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😷 | Chiba Prefecture 405 newly infected people Cluster in nursery school and ballet classroom

Photo 405 newly infected people in Chiba Prefecture Cluster in nursery school and ballet classroom

Chiba Prefecture Newly infected 405 people Cluster in nursery school and ballet classroom

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New clusters are also emerging in the ballet classrooms and nursery schools in Urayasu.

On the XNUMXth, it was confirmed that XNUMX new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Chiba prefecture.Urayasu City ... → Continue reading

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It will be "Ciba Tele + Plus" operated by Chiba Television Broadcasting.

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Urayasu city

Urayasu city(Urayasu) isChibaLocated in the northwest ofCity.Tokyo Disney ResortAlso known as a city with.

oldHigashi Katsushikaso,Katsunan areaIt is in.International Conference Tourist CityHas been certified by.

The population is about 16.9, and in Chiba prefectureNarashino-shiIt is the 10th largest population afterThe population densityIs number one.Among 1 municipalities nationwide,Financial capability indexRecord the top position (28)[1].


Tokyo OfCity centerGood access to (Tokyo Station - Maihama StationThe shortest interval is about 13 minutes), largeCommercial facility,Land readjustmentAttention is paid to the good living environment such as roads, and the number of child-rearing generations will increase.Residential cityAsApartmentConstruction is going on one after another.Tokyo Disney ResortBecause it is located in the cityResort hotelAre also located in large numbers.Also,Urban regeneration mechanismDeveloped in recent yearssunrise-Akemi-TakasuSome areas such as districtsNew townThen.No utility poleIs progressing[2].

It is located closest to Tokyo in Chiba prefecture, across the Kyuedo River.Edogawa-kuIs in contact with.for that reason,Urban employment areaInTokyo metropolitan area(Tokyo Ward)ofBed townThe commuting rate to the special wards of Tokyo is 49.0% (27 census).通勤率が高いHigh commuting rateMunicipalitiesEnter the top (Tokyo metropolitan areaSee item).


Located in the northwestern part of Chiba prefecturePrefectural office locationIsChibaIt is about 20 kilometers from.Tokyo OfCity centerIt is within 10-20 kilometers from.

It is located closest to Tokyo in Chiba prefecture, across the Kyuedo River.Edogawa-kuIs in contact with.江戸川(江戸時代までは太日川)の河口左岸の低平な自然Low-lying nature on the left bank of the mouth of the Edo River (Tahikawa until the Edo period)Embankment,deltaandLandfillConsists of.市域の約4分の3はAbout three-quarters of the city area1960 eraThe reclaimed land created since then occupies.In the past, there was a shallow sea that stretched about 3 kilometers offshore.旧市街はいずれも江戸川の派川であるThe old town is a tributary of the Edo RiverSakaigawaOn both banksNatural embankmentLocated on top.市域の西端にはAt the western end of the cityZero meters above sea levelIs slightly present.There are no mountains or hills as natural terrain in the city.As an artificial hill, there is a so-called "Urayasu Fuji" in the central park, which is about 14 meters high.



The current Urayasu city area is currently until the middle of the Showa periodIchikawa CityOld that is part ofMinamigyotokucho・OldGyotoku TownTogether with "GyotokuFor the history of the area before modern times, click here andGyoyoku ShiodaSee also.

