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😷 | [Breaking news] New corona confirmed XNUMX new infections Oita


[Breaking news] New corona confirmed XNUMX new infections Oita

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Beppu City has 5 people, Hita City has 3 people, Saiki City has 2 people, and residents outside the prefecture have 2 people.

Regarding the new coronavirus, Oita Prefecture announced on the XNUMXth that it has infected XNUMX new people.By place of residence, there are XNUMX people in Oita City ... → Continue reading

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Beppu(Beppu) isOitaLocated in the central part of the east coast ofCityIs.It has the second largest population in Oita prefecture.


Beppu hot springIt is a well-known city in Japan because of its existence.Over 800 million tourists visit every yearTourist cityAndInternational Tourism Hot Spring Cultural City,International Conference Tourist CityIt is specified in.Hot springs spring out in various parts of the city, with more than 2300 hot springs, accounting for about 1% of the total number of hot springs in Japan, and the largest amount of hot springs in Japan.[Note 1]..Hot springs are not only for sightseeing and civic life, but also in the olden daysAlumFrom the production ofGeothermal power generation, Hot spring cure, medical treatment, using hot spring heatFlowerCultivation and aquaculture, recentlyHot spring mudIt is widely used in various industries, including beauty methods that use.

In the economic zoneOita metropolitan areaIt belongs to (another metropolitan area) and is adjacentOita CityAlthough the city area is divided by Mt. Takasaki, about 7 km between them is 1 lanes, which is one of the busiest sections in Kyushu.Betsudai National Highway(National Route 10) Is tied together.In addition, there are 4 JR lines in the city.Nippo Main LineIt is about 10 to 30 minutes from each station to the center of Oita City, and it also plays a role as a commuter town in Oita City.

Special city construction lawAs of 2020, as of XNUMXGreat Heisei mergerIn the city of Oita prefecture, which is in contact withTsukumiThere is no merger or transfer alongside.


Beppu City is located almost in the center of the eastern part of Oita Prefecture, and is surrounded by mountains in three directions except the eastern coast, and these are all volcanoes.[1]..In particular, the volcanoes in the western part of the city are new[1],Mt. TsurumidakeThen you can see fumarolic activity[Note 2]..In addition to Mt. Tsurumidake, in the western part of the cityYufu,OhirayamaA mountain range centered around the area can be seen, and in this western partOita XNUMX ViewsSelected as one ofYufu River Canyon(Near Higashiyama), andAso Kuju National ParkThere are many forests because there is a designated area of.On the other hand, in the eastern partBeppu BayFlow intoAsami River-Haruki River-SakaigawaFormed by rivers such asFanAnd downstreamAlluvial plainConsists of.A major urban area was formed near this area.The northern and southern parts of the alluvial fan are short across east and west due to crustal movements.FaultIs distributed in large numbers, and the urban area is located in a recessed terrain sandwiched between these faults.

Along the coastline, penetrating the city area from north to southNational Route 10, Central partOita ExpresswayPasses through.Also,Beppu International Tourism PortStarting from Mt. Tsurumidake and the south side of Mt. Yufu,Oita Prefectural Road No. 11 Beppu Ichinomiya Line(Kyushu crossing road) Passes.The railroad runs along the city coastlineNippo Main LinePasses through.In addition to thisBeppu PortThere is also surface mail to.


Seto Inland Sea climateThe average temperature is 16.4 ° C and the average annual rainfall is 1644.6 mm (1981-2010 average).[2]..Even in Oita prefecture, especially in the coastal area of ​​Beppu city, in the summerdroughtKnown as an area where[3].


sourceNumber andAmount of dischargeIt is,JapanThe number of sources is about 2600, which accounts for about 9% of the number of sources in Japan, and their total amount of spring reaches 102 (kL / min).[4][Note 3]..It should be noted that, not only as a natural source, but also as an excavation method for the source well.Kazusa DiggingAs a result of the introduction of, it became easier to excavate the source.[5]As a result of the increase in the number of customers coming to Beppu Port by ship from Kansai as well as the Kitakyushu region[5], Large-scale hot spring industry and tourism industry flourished in the 20th century.

Adjacent municipalities

Place name

Large print

1956At that time it consisted of 15 large letters.

Addressing system Town name

1965The residential address was displayed in the center of the city.

