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😷 | [8/17] New coronavirus confirmed 3 new infections, the third highest number in the past


[8/17] New coronavirus confirmed 3 new infections, the third highest number in the past

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By place of residence, Nara City and Kashihara City have 26 people, and Kashiba City, Tawaramoto Town, and Yamatotakada City have 9 people.

Regarding the new coronavirus, the prefecture and Nara City announced on the XNUMXth that XNUMX new infections were confirmed. One day ... → Continue reading

 Nara TV Broadcasting

"Nara TV Broadcasting," a TV station in the ancient city of Nara, will provide you with the latest news about the prefecture, topics on the Great Buddha and deer, and information on delicious gourmet food.

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Kashihara(Kashihara) isNaraCentralCity..With a total population of about 121,000NaraIt is also the second largest city in the prefecture after.

The city name is KyushuMiyazakiCame fromEmperor JimmuIn the land of Iwayo, the mayor of ShikiBrother IsojoDefeat (Eshiki),NigihayahiWill also serve Tianjin RuiEmperor Jinmu coronationOn the day of Yang Metal Dragon in the spring and new year of Yin Metal RoosterMt.In the southeastern "Kashihara no Miya"CoronationToothFoundingIt comes from the tradition that it was done.Of the city emblem (symbol mark)Golden KiteStops at the bow of Emperor Jimmu (the end of the bow) and shines.NagahikoDriven away the soldiersEagleIt was designed from.



Nara BasinLocated in the southern part of the city, most of the city area is flat,Mt.-Mt. Amanoka-Mt. Onari OfYamato MiyamaShows a graceful appearance.

Adjacent municipalities


Hot in summer and cold in winter, with less rainbasinIt has a unique inland climate.



Change of city limits

Meiji 22Meiji 29Showa 3Showa 31Now
Imai Town
Kamokimi Village
Masuge Village
Kanabashi Village
Niizawa Village
Miminashi Village

Sister city/friendship city




Successive mayors

Unless otherwise specified, according to "Kashihara City Handbook Material 2009"[3].

1Saburo Yoshikawa1956 (Showa 31)/3/301972 (Showa 47)/3/1
2Yoshimi Mori1972 (Showa 47)/3/261975 (Showa 50)/3/3
31975 (Showa 50)/4/271992 (Heisei 4)/12/1
4Shiro Okahashi1992 (Heisei 4)/12/271995 (Heisei 7)/10/16
5Yutaka Yasoda1995 (Heisei 7)/11/122007 (Heisei 19)/11/11
6Yutaka Morishita2007 (Heisei 19)/11/12September 2019, 11[4]
7Tadahiko KamedaSeptember 2019, 11[5]Incumbent

Administrative agency


National/prefecture institutions

National agency

Prefecture agency

  • Kashihara Animal Guidance and Management Office (Jimeijicho)
  • Prefectural Kashihara Park(Unebicho)
  • Prefectural Kashihara Archaeological Institute, The museum attached to the museum (Unebicho)
  • Prefectural Kashihara Cultural Center (Kitayagicho)
  • Prefectural High School General Dormitory Unebi Dormitory (Gobocho)
  • Prefectural High School General Dormitory Kaguyama Dormitory (Eiwacho)
  • Social Welfare Center (Okubo Town)
  • Second Life Science Center (Kitayagicho)
  • Nara Prefectural Police HeadquartersDriver's License Center (Kuzumotocho)
    • Driver's License Division, Prefectural Police Headquarters, Driver's License Center
  • Nara Prefectural Police Headquarters Young Bullying No. 110 (Kumecho)
  • Nara Prefectural Police Headquarters Traffic Foul Notification Center Government Building (Shijocho)
    • Notification Center Government Building Prefectural Police Headquarters Transportation Task Force Kashihara Branch Office
  • Nara Prefectural Police Headquarters Kashihara Branch Office (Shijocho)
    • Kashihara Branch Office Building Prefectural Police Headquarters Mobile Investigation Team Kashihara Branch Station
    • Kashihara Branch Office Building Prefectural Police Headquarters Forensics Division Mobile Forensics Group Room
    • Kashihara Branch Office, Prefectural Police Headquarters Automobile Police Corps Kashihara Branch
    • Kashihara Branch Office Prefectural Police Headquarters Highway Traffic Police Corps Kashihara Branch Station
    • Traffic Control Neutralization Sub Center, Traffic Regulation Division, Prefectural Police Headquarters, Kashihara Branch Office
  • Nara Prefectural PoliceKashihara Police Station(Shijocho)
  • Nara Prefectural Waterworks Bureau Waterworks Construction Office (Ousacho)
  • Nara Prefecture Pest Control Station (Shijo Town)
  • Nara National Health Insurance Association (Okubocho)
  • Nara Prefectural Elderly General Counseling Center (Okubocho)
  • Agricultural Technology Center (Shijocho)
  • Manyo no Mori Management Office (Minamiuracho)