Chronological Table

Urayasu Village / Urayasu Town

  • 1889(Meiji 22) April-Horie, Nekozane, and Todaijima mergedUrayasu VillageIn addition, Urayasu Elementary School opens.
  • 1894(Meiji 27) --Tokyo Takahashi → Urayasu → Gyotoku liner is in service (commonly known as “Tsune” and “Katsushika Maru”).
  • 1909(Meiji 42) September --The town system was enforced.Higashi KatsushikaUrayasuIs established.
  • 1917(Taisho6 years)- Great tsunami in XNUMX.
  • 1921(Taisho 11) --The Katsushika Riding Expressway opens between Urayasu and Yawata.
  • 1940(Showa15 years) --Urayasu Bridge is completed,Tokyo shared carIs open (commonly known as "blue bus").
  • 1944(Showa 19)- Tokyo air raid.
  • 1947(22)
    • April-The first mayoral election was held, and Shoji Udagawa was elected.
    • May-Urayasu Junior High School opens.
    • November-Municipal police "Kanan Police Station" is established.
  • 1949(Showa 24) September-Urayasu Town Fisheries Cooperative is established.
  • 1951(Showa 26) June-Urayasu Town / Minamigyotoku Town Union Katsunan Hospital opens.
  • 1958(33)
  • 1962(Showa 37) --In response to the Black Water Incident, Honshu Paper paid compensation to fishermen, but the fishery did not perform well after that.Fishing rightsAbandoned part of.With this as an opportunity, the theory of regional revitalization by landfill became full-scale.
  • 1964(Showa 39)- Sea level landfill businessStarted.
  • 1966(Showa 41) June --The reclamation work for District B (Higashino, Tomioka, Benten, Imagawa, Tekkodori) is completed.
  • 1967(Showa 42) April --Minami Elementary School opens.
  • 1968(Showa 43) June 6-Higashino, Tomioka, Imagawa, Benten, Tekkodori are born.
  • 1969(44) March --The landfill work for District A (Kairaku, Mihama, Irifune) was completed, and the Teito Rapid Transit Authority (currentTokyo subway)東西 線Opened,Urayasu StationIs open (rapid train passes initially).
  • 1970(Showa 45) November --The reclamation work for District C (Maihama) is completed.
  • 1971(46)
    • April-Completely abandoned fishing rights.
    • August 8-Kairaku, Mihama, and entry into the ship are born.
  • 1972(47) April --Northern Elementary School and Prefectural Urayasu High School opened, and revetment work in District C was completed.
  • 1974(49)
    • March-Fashionable is designated as a prefectural intangible cultural property.
    • May-The Welfare Center for the Elderly opens.
    • 8 month - Oriental landChiba Prefecture approves the amusement park plan.
  • 1975(50)
    • April-Tokai Ourayasu High School opens.
    • August 11- MaihamaIs born.
  • 1976(51) October-Held the "10st Industrial Festival".
  • 1977(52)
    • February 2-"Urayasu Shimbun" is launched.
    • March-Imakawa and Mimyogawa housing complex start moving in.
    • April-Mimeigawa Elementary School and Horie Junior High School open, Oriental Land Transportation (currentlyTokyo Bay City Transportation) Bus route opens.
    • July-Municipal Higashino Pool completed,National railway(CurrentJR East)Keiyo LineGroundbreaking ceremony was held.
  • 1978(53)
    • September 9-Sunrise, Akemi is born.
    • October-The Great Misumi Line opens.
    • November-Shin-Urayasu Bridge opens.
    • December 12-"Monthly Basuketto" is launched.
  • 1979(54)
    • April-Tomioka Elementary School opens.
    • May-Farmers disappear.
    • September 9-The port, Chidori is born.
  • 1980(55)
    • March 3-Takasu is born.
    • April --Mihama Minami Elementary School, Irifune Kita Elementary School, and Mimyogawa Junior High School open.
    • June-Urayasu Town Folk Museum opens.
  • 1981(56) March 3 Expanded staggered to the current area.

Urayasu city

  • 1981(56)
    • April 4-Municipal system is enforcedUrayasu cityWill be. (同県の(In the same prefectureYotsukaido-shiThe city system came into effect on the same day. ) Higashi Elementary School, Irifune Minami Elementary School, Irifune Junior High School, Tokyo Gakkan Urayasu High School opened.
      • At the time of the enforcement of the city system, it was the last municipality in the XNUMX wards of Tokyo that belonged to the county (town / village).
    • July-The Cultural Center opens.
  • 1982(57)
    • January-The district health center is completed.
    • April-Horie Public Hall opens, Maihama Elementary School opens.
  • 1983(58)
    • March --The Central Library opens and the Kanan Police Station opens.
    • August 4- Tokyo DisneylandOpened, Tomioka Public Hall opened, Mihama Kita Elementary School opened.
  • 1984(59)
    • April-Tomioka Junior High School and Urayasu Minami High School open.
    • May-Juntendo University Urayasu Hospital opens.
  • 1985(60)
    • February-Cemetery park problem occurs.
    • March-Declared "Nuclear Free Local Authorities".
    • April-Mihama Junior High School opens.
    • June-Central public hall opens.
    • November-The elderly population ratio is the lowest in the country.
  • 1986(61)
    • October-Maintenance work in front of Shin-Urayasu Station begins.
  • 1987(62) April-Mihama Community Center opens, Chiba Legal Affairs Bureau Urayasu branch office opens.
  • 1988(63)
    • April-Urayasu General Welfare Center opensMeikai University・ Hinode Elementary School, Kindergarten, Urayasu Junior High School attached to Tokai University opened, Urayasu Fire Department Horie Branch Office opened.
    • October-Silver Human Resources Center opens.
    • October 10-Urayasu Post Office opens.
    • December 12-JR Keiyo Line: Soga-Shin-Kiba section opens,Shinurayasu Station-Maihama StationOpened.
  • 1989(Showa 64/HeiseiFirst year)
    • April --The new library of the Central Library is born, and Juntendo Medical College of Medicine, International Education Academy Japanese Language School, and Higashino Nursery School are opened.
    • May 5-"Urayasu 7th Anniversary Citizen's Festival" is held.
  • 1990(2)
  • 1991(3) --Population 113,947 (42,348 households)
    • May --Opened International Education Academy Vocational School.
    • July --Started moving into the Urayasu Simple Insurance Subscriber Center Home "Casa de Kanpo Urayasu".
    • October --Urayasu City Assembly Office (SNU Co., Ltd., Facility Use Welfare Corporation, etc.) completed.
    • October 10th and 5th-Urayasu Municipal 6th Anniversary Festival held.
    • November 11th, 17th, 18th-The 19th National Town Magazine Conference "Urayasu / Gyotoku Tournament" (sponsored by Monthly Basuketto).
  • 1994(6)
    • April-Akemi Elementary School opens
  • 2001(13)
  • 2003(15)
    • April-Takasu Elementary School opens.
  • 2006(18)
    • 4 month - Ryokuji University・ Akemi Minami Elementary School and Akemi Junior High School open.
    • June 6-"Citizen Fureai 25/25 (Niko Niko) Festival" is held as an event of the 25th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system.In addition, a part of the general park is open.
  • 2010(22)
  • 2011(23)
  • 2012(24)
    • Tokyo Bay Urayasu Ichikawa Medical Center opens.
    • The 1st Urayasu Bar is held.
    • The "Sunrise Bridge" at the most downstream of the Sakai River opens.
  • 2013(25)
    • March --Rebuilt and newly built Horie 3-chome Neighborhood Association meeting place.
    • March --Renovated the outer wall of the Tomioka Estate Sankopo Urayasu Joint Residents' Association meeting place.
    • April-Full-scale restoration work for the Great East Japan Earthquake begins.
    • May-The 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Urayasu Neighborhood Association.
    • 6 month - NiigataOjiyaConclude an agreement on mutual support in the event of a disaster with.
    • November-Held a ceremony to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the establishment of the Urayasu Neighborhood Association.
  • 2014(26)
    • April-Takasu Junior High School opens.
  • 2015(27)
    • April --Irifune Minami Elementary School and Irifune Kita Elementary School merged to open Irifune Elementary School.
    • 5 month - Red Bull Air Race World Series1 raceChibaMihamaThe temporary landing site for participating aircraft will be set up on the revetment of Shinmachi.以後After that2019Held until.
  • 2016(28)
    • June-The new city hall is completed.
  • 2017(29)
    • April-Urayasu Music Hall is completed.