Common name town name

The following town names are used except for the districts where the residential address is displayed.

These town names are common names, and officially use large letters.As an example, in the case of Miyuki, the lot number notation similar to that of other local governments is written as "Beppu City Oaza Kannawa x Address", and the commonly used address is written as "Beppu City Miyuki y Group".In addition, some towns may have a residential addressing system with the same name.[6].

  • Uchikamado --Uchikamado, Kunitachi No. 1, Kunitachi No. 2, Jumonji Hara, Spaland Toyoumi, Sekinoeshincho
  • Uchinari --Uchinari, Kogabaru
  • Kamegawa --Kamihirata Town, Daikanyama Town, Yonoyu Town 2 Wards, Kamegawa Chuomachi 1 Ward, Kamegawa Hamada Town, Furuichi Town
  • Kannawa --Ida, Kannawa, Kannawahigashi, Kita Kannawa, Furomoto, Miyuki
  • Kitaishigaki --Sakuragaoka, Shoningahama, Shoningahama, Shoningahama, Nakasuka Higashimachi, Nakasuka Honmachi, Nakasuka Motomachi, Haruki, Minamisuka
  • Tsurumi --Asahigaoka Town, Ogiyama, Kokura, Ohata, Kitanaka, Jitsusoji, Shin Beppu, Manor, Soen Kitamachi, Takenouchi, Tsurumi, Baba, Higashisoen 1-9 Chome, Honometogei, Midorigaoka Town, Myoban
  • (I.e. --Noda, Yuyama
  • Minamihata / Tenma --Tenma
  • Hamawakise --Akamatsu, Urata, Kawachi, Taguchi, Torigoe, Yanagi, Yamaya, Ryogunbashi
  • Flat road --Kosaka, Osho
  • Higashiyama --Shiroshima, Higashiyama 1 ward, Higashiyama 2 ward, Yamaguchi
  • Beppu --Edago, Otohara, Noguchihara
  • Minami Tateishi --Kankaiji, Tsurumiencho, Hotta, Minamisoencho, Minamitateishi Ikimecho, Minamitateishi Itajicho, Minamitateishi 1 Ward, Minamitateishi 2 Ward, Minamitateishi Honmachi, Minamitateishi Hachimancho


Successive mayors

Successive mayors[7]
代NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
4Kiyoshi Nagano1935/8/301935/9/8Die
5Ono Sunao1935/9/231938/4/11
6Harusaburo Naito1938/7/111942/7/10
8Kaiichiro Suematsu1942/10/201946/10/19
Public election
10Tetsuichi Waki1947/4/51951/4/4
12Keiji Arakane1955/5/21959/4/29
22Nobuyuki Inoue1995/4/301999/4/29
24Hiroshi Hamada2003/4/302006/4/10
272011/4/30August, 2015
28Yasuhiro NaganoAugust, 2015Incumbent

Beppu Citizens Charter

Beppu City enacted the "Beppu Citizens Charter" on January 1968, 1.[8].

  • Let's create a beautiful town.
  • Let's cherish the hot springs.
  • Let's warm up our customers.

Administrative scandal

On-site investigation problem of welfare recipients to the amusement park

2015At the city council in December, Beppu City held a playground in the city in October of the same year (Pachinko parlors,Bicycle race track) Surveyed at 13 locations for 5 days, instructed 25 beneficiaries found in writing, and excluded medical expenses of 9 people who were in the store again during the periodWelfareIt was revealed that the payment of the pachinko parlor was suspended for 1-2 months, and that a pledge was requested not to enter or leave the pachinko parlor at the start of the payment.Beppu City, where the ratio of welfare recipients is 3.3%, which is almost twice that of the average Japanese municipality, has been conducting surveys once a year since before 2.There are pros and cons to this.[9][10][11], The "Life Protection Support Kyushu-Okinawa Network" organized by about 140 lawyers requested cancellation as "guidance and disposition are illegal" and "extremely restricted and extremely inappropriate" and submitted a written opinion.[12][13]. Also,Akihiro HatsukaMembers of the House of Representatives国会でQuestion formAsked a question by[14][15]..On the other hand, out of more than 200 opinions sent to Beppu City, more than 8% supported the suspension measures.[11].

