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😷 | [8/30] New coronavirus 161 new infections


[8/30] New coronavirus 161 new infections

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In addition, Nara City announced that an infected group = cluster occurred at a childcare facility in the city.

Regarding the new coronavirus, the prefecture and Nara City announced today that XNUMX new cases have been confirmed.new… → Continue reading

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Licensed Nursery School

Licensed Nursery School(Who is[1],[2], Nursery center[3]) IsGuardianFor some reason, such asNeed childcare乳 幼 児To keepChildcareA facility for daily activities for the purpose of doing. in Japan,Child Welfare ActStipulated in Article 7Child welfare facilityIt has become. This section describes nursery schools in Japan.

Facility name is "○○NurseryIn many cases, "nursery school" is a common name, and the name under the law is "Licensed Nursery SchoolIs[4].

In addition, in the municipalitiesOrdinanceThere is an example in which the facility name is set as 〇 nursery school.


In childcare at a nursery school,NursingEducationWill be deployed together. The term "nursing" is used to maintain the life and emotional stability of children.Childminder"Education" is the developmental assistance for children to grow up healthy and to develop their activities more abundantly. However, as for "education", "education for infants aged 3 years or older to cultivate the basics of compulsory education and subsequent education" is excluded.[5].

Child Welfare ActIsMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareChildren and Family Bureau has jurisdictionChild welfare facility, The childcare center (licensed childcare center) is defined as follows.

  • A nursery school is a facility for the purpose of providing day-to-day care for infants and young children in need of childcare by passing them from under a guardian every day. (Article 39 Paragraph 1)
  • According to the provision of "education" in the definition of "nursing" in Article 6-3, paragraph 7, "education for infants over 3 years old as cultivating the foundation of compulsory education and subsequent education" will not be conducted. (KindergartenEtc.)
  • Exceptionally moreage OfChildrenThere is also a case of childcare. (Article 39 Paragraph 2)
  • Social welfare lawIs defined as a second-class social welfare business (Article 2, Paragraph 3),Social welfare corporationMany are managed by.


Childcare content and functions

Minimum standards for child welfare facilities[6]as well as the Nursery school childcare guidelines[7]Based on the above, the childcare will be conducted in consideration of age and individual differences among children. The contents include "preservation of life" and "stabilization of emotions" corresponding to nursing, and 5 areas equivalent to education ("health", "human relations", "environment", "language", "expression"). At the root. At nursery schools, these are comprehensively developed while having mutual relations through the life and play of children.

A nursery teacher prepares a monthly plan that summarizes the contents of childcare for one month by intermingling the direction of childcare, goals, seasons, events, etc., a weekly plan that summarizes the contents of childcare for one week, and a plan that summarizes the flow of daycare. It is general to make and promote childcare along them.

The time when childcare is possible varies depending on the daycare center or local government. It is common from 7:19 to 22:XNUMX, but the number of cases where it is opened until XNUMX:XNUMX is increasing.Bon holiday-New Year's HolidayWhether or not to open is also different depending on the day care center or local government.

Though it is a small number, after school child healthy upbringing business operation summary[8]based onAfter-school child healthy upbringing businessMay be operated within daycare facilities (as of May 2008, 5, 1% of children's clubs after school as a whole).

In recent yearsChild care support centerIn some cases, the garden is openEventsAnd child-rearing consultation.Temporary childcare is also provided to temporarily take care of children who have not been admitted (see details).ChildcareSee article).

“Authorization” and “out of authorization” at daycare centers

Licensed nursery school

An authorized nursery school is based on the Child Welfare Act.PrefecturesorGovernment-designated cityorCore cityIs a facility that has been approved for installation.

In addition to so-called licensed daycare centers, there are small-scale licensed daycare centers and night-time licensed daycare centers. In addition to conforming to the minimum standards for child welfare facilities, licensed daycare centers are licensed. Guidelines[9] Guideline for small-scale nursery installation approval[10] Criteria for nighttime nursery installation approval[11]Must meet the requirements of.