Aircraft noise

In Urayasu cityTokyo BayThe coastal areaHaneda airportIs close to the straight line distance.そのために風向きによっては(主に南 - 西)B滑走路(22)、C滑走路(16L)、D滑走路(23)に着陸する飛行機が低空(上空が曇っていても航空機の窓からTherefore, depending on the wind direction (mainly south-west), the planes landing on Runway B (XNUMX), Runway C (XNUMXL), and Runway D (XNUMX) are low (even if the sky is cloudy, from the window of the aircraft).Tokyo Disney ResortThere is a noise problem in the area because it passes or turns around (so that you can see the steel complex around Shin-Urayasu Station).This has been taken up many times by the Urayasu municipality as a serious problem.

The newly constructed Runway D was originally supposed to be made parallel to Runway B (04-22), but in that case Urayasu City and Chiba Prefecture protested that it was noisy, so the direction was shifted by 7.5 degrees, 05- Construction was done at 23[9].

Origin of city name

It is said that Jinsaemon Arai, the first mayor of Urayasu Village, said "Urayasu (sea) Yasukare" and wished for peace of mind.

"Japanese calligraphyIn the passage of Volume 3 "Kamitakeki", "Once upon a time,IsanAccording to the name of this country, Japan is the country of Urayasu, "and Urayasu is also the old and beautiful name of Japan (Yamato).


It is a young municipality with an average age among Japanese municipalities.The population used to grow exponentially, but has been stable in recent years.

Population distribution of Urayasu, Chiba, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Urayasu City and the whole country (2005)Urayasu City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Urayasu City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Great East Japan EarthquakeUnder the influence of2011The population has decreased for the first time since the city system came into effect, but with the progress of restoration2016It recovered to the level before the earthquake.

Town name

In Urayasu City, in some areasAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.