About this issueMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareIt is,Welfare ActIn February 2016, Oita Prefecture requested Beppu City to rectify the situation, informing Oita Prefecture that spending on pachinko machines was not explicitly prohibited and that suspension of payment was inappropriate.In response to this, Beppu City decided to cancel the suspension measures from 2, but decided to continue the patrol survey and provide guidance if it finds a beneficiary to gamble.[10][11]..On the other hand, the lawyer who serves as the secretary general of the "Kyushu-Okinawa Network for Livelihood Protection Support" mistakenly said that the livelihood protection recipients are in front of the public and that it is unavoidable for the government to interfere with any non-illegal acts. He said that it was inappropriate because he was given an image and was atrophied.[16].


City council

  • Constant number: 25 people
  • Chair: Aiichiro Kuroki (Liberal Democratic Party, Liberal Democratic Party)
  • Vice-chairman: Daisuke Mori (Shinfu Beppu)
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsAffiliated party
Liberal Democratic Party legislators12LDP
Liberal Democratic Party3LDP
Civic club3Social Democrats
Japanese Communist Party Legislature2Japan Communist Party
Administrative and financial reform club1

Prefectural assembly

  • Constituency: Beppu City constituency
  • Constant number: 5 people
  • Term: March 2019, 4-March 30, 2023
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Koichi ShimaLDP
Masafumi TodakaKomeito
Takashi HaradaPrefectural clubParty membershipSocial Democrats
Hisako SaruwatariJapan Communist Party
Nobuo ArakaneShinsei Taikikai

House of Representatives

Representative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Takeshi IwayaLDP8Constituency
Katsuhiko YokomitsuConstitutional Democratic Party7Proportional revival

公共 機関

National administrative agency

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Ministry of Defense

Independent administrative agency

Special corporation


National University Corporation

Prefecture administrative agency


Beppu Onsen History SectionSee also.

Modern times

Changes in administrative areas

  • 1889(Meiji 22) April 4-With the enforcement of the town and village system, the following villages corresponding to the current city area were established.
    • Hayami-gunBeppu Village, Hamawaki Village, Mikoshi Village, Ishigaki Village, Asahi Village
  • 1893(Meiji 26) April 4-Beppu Village → Beppu Town, Hamawaki Village → Hamawaki Town (town system enforced)
  • 1901(Meiji 34) November 11st-Mikoshi Village → Mikoshi Town (town system enforced)
  • 1906(Meiji 39) April 4-Hamawaki-cho / Befu-cho → Befu-cho (equal merger, new town system)
  • 1924(Taisho 13) April 4-Beppu Town → Beppu City (city system enforced)
  • 1925(Taisho 14)May 1 --Mikoshi Town → Kamegawa Town (renamed)
  • 1935(Showa 10) September 9-Ishigaki Village, Asahi Village, Kamegawa Town → Beppu City (transfer)
  • 1956(Showa 31) April 4-Part of Hiji TownSouthern tip villagePart of Hasama Town → Beppu City (transfer)
Transition of Beppu City
May 3
May 4
May 4
May 11
May 4
May 4
May 1
May 9
May 3
May 11
May 4
May 4
Or later
Part of Hiramichi VillagePart of Toyooka VillagePart of Toyooka TownPart of Hiji TownBeppu
Part of Nambata VillagePart of Minamihata Village
Tenma Village
Beppu VillageBeppu TownBeppu TownBeppuBeppu
Hamawaki VillageHamawakicho
Kamegawa village
Mikoshi VillageMikoshi TownKamegawamachi
South Ishigaki Village
Kitaishigaki Village
Minamitateishi Village
Higashiyama Village
Ishigaki Village
Kannawa Village
Tsurumi Village
Part of Uchinari VillageOita-gun
Part of Ishijogawa Village
Part of Hasama Village
Part of Hasama Town



Working population composition


Since the tourism industry is thriving, the ratio of workers in the tertiary industry, mainly in the tourism industry such as the accommodation industry and the retail industry, exceeds 8%.Conversely, the proportion of workers in the primary and secondary industries is small.In addition, since the manufacturing industry is also centered on the manufacture of food products such as confectionery and souvenirs, the shipment value of manufactured products is 118 billion yen, and the shipment value per employee is 1 million yen (923.5 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Industrial Statistics), which is extremely low. ..

