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😷 | Churaumi Aquarium will be closed until 30th.


Churaumi Aquarium will be closed until 30th.

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Programs such as dolphin shows will also be cancelled.

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Dolphin show

Dolphin showIs mainlyAquarium,ZooDone inDolphinShow-style exhibition method.

Dolphin shows are especially popular in aquariums, and some feature dolphin shows.Generally, trainers give signals by hand in a pool surrounded by spectators' seats, and dolphins show off various special skills.Nowadays, there are many facilities that use names such as dolphin performances instead of the name dolphin show, and there are cases where it is accompanied by scientific enlightenment that explains the high intelligence and athletic ability of dolphins with their various actions.


A typical dolphin show's specialty is jumping, jumping from the surface of the water at high speed in the water, performing high jumps, hurdle jumps, backspins, spin jumps, tail kicks, landings, etc.There is also a repertoire of jumping up and poking a ball hanging in the air with a beak or hitting it with a tail.

It is also a common performance to put a trainer on your back and swim in the water. In some cases, one foot is placed on each of the two dolphins.Sometimes they get on the poolside from the water.Other tricks include waving a flag in your mouth and waving your pectoral fins and tail fins out of the water, which are often used for the final greeting.In addition to enjoying the action of dolphins, there are also places where you can reach out from the poolside and touch the dolphins (dolphin touch).

Dolphins are smart, and their actions are greatly supported by it, and as mentioned above, they sometimes explain their intelligence in the show.In addition, he is very curious and adapts with food and whistle during training, and basically the dolphins themselves enjoy performing, and rarely when the dolphins lose their motivation. Sometimes the show is abandoned[Source required]..On the other hand, there are cases where another individual on the same team robs the performance of one individual and shows it.[Source required].

Show in the aquarium

Many aquariums that keep dolphins hold dolphin shows.Orca and false killer whales of the oceanic dolphin familyA whaleIn some cases, the same action is taken at the place where the dolphin is kept, and it is used as a program in the dolphin show or with another independent show.Others depending on the aquariumSea lionSuch as marine mammalsPenguinThere are also places to show such shows.In addition, there are cases where the sea lion show is also held on the same stage, but since there are many shows on land, it may be incorporated into the program during the next preparation of the dolphin show.[Source required].

Show production

Basically, it is done by a dolphin trainer.Some of the facilities that are particularly focusing on dolphin shows are those that appoint directors to direct the dolphin shows.Also,Misaki ParkIn (Misaki Town, Osaka Prefecture), the show by Masayoshi Yoshida, the only director specializing in dolphin shows in Japan, is being held for the first time in Japan.[1][2].

Seeds that mainly show action

Oceanic dolphin




It has been pointed out that there is a lot of stress in confinement breeding.[3]..Animal trainer Richard O'Barry points out that confinement in a narrow enclosure is like letting a creature that relies on vision live in a space surrounded by mirrors and goes crazy.[3]..However, studies comparing wild and captive dolphins show that more than half of wild dolphins have some form of illness, and captive dolphins are much healthier. ..More than 360 wild dolphins were tested in the study, but wild dolphins were found to be "clinically normal" with "emerging infectious diseases and tumors, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and surprisingly high levels of pollutants." Less than half of the dolphins were found to be healthier in tightly controlled captive dolphins.[4].

Procurement of dolphins

Procurement of dolphins is becoming difficult.Dolphin drive hunting in Wakayama Prefecture is a leading source of dolphins in Japanese aquariums, and captured dolphins have been exported to 16 countries overseas.[5]..However, since the release of a sensational film about dolphin drive hunting in 2009, pressure from environmental groups has increased.World Association of Zoos and AquariumsWas in 2015Japan Zoo Aquarium AssociationExpulsion / improvement recommendation was made to[5]..After suspending the qualification of the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums, if there is no improvement in how to obtain dolphins within one month, it will be removed.[6]..Following this, on May 2015, 5, the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums decided to stop purchasing dolphins caught in drive hunting.[5]..The Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums has more members of the zoo, and if they were removed from the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, it would be difficult to import animals, so the majority of the votes were left to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.[6]..In the United States, as a general rule, the capture of wild animals is prohibited, and 7% of dolphins in aquariums are bred in the facility.[5]..However, small aquariums do not have breeding equipment and it is difficult to install new equipment due to cost issues.[5]..On Jeju Island, South Korea, it was considered a problem that dolphins were being driven in by pretending to be "accidentally caught in a net", and an attempt was made to return the dolphins in the aquarium naturally.A lot in RussiaBeluga,OrcasesWas captured for export and managed in a harsh environment, which became a problem.[7].

Cancellation of the dolphin exhibition itself

In Australia and New Zealand, there are moves to cancel dolphin shows and dolphin exhibits.[5]..The reason is attributed to the idea that dolphins should not be trapped.[5]..Programs to restore dolphins kept in aquariums to nature have also started around the world.[8].


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