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😷 | Japan where the Olympics are held, the "strictness" and "danger" of its border measures are understood by traveling to the United States-EU due to the corona virus ...

Photo Fireworks launched at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics = National Stadium on the night of the XNUMXrd

Japan, where the Olympics are held, understands the "strictness" and "danger" of its border measures when traveling from the United States to the EU due to the corona wreck ...

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During the Olympics, the team is separated from the general public by the bubble method, but it seems that it is far from a complete blockage, as there are cases where the team stays at the hotel and interacts with the general public. So I don't know if the rules are loose or strict.

The Olympic Games are being held in Tokyo, where the infection of the new coronavirus has spread again and the fourth state of emergency has been declared ... → Continue reading


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