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😷 | Emergency declaration hits a fun summer vacation "A little bright memories" Illuminations planning at elementary school

Photographs You can enjoy the fantastic illumination until mid-September (provided)

A state of emergency hits a fun summer vacation "A little bright memories" Illuminations planned at an elementary school

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In addition, the Olympic symbol handmade after the Tokyo Olympics currently being held is also displayed.

Osaka Prefecture (until August 4), where the fourth state of emergency was declared due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.Festival ... → Continue reading

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Olympic symbols

Olympic symbols(British: Olympic symbols) IsOlympic charterA symbol consisting of five connecting rings (Olympic rings) defined in.Named after this symbolModern olympicToOlympics"(Gorin) is often called[1].


The Olympic symbol is defined in Chapter 1-8 of the Olympic Charter[2][3].

The Olympic symbol consists of five connected rings of the same size in a single color or five colors (Olympic rings) and is used alone. — Chapter 1-8 of the Olympic Charter (excerpt)

Olympic ring

As stated in Chapter 1-8 of the Olympic Charter, "five single-colored or five-colored, connected rings of the same size" are called the Olympic ring.[2][3]..It is the so-called Olympic mark and Olympic mark.

In the form of overlapping and connecting rings of single color or five colors (blue, yellow, black, green, red from the left)Europe,Americas,Africa,Asia,OceaniaIt means the five continents and their mutual connection and solidarity, but none of the colors mean a specific continent.[4].Pierre de Coubertin Ancient olympicIs one of the venues ofDelphiInspired by the coat of arms of the Olympics, which engraved the armistice agreement on the altar of1914It was announced at the 20th anniversary ceremony of the IOC.

Olympic emblem

Olympic emblemIs defined in Chapter 1-11 of the Olympic Charter and refers to "an integrated design that combines the Olympic Ring with other unique elements."[2][3].

There is also a rule on how the five wheels overlap (top or bottom), but some competitions use a single color for the Olympic emblem, and sometimes it is not clearly displayed (in summer).1976 Montreal Olympics-1980 Moscow Olympics-2012 London OlympicsSuch).In addition, the presence or absence of white contours around the five wheels will vary depending on the competition.

Legal protection

International Olympic CommitteeFor commercial use without the permission of1981Concluded in "Nairobi Treaty on the Protection of the Olympic SymbolIs prohibited.Before the treatyOlympic charterAlthough the mark was defined as the exclusive property of the International Olympic Committee, the declaration of a private organization could not control anyone other than those involved.in Japan1964 OfTokyo OlympicsDo not get permission at the time ofLanternThere was a lawsuit over the sale of the Olympic Committee, but it ended in the form of abandonment by the Japanese Olympic Committee.[5].

Trademarks related to the Olympic Games are available from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and other countries.National Olympic Committee, Owned by the Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee of each competition[6]..Therefore, if a third party uses a trademark that is the same as or similar to the registered trademark for the same or similar designated goods and services as a trademark, it will be a trademark infringement.[6].

The use of similar labels may also be regulated by national law.In Japan, the use of similar labels for unregistered trademarks may violate Article 2, Paragraph 1, Item 1 of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law, and the Olympic-related marks are designated by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It is also prohibited to use similar marks as trademarks (Article 17 of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law).[6]..In addition, in the host country of the Olympic Games, it is common to enact laws that regulate ambush marketing that gives consumers the impression that non-official sponsors are official sponsors.[6].

Olympic flag

It is defined in Chapter 1-9 of the Olympic Charter, which states that "The Olympic flag should be white and borderless. The five-color Olympic symbol should be placed in the center."[2][3].

Special flag

The flag was first displayed in 1920Antwerp olympicFrom this tournamentOlympics oathWas done.Flags to be displayed and surrendered at the stadium at the opening and closing ceremony will be created for each tournament.Apart from this, the host city will take overSpecial flagThere is.The special flag will be kept at the government office of the host city of the Olympic Games, and will be returned from the head of the host city to the IOC president at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, and will be handed over to the head of the next Olympic host city.This thingFlag Handover CeremonyCalled (Antwerp Ceremony, Olympic flag exchange).

Antwerp Flag (Summer Games)

Antwerp cityDonated byAntwerp flagIt is,1980 Moscow OlympicsUntilSummer olympicIt was used as a special flag and was taken over by the host city.The flagpole is tied with six colored ribbons: blue, yellow, black, green, red, and white.CurrentlyOlympic MuseumIt is exhibited at. At the time of the 1980 tournament, the flag was not handed over to the United States, the venue of 1984, due to the Cold War, and the role ended naturally, and at the 1984 tournament, a replica of the flag was used.

Seoul Flag (Summer Games)

As a successor to the Antwerp flagSeoul Special CityDonated bySoul flag The1988 Seoul Olympicsから2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsWas used as a special flag until.The specifications were the same as the Antwerp flag, including the six-color ribbon on the flagpole.

Rio de Janeiro Flag (Summer Games)

The current Summer Olympics special flag.The Seoul flag finished its role as a special flag at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and at the closing ceremony of the Rio OlympicsCity of Rio de JaneiroAs a new special flagRio de Janeiro flagWas donated and the next term2020 Tokyo OlympicsIn the host cityTokyoWas passed to.The Rio de Janeiro flag is slightly smaller than the soul flag, and the Olympic mark is larger than the area of ​​the flag, but the ribbon of the flagpole is the same as both the Antwerp and soul flags.

Current storage location : French flag France-Paris city(Paris City Hall)
The 33nd Olympic GamesHost city

Oslo Flag (Winter Games)

Oslo cityDonated byOslo flag The1952 Oslo OlympicsからWinter OlympicsIt is used as a special flag and has been taken over by the host city.However, what is currently stored in a box and actually used at the closing ceremony is a replica of the Oslo flag.The same Olympic symbol is attached to both the front and back, and unlike the summer Olympic special flag, there is no ribbon on the flagpole.

Current storage location : Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku-北京市(Beijing City Hall)
24th Winter Olympic GamesHost city

Use as a substitute for the national flag

The Olympic flag may be used as a substitute for the flag during the entrance march and medal awarding at the opening and closing ceremonies.in this case,National anthemAs an alternative toOlympic hymnsIs used.In most cases, the National Olympic Committee has not been established or is under the sanctions of the International Olympic Committee.

Target tournamentApplicable countryTeam nameRemarks
1980 MoscowWestern countries[Annotation 1]-スイスTeams of each countryInvasion of Afghanistan by the host country Soviet UnionTo show that it was not dispatched as a country as a protest against.
1992 Albertville
1992 Barcelona
oldSoviet Union[Annotation 2]EUNBecause the Olympic Committee of the new independent country has not been approved.
1992 Barcelonaユ ー ゴ ス ラ ビ アIndependent athlete teamYugoslavia conflictSanctions on.
2000 Sydney東 テ モ ー ルIndividual participation teamBecause the Olympic Committee has not been established before independence.
2012 LondonoldNetherlands Antilles-南 ス ー ダ ダIndependent athlete teamThe Dutch Antilles was dismantled.South Sudan is just after independence and the Olympic Committee has not been established.
2014 SochiIndiaIndependent athlete teamSanctions for government interference with the Olympic Commission.The suspension of qualification will be lifted during the tournament.
2016 Rio de JaneiroクウェートIndependent athlete teamSanctions for government interference with the Olympic Commission.
Refugee teamWith African countries(I.e.A team of refugees from.
2018 PyeongchangロシアOlympic athletes from RussiadopingSanctions on the matter.
2020 TokyoRefugee teamWith African countries and the Middle EastベネズエラA team of refugees from.


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