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😷 | Iwate Morioka City Marathon Public road driving event canceled <Iwate / Morioka City>


Iwate Morioka City Marathon Public road driving event canceled <Iwate / Morioka City>

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On the other hand, an online marathon will be held where each person can participate through the smartphone app, and a challenge run for elementary school students will be held at Morioka Takaya Arena on October 10th.

The Taiwate Morioka City Marathon, which was scheduled to be held in October XNUMX, was on a public road due to the spread of the new coronavirus. → Continue reading

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Morioka City General Arena

Morioka City General Arena(Mori funny sogo arena)IwateMoriokaIs a multipurpose sports facility in[1].Designated administratorAsPublic interest incorporated foundationIt is managed and operated by the Morioka Sports Association.


1989 Opened to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the enforcement of Morioka City.1998 OfIwate Galaxy National Athletic MeetIt was used as a venue for.It is also used as a venue for the coming-of-age ceremony in Morioka City.[2].

Comprehensive from the ice arenaア リ ー ナRenovation work to2016 Started in February and completed after a period of one year and one month,2017 May 4Reopened after changing the name to Morioka City General Arena[3][4]..Also, during the construction periodIntroduced naming rightsWas held, and the construction industry "Takaya" in Morioka CityNaming rightsFrom 2016May 7More to this facilityMorioka Takaya Arena"(Morioka Takaya Arena) is given the name.[5]..The original naming rights contract2019 It was until March 3st, but after that the contract was renewed and2024 It was extended until March 3st.

The function as an ice skating rink is2015 From 2016Iwate National Athletic MeetNewly constructed and opened for the year-round gliding type "Morioka City Ice LinkWas relocated to.

From the 2017-2018 seasonJapan Professional Basketball LeagueParticipating in the second division (B2)Iwate Big BullsIs to be used as the main home arena of[6].

2018 ToInternational Tennis FederationOf the official gameCupAs the first round of the World Group Japan versus  ã‚¤ã‚¿ãƒªã‚¢The battle was held[7].


It is used as a multipurpose indoor venue such as a gymnasium, various concerts, and event floors.Parking lot can accommodate about 400 cars[8](Usually free of charge, use is restricted when holding large events such as concerts, and a shuttle bus may be operated).In the past, in winterSkating rinkAs[9]It was used, but with the opening of "Morioka City Ice Link", the 2014-2015 season was finally canceled.

The bleachers are 3,098 (fixed seats 3,053, royal box 45)[10][11], Capacity is 5,058 seats (3,098 seats for bleachers, 960 seats for moving seats, 1,000 seats for standing seats)[1][11]..In addition to the arena, there is a meeting room (1 people in the 60st meeting room, 2 people in the 60nd meeting room) and a training room.[10].

Arena (summer)

  • Area 3,220㎡ (length 70m, width 46m)
  • Arena floor area 1,800㎡ (length 60m, width 30m)
  • Height 18m
  • 2 futsal courts
  • 1 handball court
  • 2 basketball courts
  • 3 volleyball courts
  • 9 badminton courts
  • 3 tennis court
  • 20 table tennis tables
  • In addition, athletic meet and special event etc.

Skating rink (winter)


One skating rink (1m long, 60m wide)

Artist used for the concert (event)


bus Iwate Prefecture Transportation
  • About 10 minutes from the west exit of Morioka Station
  • About 25 minutes (about 2 km) from the west exit of Morioka Station (via Morino Ohashi)


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