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😷 | "To prevent situations like Tokyo" Featured "antibody cocktail therapy" At the forefront of medical care in Ehime, ask an expert [Ehime]


"To prevent situations like Tokyo" Attention "antibody cocktail therapy" Ask experts at the medical front line in Ehime [Ehime]

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"Antibody cocktail therapy" prevents the virus from invading cells by binding the two administered "antibodies" to the virus before the cells.

"Antibody cocktail therapy" is said to be the "trump card" to prevent the aggravation of the new coronavirus.Now, suddenly pay attention ... → Continue reading

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Cocktail therapy

Cocktail therapy(Cocktail Ryoho) is a treatment method that suppresses symptoms by administering multiple drugs in combination according to each person's symptoms and constitution.aliasPolypharmacyAlso called.Acquired immunodeficiency syndromeKnown for the treatment of (AIDS). In 2021,2019 new coronavirus infectionTwo types of remedies forMonoclonal antibodyIncrease the therapeutic effect by administering at the same timeAntibody cocktail therapy[1]Appeared,Kasiribimab Imdebimab,Bamlanivimab / etesebimabHas been put to practical use.

Origin of the name

liqueurTojuiceMake by mixingCocktailsDerived from.The name comes from the fact that multiple drugs are given together.


Primary glomerulonephritis

The following three types are used.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

AIDSIs the causative virus ofHIVThere is currently no established treatment for completely removing the disease from the body. This cocktail therapy (which is said to be effective as a treatment to suppress the growth of HIVHAART therapy). Cocktail therapy for HIV-1 infectionsNucleic acidsystemReverse transcriptaseInhibitors, non-nucleic acid reverse transcriptase inhibitors,ProteaseA combination of several inhibitors is administered.However, since it depends on the individual constitution and symptoms, close consultation with a doctor is required before use and administration.

Antibody cocktail therapy

ウイルスは分裂増殖の速度が早く、遺伝子の変異が起こりやすい。従って、ある種のウイルスに有効なAntibody drugを作製しても、標的タンパク質の構造が変化した変異株には効果が弱い可能性が考えられる。これに対抗するため、複数のモノクローナル抗体を混合して、1つの抗体への結合が弱い変異株が発生しても他の抗体が有効に作用する事を期待して使用する。

Mixed vitamin drip

Myers Cocktail InfusionIs an intravenous drip of a solution containing a mixture of B vitamins, vitamin C, and minerals, and is claimed to be effective against various diseases.


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