Urayasu City Hall jurisdiction (83 towns)
Town nameTown name readingTown area new establishment dateHouse display dateTown name, etc. before the display of the residenceRemarks
Nekozane XNUMX-chomeNekozane1981/10/11981/10/1All of Nekozane Kamitakasu, Nakatakasu, and Kairaku, and some of Nekozane Okinowari, Tatsumi, Sunada, and Kairaku.
Nekozane XNUMX-chome1981/10/11981/10/1All of Nekozane Nekozane Nakanowari and Nekozane Nekozane Uenowari, Tatsumi, Sunada, Shinmeishita, and Shin-Nakajuku
Nekozane XNUMX-chome1981/10/11981/10/1All of Oaza Nekozane Ikukodori, Aza Nitta Kotsumi, Aza Kou Minowari and Oaza Nekozane Minami Keihi Uenowari, Azahonyashiki, Azagami Meishita, Azashin Nakajuku
Nekozane XNUMX-chome1981/10/11981/10/1All of the large-sized Nekozane Rokuse-wari and each part of the large-sized Nekozane Daikan-wari, character book mansion, character original discount, character Omiyamae, and character Gozojiri
Nekozane XNUMX-chome1981/10/11981/10/1Ooaza Nekozane Omiyamae / Character Book Mansion / Character Gozojiri, Oaza Kakemama Hijijido Mansion / Character Shimo Nowari, Oaza Todaijima Character Nitta Dori / Character Shimo Nowari
Todaijima XNUMX-chomeTodaijima1981/10/11981/10/1Ooaza Nekozane Omiya-mae, character Motowari, character Gozojiri, Oaza Missing Manma Hijijijizo-maki, character hall mansion, character bottom nowari, character pond nowari Part of each part of the character Nowari, the character northern border, the character Jizo-dori, and the character representative discount
Todaijima XNUMX-chome1981/10/11981/10/1Oaza Todaijima Hijiji Todai, Oaza Todaijima South side, Okawabata, Ooaza Minami Kayahata and Oaza Todaijima Hijijizo-maki / Azaike Nowari, Oaza Todaijima Aza Nitta-dori / Azagami Nowari・ Each part of the northern border of the character and Jizo-dori
Todaijima XNUMX-chome1981/10/11981/10/1Oaza Todaijima Aza Tachiwaki / Aza Kita Kayahata, Oaza Arai Hijiji Tsutsumi Gaidori and Oaza Todaijima Jizo Dori / Aza Kita Border
Kitazakae XNUMX-chomeKitazakae1981/10/11981/10/1Oaza Nekozane Motowari, Oaza Todaijima A part of the northern border
Kitazakae XNUMX-chome1981/10/11981/10/1Part of the northern border of Todaijima
Kitazakae XNUMX-chome1981/10/11981/10/1Part of Shinnaka-juku
Kitazakae XNUMX-chome1981/10/11981/10/1Oki Nekozane Okinowari, Shinnaka-juku, Sunada, Kairaku
Horie XNUMX-chomeHorie1982/10/11982/10/1All of Oaza Horie Higashino and each part of Oaza Horie Asahi and Higashino
Horie XNUMX-chome1982/10/11982/10/1Oaza Horie character Furuta, character Fujimi, character Asahi
Horie XNUMX-chome1982/10/11982/10/1Each part of Oaza Horie character Furuta and character Fujimi
Horie XNUMX-chome1982/10/11982/10/1All of Oaza Horie character Gochoho and each part of Oaza Horie character Furuta and character Fujimi
Horie XNUMX-chome1982/10/11982/10/1Each part of Oaza Horie character Fujimi and character estuary
Horie XNUMX-chome1982/10/11982/10/1Each part of Oaza Horie Asahi and Azabuki
Fujimi XNUMX-chomeFujimi1982/10/11982/10/1Part of Oaza Horie Fukiage
Fujimi XNUMX-chome1982/10/11982/10/1Each part of Oaza Horie estuary and character Fukiage
Fujimi XNUMX-chome1982/10/11982/10/1Part of the Oaza Horie estuary
Fujimi XNUMX-chome1982/10/11982/10/1Part of Oaza Horie Fukiage
Fujimi XNUMX-chome1982/10/11982/10/1Oaza Horie character Fukiage, each part of Higashino
Higashino XNUMX-chomeHigashino1982/10/11982/10/1Part of Higashino
Higashino XNUMX-chome1982/10/11982/10/1Part of Higashino
Higashino XNUMX-chome1982/10/11982/10/1Part of Higashino
Tekkodori XNUMX-chomeAs you can see1983/10/11983/10/1Each part of Tekkodori and Imakawa
Tekkodori XNUMX-chome1983/10/11983/10/1Part of Tekkodori
Tekkodori XNUMX-chome1983/10/11983/10/1Part of Tekkodori
Tomioka XNUMX-chomeTomioka1983/10/11983/10/1Part of Tomioka
Tomioka XNUMX-chome1983/10/11983/10/1Each part of Tomioka and Imagawa
Tomioka XNUMX-chome1983/10/11983/10/1Each part of Tomioka and Imagawa
Tomioka XNUMX-chome1983/10/11983/10/1Part of Tomioka
Imagawa XNUMX-chomeNow1983/10/11983/10/1Part of Imagawa
Imagawa XNUMX-chome1983/10/11983/10/1Part of Imagawa
Imagawa XNUMX-chome1983/10/11983/10/1Part of Imagawa
Imagawa XNUMX-chome1983/10/11983/10/1Part of Imagawa
Benten XNUMX-chomeBenten1983/10/11983/10/1Each part of Benten and Tomioka
Benten XNUMX-chome1983/10/11983/10/1Part of Benten, Tomioka, Tekkodori, and Imagawa
Benten XNUMX-chome1983/10/11983/10/1Each part of Benten and Tekkodori
Benten XNUMX-chome1983/10/11983/10/1Part of Benten
Kairaku XNUMX-chomeKairaku1983/10/11983/10/1Part of Kairaku
Kairaku XNUMX-chome1983/10/11983/10/1Part of Kairaku
Irifune XNUMX-chomeIrifune1987/10/121987/10/12Part of entry
Irifune XNUMX-chome1987/10/121987/10/12Part of entry
Irifune XNUMX-chome1987/10/121987/10/12Part of entry
Irifune XNUMX-chome1987/10/121987/10/12Part of entry
Irifune XNUMX-chome1987/10/121987/10/12Arrival, each part of Mihama
Irifune XNUMX-chome1987/10/121987/10/12Part of entry
Mihama XNUMX-chomeMihama1987/10/121987/10/12Mihama, each part of the ship
Mihama XNUMX-chome1987/10/121987/10/12Mihama, each part of the ship
Mihama XNUMX-chome1987/10/121987/10/12Part of Mihama
Mihama XNUMX-chome1987/10/121987/10/12Part of Mihama
Mihama XNUMX-chome1987/10/121987/10/12Mihama, each part of the ship
Maihama XNUMX-chomeMaihama1987/10/121987/10/12Part of Maihama
Maihama XNUMX-chome1987/10/121987/10/12Part of Maihama and Tekkodori
MaihamaMaihama1975/11/29Not implemented
HarborMinato1979/9/21Not implemented
ChidoriChidori1979/9/21Not implemented
Akemi XNUMX-chomeAkemi2006/9/192006/9/19Part of Akemi
Akemi XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of Akemi
Akemi XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of Akemi
Akemi XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of Akemi
Akemi XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of Akemi
Akemi XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of Akemi
Akemi XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of Akemi
Sunrise XNUMX-chomeHinode2006/9/192006/9/19Part of the sunrise
Sunrise XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of the sunrise
Sunrise XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of the sunrise
Sunrise XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of the sunrise
Sunrise XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of the sunrise
Sunrise XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of the sunrise
Hinode XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of the sunrise
Sunrise XNUMX-chome2006/9/192006/9/19Part of the sunrise
Takasu XNUMX-chomeTake2004/10/122004/10/12Part of Takasu
Takasu XNUMX-chome2004/10/122004/10/12Part of Takasu
Takasu XNUMX-chome2004/10/122004/10/12Part of Takasu
Takasu XNUMX-chome2004/10/122004/10/12Part of Takasu
Takasu XNUMX-chome2004/10/122004/10/12Part of Takasu
Takasu XNUMX-chome2004/10/122004/10/12Part of Takasu
Takasu XNUMX-chome2004/10/122004/10/12Part of Takasu
Takasu XNUMX-chome2004/10/122004/10/12Part of Takasu
Takasu XNUMX-chome2004/10/122004/10/12Part of Takasu
  • Motomachi district-Urayasu town area from ancient times
  • Nakamachi district-Phase 1 landfill (1962-1975)
  • Shinmachi district-Second landfill (2-1975)



