City Michishitacho Yakushiin Line

600 meters long located on both sides of the Koyagawa River that runs east and west through the cityCity roadIs.As a "road across the Koyagawa River" based on aesthetics and mobility1987(Showa62 years) October 8Road dayOldMinistry of ConstructionAnd the "Michi no Hi" executive committee establishedTop 100 Roads in JapanIt has also been selected as one of.The roadside is called Konya River Linecastle townIt has been designated as a beautiful district in Takahashi City because it retains the remnants of.Willow-Cherry blossomWas planted, and the road landscape was improved by stone-clad the riverbed of the Koyagawa River.Tree-lined pathIt is designated as an important cultural property of Okayama prefecture and is the oldest in Okayama prefecture.Christian churchIsTakahashi Christ ChurchIt is also a walking path to famous places and historic sites along the road, including[50].



Takahashi in the cityMABelongs toArea codeIs 0866 (20-29,40-59).

  • 0866 (20-29,40-59) Area-Takahashi CityManiwa(Hokubo district) ・Kibichuo-cho(Whole Kayo area and part of Kamogawa area)


Zip Code(Zip code) andCollection and delivery stationCorrespondence of is as follows.


News (Chinese)


Cable TV

Once publicTakahashi City Nariwa Wired TelevisionAlso existed, but it was abolished due to the Takahashi City Informatization Plan.[51].

Terrestrial TV broadcasting

In the city centerTakahashi UHF Station and Takahashi Matsuyama StationIs in the same placeUHFYou can watch all channels with one antenna,Analog broadcastingThen.TSC TV SetouchiOnly did not have a relay station installed.Digital broadcastingThen TSC is also stationed, soCable TVYou can now watch all channels without subscribing to.

In the center of Takahashi City where Takahashi relay stations can receive, many households set up antennas and watch directly by receiving, but in other mountainous areas, there are relay stations installed.NHKOnly orCommercial broadcast2 stations in Oka (XNUMX stations in Oka)RSK-OHK) Since there are many places where only stations are stationed, you can subscribe to cable TV without setting up the antenna.Joint receiving antennaMany households are watching via such means.

List of terrestrial TV channels
Station nameNHK OkayamaRSKOHKRNCKSBTSCoutputPlane of polarizationSEND
Digital remote control number1 ch2 ch6 ch8 ch4 ch5 ch7 ch
Takahashiデ ジ タ ル33 ch31 ch19 ch16 ch15 ch17 ch14 ch1WLevelMt. Atagoyama
Takahashi Matsuyama39 ch45 ch37 ch----3 W
UHF---22 ch28 ch26 ch-10 W
VHF2 ch12 ch7 ch----Chicken foot mountain
Ukanデ ジ タ ル22 ch13 ch19 ch16 ch34 ch17 ch14 ch0.3 WLevelMt. Gongenyama
analog49 ch51 ch41 ch47 ch43 ch--3 W
Nariwaデ ジ タ ル22 ch13 ch43 ch47 ch---0.1 WLevel-
analog56 ch54 ch58 ch62 ch---1 W
Takahashi Nakaianalog50 ch52 ch-----1WLevel-
Btsutyuu Kawakamianalog55 ch53 ch57 ch59 ch---1 WLevelMiyanoyama
Takahashi Kinoyamaデ ジ タ ル40 ch13 ch19 ch47 ch---0.3 WLevelMt. Kino
analog48 ch52 ch46 ch44 ch---3 W
Takahashi Koseデ ジ タ ル24 ch28 ch36 ch38 ch---0.3 WLevel-
analog58 ch56 ch60 ch62 ch---3 W
FM radio broadcast
  • NHK OkayamaFM : 87.9 MHz (Takahashi Bureau Output 10 W), 82.5 MHz (Ukan station output 3 W)
  • FM Okayama : 81.3 MHz (High beam station output 10 W)
AM radio broadcast

NHK does not have a relay stationOkayama CityReceives directly from the main office in, but at nightinterferenceThere is interference.Sanyo Broadcasting Takahashi Radio StationAM stereo broadcastingWas carried out,2011May 3ThanMonaural broadcastingReturned to.