However, it is a nationally designated traditional craft.Beppu bamboo work OfTraditional craftsmanHas 18 certified people[24].

Although it is hard to say that agriculture is flourishing, as of 2013, Beppu City can be mentioned as the main production area in Oita Prefecture.[25]..However, looking at Japan as a whole, as of 2013, Kumamoto Prefecture accounted for 96.5% of the yield of Banpeille.[26], Beppu City is not the main production area of ​​Banpeille in Japan.

Headquartered major companies

The company that once had its headquarters

  • Zenrin --Map making work.The head office has moved to Kitakyushu.
  • Sunrib Marshok Group --Comprehensive distribution business.The head office has moved to Oita City and Kitakyushu City.
  • Kikuya --Confectionery manufacturing and sales business.Although the head office is located in Beppu City and Oita City, the head office has moved to Yufu City.
  • Chokyudo (currently:Xavier Honpo) --Confectionery manufacturing and sales business.The head office moved to Oita City when he was calling himself Chokyu-do.
  • Kamenoi Hotel ――The head office is in Beppu City, but the head office has moved to Oita City.

Main office

(Top 4 companies with the highest number of employees)


Major large-scale retail stores

All of the above stores are located relatively close to the city center.

Major retailers with stores

The number in parentheses is the number of stores in Beppu city.

Central shopping district

Almost the entire central shopping districtDowntown activationIt is included in the planned area of ​​the project and was gradually renovated and redeveloped by around 2012.Currently, there are many exchange and event facilities "platforms" that have been renovated from vacant stores through the revitalization project, and these are the main venues from April 2009th to June 4th, 11. "Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 2009 Mixed Bathing Hot Spring WorldFrom October 2012th to December 10nd, 6, "Beppu Contemporary Art Festival 12" Mixed bathing hot spring world"It was held.In addition, various restaurants are concentrated around the Kitahama area, forming one of the largest entertainment districts in Kyushu.

  • Beppu Station Market Shopping Street, BIS South Building, B-passege, North Elevated Shopping Street(Only for under-elevated shopping streets and pedestrians)
    • Spread under the elevated railroad around JR Beppu Station, a subsidiary of JR KyushuJR Kyushu Building ManagementA tenant-type shopping street managed by.Currently, it is actually the largest shopping district in the city. "B-passege" has many new stores and looks like a general station building, but "Beppu Station Market" has many old stores that sell fresh food.Due to recent renovation work and the expansion of the Yamada Denki Beppu station square store, the ability to attract customers has increased, and there are few vacant stores and many people pass by.In recent years, cafes and second-hand clothing stores have moved into the Kitakouka shopping district, where vacant stores were conspicuous for a while, and art events are being held.Marumiya store Beppu station store is located.
  • Ekimae streetShopping district
    • In addition to various shops, financial institutions, office buildings, and hotels are also lined up.There used to be a single-roofed arcade, but it was removed.The sidewalks are well maintained, and there are hot spring springs and pipe horns.The Tokiha Beppu store is located along National Highway No. 10, near Beppu Station in March 2011 (Beppu Kintetsu Department StoreConstruction of a 15-story redevelopment building has begun on the site).The paving stones on the roadway were removed in 2008 due to aging.
  • Saihoji Dori Shopping Street
    • There are many restaurants along the old road with a monument related to Ino Tadataka.Downtown activation"Platform 04" is a renovated old nagaya on the south side of Saihoji based on the plan.select shop, "Platform 05" is used as an art space where artists and others stay and present their works.
  • Tengu-dori Hot Street Yayoi Gintengai (all-covered arcade installed, for pedestrians only)
    • Former "Yayoi Gintengai".It is an old shopping street, and the symbol is "Yayoi Tengu". Although the arcade was completely renewed in 1997, vacant stores have been conspicuous in recent years.
  • Kaimonji-dori Shopping Street
    • Kaimonji Park on the south side of the street was renewed in 2003 and is used as the main venue for events in the city center.In addition, the municipal Kaimonji Onsen, located in a corner of the park, was rebuilt in the spring of 2010.
  • Yasaka Brick Street (for pedestrians only)
    • Tengu-dori Hot Street Yayoi Ginten-gai and Sol Paseo Ginza are parallel shopping streets.However, since it is mainly snacks and izakaya, there is little traffic during the day.There are few vacant stores, and in addition to long-established stores, many new restaurants can be seen.
  • Sol Paseo Ginza (all-lid arcade installation, pedestrian only)
    • Former "Beppu Ginza Shopping Street".In the past, it was mainly old stores, but in recent years, restaurants and stores with a rich international flavor by foreigners have opened, and there are few vacant stores.Downtown activationFor "platform 07", which was a renovated vacant store based on the planBeppu bamboo workA craftsman's workshop was also created.There are many restaurants, and the banquet season nights are more crowded than daytime.Every year, Tanabata decorations and Christmas illuminations are held.You can use the parking lot of Youme Town Beppu.
  • Kusunoki Gintengai (all lid type arcade installation, pedestrian only)
    • It used to be the largest shopping street in Beppu, but the relocation of the city hall, the 1992 shopping street fire (25 houses burned down, mainly in the Matsubara market), 2005Kusunoki hot springThe number of shops decreased rapidly due to the closure of the store.Downtown activation"Platform 06," which was a renovated vacant store based on the plan, is being used as a three-generation exchange salon.
  • Nakahama-suji shopping street
    • Beppu's oldest shopping street.Centered around Nakahama Jizoson, which faces the street, it developed as a shopping district that connects Nagarekawa Dori, the main street of Beppu, with the downtown area around Matsubara Park, where there were movie theaters and playhouses. 2% of the sales were concentrated on Nakahama-suji, and a movable full-cover type arcade was also installed.However, it declined due to the forced evacuation that took place during World War II.Currently, there are small stores such as popsicle shops.
  • Takegawara alley(Full lid type arcade installation, pedestrian only)
  • Nagarekawa streetShopping district
    • Before the war, "Never sleepsHowever, because the road is narrow and there are no sidewalks (the road has one lane on each side), many financial institutions have relocated.EDION Beppu store in the center of the streetToho A PriceHowever, Youme Town Beppu is located along Route 10 at the entrance. Youme Town Beppu New Building is scheduled to be constructed across Route 10.Downtown activationA book cafe has been set up on "platform 03," which is a renovated vacant store based on the plan, and activities such as notifying the citizens of the progress of the central city area revitalization project are being carried out.