A bill has been submitted to the Diet to eliminate the national minimum standards for child welfare facilities that are applied to licensed nursery schools and to establish by local government ordinance, and discussion is emerging.[12].

Unlicensed childcare facility

Childcare facilities that fall under the Child Welfare Law but are not licensed are called “unlicensed childcare facilities” or “unlicensed childcare centers” and are installed by notification. It is also called an unlicensed nursery school.

For so-called unlicensed nursery schools that meet the standards set by local governments, the local governments may provide their own subsidies and supervision.Local independent childcare businessI call it. For example, in TokyoCertified nursery schoolIs called.

With entrance requirement "we need childcare"

  • Working outside the home of parents (full-time work, part-time work, agriculture, forestry and fisheries as a business, etc.)
  • In-home labor of parents (self-employed, in-house work, etc.)
  • Before and after childbirth
  • Parental injury or disability
  • Nursing care for relatives living together
  • Disaster recovery

Can be given.

In some cases, priority is given to these households from the perspective of family welfare for mothers and children.

In addition, the following conditions are listed as admission requirements, in which case the priority of admission will be low (as determined by the municipality).

  • When parents are attending daytime school
  • When a parent has a willingness to work and is seeking a job (some municipalities have a one month limit)

In the past, admission to a nursery school was "lacking childcare"MeasureHowever, under the current system, it is established as a "contract."

Childcare fee

In many municipalities, childcare fees areincome tax-Resident taxCalculated based on the taxation status and the age of the child. Depending on the age of the child entering the school or at the beginning of the year, there are many cases where people are classified as 3 years old or older and under 3 years old, but there are categories such as "0 years old", "1, 2 years old", "3 years old", "4 years old and older", etc. In some cases. If more than one child is admitted to the nursery school at the same time, the childcare fee is often exempted according to the number of children in the nursery school.

Payment method, etc.

The payment method depends on the municipality.Account transferIn some municipalities, the method of paying directly to the municipalities is adopted, and in other municipalities, the nursery school collects the money. The Child Welfare Law does not allow children to leave due to non-payment of childcare fees. If unpaid payment occurs, payment is urged by the commune of the municipalities, etc., but due to the increase in unpaid childcare in recent years, many local governments take legal measures such as seizure of salaries.

Age category

From the day of admission年度Even if the child's age increases by one by the end of the period, the age category will not change. Therefore, even children with the same date of birth may have different childcare fees or different classes if they enter during the year.

The situation of authorized nursery school

According to the calculation by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare2012 (24)OctoberThe situation of nursery school at the time[13] Is as follows.

  • There are 23,711 daycare centers.
  • The number of childcare staff is 2,240,178.
  • Number of children used is 2,176,802
  • The number of waiting children is 24,825.
  • The overall utilization rate is 34.2%.
  • Utilization rate under 3 years old is 25.3%.

The number of children using nursery schools is1975 Due to the declining birthrate, the peak of 50 people (1,996,082)1994 The decreasing trend continued until (6),1995 After (7), it started to increase,2004 (16) 1,966,9291975 The peak of (50) was exceeded. It has continued to increase since then. this is,1973 Born (Showa 48) (peak of the second baby boom) was 2 years old1978 (Showa 53) The situation of kindergarten where the number of children continues to decrease with the peak time,1994 (6) It was similar before,1995 After 7, it is obviously different.

Status of waiting-list children

Waiting children who cannot accept due to overcapacity even if they want to use a nursery school have become a problem mainly in urban areas (for example, Kawasaki City also accepts overcrowding, but still responds to applications. I can't)

According to the situation of the nursery school, most of the waiting-list children are 1-2 years old (63.7% of the total).[14]. This is because the number of children under the age of 3 that can be accepted by daycare is small. In addition, waiting-list children account for 7% of the total in seven prefectures in Kanto (Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa) and Kinki (Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo) and other ordinance-designated cities and core cities. It is estimated that most of the waiting-list children are apparently waiting-list children who are admitted to non-licensed childcare facilities, and it is estimated that there are few true waiting-list children who cannot enter unlicensed childcare facilities. In addition, according to statistics by local governments, waiting children who enter childcare facilities not authorized by the local government may be excluded from the number of waiting children. In 77.7, the government and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced a policy to clarify the number and timing of zero waiting-list children nationwide in 2013, two years later.[15]. Yokohama City announced that it has achieved zero waiters as of April 2013, 4[16].

