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😷 | New cluster at nursery school in Mifune Town New corona, 65 new infections in Kumamoto prefecture


New cluster in Mifune-cho nursery school New corona, 65 new infections in Kumamoto prefecture

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A new cluster (infectious disease group) has occurred at a nursery school in Mifune Town.

Kumamoto Prefecture and Kumamoto City announced on the XNUMXth that XNUMX new coronavirus infections have occurred.Six less than last Saturday ... → Continue reading

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The Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun is a local newspaper in Kumamoto. Full of information about Kumamoto such as news and sports.

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Mifune-machi(Mifunemachi) isKumamotoKamishijo-gunIt is intown.

The land of Mifune has long been the political, economic, and cultural center of the Kamimashiki district.It is one of the best brewing towns in the prefecture and has been known as one of the leading commercial cities.In addition, it is a fortified area and has been nearby since ancient times of the Northern and Southern Dynasties.1877 (Meiji10 years)Southwest WarThe battle was repeated several times until it reached, and there are many kinds of these ancient battlefields, old cultures, historic sites, and scenic spots.Japan's first carnivorous(I.e.Fossil "Mifune dragonIs known as the dinosaur village because it was discovered.


  • River:,,
Adjacent local governments

Place name

  • Takigawa
  • Hetami
  • Mifune
  • Kosaka (former Kosaka Village)
  • Kinokura (formerly Kinokura Village)
  • Jin (former Jinmura)
  • Takagi (former Takagi Village)
  • Takio (former Takimizu Village)
  • Mizukoshi (former Takimizu Village)
  • Toyoaki (formerly Toyoaki Village)
  • Ueno (former Nanataki Village)
  • Tashiro (former Nanataki Village)
  • Nanataki (former Nanataki Village)


The name of Mifune Town isEmperor KageyukiIt is said that it was named after the "Mifune" berthed during the Kyushu Campaign.

Northern and Southern DynastiesAt that timeMr. AsoThe clan is dominated.

Sengoku periodHaha dominates.Gyobo is Mr. Aso's Tomosho,Kai SounDefeated by, but ruled.

1587 (Tensho15 years),Hideyoshi ToyotomiByHigo countryIs divided into twoMr. KonishiDominates.

Battle of SekigaharaWhen the line length is destroyed inKiyomasa KatoDominates.further1633 ,Tadahiro KatoBy reformingTadatoshi HosokawaDominates.After thatMr. Hosokawa MeijiDominate until.


  • 1879 (Meiji 12) When the "County Ward, Town and Village Organization Law" was promulgated, Mifune Town, Hetami Village, Takinoo Village, Nanataki Village, Ueno Village, Tashiro Village, Kinokura Village, Takaki Village, Toyoaki Village, Mizukoshi Village.
  • 1889 May 4 Municipal systemBy enforcement,Mifune-machiWas launched.
  • 1918  Takigawa VillageMerged withMifune-machiWas launched.
  • 1955 (30)May 1 Mifune Town, Takimizu Village, Nanataki Village, Kinokura Village, Takaki Village, Toyoaki Village, Ozaka Village, and Jin Village merged and renewed.Mifune-machiWas launched.



National agency

Prefecture agency


  • 2002 Gross domestic product 409 billion yen


  • Major industries
  • Industrial population


  • Costco --At the first store in Kumamoto Prefecture and Minamikyushu2021 Open in spring.



  • Average age


Population distribution of Mifune, Kumamoto, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Mifune Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Mifune Town (2005)
■Purple-Mifune Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Mifune Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


high school
Junior high school
primary school
A school that once existed




As of 2012, there are no railway lines.In the pastKumanobu Railway(1964 Abolition) was passing.In the townOsakamura Station,Mifune Station,Hetami Stationwas there.


Express Bus
General route bus


General national road
Main local road
General prefectural road

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

  • Hetami Wakamiya Shrine
  • Tozenji Temple (Nanbokucho period1360 The oldest temple in Kamimashiki-gun)
  • Tamamushi Temple- Heike storyIt is said that the one who appears in is from Mifune.Genpei battleAfter that, I went back to my hometown of Mifune, avoiding the public eye, and built this temple.NunHe mourned the bodhi of the Heike family.
  • Annual festival (second Sunday in May)
  • Mifune Kappa Festival (Kappa Festival 8nd Sunday in August)
  • Yoshinada Kogen-A natural tourism destination that boasts one of the best plateau beauty in Kyushu
  • Yoshinada water source --100 selections of Kumamoto famous water.It is a plantation in the Edo periodAso Sotoyama OfUnderground waterSpring.
  • Mifune-cho dinosaur museum
  • Shiroyama Park (Kai Soun OfMifune CastleTrace)
  • Myokenzaka Park-A famous place for cherry blossoms.Southwest WarIt is also a fierce battlefield, and its ruins remain.
  • Kumamoto Wild Bird Forest (Kumamoto Prefectural Bird and Beast Conservation Center) --It was the only wild bird conservation center in Kyushu, but since April 2009, it has only accepted injury and illness work.
  • Chosei Quercus gilva-The fourth largest tree in Japan with a trunk circumference of 8.6m.Of Mifune TownNatural treasure.
  • Mifune Mekanbashi (1848 Completion Uichi, Johachi (laterKangoro) Written by Kumamoto Prefecture Important Cultural Property) ――It was the symbol of Mifune Town, which is said to be the best in Higo, which was the most beautiful in the prefecture and survived many floods.1988 It was washed away due to the torrential rain.Currently, it has been transformed into a "memorial bridge" and rebuilt.
  • Yasume Kanbashi (1855 Completed by Jinbei and Usuke (Important Cultural Property designated by Kumamoto Prefecture)
  • Shimotsurume Kanbashi (Shimotsurume Kanbashi)1886 Completed master craftsman Kangoro and Yakuma builder of the former Imperial Palace and Nihonbashi Mifune Town designated cultural property)
  • Kumamoto Prefectural Office Ruins- 1877 Southwest WarAvoided the warKumamoto Prefectural OfficeTemporarily moved to Mifune Town (Mifune Prefectural Office).The government building was the public Mifune Elementary School at that time.
  • Nanataki-A historic waterfall that has been known to the imperial court since the Northern and Southern Dynasties.The name comes from the fact that a waterfall with a height of about 40m and a width of about 30m runs down a huge stone consisting of seven steps.Currently, the water flow is usually very small due to the influence of the nearby dam, but it is discharged every year on the second Sunday of May at the "Furusato Waterfall Festival (Nanataki Shrine annual festival)", and you can see the majestic appearance of the past.
  • Mifune Highway Haze Namiki- Ako incidentInvade (1702 )After,Yoshio OishiEt al.Ako RoushiThe 17 people were entrusted to the Edo mansion of the Higo Hosokawa clan until they were hailed, but Oishi, who was grateful for the hospitality as a samurai's book, gave back to him and Satsuma because of the financially distressed clan at that time. I learned inGobyI taught the cultivation and the method of deafening.In response to this, the Hosokawa clan planted gobies in various places and produced "haze candles" from the fruits, which became a monopoly business of the clan and moistened its finances.The first planted at that time was a row of gobies on the current Mifune Highway along the Mifune River.However, only a few have been transplanted due to the torrential rain in 1988 and are still in existence.

Famous people

★ is the deceased

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