  • Yoshio Kumakawa(Yoshio Kumakawa) (April 1981-September 4, 1998) 9th term
    * It has been 8 years and 29 years since the time of Mayor Urayasu.Resigned after leaving his term due to poor physical condition.
  • Hideki Matsuzaki(Hide Matsuzaki) (November 1998, 11-February 1, 2017) 2th term
    ■Chiba governor electionResigned after leaving his term to run for the race.
  • Etsuji Uchida(Etsushi Uchida) (March 2017, 3-) 26st term

Mayoral election

  • November 2021, 3 Execution

*Number of voters on the day: 137,278 Final voting rate: 45.74% (vs. +0.54pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Etsuji Uchida56IndependentNow36,425 vote58.88%Recommendations: Liberal Democratic Party, Komeito, Restoration
Hideki Matsuzaki71Independentyuan25,438 vote41.12%
  • November 2017, 3 Execution[10]

*Number of voters on the day: 132,164 Final voting rate: 45.20% (vs. +4.64pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Etsuji Uchida52Independent新27,448 vote47.03%Recommendation: Liberal Democratic Party, Komeito
Hitomi Orimoto59Independent新16,312 vote27.95%
Junko Okano38Independent新14,600 vote25.02%
  • November 2014, 10 Execution[11]

*Number of voters on the day: 125,211 Final voting rate: 40.56% (vs. -5.15pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Hideki Matsuzaki64IndependentNow29,144 vote58.24%
Hitomi Orimoto56Independent新18,608 vote37.18%
Yosuke Iwao28Independent新2,291 vote4.58%
  • November 2010, 10 Execution[12]

*Number of voters on the day: 124,970 Final voting rate: 45.06% (vs. -0.65pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Hideki Matsuzaki60IndependentNow28,264 vote51.65%
Hitomi Orimoto52Independent新23,386 vote42.73%
Yuichi Tsuboi28Independent新3,075 vote5.62%
  • November 2006, 10 Execution[13]

*Number of voters on the day: 119,673 Final voting rate: 45.71% (vs. -2.79pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Hideki Matsuzaki56IndependentNow17,653 vote32.70%
Hitomi Orimoto48Independent新16,268 vote30.14%
Tsuyoshi Tange64Independent新11,581 vote21.46%
Yukio Nishiyama45Independent新8,476 vote15.70%
  • November 2002, 10 Execution[14]