Suburban shopping street

  • Hamawaki Mall Shopping Street
    • A shopping street centered around Hamawaki Onsen near Higashi-Beppu Station.Redevelopment and land readjustment were carried out at the end of the Showa period, and it has now been developed as a tenant-type shopping district that is located on the lower floors of Beppu Municipal high-rise housing estates and hot spring facilities.The Marushoku Hamawaki store is located.
  • Tsurumi-dori Shopping Street / Tsurumi-dori Shopping Street
    • A shopping street that connects the Tsurumi district and the Tetsuwa district along the prefectural road Beppu Yamaka Line.It is divided into two shopping associations, the Tsurumi-dori shopping street on the south side and the Tsururin-dori shopping street on the north side, with the Hara intersection as the boundary.In addition to small and medium-sized stores and small restaurants, the number of roadside stores and stores on the lower floors of condominiums has increased in recent years. The anchor store was Tokiwa Industry for a long time since the latter half of the 2s, but it closed due to the aging of the building, and it became Lawson and an apartment on the site.Marushoku Tsurumi store, Fresh Market Tsurumi store, Corp Oita are located.
  • Beppu University Street Shopping Street
    • A shopping street from Beppu University Station to Beppu University.Since it is an old student district, there are many old and new small and medium-sized shops and small restaurants.The Tokiwa Industry superior store and Marushoku University Street store are located.
  • Kamegawa shopping street
    • The central shopping district in the Kamegawa district on the south side of Kamegawa station.There are many old shops around Kamegawashinoyu Onsen, and there are many condominiums for students and families near Kamegawa Station.The Marushoku Kamegawa store is located.


Set up a head office or branch in the citybank,Trust bank,Credit union,Credit cooperative,Labor union,Agricultural cooperative,Securities companyIs as follows.

Without setting up a general sales window in the city,TMJA financial institution that only sets up.

The main financial institution that once set up a branch instead of an ATM in the city, but withdrew.

