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😷 | Tokyo Olympics kicks off In Chiba City, “voices of joy” and “voices of concern about the spread of infection”

Photo The Tokyo Olympics opens In Chiba City, "voices of joy" and "voices of concern about the spread of infection"

Tokyo Olympics kicks off Chiba City has "joyful voices" and "voices concerned about the spread of infection"

If you write the contents roughly
People in the city
"(Q. About the opening of the Tokyo Olympics) I'm really looking forward to it."
"(Q. Regarding the new Corona), it will definitely expand, so that's a shame.

The Tokyo XNUMX Olympics that started on the XNUMXrd.At Kaihin Makuhari Station near Makuhari Messe, where the competition venue is located, there are voices joyful about the opening ... → Continue reading

 Cibatere + Plus

It will be "Ciba Tele + Plus" operated by Chiba Television Broadcasting.

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