*Number of voters on the day: 107,368 Final voting rate: 48.50% (vs. -0.55pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Hideki Matsuzaki52IndependentNow31,022 vote60.58%
Kenji Kumakawa42Independent新20,190 vote39.42%
  • November 1998, 11 Execution[15]

*Number of voters on the day: 96,627 Final voting rate: 49.05% (vs. -2.31pts)

Candidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateRecommendation/support
Hideki Matsuzaki48Independent新17,508 vote37.41%
Keinosuke Udagawa62Independent新15,109 vote32.28%
Kazuo Wakayama57Independent新10,229 vote21.85%
Minako Motoki49Independent新3,958 vote8.46%

Police and fire departments

City emblem

First generation

  • As part of the Urayasu Town System 50th Anniversary Project, we recruited from the general public and lottery, and as a result, the first emblem was selected. It is a stylized version of "Ura"1959May 10Was established in[16].Independent municipalityIt was inherited and used later.

2 generation

  • As part of the Urayasu 100th Anniversary Project, the works selected by the Urayasu Citizens' Vote and the Urayasu City Emblem Selection Committee were decided by the Urayasu City Council from a total of 1205 entries. As a result, "U" is designed so that the sun rises.1991May 4Is enacted in.さらに色は緑色と青色が指定されているFurthermore, the colors are specified as green and blue.[17] [18].


Urayasu City Council

  • Constant: 21 people
  • Term: January 2019th, 31 (Heisei 4)-January 30th, 2023 (5th year of Reiwa)[19]
  • Chair: Hoshin (Liberal Democratic Party, unaffiliated club)
  • Vice-chairman: Rikako Nakamura (Komei Party)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name
LDP・Independent club8Isamu Fukasaku, Akira Tsujita, Yoshinori Okamoto, Hoshin, Yoshizumi Nishikawa, Nao Miyasaka, Akihiro Kobayashi, Junko Everyda
Komeito3Kaname Akiba, Rikako Nakamura, Kenji Ichinose
Japan Communist Party2Minako Motoki, Mari Mise
Democracy2Junko Okano[20], Keiji Yoshimura, Yumi Yoshimura[21]
Civic Association2Yukio Nishiyama, Minoru Mizuno
Abandoned4Akiko Hirose,Hitomi Orimoto[20], Takashi Suemasu, Kiichiro Yanagi, Yoshie Ashida[21]

Chiba Prefectural Assembly

  • Constituency: Urayasu constituency
  • Constant: 2 people
  • Term: January 2019th, 31 (Heisei 4)-January 30th, 2023 (5th year of Reiwa)
NameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Kentaro YazakiConstitutional Democratic PartyChiba Prefectural Assembly4
Nao MiyasakaLDPChiba Prefectural Assembly1

House of Representatives

Representative nameParty nameNumber of wins
Kentaro SonouraLDP4


In UrayasuOriental landRun byTokyo Disney ResortIs overwhelmingly well-known, so the city's finances are heavily dependent on Oriental Land (a kind of)Castle town), But from the beginning of the sea surface reclamation project, the city has planned development with the three pillars of "creation of residential areas", "attracting large-scale amusement parks", and "formation of steel distribution bases". Advance[22]It can be said that it has achieved remarkable success in each sector and has well-balanced financial resources.なお、歳入の市税区分においてオリエンタルランドを含む法人市民税は例年1割程度であり、個人市民税と固定資産税で8割程度を構成しているIn addition, in the city tax classification of revenue, corporate municipal tax including Oriental Land is about XNUMX% every year, and individual municipal tax and property tax make up about XNUMX%.[23]..Although it cannot be denied that Tokyo Disney Resort plays a central role in the formation of the city's image, it is thought that abundant tax revenues are largely dependent on high average income and housing popularity.



There has been no farmland in the city since 1979.



Prior to the enforcement of the city system, the main industry of the region was the fishing industry, but it is generally called the "black water incident".1958 OfEdogawa fishery damageAbandoned fishing rights.Currently, only tourist fishing boats are open.


Tokyo Disney Resort is not only the theme park itselfOfficial hotelAnd the shopping mall "Ikspiari, And the theater / concert hall "Maihama AmphitheaterIt is a large amusement area with such things as, and it accommodates tourists visiting, including many other affiliated hotels around the area.

Main commercial facilities

A company with its head office and head office in Urayasu



















Sister cities/partner cities


sister city


Partner city[25]


in recent years,Tokyo OfCity centerCondominiums are being built one after another due to the convenience of commuting to work, the location of Tokyo Disney Resort in the city, and the well-planned living environment centered on landfills. ..新町地区のマリナイースト地区の地権者はThe landowners in the Marina East area of ​​the Shinmachi areaUrban regeneration mechanism(OldUrban Infrastructure Development Corporation) Etc., and development is underway based on the development plan.Therefore, the road is wideparkThe greenery is abundant because there are many.

Due to the strong number of visitors to Tokyo Disney Resort2015Since then, existing hotels have been renovated, expanded, new hotels have been built, and opened in Urayasu City.[26].


