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😷 | Securing accommodation facilities for mildly ill people, etc. Total XNUMX billion yen Prefectural supplementary budget <Iwate Prefecture>


Securing accommodation facilities for mildly ill people, etc. Total XNUMX billion yen Prefectural supplementary budget <Iwate Prefecture>

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In addition, 3 million yen was allocated as the cost of newly constructing the first temporary ward for the severely ill in the prefecture at Iwate Medical University in Yahaba Town.

Iwate Prefecture has a supplementary budget that includes the cost of renting a new accommodation facility that accepts mildly ill patients with the new coronavirus. → Continue reading

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Iwate Medical University

Iwate Medical University(So ​​to speak,English: Iwate Medical University, Official language notation: Iwate Medical University) IsIwateShiwa-gunYahaba TownHeadquartered at 1-1-XNUMX, IdaidoriJapan Ofprivate university.1947 Was installed in.


1897 Established in (Meiji 30)Private Iwate HospitalIs the source.1900 In (Meiji 33), a medical training center was established in the Morioka Medical Hall.1901 (Meiji 33)Private Iwate Medical SchoolIs open.Became Iwate Medical University after the current war.

2007 (Heisei19 years)PharmacyIs installed,2017 (29)Faculty of NursingWas established and became the first Japanese university with four faculties of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing on the same campus.[1].

University HospitalAs in Yahaba TownIwate Medical University Hospital,MoriokaThere are PET / Linac Advanced Medical Center and Uchimaru Medical Center.

Since the entrance examination for admission in April 2018, the increase in the capacity of the medical school area frame has been approved, so the area frame special recommendation admission test is being conducted.[2].

After 19, graduallyYahaba TownWas in the process of relocating to.It was a plan to leave a part of the hospital function in Morioka city (tentative name: Uchimaru Medical Center)[3][4].


