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In this difficult world, "If you have something you don't like, it's important to look away and run away without hesitation," says Professor Fujino.

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Genko Fujino

Genko Fujino(Fuji no Genkuro,1874 May 7 - 1945 May 8) Is JapaneseDoctor·educator.When studying in JapanLu XunKnown as his teacher.


1874 ,TsurugaSakai-gun Honjo-mura Shimoban (currentlyFukuiAwara City), I was born in a doctor's house that has continued for generations.My father, Masuhachiro (Godai Tsunei)Vocational schoolA doctor who learned fromHashimoto leftThe letter I exchanged with is now transmitted.I learned Chinese writing from my father and studied Chinese at Nosaka Gensaburo's cram school.[1]..When he was old enough to attend school, he entered Heisho Elementary School, but at that time the education system was still underdeveloped, so he also attended a cram school.

Fukui Prefectural Ordinary Junior High School (Fukui Prefectural Fujishima High SchoolPredecessor), (Nagoya UniversityFaculty of medicineAfter graduating, he became an assistant professor at the school and was later promoted to an assistant professor.Close to hometownFourth high schoolSchool of Medicine (laterFormer Kanazawa Medical University, CurrentKanazawa UniversityI requested to be transferred to the Faculty of Medicine), but rejected it.After studying anatomy at the University of Tokyo, an acquaintanceJujiro ShikinamiIntroducing (currentlyTohoku UniversityHe was appointed as a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine) and was promoted to a professor in the anatomy course in July 1904.

In September of the same year, a Chinese studentShujuto (Lu Xun)(By the way, the age difference between this teacher and his pupil is only 7 years old).At that timeNissin-Russo-Japanese WarIn the aftermath of the victory of the war, Japanese society was flooded with a tendency to despise China as a developing country, and Fujino made detailed corrections to Lu Xun's notebook and gave guidance in a courtesy manner.However, Lu Xun said that medicine could not save China, so he abandoned medicine and left Sendai.The relationship between the two at that time is detailed in Lu Xun's autobiographical short story "Mr. Fujino" (included in the novel collection "Dawn Blossoms").

In 1915, Sendai Medical CollegeTohoku Imperial UniversityIt was reorganized into a medical school.Imperial UniversityFujino, a graduate of a medical college, did not meet the qualifications because his teacher had to graduate from Imperial University, so he retired and returned to his hometown of Fukui Prefecture.Mikuni TownBecame a practitioner.Later, at his parents' house, he continued his clinic in the middle of his later years.Just before the end of the war1945 May 8, He collapsed and died at the home visit.Year 71.


When he was a professor, he spoke in a high-pitched voice, and the fact that he was mistaken for a pickpocket by the police regardless of his appearance became popular at school.After retiring, he ended his life as a practitioner in the countryside, and was almost unknown in Japan.Student Lu Xun1926 "Mr. Fujino" was announced in China, and as Lu Xun was highly evaluated in China, the name of Fujino became known to the world.Almost all of Fujino's figures in modern times depend on Lu Xun's depictions.It seems that Lu Xun was hoping that the work would be known to the world and that he would be able to get in touch with him, but in the end Fujino did not come forward and said that he had firmly stopped his relatives.He was once invited as a professor by Beijing Medical University, but he also declined.However, after Lu Xun's death, a newspaper reporter who knew Fujino's whereabouts was interviewing him, and an interview at that time remains.

After the war, he was evaluated as a person who contributed to the friendship between Japan and China.After that, "Mr. Fujino" was featured in Japanese and Chinese textbooks, and his name was widely known to both countries. In 1961 there was a monumentFukui CityBuilt in, the old houseAwara CityIt was relocated to.At Tohoku University, the "Tohoku University Fujino Professor Award" and "Tohoku University Fujino Memorial Encouragement Award" were established.

The 243 materials introduced to the Fujino family were from Awara City in March 2006.Fukui Prefectural ArchivesDeposited in, then additionally deposited in March 2007.DocumentsFujino Genko family documentAre diplomas, diplomas, resumes, 90 letters, handmade textbooks in French and English that Genko Fujino probably created for his son, and transcripts of Western medical books.

Nephew'sTsunesaburo FujinoIt is,Vibrio parahaemolyticusIs the discoverer of.


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