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😷 | [2nd] 5 people in 12 cities and towns in Nagasaki Prefecture Corona infection

Photo Number of infected persons by municipality announced on 2th (left), hospitalization status of new coronavirus infected persons (as of 1:7 pm on XNUMXth)

[2nd] 5 people in 12 cities and towns in Nagasaki prefecture were infected with corona

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About 150 students are enrolled in the school, and 1 to 5 students live together in each room.

Nagasaki Prefecture and others announced on the 2nd that they have confirmed a total of 4 new coronavirus infections in 1 cities and 12 town in the prefecture.Prefectural Police Welfare Division ... → Continue reading

 Nagasaki Shimbun

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Community life

Community lifeWhat is (Kyodo Seikatsu)?A humanDone byLifeIs one of the forms ofHouseMultiple human beings in onecommunityIt is like living a life in the form of forming.Living togetherAmphibiousA lifestyle that is called in the form of such as is a communal life.It has been increasing in recent yearsroom share,guest houseIt is a facility that is set up for the purpose of living a new communal living style or living such a life.Also in recent yearsAging societyIn combination with what is said to beIndividual ObstacleBy etc.IndependenceBecause it is impossible to live a lively life and it is impossible to maintain a life without the support of others.Nursing careIs being donegroup homeThe number of people who have no choice but to live together in the form of moving in is increasing significantly.[1][2][3][4].


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