Current situation of shortage of childcare workers

In recent years, as the construction of nursery schools is progressing mainly in large cities to eliminate the waiting children, we are facing new problems such as a serious shortage of human resources for nursery teachers. It is expected to be a major obstacle to the development of nursery schools.

Difference from kindergarten


KindergartenSchool education lawbyEarly childhood educationIt is a facility and is defined in Article 1 of the same law.Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular(Ichijo school)”. Kindergarten teachers provide guidance. Not for children under 3 years.

The opening hours are around 9 pm and the closing hours are around 14:17 on noon or lunch day (or lunch day), but in recent years, many kindergartens have been provided with childcare services (childcare performed after hours). The target closing time has been expanded until around XNUMX:XNUMX.

The jurisdiction of the nursery schoolMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare, The kindergarten has jurisdictionMinistry of education.

In terms of location, all daycare centersZoningThe kindergarten is regulated as a schoolIndustrial area-Industrial areaI can't build it.

Difference in qualification

Issued by the prefectural board of education to be a kindergarten teacherKindergarten teacher licenseThe nursery school qualification is required at the nursery school. In addition to childcare teachers, the number of 0-year-olds set by local governments as a zero-year-old special care programnurseorMidwifeMay be placed.

In addition,LunchforNutritionistAnd the cook (CooksAnd its assistants) are placed (in facilities that outsource all cooking tasks, no cooks can be placed).

Can be placed in kindergartennursing teacher・The nursery or midwife is the occupation type of a nursery school that corresponds to a nursing assistant teacher, but these are intended for 0-year-olds and not for all ages.

Authorized child institution

Due to the following reasons, the certified children's school system2006 (18)May 10Started from.

  • Policy that nursery schools and kindergartens should be unified (Yoho unification)for
    • One of the reasons for unification of kindergartens is that it is difficult to secure a group of the size necessary for the growth of children when there are a large number of kindergartens and nursery schools while the birthrate is decreasing.
  • If parents are not working, they cannot use the nursery
  • Waiting-listTo eliminate
  • To enhance support for parents who feel uneasy and burdened about parenting

There are several types of certified children's schools, but among these, the nursery school-certified children's school and the nursery school part of the childcare cooperation-certified children's school are equivalent to the nursery school mentioned in this section.

Differences with nursery schools

  • Applications for admission to a certified children's school should be made directly to the school, not to the local government. Entrance examinations and judgments are made by each garden, not by the municipality (the examination standards of the municipality apply accordingly).
  • The nursery school for children also accepts children who do not lack childcare (with the number of people deemed appropriate by the prefectural governor).
  • Childcare fees are set independently by each institution (according to the criteria such as childcare fees of nursery schools set by the local government) and collected independently.
  • Childcare cooperation type (nursery school part) ・In the nursery school type, education is provided in accordance with the guidelines for kindergarten education in addition to the guidelines for daycare.
  • Staff qualification
    • For 0-2 year olds, a childcare worker qualification
    • For children aged 3 to 5 years, it is desirable to have both a kindergarten teacher's license and a nursery teacher qualification. However, consider not to exclude those who have only one qualification


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Related item

外部 リンク


Nara(Training) isNara OfNorthLocated in the departmentCity.. In NaraPrefectural office locationAndCore cityIs specified in.

Nara periodToWas placedAncient capitalIs called.Also京都Was also called Nanto.


Nara periodToHeijokyoWas placedAncient capitalAndTenpyo cultureIs known as a flowering land.