There are three types of official hotels directly managed by Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR) in the city: Disney hotels (directly managed by TDR), official hotels, and partner hotels.

Other hotels

post office

  • Urayasu station square post office (05130)
  • Urayasu Nekozane Post Office (05536)
  • Urayasu Tomioka Post Office (05560)
  • Urayasu Horie Post Office (05570)
  • Shin-Urayasu Station North Post Office (05587)
  • Shinurayasu Station Post Office (05591)
  • Urayasu Bokai no Machi Post Office (05599)
  • Urayasu Post Office(Yucho Bank Urayasu) (05653)

The postal code corresponds to the following. 1 The collection and delivery station is in charge of collection and delivery.

Phone Number

The area code is 047.Urayasu station is the only detention station.


Urayasu Public LibraryAs an excellent public libraryLibrary scienceIs famous in the field of.Public library officials from home and abroad are visiting for inspection.



secondaryMedical area(Secondary health care area) is the southern Tokatsu medical area (jurisdiction: Kamagaya city and Kamanan area).[27].. The tertiary medical area is the Chiba medical area (jurisdiction: the entire area of ​​Chiba prefecture).

Medical facilitiesList only those with high special mention[27].



high school



Junior high school



primary school



Sports team

Urayasu cityHeadquartersTeam

Sports Facilities



It conducts scenic flights to and from Urayasu Heliport, and has about 4 users annually.It is the only heliport in the metropolitan area that can be used 24 hours a day.

Urayasu Heliport(Excel Air)

  • Daytime TOKYO Sky Cruise
  • Night TOKYO night cruise
  • As an operation recordMinatomiraiSightseeing flight to / from the heliport

Passenger airportChibaNarita City OfNarita International Airport(Narita Airport) orTokyoOta-ku OfTokyo International Airport(Haneda Airport) is the nearest.JAL Dream Express(デ ィ ズ ニ ーcharacterSpecial painting machine) operates for a limited time.

Narita International Airport --About 45 kilometers (detailsAccess to Narita International Airport(See)

  • About 60 minutes by car.
  • Limousine bus
    • From Shin-Urayasu Station (Platform H) / Disneyland Bus Terminal (Platform 8)Limousine busYou can access "Narita Airport Terminal 2", "Narita Airport Terminal 1", and "Narita Airport Terminal 3" at.

Tokyo International Airport --About 15 kilometers (detailsAccess to Tokyo International Airport(See)

  • About 20 minutes by car.
  • Limousine bus
    • You can access "Haneda Airport Terminal 8", "Haneda Airport Terminal 2", and "Haneda Airport International Terminal" by limousine bus from Shin-Urayasu Station (H platform) and Disneyland Bus Terminal (Platform 1).

Railway line

Central station: Shin-Urayasu station

East Japan Railway(JR East)

Tokyo subway(Tokyo Metro)

Maihama Resort Line

Bus route

Central bus stop: Shin-Urayasu StationTokyo Disneyland Bus Terminal



General national road

Main local road

General prefectural road



Large apartment

  • El City Shin-Urayasu
  • Sea Garden Shin-Urayasu
  • Bay City Shin-Urayasu
  • Earl Forum Shin-Urayasu
  • Serena Vita Shinurayasu
  • Park City Tokyo Bay Shinurayasu Coco
  • Park City Tokyo Bay Shinurayasu Sea
  • Park City Tokyo Bay Shinurayasu Sol
  • La Finesse Shin-Urayasu
  • Grand First Shin-Urayasu
  • Park City Shin-Urayasu Isle
  • Park City Grande Shin Urayasu
  • Radian Coast Shinurayasu
  • Regius Fort Shin-Urayasu
  • Park City Moana Villa Shinurayasu
  • Proud Shin-Urayasu
  • Proud Shinurayasu Palm Court
  • Irifune East Estate
  • Irifune West Estate
  • Irifune North Estate
  • Mihama East Estate
  • Mihama Nishi Estate
  • L City
  • Sea breeze city
  • Shione no Machi
  • Nozominomachi
  • Sea garden town
  • Dream sea city
  • Bay City Urayasu
  • Cosmo Shinurayasu Tokyo Bay
  • Proud Marina Terrace Shin-Urayasu
  • The Park House Shin-Urayasu Marine Villa

Residential estate

  • Mimyo River housing complex
  • Imagawa housing complex
  • Keisei Sankopo Urayasu
  • Irifune Central Estate

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Festivals and events

Cultural property

Chiba Prefecture designated cultural propertyList[33].

numberDesignation / registrationCADNameAddressOwner or administratorDesignated dateRemarks
1Prefecture designationTangible cultural property (building)Hojoin Koshinto4-14-1 Horie, UrayasuHojo-inShowa 44 years 4 month 18 Date1 units
2Former Otsuka Family Residence3-3-1 Horie, UrayasuUrayasu city141 Building
3Sanken Nagaya in Urayasu1-2-7 Nekozane, UrayasuUrayasu city181 Building
4Tangible folk cultural assetsUrayasu ship carpenter's tools1-2-7 Nekozane, UrayasuUrayasu city12632 points
5Intangible folk cultural propertyUrayasu's fashionable danceUrayasu City Nekozane, Todaijima, HorieUrayasu Fashionable Preservation SocietyShowa 49 years 3 month 19 Date

Native celebrity

All over the worldDisney parkso,castElected fromGoodwill ambassador(Ambassador), "Tokyo Disney Resort Ambassador", which represents the entire TDR in Japan, is selected.毎年Every yearMay 1からMay 12For the past year, he has been active as a goodwill ambassador representing the cast of TDR.


