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😷 | Support for fishermen hit by corona bruise Seki Aji Fair begins Oita / Oita City


Support for fishermen hit by corona bruise Seki Aji Fair begins Oita / Oita City

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At this shop, we prepared "Seki Aji Special Set", which is a set of Seki Aji sashimi and fried food, at a price 1000 yen cheaper than the list price.

Oita Prefectural University will hold a fair where you can enjoy Seki Aji at a bargain price from the XNUMXnd to support restaurants and producers who are hit by the new corona. → Continue reading

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Aki Seki

Aki Seki(Seki Aji)Toyo StraitCaught in (Seto of fast sucking),OitaOita City OfSaganosekiLanded atHorse mackerel.SabaAlong with the luxury of marine productsbrandKnown as.


Hoyo StraitSeto Inland SeaとThe Pacific OceanThere is a river called Hogose in the east of Takashima off the coast of Sekizaki, and the sea area is very fast because Kyushu and Shikoku (Cape Sada) are close to each other and form a strait. Feed throughout the yearplanktonIt is said that mackerel and horse mackerel, which are originally migratory fish, live around Hogose because of the abundance of such things.This dogma of settling fish has long been known among nearby fishermen.The horse mackerel that grows in this area is well fattened and tight because the water temperature does not change much and the tidal current is fast.In addition, Seki Aji is characterized by a small head and a well-developed tail, a golden body color, and a line that enters the abdomen.MigrationIt is said to be an independent group that lives only in the Hoyo Strait without doing anything.

Traditionally, "single fishing" has been practiced in this area because the waves are high and the undulations of the seabed are complicated and not suitable for fishing using fishing nets.In addition, it is bought and sold by "face buying" (hard) to judge the size and weight by looking at the fish on the surface of the water without weighing it, and when shipping it, "IkejimeIs given.By such handling, Seki Aji does not put stress on the fish and the fish body is not easily scratched, so that the freshness is not easily lost.

Due to its large size and high freshness, Seki Aji is often eaten as sashimi.

how to eat

The season is from March to October,sashimiIs delicious.[1]


As the recognition as a luxury brand increased, counterfeit Seki Aji and Seki Saba became available.For this reason, the Saganoseki Fisheries Cooperative (currently)Oita Fisheries CooperativeAt the Saganoseki branch office), Seki Aji and Seki Saba商標In 1996, it became the first marine product in Japan.Trademark registrationWas recognized.Then, tag stickers are attached to the tails of Seki Aji and Seki Saba to be shipped, and the signboards of special contract member stores are posted at restaurants nationwide that serve Seki Aji and Seki Saba dishes to protect the brand. We are trying to train.Also, in October 2006,Regional collective trademark(Regional brands) Is registered as the first step.

The hydrangea that is harvested at Cape Sada in Ehime Prefecture on the opposite bank of the Bungo Channel and sent directly to the Misaki fishing port is called the cape hydrangea, and is registered as a trademark by the Misaki Fisheries Cooperative Association.Seki Aji and Misaki Aji are the same fish themselves, but the quality is highly evaluated due to the strict management of handling such as face buying and livelihood, and Misaki Aji is cheaper than Seki Aji, which has a nationwide brand penetration. Traded at.


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