At present, Nara City is a wide-area city that occupies the northern part of Nara Prefecture at the same time.Nara BasinHits the northern end of. Eastern part of the cityYamato PlateauIt forms a part of the highlands, and the highlands of 300m to 600m above sea level continue.cityNorth of ancient timesHeijozanIn the hilly area called (Narayama)KyotoIs in contact with. Narasaka, which crosses Mt. Heijo and leads to Yamashiro, has been one of the important transportation routes since ancient times.

The city area is wide in the east and west, with (1) eastern mountainous areas, and (2) many cultural assets.International Tourism and Culture CityIn the Middle East with a face asCity center, (3) Osaka OfSatellite city-Bed townWith multiple faces, the atmosphere of the region and the orientation of the inhabitants show a difference from the western part, which has been developed as a residential area with the character of.

Origin of the city name

In olden times, the present Nara city area was called Sohori.

The whole area of ​​the city is flat terrain.As if they were evenThe terrain isNaraThe theory that it was the origin of the city name of "is influential. For more on the etymology,Nara # etymologySee.

The current Kanji notation is "Nara", but in old documentsNara""Neraku""HeijoIs also written.


Seto Inland Sea climateInland climateAlso has. Because the city is located in a basin, there are large differences in temperature between summer and winter and one day.

  • Temperature-up to 39.3 °C (1994 (6)May 8), Minimum -7.8 ℃ (1977 (52)May 2
  • Maximum precipitation-196.5 mm (2017 (29)May 10
  • Maximum instantaneous wind speed-47.2 m (1979 (54)May 9
  • Deepest snow-21 cm (1990 (2)May 2
  • Maximum number of summer days-153 days (1994 (6))
  • Maximum number of summer days-85 days (1994 (6))
  • Most hot days-30 days (2010 (22))
  • Maximum number of tropical nights-20 days (2017 (29))
  • Maximum number of winter days-90 days (1984 (Showa 59))
Nara(Nara Local Meteorological Observatory) Climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F18.9
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F9.0
Average daily temperature ° C (° F4.2
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F0.1
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−7.0
Precipitation amount mm (inch)52.4
Snowfall cm (inch)1
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5mm)
Average number of snowfall days (≥0 cm)11.511.84.70.20000000.15.533.9
Average monthlyDaylight hours115.2116.8156.4179.0189.5136.6158.8204.4152.8152.1135.1124.41,821.1
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme temperature: 1953-present)[4][5]


※About the history of the city area before the enforcement of the municipal system,NaraSee also

To the west of Nara city areaUwanabe TumulusA huge burial mound of the 5th century was built,Saki shield line burial moundsIs formed. 『WanashoLooks likeYamatoSoegami-gunYamamurago, Yangjugo, Yashimago, Ookago, Kasugago andSoge DistrictIt was the land of Saki and Torigai.

The area around the current city appears on the stage of Japanese history,710 To Kyo FujiwaraからHeijokyoIt was after moving to. After that, although there were several short-term capital transfers,NagaokakyoGo to784 Until then, this place was the center of Japan.NagaokakyoAfter moving to Tokyo,Todaiji Temple,Yakushiji Temple,Kofuku-ji TempleBuddhist temple forces such as remained in this area and were called the South Capital.

Kofukuji Temple is still in Yamato even in the middle agesGuardianIt's a huge jobManorThe Buddhist temple forces with the Rather, the power of the Great Temple had a great influence in times of war, and as a result, it suffered several wars. Two Great Buddha burning cases (Nanto burningBattle of the Great Buddha of Todaiji Temple) Is a symbolic event. But,Muromachi PeriodからSengoku periodTo other countries and nearby areasYamato BushidanThe power of the Great Temple diminished as a result of effective control.

Edo PeriodToEdo Shogunate OfNara magistrateHas been installedHeavenAsTokugawa familyBecame a direct territory of.Edo Period OfTeramachiThe atmosphere of Naramachi (Naramachi). In addition, the southern part of the present city areaIse country OfTsuhanEnclave (around Furuichi TownTodo familyTerritory). Also in the northeastern part of Nara city areaYagyu ClanWas the territory of.