Various fields

Works set in Urayasu City


  • (Shugoro YamamotoWritten): In the work, it was called "Urakasu" and was a fisherman's town.ShowaThe state of Urayasu in the early days is depicted.
  • Stop me(Wataya RisaWritten): Going to Disneyland during the work.


  • New Japan travelogue "Autumn in front of Edo-Chiba Urayasu-" (NHK):1970May 9broadcast.
  • New Japan travelogue "Million tsubo off the coast-Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture-" (NHK): 1981May 5broadcast.
  • Traveling to New Japan Again "The Remnants of Fisherman Town-Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture-" (NHK): 2006May 7broadcast.


  • (Movie): A movie adaptation of Shugoro Yamamoto's novel "Aobeka Monogatari".
  • Abayo nigga(Movie, 1974 Nikkatsu): The main character, Takeo (Yusaku Matsuda)'S hometown around Urayasu Station.
  • Truck bastardSeries (Movie, 1975-1979 Toei): Used for shooting car chase scenes such as climaxes using landfills.
  • City of shells(Drama,1978): The stage is Urayasu, which was an old fisherman's town.
  • It's hard for a man(Movie): The stage of the latter half of the movie.LocationThe central location of the ground is the Flower Street shopping street, which will be described later.Since it was taken before the complete abandonment of fishing rights (1971), many fishing boats are shown floating in the river.
  • After all I like cats(Drama,1988 - 1991): The character, Kayano Onda, was in Urayasu when she was in junior high school.
  • 101st proposal(Drama):Takeda TetsuyaThe proposal scene where he was about to be run over by a truck was shot on the symbol road in the Nakamachi district.
  • HOTEL(Drama, 1990's series): The hotel used for the main shooting is nowHilton Tokyo Bay.
  • Longevity competition(Drama): A year-end special drama set in Urayasu.Ken Utsui,Satomi IshiharaEtc. appearance. 2008å¹´12月26日放送・Broadcast on December XNUMX, XNUMXFuji Television Network, Inc
  • Quartet!(Movie, 2011 Shochiku): A writer living in UrayasuTadashi OnitsukaA movie based on the novel of the same name.Due to the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake, this is the only work of the "Urayasu Municipal 30th Anniversary" project. December 2011, 12 Urayasu Preceding Road Show, January 17, 2012 National Road Show.
  • Lonely gourmet(ドラマ、2012å¹´ - ):2012å¹´1月25日放映の第4話「千葉県 浦安市の静岡おでん」、2018å¹´5月12日放映のSeason7第6話「千葉県浦安市の真っ黒な銀ダラの煮付定食」の舞台。
  • Youth in New Town (Movie, 2012):Ryu MoriokaHis first public directorial work. PFF Award 2011 Entertainment Award (HoriproAward), 16thBusan International Film Festival Invited work in The Window on Asian Cinema section.

Manga anime

  • Urayasu Rebar Family(Manga, original author'sKenji HamaokaLives in our city)
  • Gokudo-kun(Cartoon):Mizushima Shinji..A model of the local "Kamayasu" of the main character, Kyogoku Dotaro.Urayasu StationAnd the surrounding cityscape are drawn in the works.
  • Special attack(Comics)
  • (Hanju Kureboryushon) (Cartoon):Satoru Makimura..The protagonist misunderstands that "Urayasu, where Tokyo Disneyland is located, is Tokyo," and is shocked to find out that he is in Chiba prefecture when he moves.
  • WifeMarinese(Manga essay): The fun days of Urayasu life told by a real housewife living in Urayasu.The promotional copy is "ShiroganeseHappier !? "
  • Satchmo (manga): Original:Juzo Yamasaki, Drawing:Kenichi Kitami..Draws the scout manager (former player) Tamotsu Ogawa (commonly known as "Satchmo") of the lowest (fictitious) professional baseball team "Urayasu Pantams".
  • Kudo-kun(Cartoon): Shinji Mizushima.主人公heroNakanishi Ball RoadThe school I attended was Urayasu City along with private Aoda High School in Urayasu Sannaka.
  • .hack // Liminality(Anime): A fictitious facility called the server management facility of Urayasu CC will appear.
  • 4th year 1st group standing!(Cartoon): The stage is Urayasu City, like the "Urayasu Reinforced Family".

TV commercial

  • MeijiSports milk "Exercise and milk" version: It was taken at sunrise in the Takasu area.



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注 釈

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