Power generation

Tokichi Saiga 1911(Meiji 44) Received business license in November[52],1912(Meiji 45) Established Kitabi Electric in January[53].Power plant(Gas force, output 60 Kw) Was constructed in Matsuyama Village. The business started in June 1912 (Meiji 45), and the supply area isKamifusa-gunTakahashi Town, Matsuyama Village,Kawakami DistrictNariwa Town[52].1915(Taisho 4) In March, in Hayama, Nariwa-choHydroelectric power plant(60 kW) was built[54], 10 towns and villages in Jobo-gun, 5 towns and villages in Kawakami-gun, the year before the mergerKibi-gunExpanded to 3 villages[55].1923(Taisho 12) Merged with Btsutyuu Electric in June[56].

China Electric Power TheBichu Town OfNariwa RiverIn the middle partShin-Nariwagawa Dam, Tahara Dam, Kurodori DamDam with power generation facilityBuilt1968It was completed in.

Major power plants

AllChina Electric Power.

  • Shin-Nariwagawa Power Station-Hydroelectric Power Station, 30kW.
  • Tahara Power Plant-Hydroelectric Power Plant, 2 kW.

Sales office, etc.

Sales Office
  • Chugoku Electric Power Company Takahashi Sales Center
Power distribution
  • Chugoku Electric Power Network Shin-Okayama Substation


Cultural property

For details, refer to "Cultural Properties in Takahashi City"[57].

Important cultural property(Country designation)Bitchu Matsuyama CastleFormer Takahashi city area
Umbilical cord temple stone å¹¢ and stone pagodaUkancho
Old Katayama House Attached family mapNariwa Town
Kinumoto's Color Shakyamuni StatueFormer Takahashi city area (Rikuji Temple)
Historic site(Country designation)Bitchu Matsuyama Castle RuinsFormer Takahashi city area
Kasagami no MojiiwaBichu Town
Scenic spot(Country designation)Rikuji TemplegardenFormer Takahashi city area
Rock caveBitchū Town / Kawakami Town
Natural treasure(Country designation)Gagyuzan OfmonkeyHabitatFormer Takahashi city area
Oga's Oga (Oga Decken)Kawakami Town
Intangible folk cultural property(Country designation)Bitchu KaguraWhole area
Important traditional buildings preservation areaTakahashi City Fukiya Traditional Buildings Preservation DistrictNariwa Town
Registered tangible cultural propertyNishie ResidenceMain house and othersNariwa Town
JR Hakubi LineHokoku StationStation buildingFormer Takahashi city area

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Former Takahashi city area
Nariwa Town
Kawakami Town
Bichu Town

Museums and museums

Festivals and events


Sports team

Annual sports competition

  • Love Takahashi Fureai Marathon (February. Citizen's Marathon (2km, etc.))
  • Physical Fitness Nariwa Kagura Marathon (March. Citizen's Marathon (3km, etc.))
  • Hill Climb Challenge Series Takahashi Fukiya Furusato Village Tournament (October. CitizensBicycle race(Parade run approx. 12km + measurement course 15km, etc.))

Specialty / confectionery / crafts

Famous confectionery

Celebrities related to Takahashi City

Origin or resident

A key position in a castle or clan








Honorary citizen

A person who was nominated as a citizen for his achievements in the history of Takahashi City.Excludes Takahashi City residents and residents mentioned above.

Works taken by Takahashi City on stage or in the city

Television Animation
TV drama

Other,Fukiya(Former Fukiya Elementary School, Fukiya townscape, etc.), Castle town Takahashi,Bitchu Matsuyama CastleManyTV dramaIs being filmed.

マ ス コ ッ ト

  • Matsuhime, Yamajii (Takahashi City Health Promotion Image Character)
  • Bitchuman (Takahashi City Youth Economic CouncilLocal hero)
  • Yamajiro (Character with the motif of Bitchu Matsuyama Castle in the Takahashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Club)
  • Bi-mo-chan (Sunny Country Okayama Agricultural CooperativeBy, PR character of Btsutyuu beef)
  • Hoko-kun (by a local organization in Nakai Town)Yamada HoyaCharacter modeled on)
  • Kazaguruma-kun (a character with a stone windmill motif in Ukantsuneyama Park in Ukancho)
  • Pheasant Maru (Kawakamicho)Mt.Was an old Kawakami town birdpheasantとComicCharacter with the motif of a cultural town)
  • Bister (character with the motif of Western romance in BitchÅ«)



[How to use footnotes]

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