City council

  • Number of lawmakers: 23[6]
    • Yasuhiko Takeda, Chairman of the City Council (March 30-)
    • Vice Chairman of the City Council Hideto Okuda (March 30-)
    • Parliamentary Election Audit Committee Kazutaka Hiroi (March 30-)
  • Parliamentary group
Parliamentary nameNumber of membersAffiliated party
Liberal Democratic Party Kisaragi2LDP
Liberal Democratic Party Aoi2LDP
Liberal Democratic Party Kashinoki2LDP
Constitutional Democratic Party2Constitutional Democratic Party
Seiken Kashihara3Independent
I like Kashihara2Independent
Japan Restoration Party2Japan Restoration Party
Liberal Democratic Party2LDP

(As of October 3, 2nd year of Reiwa)

In addition, the constituency of the House of Representatives election is "Nara Prefecture 3st Ward, The constituency for the Nara Prefectural Assembly election is "Takaichi-gun / Kashihara-shi constituency" (constant: 4).[7].

Public interest corporation




Commercial facility

Financial institution

Securities company

Agricultural cooperative

  • Kashihara / Gose / Takaichi District Management Department, Kanabashi Branch, Kashihara Agricultural Economic Center, Kanabashi Loan Sales Center (Unatecho)
  • Niizawa Branch (Ichimachi)
  • Masuga Branch (Sogacho)
  • Naraken station square branch (Nakazoshicho)
  • Miminari Branch (Kuzumotocho)
  • Unebi Branch (Kumecho)

JA Bank ATMs are installed at each branch, and JA Bank ATMs are also installed at Kintetsu Department Store Kashihara, AEON MALL Kashihara Arles, and Okuwa Kashihara Kashihara.

Japan Post Group

(*As of May 2014)

  • Kashihara Post Office(Yagi Town) --Collection and delivery station.
  • Kashihara Ninokuchi Post Office (Kuzumotocho = Kuzumotocho)
  • Otsuki Post Office (Tsuchihashicho)
  • Kashihara Soga Post Office (Soga Town)
  • Kashihara Shinga Post Office (Shingacho)
  • Miminashi Post Office (Ishiharadacho)
  • Kaguyama Post Office (Degaitocho)
  • Imai Post Office (Imai Town)
  • Kashihara Shijo Post Office (Shijo Town)
  • Kanabashi Post Office (Higashibojocho)
  • Kashihara Castle (Kido) Post Office (Kidonocho)
  • Unebi Post Office (Kumecho)
  • Kashihara Shobu Post Office (Shobucho)
  • Kashihara Shirakashi Post Office (Shirakashi Town)
  • Kashihara Niizawa Post Office (Kazucho)
  • Kashihara Toichi Simple Post Office (Toichicho)
  • Kashihara Nakamachi Simple Post Office (Nakamachi)
  • Johonji Simple Post Office ()
  • Magarikawa Post Office (Magarikawacho)
  • Kashihara Inbe Simple Post Office (Inbe-cho)
  • Jimyoji Simple Post Office (Jimyoji Town)
  • Eiwa Simple Post Office (Eiwacho)
  • Kashihara Nishiikejiricho Post Office (Nishiikejiricho Town)
  • Mise Simple Post Office (Misecho)
  • Osaka Branch Kintetsu Department Store Kashihara Branch Office (Yagicho) (ATM only / Holiday service available)
  • Osaka Branch Aeon Mall Kashihara Branch Office (Magarikawacho) (ATM only / Holiday service available)
  • Osaka Branch Daily Qanat Kashihara Jingu-mae Branch Office (Eiwacho) (ATM only / Holiday service available)

ATMs are installed at each post office except for other simple post offices, and holiday services are provided at each post office in Kashihara and Shirakashi.