  • 1897 (Meiji30 years) --Opened private Iwate Hospital.Established a medical training center and a midwifery nurse training center
  • 1900 (Meiji 33) --Medical training center relocated (inside Morioka Medical Hall)
  • 1901 (Meiji 34) --Authorization and establishment of private Iwate Medical School
  • 1912 (Meiji 45) --Private Iwate Medical School closed
  • 1926 (Taisho15 years) --Completion of Iwate Hospital Clinic Building
  • 1928 (Showa3 years) --Authorized to establish Iwate Medical College
  • 1947 (Showa 22) --Organization changed to Iwate Medical University
  • 1948 (23) --Opened Iwate Medical University School of Medicine
  • 1951 (Showa 26) --Organization changed to Iwate Medical University
  • 1952 (Showa 27) --New Iwate Medical University established
  • 1955 (Showa 30)- Pre-medicalGeneral educationNihon UniversityMishima Liberal Arts Department (currentlyFaculty of International Relations) Start
  • 1960 (35) --Established Graduate School of Medicine (Doctoral course)
  • 1965 (40) --Established Faculty of Dentistry and Liberal Arts
  • 1966 (Showa 41) --Iwate Dental Technician School opened (currently Iwate Medical University Medical College, Department of Dental Technician).Consignment education ends with the establishment of a pre-medical
  • 1967 (Showa 42) --Opened Dental Hospital
  • 1970 (Showa 45) --Completion of outpatient clinic, ward, and clinical auditorium of the Faculty of Medicine Hospital
  • 1972 (47) --Completion of the Memorial Library
  • 1976 (51) --Renamed Iwate Dental Technician School to Iwate Dental Technician College
  • 1980 (55) --Established a higher-level critical care center in collaboration with Iwate Prefecture (currently Iwate Prefecture Advanced Critical Care Center)
  • 1983 (58) --Established Graduate School of Dentistry (Doctoral course)
  • 1990 (Heisei2 years) --Opened Cyclotron Center, a positron nuclear medicine research facility in collaboration with the Japan Radioisotope Association
  • 1993 (5) --The National Hanamaki Onsen Hospital (Hanamaki City) was taken over and the attached Hanamaki Onsen Hospital was opened.[5]
  • 1994 (6) --Approval of special function hospital to affiliated hospital
  • 1997 (9) --Opened 60th Anniversary Hall and Cardiovascular Medical Center
  • 1999 (11) --Selection of private university high-tech research center maintenance project
  • 2001 (13) --Promoted to Iwate Prefectural Higher Critical Care Center Advanced Critical Care Center[1]
  • 2004 (16) --Transferred Iwate Prefectural Hygiene Academy from Iwate Prefecture to Iwate Medical University Dental Hygiene College.Renamed Iwate Dental Technician College to Iwate Medical University Dental Technician College.Graduate School of Medicine established (master's course)
  • 2005 (17) --Opened Dental Medical Center at Iwate Medical University Hospital (Integrated Dental Hospital)
  • 2006 (18) --Approval for establishment of Faculty of Pharmacy
  • 2007 (19) --Completion of Yahaba Campus.Faculty of Pharmacy / Common Education Center opened
  • 2009 (21) --Opened Cardiovascular Medical Center at Iwate Medical University Hospital (Integrated Cardiovascular Medical Center)
  • 2010 (22) --Established Ultra High Magnetic Field MRI Laboratory.Opened PET / Linac Advanced Medical Center
  • 2011 (23) --Integration and relocation of basic courses in the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry.Joint research division relocated and reorganized into Medical and Dental Research Institute.Completion of the second project of Yahaba Campus.Dental Technician College and Dental Hygiene College were integrated and reorganized into Iwate Medical College Medical College
  • 2012 (24) --Completion of the doctor helicopter base heliport at the Yahaba Campus.Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences established (doctoral and master's programs)
  • 2013 (25) --Completion of the Multimedia Education and Research Complex at the Yahaba Campus, Regional Medical Support Education Center for Disasters
  • 2014 (26) --Reorganized the Common Education Center and established the University-wide Education Promotion Organization.Established a liberal arts education center as the education and research organization
  • 2016 (28) --Iwate College of Nursing was established after being transferred from the Iwate Women's Scholarship Society.Approved to establish the Faculty of Nursing.Completion of energy center on Yahaba campus.Established PET / Linac Advanced Medical Center at Iwate Medical University Hospital (Integrated PET / Linac Advanced Medical Center)
  • 2017 (29) --Opened Faculty of Nursing
  • 2019 (31) --Closed Hanamaki Onsen Hospital on March 3st[5]
  • 2019 years(ReiwaFirst year) --Tentative name: Yahaba New Hospital (Yahaba Town, 9 beds) relocated and opened on September 21[4][6][7]..Along with this, it was reported that emergency reception and emergency surgery at the current affiliated hospital in Morioka City Maru will be suspended from September 9, and outpatient clinics will be closed on the same month 19.[8].


graduate School

  • Graduate School of Medicine
    • Department of Medical Science <Master's Program>
    • Physiology major <Doctoral course>
    • Pathology major <Doctoral course>
    • Department of Social Medicine <Doctoral Program>
    • Department of Internal Medicine <Doctoral Program>
    • Surgery major <Doctoral course>
  • Graduate School of Dentistry
    • Department of Dentistry <Doctoral Program>
  • Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences <Master's Program>
    • Department of Medical Pharmacy <Doctoral Program>

Foreign relations

Agreements with other universities

University personnel and organizations


  • February 2018- School of Medicine fraudulent entrance exam problem in 2018 --On December 2018, 12, it was announced that the medical school was conducting an inappropriate entrance examination.[9]..In the transfer exam, three students from the Faculty of Dentistry of the same university were given preferential treatment, and when deciding to pass the general entrance exam in 3, one student was given priority to pass.[9].
  • February 2020, 2 --The Japan University Accreditation Association judged that there was a clear problem with the method of selecting enrollees, and after the problem was discovered, the examination was redone and it was judged as "conforming" from 5 to 2013. Announced that it changed the evaluation and made it "nonconforming".If the university is "non-conforming", you will not be able to apply for national subsidies for the development of educational programs[10].


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