  • Bank of Tokyo --Withdrew in the 1950s.
  • Fukuoka Bank --In February 1995, it was integrated into the Oita branch.
  • Fukuoka City Bank --After the merger with the West Japan Bank, it was integrated into the neighboring West Japan City Bank Beppu Branch.
  • South Japan Bank --At that time, it was Asahi Mutual Bank. It was integrated into the Oita branch in the 1980s, and the Oita branch also withdrew in 1993.

News agency

  • CTB media
    • Cable TV station.The penetration rate is about 5%, and the terrestrial digital broadcasting of 3 Fukuoka stations is also retransmitted.In addition, all stations can receive TV (including terrestrial digital broadcasting) and radio broadcasting in Ehime prefecture over a wide area of ​​the city.However, due to the spread of CATV, many households do not receive it (in many cases, it is necessary to readjust the antenna when receiving terrestrial digital broadcasting in Ehime Prefecture).
  • Newspaper today
    • Beppu local newspaper "Today newspaper"issue.Evening edition only, 4-8 pages, some colors, closed on Sundays and holidays.The sales areas are Beppu City and Hiji Town.

Zip Code

  • 874-XXXX (Beppu Post Office): Areas other than the following
  • 879-55XX (Hasama Post Office (Yufu City)): Uchinari / Kogabaru

Area code

  • (0977) 2X / 4X / 5X / 6X / 7X / 8X (NTT West Beppu MA)
    • Most homes in the city are 2X / 6X / 7X stations.There are many 2X stations in the center and 6X stations north of Kannawa. Until around 1970, the city code was a single digit.

Sister / friendship / international exchange city

Beppu City and Atami City have signed a sister city agreement with the aim of deepening mutual understanding and goodwill through tourism, economic and cultural exchanges and contributing to the development of local communities.
Beppu City and Mokpo City will promote exchanges in various fields such as administration, education, culture, industry, and economy, cooperate with each other to deepen mutual understanding and trust, and promote friendship and goodwill between Japan and South Korea in the future. Concluded a sister city agreement for the purpose of doing so.
Beppu City and Beaumont City have signed a sister city agreement not only for both cities but also for the purpose of deepening friendly relations between the United States and Japan, mutual understanding and deep friendship.
yuanChinese Ambassador to JapanSong Nomitsu introduced Yantai City, which has a similar urban form to Beppu City, and exchanges began.As a result of sending a delegation from both sides and starting discussions, in July 1985, a friendship city agreement was signed in Beppu City.
Beppu and Rotorua have signed a sister city agreement to promote friendship and goodwill between the two cities and their countries.Following the proposal of a sister city through the Ambassador of New Zealand to Japan, the mayors of both sides visited each other and agreed in February 1985, and in July 2, 1987 members of the Mayor of Rotorua visited Beppu City to hold a signing ceremony.
Beppu City and Bath City, England have signed a sister city agreement to promote friendship, cooperation and harmony between the two cities and the two countries.
A five-year deadline was set on January 2003, 1, and an international exchange city agreement was signed.After the expiration of the period, an agreement was signed with a period of 17 years until January 5, 2023, in order to continue friendly exchanges.



After the population increase during the period of high economic miracle, the population declined significantly from the 1980s to the first half of the 1990s, but the population decline slowed down from the latter half of the 1990s and has been almost stagnant since then.

Population distribution of Beppu, Oita, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Beppu City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Beppu City (2005)
■Purple-Beppu City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Beppu City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan




Junior college

high school

Junior high school

primary school

Museums and museum

public facility


Nearest airportOita Airport..For bus routes connecting Fukuoka Airport and Kitakyushu Airport#Highway bus (Beppu Kitahama)See.


* The central station of the city is Beppu Station.

From 1900 to 1972Oita StationFrom the front to the front of Kamegawa station, on the tramOita Kotsubetsu LineExisted.In addition, a railway between Beppu and Mikoshi (currently Kamegawa) is planned for hot spring guests.[34]Established hot spring tour railway (Beppu hot spring railway)Taikichi Aso,Denemon ItoInfluential people were listed, but it did not come true (license in June 1911)[35], October 1916 License expired[36])[37].



General national road

Main local road

General prefectural road

Bus route

Highway bus (Beppu Kitahama)

General route bus

In both companies, each major system operates approximately every 20 to 30 minutes.In addition, Beppu Station-Beppu Kitahama-Sightseeing Port-Kamegawa and Beppu Station West Exit-City Hall North Exit-Hikari-no-en, where the main systems overlap, operate approximately every 10 minutes or more during the day.