Pacific WarInside is the sameReligious cityIsKyoto CityBecause it was not subjected to a large-scale air raid with21st century OfReiwaMany cultural heritage remains today.


Change of city limits

Meiji 22Meiji 29Meiji 3112th year of TaishoShowa 2Showa 15Showa 25Showa 26Showa 28Showa 30Showa 32Showa 43Heisei 3Heisei 17Now
Nara Town
Soge DistrictIkoma-gun
Toto Village
Daianji Temple
East city
Soge DistrictIkoma-gun
FushimiFushimi Town
Tomio VillageTomi Town
Obiyashi VillageObiha Town
Meiji village
Gotaya Village
Peace Village
Oyanagi Village
Yagyu Village
Tozato Village
Sakawa Village
Tsukise VillageTsukigase Village
Yamabe District
Harigabetsusho VillageTsumura*Tsumura*
Tosuke Nomura
  • TsumuraWas renamed in 3 (until 3, the indication of "Tsubaki" was "Show", after 3, the bias was "Ne")



Successive mayors

NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
1Yasumoto Hikosuke1898 (31th year of Meiji)May 21898 (31th year of Meiji)May 4
2Kirishima Shoyo1898 (31th year of Meiji)May 41898 (31th year of Meiji)May 7
3Yoshimori Omori1898 (31th year of Meiji)May 91902 (35th year of Meiji)May 1
4Rita Taita1902 (35th year of Meiji)May 41905 (38th year of Meiji)May 3
5Matsui Motojun1905 (38th year of Meiji)May 41908 (41th year of Meiji)May 2
6Genkichi Kimoto1908 (41th year of Meiji)May 41911 (44th year of Meiji)May 10
7Hisashi Nishijo1911 (44th year of Meiji)May 111919 (Taisho 8)May 5
8Fukutaro Sagawa1919 (Taisho 8th year)May 71925 (Taisho 14)May 3
9Hirokichi Oguni1925 (Taisho 14th year)May 81929 (4)May 8
10Morita Uzaburo1929May 81933 (8)May 8
11Ishihara Zensaburo1933May 91937 (12)May 9
12Sadataro Matsui1937May 101939 (14)May 10
13Kiyoshi Taki1939May 101945 (20)May 12Experienced assistant
14Kiyoshi Ishikawa1946 (21)May 61946May 11Experienced assistant
15Kataoka Yasutaro1947 (22)May 41951 (26)May 4Experienced assistant
16Masatsugu Takagura1951May 41967 (42)May 4
17Tadamasa Kagida1967May 51980 (55)May 9
18Hiroshi Kiyama1980May 91984 (59)May 9Earnings/assistant experience
19Eizo Nishida1984 (Showa 59)/9/281992 (4) April 9Experienced assistant
20Yasunori Okawa1992 (Heisei 4)/9/282004 (16) April 9Earnings/assistant experience
21Tadashi Kageda2004 (Heisei 16)/9/282005 (17)May 7
22Akira Fujiwara2005May 72009 (21)May 7
23Gen Nakagawa2009 (Heisei 21)/7/31Incumbent

City hall

1889 (22th year of Meiji) Municipal systemNara town was established by the enforcement, and the government office was located in Tojibayashi town.Yagyu ClanPlaced in the ruins of a mansion[9].Municipal systemEven after the enforcement, there was a government building in the same area until 1977 (Showa 52). Moved to the current Nihon-Oji Minami 2-chome building on February 11, 1[10].. In Nara City, the city hall is called "Nara City Hall".


