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😷 | AstraZeneca vaccine started inoculation in Nagasaki prefecture

Photo A man receiving a new coronavirus vaccine made by AstraZeneca (right) = Nagasaki City, Michinoo Hospital

AstraZeneca vaccine started inoculation in Nagasaki Prefecture

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On the other hand, some people have been unable to inoculate because of allergies to polyethylene glycol (PEG) used in Pfizer and Moderna messenger RNA vaccines.

On the 17th, the new coronavirus vaccine made by AstraZeneca in the UK was inoculated for the first time in the prefecture at Michinoo Hospital in Nijigaokamachi, Nagasaki City ... → Continue reading

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Polyethylene glycol

Polyethylene glycol(Polyethylene glycol, abbreviation PEG, Macrogol)ethylene glycol polymerizationHas a structureHigh molecularCompound(Polyester). Polyethylene oxide(Polyethylene oxide, abbreviationPEO) Is also a compound having basically the same structure, but PEG isMolecular weightAbout 2 (below CH2-CH2-OSince the molecular weight of is 44, it means that the molecular weight is up to n ≤ 450), and the PEO is tens of thousands or more.[1]..Both are physical properties (Melting point-ViscosityEtc.) and different uses, but the chemical properties are almost the same.

The general structural formula is HO- (CH2-CH2-O)n-H It is expressed as. PEG isWed-methanol-benzene-DichloromethaneSoluble inDiethyl ether-HexaneInsoluble in.proteinOtherHigh molecularTo add a PEG structure to PEGylation It's called (pegylation).


PEG is non-toxic and is used in a variety of products.PEG as a material is military protective clothing[2]AndDiabetes mellitusAn alternative to a blood sampler to monitor a patient's blood glucoseタ ト ゥ ーWind method[3]Applications to such as are being developed. With PEGPolyurethaneElastomerCan give rubbery properties to polyurethane foam orspandexIt is applied to textiles.

Other PEGHydrophobicIf you bind to the molecule,Nonionic surfactant(The PEG moiety is called the polyoxyethylene [POE] chain)Cosmetics OfemulsifierIt is used for such purposes.

Polyethylene glycol with a molecular weight of 3500-4000 (79 ≤ n ≤ 91) is chronicconstipation OfLaxative(Product name in Japan is Mobicall®Launched in 2018 as[4]).

PEGproteinsexMedicineWhen bound to, the effect of suppressing protein degradation (“stealthization”) makes it possible to prolong efficacy and reduce side effects.As an example, PEGylationinterferonα(Hepatitis CEffective for) and PEGylationG-CSFFormulation[5]There is. Many with names such as "macrogol"LaxativeIt is used as a base for.Seto macrogol is also used in skin creams, but rarely has acute allergic symptoms (Anaphylaxis) May develop[6].

PEG is often used as a precipitant when crystallizing proteins.

PEG isvertebralDog experiments have also shown that it is effective in healing injuries[7].

Since PEG is an elastic polymer, it is very expensive even as a film.Osmotic pressure(dozens(I.e. (Number MPa)) Endure.It is also said that there is no specific interaction with biological substances.Due to these properties, PEG utilizes osmotic pressure.BiochemistryIt is one of the most suitable materials for experiments (especially).

In biology, it is used for DNA introduction into cells and cell fusion. DNA introduction is a method that utilizes the fact that DNA is easily incorporated into protoplasts in the presence of PEG.Cell fusion is a method that utilizes the fact that cell membranes bind by treating cells with PEG, and cells fuse when PEG is removed.

archeologyIn, when preserving old wooden products, it is used for preserving by exchanging the water inside and PEG and solidifying it.In this method, PEG is heated to a temperature above the melting point and permeated into the wood to replace the moisture inside, and then returned to room temperature to solidify and maintain the wood structure.

PEOLithium ion polymer secondary batteryInsulation andElectrolytesolventUsed as.拡 散Due to its low speed, it often requires high temperatures for its function, but due to its high viscosityMelting pointIt is possible to form a very thin electrolyte layer even at temperatures close to.crystalPerformance may drop due to conversion, but on the contrary, manysaltCrystallization is suppressed by.Due to these properties, otherLithium ion secondary batteryIt can generate a lot of energy for its light weight.

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  • Pomato-Both are artificially produced crops by cell fusion with PEG, but they are not suitable for food.


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