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😷 | Yoshimoto Kogyo announces new coronavirus infection of Razor Ramon HG


Yoshimoto Kogyo announces new coronavirus infection of Razor Ramon HG

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Yoshimoto Kogyo will continue to give top priority to ensuring the safety of customers, affiliated talents, business partners, and employees, and will strive to prevent infection and spread of the new corona.

On Wednesday, August 8, Razor Ramon HG was infected with the new coronavirus on the Yoshimoto Kogyo official website ... → Continue reading

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Yoshimoto Kogyo

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.(Yoshimoto Kogyo,British: Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.)OsakaChuo-ku-TokyoShinjuku wardHeadquarters (registrationupperHead officeIs Osaka)Yoshimoto Kogyo GroupIt is an entertainment production, promoter, and TV program production production.The old company name is Yoshimoto Creative Agency Co., Ltd.


XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayFormer Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. (currently Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings Co., Ltd.) Holding company systemAs a result, the talent management and production/sales management division of the company's production/sales management headquarters were spun off to form a separate company, which is a wholly owned operating subsidiary of Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings.

With the establishment of this company, all the former Yoshimoto Kogyo talents (more than 2007 people) who were enrolled as of the same date on October 10, 1 were transferred to "Yoshimoto Creative Agency".

Even after the establishment of the company due to the transition of the former Yoshimoto Kogyo to a holding company system, the production credits for TV programs remain (former) Yoshimoto Kogyo (however, the name of the staff as an individual affiliation is different. , "Adore! Garage』(TV Asahi) Production cooperation credits also show our name), and similar cases can be seen in the name of the talent agency ("With Hama-chan!』(Yomiuri Television) "NHK (New)Hoshun.The name of the company may be seen in the "Planning)" Sliding art pride "corner).

For more than 110 years since the former Yoshimoto Kogyo era,The first Keiharu Danji,Yokoyama Entertainment-Hanabishi Achaco,Yanagiya KingoroEtc.Shofutei Nizuru,Yokoyama Yasushi,Shimada ShinsukeEtc., currentAkashi family,Downtown,Koji Imada,Koji Higashino,Nine Tine,Football hour,Chidori,Candy,Marbled starVery popular entertainers belong to many of the north, south, east and west.

September 2016, 3, ``Yoshimoto R & C Co., Ltd.Was absorbed and merged. 

On June 2019, 6, as the parent company "(former) Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd." changed its name to "Yoshimoto Kogyo Holdings Co., Ltd.", "(new) Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd." changed from "Yoshimoto Creative Agency Co., Ltd." Company name changed to "Company".


In addition, the talents that belong to the company after October 2007, 10 are affiliated with the Company, which was established by the separation of the management, production, and sales management departments along with the transition to the holding company system of Yoshimoto Kogyo. Therefore, there are talents who are not listed.



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