* The postal code for the entire Kashihara city is "634-00xx""634-08xx(Both are in charge of collection and delivery at the Kashihara Post Office).

News agency



Population distribution of Kashihara, Nara, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Kashihara City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Kashihara City (2005)
■Purple-Kashihara City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kashihara City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous survey from the 22 census (preliminary figures), the population increased by 0.68% to 125,573 people, and the rate of increase / decrease was 39th among 6 municipalities in the prefecture.

Nara Prefecture Statistics Kashihara City Population

  • As of October 2010, 4: 1 people
  • Population growth rate (2002 → 2007): -0.8%

Medical institution

Special function hospital

General hospital

  • Hirao Hospital
  • Heisei Memorial Hospital
  • Heisei Mahoroba Hospital
  • Nishigori Hospital
  • Kashihara Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Yamato Kashihara Hospital

school education

primary school

  • Imai Elementary School
  • Masuge Elementary School
  • Masugakita Elementary School
  • Miminashi Elementary School
  • Miminashi Minami Elementary School
  • Miminashi Nishi Elementary School
  • Kanahashi Elementary School
  • Kaguyama Elementary School
  • Niizawa Elementary School
  • Shirakashi Minami Elementary School
  • Shirakashi Kita Elementary School

Junior high school

  • Unebi Junior High School
  • Unebi Junior High School Second Division
  • Yagi Junior High School
  • Taisei Junior High School
  • Kashihara Junior High School
  • Koyo Junior High School
  • Shirakashi Junior High School


Secondary school


Vocational school

  • Nara Medical Association Nursing College
  • Nara Prefectural Hospital Association Nursing College
  • Le Creet Kashihara Beauty College
  • Nikken Gakuin Kashihara School

Various schools

Social education

Cultural facility

Sports Facilities

  • Nara Prefectural Kashihara Park
  • Kashihara City Kashihara Sports Park
    • Kashihara City Comprehensive Pool in Municipal Kashihara Sports Park
    • Baseball field in Kashihara Sports Park
    • Softball baseball field in Kashihara Sports Park
    • Softball field in Municipal Kashihara Sports Park
    • Multipurpose ground in Municipal Kashihara Sports Park
    • Municipal Kashihara Sports Park Inner Garden Stadium
  • Kashihara City Sogagawa Ryokuchi Gymnasium
    • Municipal Sogagawa Ryokuchi Gymnasium Annexed Garden Stadium
    • Multipurpose open space with Municipal Sogagawa Ryokuchi Gymnasium
  • Kashihara Municipal Central Gymnasium
  • Kashihara City Kakuyama Gymnasium
  • Kashihara City Manyooka Sports Center
    • Sports center courtyard stadium
    • Archery / Kyudo (distant) field in the sports center
    • Putter golf course in the sports center

Job training

Public vocational capacity building

Incorporated Administrative Agency Office



  • Central station:Unebi Station JTB timetable(The station closest to the city hall is selected in the JTB timetable).However, Yamato Yagi Station has more passengers, and commercial facilities are concentrated near the station, playing a central role in the neutralization area.



Famous places, historic sites, festivals, special events

Sights and historic sites

Historic sites in Kashihara City, Sakurai City, and Asuka VillageAsuka-Fujiwara no Miyato and related assetsAsUNESCO Ofworld Heritage(Cultural heritage) It is posted on the provisional list.At the historic sites in Kashihara City, Fujiwarakyo Ruins, Motoyakushiji Temple, Mise Maruyama Kofun,Yamato MiyamaEtc. are included in the list.

Tomb of the Emperor



Ancient tombs and ruins




Famous people


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