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😷 | New Corona Infected more than XNUMX people for XNUMX consecutive days Yamagata Prefecture


New Corona Infected more than XNUMX people for XNUMX consecutive days Yamagata Prefecture

If you write the contents roughly
I wonder what kind of means there is when I declare an emergency. "

Yamagata Prefecture announced on the XNUMXth that XNUMX new people were infected with the new corona in XNUMX cities and towns.The number of infected people is XNUMX or more ... → Continue reading

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This is Yamagata Broadcasting, a television and radio station in Yamagata Prefecture.
Daily news is provided with the catchphrase "Walk Together".

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Emergency(Emergency,British: Emergency) Is, in general,Health,lifeandpropertyOrEnvironmentIs imminentemergencyThe state of[1].

"Japanese language dictionary』Defines an emergency as follows.

"(1) A serious situation that requires urgent measures. (2) A state in which there is an urgent danger for security reasons.In Japan today, the Prime Minister can issue an emergency declaration to maintain security in the event of a large-scale disaster or sedition, temporarily control the police, and general police force can provide security. In the event of a situation that is deemed unsustainable, the Self-Defense Forces can be ordered to dispatch security.

* Police Law [1954] Article XNUMX "When the Prime Minister is proclamed for an emergency prescribed in the preceding Article", it may have a special legal meaning.



"Emergency situations" in international organizations

Various "emergency situations" stipulated in Japanese law

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