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😷 | [New Corona] Disposal of 216 vaccines in Yokohama Clinic electricity stop temperature rise

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[New Corona] Disposal of 216 vaccines in Yokohama Electricity stop at clinic Temperature rise

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The cause is unknown after investigating the switchboard of the building.

The city of Yokohama announced on the 29th that it has discarded 216 doses of the new coronavirus vaccine stored at the clinic in the city. ... → Continue reading

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Distribution board

Distribution board(Bundenban) is installed in the part where the electricity sent by the main line is branched to the load circuit.Circuit breaker for wiring,Earth leakage breakerIt is an electrical equipment that is installed as a group.It is often housed in a metal or synthetic resin housing, but some are simply attached to a wooden board.In the case of a large distribution board, in addition to the earth-leakage circuit breaker and the molded case circuit breakerElectricity meterAnd for controlrelay,照明Theリ モ コ ンIn some cases, a control unit for controlling with is built in.

In addition to these, current limiters (in residential distribution boards)Ampere breaker) Is provided and some products are not provided with an installation space (called a "limiter space").A breaker is installed that automatically breaks the circuit when the indoor wiring becomes dangerous.

Legal basis for installing a distribution board

"Electrical equipment technical standardsIt is necessary to install the distribution board based on Article 56 "Prevention of electric shock or fire in wiring" and Article 63 "Protective measures for low-voltage trunk lines from overcurrent, etc."also"Interpretation of electrical equipment technical standardsArticle 165, "Switch facilities at the entrance of low-voltage indoor electric circuits," states in accordance with Articles 56 and 63 above, where the distribution board should be installed.Residential distribution boards are located above the walls of entrances and corridors (at the same time closest to the power meter), inside closets in the case of new condominiums, and commercial distribution boards are EPS (electric or electric pipe shafts) inside the building. ) Is often installed.

Standards for residential distribution boards

Japan Wiring System Industry AssociationIs a voluntary standard ofJWDS0007 "Residential distribution board"Manufacturers of residential distribution boards can affix a standard conformity certification sticker issued by the Japan Wiring System Manufacturers Association.

JWDS0007 "Residential distribution board" has two types of standards, standard and high-performance standards.

Standard compliant product
  • Occurs when the power strip is short-circuitedShort circuit電流A distribution board with a short-circuit protection function that detects and instantly shuts off.
  • Distribution board with a high cutoff function (the rated cutoff current is set high and the protection range in the event of a short circuit is expanded).
High-performance standard compliant product
  • A distribution board with an overcurrent alarm function that notifies you by voice when you are using too much electricity.
  • EarthquakeDetect(I.e.If it is 5 or more, an alarm is issued by a lamp, buzzer, or voice, and after a 3-minute alarm, the main earth-leakage circuit breaker is shut off.If a power failure occurs during the issuance of an alarm, the main earth-leakage circuit breaker is shut off at the same time as the power is restored.
  • ThunderGuidance byLightning surgeDistribution board with the function of cutting.

It should be noted that none of the high-performance devices guarantees the performance of so-called "retrofitting" (the user purchases the device and incorporates it into the distribution board), and the specified functions are provided in the state of being incorporated at the time of shipment from the factory. It is designed and manufactured to fulfill.

Other residential distribution boards

Residential distribution boards with various functions other than these standards are manufactured and sold by distribution board manufacturers.

  • Light-compatible distribution board: A distribution board with a function that automatically turns on the security light when the breaker is turned off and the room becomes dark.
  • Distribution board for all-electric homes ...All-electric homesEquipment used for (egElectromagnetic cookerAnd electricityWater heaterA distribution board with a built-in breaker for connecting).
  • Solar powerSystem-compatible distribution board ... Solar power generationGrid interconnectionA distribution board with a built-in breaker.
  • Distribution board for gas power generation and fuel cell systems ...Eco Will,Ene farmDistribution board with a built-in breaker for connecting.
  • Distribution board for power measurement: A distribution board with a function to measure the power used.HEMSThere are also models that support.

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