City council

  • 39 people

Nara Prefectural Assembly

  • Electoral district Yamabe-gun, Nara-shi
  • 11 people

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Nara Prefecture 1st Ward(Nara City, excluding the former Tsumura area,Ikoma CitySumio MabuchiConstitutional Democratic Party7Constituency
Shigeru KobayashiLDP3Proportional revival
Kiyoshige MaekawaJapan Restoration Party1Proportional revival
Nara Prefecture 2st Ward(OldTsumuraNara city in the area)Sanae TakaichiLDP9Constituency

Sister cities/partner cities


sister city
  • Japanese flagNational Monzen Town Summit -A conference held by local governments, tourism associations, and commercial personnel who have Monzen towns that have developed around shrines and temples across the country to revitalize the region and promote town development.



Since Nara City is the prefectural capital, many national institutions, various financial institutions, and branches of large corporations are concentrated.Kintetsu Nara Station,Shin-Omiya StationAre concentrated around. For companies headquartered in NaraNanto BankAnd develop bus business in the prefectureNara KotsuThere is.In addition, we will develop related businesses such as railway networks, department stores, and real estate throughout Nara Prefecture.Kinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu) andKintetsu GroupHas a great influence on the economy of Nara City and is a group companyNara KotsuIt also has a close relationship with the tourism industry.

The annual number of tourists reaches about 1400 million, but in recent years Nara tourism has included Kyoto city and school trips.OsakaThe number of rooms and the occupancy rate of accommodation facilities are low compared to other countries.

Large commercial facilitiesNara family(Kintetsu Department Store),Paradis,Mi NaraThere,Takanohara StationPrevious,Gakken Nara Tomigaoka StationIn frontAEON MALLIs open.Also,Yamatokoriyama CityThere is a shopping mall that is open on the border with Nara City.In the shopping district in the cityTouko Shopping Street, Mochiido Center Town,Konishi Sakura Street Shopping Streetand so on.Restaurants etc.Kintetsu Nara Station-JR Nara StationAround,Sanjo street, There are many stores around Shin-Omiya Station, and various stores are located in front of Gakuemmae and along the main road of Oshikuma.

Traditional local industries such as brush and ink still exist, but their economic scale is not large. In the south of the cityDaiwa House Industry,Sekisui Chemical Industry,ス ケ ー タ ー, Daiichi Kako and other large factories of house makers and plastic product companies are in operation.

The development of suburban residential areas had been underway since before the war,1950 Or later,Gakuenmae StationIn the area west of the Heijo Palace ruins centered on Kintetsu Group, the development of residential land led by private companies has begun in earnest.1972 At the northern end of the city Heijo hillsAtJapan Housing Corporation Was an early large-scale work in KansaiNew townIs Heijo/Soraku New TownThe move-in to has begun.After that, residential land development progressed all over the suburbs of the city, especiallyKintetsu Nara Line,Kintetsu Keihanna Line ,Kintetsu Kyoto LineAlong the line is Osaka CityBed townBecause it is, commuting to Osaka City (so-called)Nara citizen) Is many.

2010 Held inHeijo 1300 year festivalTaking this opportunity, a continuous grade crossing project around JR Nara Station was carried out, and the scenery of the city was in 1988.Nara Silk Road ExpoIt has changed significantly since then.At the same time, cultural assets such as the restoration of the Daigokuden of the Heijo Palace site and the restoration of the cathedral at Yakushiji and Kofukuji were also carried out.Since then,2020 Tokyo Olympics,2025 Osaka / Kansai Expo, Scheduled for 2037Linear Chuo ShinkansenAccommodation facilities are being developed in various parts of the city in anticipation of an increase in tourism demand due to the opening of all lines.

Headquartered major companies

National agency



Since the 2000 census recorded 37 people, it has been on a downward trend. The population in 4944 will be about 2021.

Population distribution of Nara, Nara, Japan.svg
Nara City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Nara City's Age and Gender Population Distribution (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Nara city (equivalent area) population changes
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Nara city population

  • Data source Nara Prefectural Statistics DivisionPopulation on October 10st of each year according to the survey. In 1, Tsukigase Village and Tsuge Village were incorporated to expand the city area.