Regular sightseeing bus


Due to soaring crude oil prices in recent years, Uwajima Unyu Ferry's Misaki route and Soleil Express (Seto Inland Sea Steamship(System) The Yanai / Hiroshima / Kure / Matsuyama route has been abolished (Hiroshima / Tokuyama area is replaced by a highway bus), and Kansai Kisen has been reduced to one round trip (the route to Matsuyama area has been completely abolished).

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

Beppu Hachiyu

In Beppu City, there are hundreds of springs with different spring qualities.They are in 8 places with different historyhot springAre distributed around, and these are collectively calledBeppu HachiyuCalling[Note 5].

Beppu Hell Tour

Umi Jigoku, Blood Pond Hell, Shiraike Jigoku, Tatsumaki Jigoku are nationalScenic spotWas specified in.In addition, to hell that is not included in the hell tourShaved hell,Mingbo Helland so on.
Also, in 1927, a course around the "hell" of Kannawa Onsen on a 25-seater bus was explained, and in 1928, a female bus guide boarded for the first time in Japan.[5].Kamenoi BusThe "Beppu Jigoku Meguri" course, which started operation at the same time as the company was founded, has the longest history in Japan.Regular sightseeing bus.

Zoo / leisure facilities / recreation facilities

nature Park

Cultural property

XNUMX selections

Beppu Sankatsu

Beppu SankatsuWas selected in the Taisho era, and is no longer a general tourist destination except for Lake Shidaka.

  • Hotokezaki
  • Lake Shidaka
  • Uchiyama Canyon

Beppu Hakkei

Beppu HakkeiIt is,1930There are some places that are not general tourist destinations nowadays.It also includes tourist spots near Beppu City.

  • Takasaki Mountain(Oita City)
  • Hamawaki Park
  • Otohara / Kankaiji
  • Tsurumi Gaoka
  • Jissojiyama
  • Shibaishi mountain stream
  • Yufuin (Yufu City)
  • Hiji Beach (Hiji Town)


Festivals and events

Festivals and special events that were once held

Specialty products / special products

Celebrity from Beppu City

Political / economic





Celebrities with a connection to Beppu City

  • Masayoshi Matsukata - politician.He built Beppu Port when he was governor of Hita Prefecture, and laid the foundation for the development of Beppu Onsen.
  • Yuya Kumahachi --Businessman, founded Kamei Group.EhimeUwajima CityI'm from
  • Kosuke Morita - physicist.Born in Beppu City Chubu Junior High School and Oita Prefectural Beppu Tsurumioka High School.
  • Toshiko Akiyoshi --Pianist.Before moving to Tokyo, he was in charge of the pianist of the stationed military band in Beppu.
  • Shinya Kiyokawa - Composer.Yu-enchi planning general producer.
  • Mao Abe - Singer-songwriter.Born in Oita City.Before moving to Tokyo, he performed live at the live house "Hakudomura" in the Ekimae-dori shopping district.
  • Chimo・ Niimo-Singer / idol unit.A local idol based in Beppu City and Oita City.There are members from Beppu City, and they sometimes perform in the city.
  • Rina Miyazaki -Singer,SUPER ☆ GiRLS..Born in Oita prefecture and raised in Fukuoka prefecture.Relatives are from and live in Beppu City.
  • Noriko Fujita(Noriko Fujita) --Actress.Born in Oita City.He lived in Beppu City for a while.
  • Mayu Tsuruta --Actress.My father is from Beppu City.
  • Kinno Dan --Singer, actor.Born in Oita City.I attended a high school in Beppu City.
  • Atsushi Kubota -Talent,Pachi Pro, The first generationIto youth squad..Born in Fukuoka prefecture.Currently living in Beppu City.
  • Yoshida Hatsaburo --Bird's-eye view painter. I left a bird's-eye view of Beppu, such as "Beppu Onsen bird's-eye view" and "Traffic in East Kyushu centered on Beppu city".
  • Kotani Otani --Religious and explorer.In his later years, he was treated in Beppu.Otani Memorial Hall was established in Honganji Beppu Betsuin[48].

Works set in Beppu City


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