Prefecture agency


University/Junior college


high school

Closed School/Integration: Only after Heisei

Secondary school

Junior high school


primary school





The above is the collection and delivery station. *The postal codes in Nara are as follows.

  • "630-80xx""630-81xx""630-82xx""630-83xx""630-84xx==Nara city center, Aoyama, Amagatsuji, Nishi no Kyo, temple, Furuichi, Obiha district, etc. In charge of collection and delivery of Nara Central Bureau.
  • "631-00xx""631-08xx=Saidaiji, Ayameike, Gakuenmae, Tomio, Tomigaoka, Takanohara area, etc. In charge of collection and delivery of Nara Nishi station.
  • "630-11xx”= Sukawa, Sakawa area, etc. In charge of collection and delivery of the Sugawa station.
  • "630-12xx== Yagyu area etc. In charge of collection and delivery of the Yagyu Bureau.
  • "630-21xx] = Mizuma, Tahara area, etc. In charge of collection and delivery at the Makoto Department.
  • "630-23xx== Tsukigase Village area, former Soegami District. In charge of collection and delivery at Hatano Bureau (Yamazoe Village).
  • "632-01xx== Former Yamabe-gun, Tsumura Village area, generally north of Meihan National Highway. Responsible for collection and delivery of the Shinjuku Bessho Bureau.
  • "632-02xx== Old Tsumura area, generally south of Meihan National Highway. In charge of collection and delivery at Someda Bureau (Uda City).


By trainJR West JapanArea is small, and the commuting demand in western residential areas isKintetsuIs in charge.Many roads in the city are narrow compared to the traffic volume, and chronic congestion occurs on holidays. The only city in which 47 prefectures are locatedHighway national roadHowever, it connects to central Osaka via a general toll road (Daini Hanna Road).In addition, it passes through the city where route formulation has been difficult for many years.Kyonawa Expressway(General highway 24Bypass) construction2019 Was started.


According to the JTB timetable, the central station is JR Nara Station, but Kintetsu Nara Station is better.Nara ParkClose to major tourist destinations such asBoarding and alighting personnelThere are overwhelmingly more Kintetsu Nara stations.Both stations are about 900m apart in a straight line.

West Japan Railway (JR West)

In addition to the above,Kizu Station(KyotoKizugawa) Is the end pointNara LineAlso, all the trains that get into the same station go to Nara Station via the Kansai Main Line.

*In the regular timetable, there are no high-quality trains that require a separate fare in addition to tickets for limited express trains. Nara Prefecture is the only prefecture in which 46 JR prefectures have railway lines and "no JR limited express train (passenger train/timer train) runs".[Annotation 2]In addition, the timetable was revised on March 2006, 3.KasugaThe only prefecture in 46 prefectures that "no JR excellent train (same as above) runs"[Annotation 2]Became. Similarly, after the abolition of the express "Kasuga", on the JR line in NaraRailcarNo passenger trains (commuter trains) run by[Annotation 3].. (The above are all as of September 2015)

Kinki Nippon Railway

Kintetsu Limited ExpressConnects the city to Osaka, Kyoto, Kashihara, and Ise-Shima, especiallyTokaido ShinkansenLimited express trains bound for Kyoto, which are responsible for transportation with and to Kyoto, are operated frequently.




Pass through Nara cityDaini Hanna Toll Road,Meihan National Highway, In businessKyonawa ExpresswayAre all highways, not national highways, and are the only cities in 47 prefectures in Nara.Highway national roadDoes not exist. AroundNishi-Meihan Expressway OfKoriyama ICTenri ICThere is.

General national road

Main prefectural road

General prefectural road

Main road

Private toll road



Historic site

Scenic spot




Other religious facilities

Cliff buddha

Ancient road





Cultural facility

Sports Facilities

amusement facilities

Closed/closed facilities

Sports team

サ ッ カ ー
Bicycle road race

Related person

Historical figure

Celebrities from Nara







Honorary citizen

Citizen's Honor Award

Celebrity living in Nara city

People related to Nara City



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